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Best Trading App in India – List of Top 10 Mobile Trading Apps of 2023

Last Updated Date - Mar 23, 2023

In this article, we will dig deep into the Ranking of the Best Trading App in India 2023 & we will also find out Why they are the Best.

The stock market is changing continuously & new mobile apps & features are getting developed quite frequently. So, how will you decide which is the Top mobile trading application?

To mitigate your confusion, this article will discuss the Top 10 mobile trading apps and all major parameters based on which you can select which App is best suited for you.

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Ranking of Best Trading App in India 2023

Here is the list of Top 10 Trading Apps of 2023 –

Rank Broker Name Ratings
1 Zerodha Kite App 9.36 / 10
2 Groww App 9.18 / 10
3 ICICI Direct App 9.16 / 10
4 Upstox App 9.15 / 10
5 Angel One App 9.03 / 10
6 Axis Direct App 9.00 / 10
7 Sharekhan App 8.86 / 10
8 MO Trader App 8.82 / 10
9 IIFL Markets App 8.75 / 10
10 Kotak Stock Trader App 8.48 / 10

As per our analysis, the Best Trading App includes Zerodha Kite App, Groww App, ICICI Direct Markets App, Upstox App, Angel One App, and five others.

Best Trading App in IndiaWe have chosen these applications based on eleven different criteria.

Some criteria are the speed of trading or how fast the trading app processes your work and executes the orders.

Then there are criteria for bulk trade processing, no-error trading, or trading without errors. Then we have also taken into account the features that these apps provide.

It is not only about the number of features but the quality of the features and facilities provided on the app.

So, we have analyzed every single factor thoroughly to find the top 10 trading apps for you.

Before analyzing each of these factors in detail, let us 1st make a comparison of these trading apps & know how they are rated in the popular google play store & apple app store.

Comparison of Top Trading Apps in India

Mobile Apps Play Store Rating Play Store Downloads Play Store Reviews App Store Rating App Store Reviews
Zerodha Kite App 4.2 / 5 1 Crore + 28.3 Lakh 3.1 / 5 3.6K Ratings
Groww App 4.5 / 5 1 Crore + 6.61 Lakh 4.4 / 5 17.2K Ratings
ICICI Direct Markets App 3.3 / 5 10 Lakh + 10.1 Thousand 3.7 / 5 677 Ratings
Upstox App 4.2 / 5 1 Crore + 1.16 Lakh 4.0 / 5 18K Ratings
Angel One App 4.0 / 5 1 Crore + 3.62 Lakh 3.6 / 5 23.5K Ratings
Axis Direct App 3.4 / 5 10 Lakh + 27.6 Thousand 2.6 / 5 1.3K Ratings
Sharekhan App 3.3 / 5 50 Lakh + 68.1 Thousand 2.7 / 5 2.7K Ratings
MO Trader App 4.0 / 5 10 Lakh + 7.92 Thousand 3.7 / 5 587 Ratings
IIFL Markets App 4.4 / 5 50 Lakh + 1.52 Lakh 4.4 / 5 8.9K Ratings
Kotak Neo App 4.2 / 5 10 Lakh + 26.9 Thousand 4.6 / 5 5.5K Ratings

This comparison will give you a good idea of which mobile trading apps is rated best by millions of users, and based on this, and you can have a brief understanding of these applications.

To make a constructive decision regarding which trading app is best for you, we have surveyed nearly 1000 traders, investors & experts.

These experts have rated these mobile trading applications on 11 different parameters, based on which we have come up with this ranking.

Parameters for selecting Best Trading App

  • Superfast Trading
  • Bulk Trade Processing
  • Trading without Errors
  • World-class Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Account Opening
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Delivery Trading Features
  • Intraday Trading Features
  • Option Trading Features
  • App for Beginners

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    Best App with Superfast Trading in India

    Superfast Trading
    App Expert Rating
    Zerodha Kite App 9.43
    Groww App 9.25
    Angel One App 9.23
    Upstox App 9.22
    ICICI Direct Markets App 9.10
    IIFL Markets App 9.07
    MO Trader App 8.93
    Axis Direct App 8.89
    Sharekhan App 8.82
    Kotak Neo App 8.55

    The first parameter for choosing these Best Trading App in India is the speed of execution of orders.

