Tradebulls Franchise is a fast growing franchise system in India. This post is about understanding the Tradebulls sub-broker business prototype, Tradebulls sub-broker profit sharing model, investment, deposits and other details.

Tradebulls was founded in 2009 and within a decade it has extended its occurrence in more than 9 cities and is presently having personnel of 1000+ staff. They have more than 1500 broking franchisees & more than One lakh active trade client base.Tradebulls Securities Franchise Offers

Tradebulls Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Tradebulls Franchise Ratings
Market Share7.5/10
Products & Services7.8/10
Revenue Sharing9.0/10
Holistic Support7.3/10
Overall Ratings7.6/10
Star Ratings★★★★

About Tradebulls Broking Franchise

Tradebulls is a comprehensive stockbroker that is headquartered in Gujarat. As a widespread Stockbroker, they offer a plethora of benefits comprising fast and responsive support team, accurate research analytics, offline branches and many more.

Tradebulls FranchiseTradebulls also has a wide network in the western parts of India with some minor number of Tradebulls sub – branches or franchisees in other areas. Tradebulls has been everywhere for a moment and was recognized in the year 2009 and till date it has an active customer strength of 72,160.

Now Tradebulls took the track of private enterprise by associating with a collaboration of Franchisees all across the country. We are the fastest rising stock broking company and wealth management company that offers great opportunities for prospective associates to carve out an encouraging livelihood as a stock market sub-broker.

Along with some flawless partner advantages, we assist you grow your sub-broker business by providing marketing and technical support.

Tradebulls is a budding company and therefore it values the offerings that any sub-broker makes to its business. It reinforces and inspires the businessperson essence. It establishes this support by sharing revenue to the amount of upto 85% with the sub-brokers, which can be amongst the highest in this industry.

In response, it demands a deposit of Rs. 25,000 and a perfect set of clients and profits. This amalgamation of high revenue sharing and low payment is pretty fascinating business proposition.

Become an Authorized Person of Tradebulls Securities

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    TradeBulls Securities Franchise is divided in two types:

    • Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Franchise
    • Remisier

    With respect to Tradebulls, the sub-broker and Franchise model means one and the same thing. Hence both the terms are utilized interchangeably in this post.


    Tradebulls Sub Broker or Tradebulls Authorized person

    Tradebulls Broking Sub Broker membership can be availed by anyone who has been in the financial services industry and has a clear understanding of the Stock Market.

    The Sub Brokership model is basically that of an agency or franchise wherein the Broker would enable you with all the required tools to trade in all the exchanges on behalf of the Broker himself.

    You could trade yourself as well as for your clients and enjoy a share from their brokerage as well as the through the agreed revenue sharing model.

    Here are some of the smart features and things-to-keep in mind about this Tradebulls enterprise model:

    • You will be allocated a Relationship Manager for any assistance in understanding the financial products better.
    • Before you start your actions, you and your team will be offered with an onboarding training, wherein all the product and system related information will be clarified in detail– usage of various trading platforms, the back-end systems training and how to handle client visits everything will be taught
    • Tradebulls Broking company organizes various workshops and seminars in various cities on a regular basis; you could also attend one such workshop if its happening in your city.
    • You will be required to access a standard franchise contract as well before getting on boarded with this wide-ranging service trader.

    Benefits of Tradebulls Securities Sub Broker or Authorised Person

    • Reasonable revenue sharing model
    • Flexible payment options are provided
    • Nominal amount is required towards security deposit
    • Frequent research inputs and market trends are shared by Tradebulls team
    • All stationary requirement for day-to-day marketing campaigns such as posters, banners and glow signs etc are provided by them
    • Educational workshops and seminars are being conducted periodically for associates and clients
    • Instant account and ID creation process
    • Free Demat and Trading Account opening

    Tradebulls Broking Remisier

    Tradebulls broking also offers a Remisier Model in which a client of Tradebulls can gain commission by sending his/her friends and families to Tradebulls for business.

    A remisier, therefore, obtains to leverage on his/her social circle and can get extra income from such references. A Remisier is more like an agent with the Stock Broker who is authorized to trade on behalf of the Stock broker himself by using his systems and techniques. Other interesting features of this model also have been discussed below.

    Benefits of Tradebulls Broking Remisier

    • No prerequisite requirement on minimum qualification or knowledge level
    • Minimum investment requirement
    • Free and easy Demat and Trading Account opening
    • Complete training would be provided on all products offered

    Tradebulls Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    The Tradebulls Sub Broker or Remisier model works on complete Revenue sharing model. Tradebulls always asserts to offer a profit sharing as high as 80% for the Sub Broker while keeping the remaining 20% to itself.

    This revenue sharing is completely calculated on the clients that you have generated yourself and the brokerage that comes out from them. The payment is usually done on a monthly basis on a specified date.