    The speed matters a lot, especially when you are trading in bulk. Even a minute change in the price can lead to profit or loss in trading.

    So, you need an app that can execute trades in real-time stock price.

    This requires extreme speed, which our experts have found in Zerodha Kite App, Groww App, Angel One App, Upstox App, and ICICI Direct App.

    These five apps are the fastest apps that take a few seconds to execute your orders.

    Best App for Bulk Trade Processing

    Bulk Trade Processing
    App Expert Rating
    Zerodha Kite App 9.39
    Groww App 9.21
    ICICI Direct App 9.19
    Upstox App 9.18
    Angel One App 9.06
    Axis Direct App 9.03
    Sharekhan App 8.89
    MO Trader App 8.85
    IIFL Markets App 8.78
    Kotak Neo App 8.51

    The second parameter for raking these Top 10 Share Trading apps is the Bulk trade processing feature, ability, and speed.

    For active traders, the mobile app must also be capable of processing bulk trade orders.

    If the app slows down when you place bulk orders, the price will change, resulting in massive losses for the traders.

    According to experts, the five best mobile apps that process bulk orders without hassle are Zerodha Kite App, Groww app, ICICI Direct App, Upstox App, and Angel One App.

    Best Mobile App for Trading without Errors

    Trading Without Errors
    App Expert Rating
    Groww App 9.44
    Upstox App 9.26
    ICICI Direct App 9.24
    MO Trader App 9.23
    Sharekhan App 9.11
    Zerodha Kite App 9.08
    Angel One App 8.94
    Axis Direct App 8.90
    IIFL Markets App 8.83
    Kotak Neo App 8.56

    While trading, it is extremely important to trade on such platforms which can trade without any errors. This is the third parameter we have for choosing Share trading apps in India.

    Suppose the app throws an error while trading. It will create a massacre for the trader. The price will change, and volumes will change, resulting in tremendous losses.

    The mobile application which is best for trading without errors is the Groww App. This app is one of the simplest apps and has almost zero errors.

    Then there is the Upstox App which is one of the most advanced apps, and thus chances of errors are pretty less. Then there is ICICI Direct, Motilal Oswal App, and Sharekhan App.

    Best App for Trading with World-class Features

    World-Class Features
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Angel One App 9.37
    Zerodha Kite App 9.19
    Upstox App 9.17
    MO Trader App 9.16
    IIFL Markets App 9.04
    Groww App 9.01
    ICICI Direct App 8.87
    Axis Direct App 8.83
    Sharekhan App 8.76
    Kotak Neo App 8.49

    The fourth parameter for choosing these Best Trading Apps in India is the quality of features and the number of features that these apps provide.

    As per these parameters, the top app is the Angel One app, and then there is the Zerodha Kite app. These two are followed by the Upstox app, MO Trader App, and IIFl Markets App.

    These apps have the most features that enhance your trading experience; also, the quality of the features is top-notch.

    These apps provide the basic trading and investment features and advanced features like Robo trading and others.

    Easy to use Top Mobile Trading App in India

    Easy to Use
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Groww App 9.37
    Upstox App 9.19
    Zerodha Kite App 9.17
    Angel One App 9.16
    Axis Direct App 9.04
    ICICI Direct App 9.01
    Sharekhan App 8.87
    MO Trader App 8.83
    IIFL Markets App 8.76
    Kotak Neo App 8.49

    The fifth parameter for selecting these Top 10 Trading Apps in India is the ease of use. This is one of the most important parameters.

    Stock trading requires timely order placement, and people from different backgrounds trade stocks.

    Thus, it is important to make the app easy to use. This ensures the user finds all the required features handy while trading.

    As per this parameter, the top apps which are easiest to use are the Groww app, Upstox App, Zerodha Kite App, Angel One app, and Axis Direct App.