    Undoubtedly, this is one of the utmost revenue sharing ratios in the industry with the general average being 70% on the way to the sub broker/franchise partner.

    This percentage might further upsurge depending upon the profits produced – in case the profits from sub-broker is unique, he is pleased with 90% of income as well.

    Check this table below to understand commission sharing better:

     Tradebulls CommissionSub Broker Commission
    Tradebulls Franchise or Sub Broker30% – 10%70% – 90%
    Tradebulls Remisier80% – 70%20% – 30%

    For the Remisier model, Tradebulls pays a commission upto an amount of 30% of profits generated from the consumers.

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    Tradebulls Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

    Tradebulls follows a strategy of fixed security deposit of Rs. 25,000 i.e. the amount of deposit does not differ depending upon reasons such as the revenue produced or revenue sharing percentage etc. This is typically followed by other broking firms but Tradebulls does not track this policy.

    The deposit money is fixed at Rs. 25,000, which is very low as compared to the industry standards. In addition, this amount is refundable – it is refunded when the sub-brokership contract/agreement is dismissed.

    For Remisier, the security deposit is fixed Rs. 10,000 and this amount is also refundable. So practically, you are actually not paying anything to startup a business. In-fact they invest a lot in training and assisting you to stabilize your business as fast as possible.

    Below table gives a better perspective of Tradebulls Security deposit amount:

     Tradebulls Franchise Security Deposit Amount
    Tradebulls Franchise / Sub BrokerINR 25,000 – 100,000
    Tradebulls RemisierINR 10,000

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    Start your Broking Business with Tradebulls Securities

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      Infrastructure Investment by Tradebulls Authorized Person

      While opening up a business, the first thing that comes to our mind is a place or an office setup. You need to have a facility where you can operate out of and where you would have employees working for your business.

      For Tradebulls Franchise as well, you would need to have a decent workplace or an office for client interactions and visits.

      Tradebulls is a reputed brand in the Industry when it comes to financial services providers; hence the company is particular about the Franchise’s office spaces as well. They would enquire and investigate about the infrastructure during the time of contract itself.

      Moreover, the office should have basic amenities required to run the business effectively i.e. telephone connections, workstations for employees, internet connectivity, computers or laptops etc.

      However, they would not be very stringent in this requirement when it comes to a Remisier model of operation as that would be more of an agency channel and not a complete Franchise.

      Tradebulls Franchise offers

      Tradebulls understands the value of Sub Brokers in this business and hence offers some great benefits for its sub-brokers to reassure them to partner with Tradebulls effectively:

      • Maximum revenue sharing percentage
      • Low security deposit
      • Super-quick sub-broker ID generation process
      • Online account opening services
      • Free DEMAT account – i.e. no annual maintenance charges
      • Brokerage cashback/reversal of up to Rs. 1 lac
      • Premium advisory calls

      Tradebulls Franchise Eligibility Criteria 

      Below mentioned is the eligibility criteria to be associated  with Tradebulls as a Franchise:

      • A minimum two years experience is a mandate in the financial services industry. Preferable experience in Mutual funds, equity, Commodity or Insurance sector as a Broker or advisor
      • A basic understanding of the stock market industry and its functioning is critical to obtain a Sub Brokership license
      • This is important as your clients may ask you questions about the industry and you would need to know atleast the basic technical terminologies of the share market, things like how to open an account or how to trade etc.
      • Having said that, as stated earlier, you will be delivered day-to-day knowledge workshops to maintain with the share market understanding.
      • Minimum education is required of Higher Secondary level. Bachelor or higher degree is and added advantage.
      • Ability to sign a standard contract for becoming a Franchise with an exceptional contract (if required).
      • You should have an office space for yourself – either rented / owned office space which should be of at least 200-250 square feet in size.

      Ones should meet some of the compulsory considerations from the above criterion. In addition, feel free to negotiate on various features (not to mention asking for extra perquisites before you actually sign the contract with the broker)

      How to become Tradebulls Sub Broker or Partner?

      Here is a Step by Step process:

      1 – Give the details in the lead form accessible on this website.

      2 – Confirm your basic information and your interest upon getting a call from their executives

      3 – Get an appointment with Tradebulls Sales Representative upon getting a call from them.

      4 – Discuss in detail the proposal and the offers with the sales team of Tradebulls.

      5 – Provide the mandatory documents (as listed below) for verification and pay the security deposit

      6 – Tradebulls team will confirm the documents and provide confirmation

      7 – Once verification is done, a sub-broker ID is created.

      The entire procedure will take nearly 4-5 days to be completed

      Documents Required to become Tradebulls Partner

      Below mentioned are the documents required during registration of a Sub Broker with Tradebulls:

      • ID proof
      • Address proof
      • Date of birth proof
      • Academic qualification proof
      • Aadhar Card
      • PAN card
      • 2 passport size photographs
      • Cancelled bank cheque
      • Details of office space and documents like Rent Agreement etc.
      • Security Deposit cheque

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      Why Partner with Tradebulls Securities?

      Follwing are the various reasons why you should opt Tradebulls to become a Sub Broker:

      • Fastest developing broking company
      • Offers attractive proposals
      • High-quality advice-giving services
      • Strong research team
      • Speedy account opening services

      Support provided by Tradebulls Sub Broker Program

      Tradebulls offers the following types of services to its sub-brokers:

      • Tradebulls allocates a committed relationship manager to a sub-broker to help in getting new clients and firming relation with prevailing clients
      • Sets up trading terminal at sub-broker premises
      • Provides marketing support to sub-broker like the marketing material and marketing strategy
      • Customer care for the sub-brokers and their clients
      • Systematizes technical and abstract workshops for sub brokers and their clients

      Tradebulls Franchise Summary

      In this thorough review, we have discussed in detail about Tradebulls business models, eligibility criteria for becoming a Franchise or Sub Broker, costs involved, revenue sharing breakup and other information.

      In case you are looking at becoming a sub-broker or starting a franchise business yourself, then this complete review on Tradebulls Franchise would certainly be very useful for you

      Anyone can be a part of such Tradebulls franchise so, any individual is interested of course without a doubt they can approach the Tradebulls franchise segment and give a call.

      Tradebulls Broking Authorized Person Program FAQs

      What is a Sub Broker or a Franchise?

      Ans: A Sub broker or Franchise is basically an extended arm of the Stock broker himself who is authorized to do trading for clients, client servicing, adding new clients etc on behalf of the Stock Broker. In lieu of this, he gets a profit sharing margin from the broker

      What are the different types of Sub Brokers models that Tradebulls operates?

      Ans: Tradebulls operates two types of Sub Broker channels i.e.

      • Sub Broker or Authorized Person
      • Remisier

      Is there a joining / Security deposit for a Remisier as well? How much?

      Ans: Yes, The min Security deposit amount for a Remisier is Rs. 10,000

      What is the Support provided by Tradebulls for its Sub Brokers?

      Ans: – Complete Training on all products and tools

      • Marketing Support
      • Instant Trading & Demat Account opening
      • Assistance in client handling as well
      • Research and advisory services

      Ques – Does Tradebulls Securities have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Yes, there is a sub broker model provided by Tradebulls that you can invest in. The model’s structure is precisely provided in the article. You can read about the model in detail in the article which features all the aspects of the model.

      Ques – Is Tradebulls Securities having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – Ye, there is more than one franchise model provided for the aspirants. The first is the sub broker model, which is the most popular model and is the first choice. But, there is also a provision of another model, which is remisier.

      Ques – What is Tradebulls Securities Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – There is a designated commission for the sub broker, or the franchisee, and it is more than what the stock broking house Tradebulls will retain. In fact the majority of revenue is provided to the sub broker as it ranges from 70% – 90% in total.

      Ques – How much Tradebulls Securities Franchise Cost?

      Answer – The security deposit that the stock broking house asks for is pretty less, if you take into account the revenue share they provide. There is a flexible structure of investment provided to the people who wish to invest in this model, and it is INR 25,000 – 100,000.

      Ques – Does Tradebulls Securities have Partner Program?

      Answer – Yes, a partner program is provided by the stock broking house for the clients. Anyone can opt for the model and avail for its benefits. We suggest you take a look at the article, to see the exact job role that you will be imposed with, in this model.

      Ques – What is Tradebulls Securities Partners Sharing?

      Answer – If you choose to go for the other business model, i.e. the remisier, you will have smaller share in the revenue, given the job role you will have is less. So, according to the model, you will retain 20% – 30%, while Tradebulls Commission is 80% – 70%.

      Ques – Is Tradebulls Securities Partner Program Free?

      Answer – No, there is an associated fee with this franchise model and it is not a huge amount which you need to worry about. So, if you provide a fee as much as INR 10,000, you will be able to be an official Tradebulls Securities remisier, or a business partner.

      Ques – Does Tradebulls Securities provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – There is onboarding training as extended by the stock broker, which ensures all the product and system related information are clarified. The broker also trains the franchisees in context with various trading platforms, the back-end systems training and how to handle client visits.

      Ques – How to Become Tradebulls Securities Sub Broker?

      Answer – Search for the “Become Sub Broker” button which is probably provided at the bottom of the article. Then you can enter in the information of contact in the pop up form, which appears after you click on the button. When you enter the details, the stock broking house will get in touch with you accordingly.

      Ques – Does Tradebulls Securities Franchise provides Support?

      Answer – You can expect marketing and technical support from the stock broker. Precisely it extends Provides marketing support to sub-broker like the marketing material and marketing strategy and lots more.


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