    Top 10 Trading App for Fast Account Opening

    Fast Account Opening
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Angel One App 9.55
    Groww App 9.36
    Upstox App 9.34
    Zerodha Kite App 9.33
    Kotak Neo App 9.21
    ICICI Direct App 9.18
    Axis Direct App 9.04
    Sharekhan App 9.00
    MO Trader App 8.93
    IIFL Markets App 8.65

    Another parameter that we have evaluated for choosing these Best App for Trading is the account opening process.

    Whether the account opening is completely online and paperless, the time required to complete the process, ease of opening an account, and other factors we have checked.

    As per our findings, we have five top mobile trading apps with the fastest and easiest account opening process.

    They are Angel One App, Groww App, Upstox App, Zerodha Kite App, and Kotak Stock Trader App.

    These apps have a completely paperless account opening procedure. Thus it takes hardly a few minutes to open the account and complete the KYC process.

    Top Trading Apps with most positive Ratings & Reviews

    Ratings & Reviews
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Zerodha Kite App 9.73
    Groww App 9.55
    Upstox App 9.53
    Angel One App 9.52
    MO Trader App 9.39
    ICICI Direct App 9.36
    Axis Direct App 9.21
    Sharekhan App 9.17
    IIFL Markets App 9.10
    Kotak Neo App 8.82

    We have also evaluated the reviews and ratings given by users on Google Playstore, Apple App Store, and other stores where these apps are available for download.

    All these Best Stock Trading App has high ratings. The reviews are mostly positive, with a few cons as well.

    As per these parameters, the top apps are Zerodha Kite App, Groww App, Upstox App, Angel One App, and we also have MO Trader App on the list.

    These five apps have the highest ratings, above 4 out of 5.

    Best Mobile App for Delivery Trading

    Delivery Trading Features
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Angel One App 9.17
    ICICI Direct App 9.00
    Axis Direct App 8.98
    MO Trader App 8.97
    Kotak Neo App 8.85
    Zerodha Kite App 8.82
    Groww App 8.68
    Upstox App 8.64
    Sharekhan App 8.58
    IIFL Markets App 8.31

    If you are wondering which trading app is best for delivery trading, then we have the top five apps for you which are Angel One App, ICICI Direct App, Axis Direct App, Motilal Oswal App, and Kotak Neo App.

    These five are the best Delivery Trading App which means if you are investing in stocks or other assets and taking deliveries of the same, these apps will be best.

    The brokers who provide these apps hardly charge for delivery trades too.

    Best App for Intraday Trading

    Intraday Trading Features
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Zerodha Kite App 9.83
    Groww App 9.64
    Upstox App 9.62
    Angel One App 9.61
    IIFL Markets App 9.48
    ICICI Direct App 9.45
    Axis Direct App 9.30
    Sharekhan App 9.26
    MO Trader App 9.19
    Kotak Neo App 8.90

    The Best Online Trading App in India for intraday trading includes Zerodha Kite App, Groww App, Upstox App, Angel One App, and IIFL Markets App.

    In intraday trading, you require a trading platform where traders can trade in bulk and these Intraday App provide the same.

    These apps also need to be supremely fast in the execution of orders.

    Day trading apps must also include technical analysis tools, such as integrated charts for different time frames, technical indicators, heatmaps, and others.

    Top Mobile App for Options Trading

    Option Trading Features
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Angel One App 9.55
    ICICI Direct App 9.36
    MO Trader App 9.34
    Zerodha Kite App 9.33
    Upstox App 9.21
    Axis Direct App 9.18
    Sharekhan App 9.04
    Groww App 9.00
    IIFL Markets App 8.93
    Kotak Neo App 8.65

    Trading options and futures is quite a daunting process. They can help you earn higher profits but they bear higher risks as well.

    However, if you do your analysis well and then invest in options, you increase the chances of getting a good deal.

    For this, you need an application that will provide you with advanced charting options and analytical tools for options analysis.

    The Best Options Trading App includes Angel One App, ICICI Direct App, Motilal Oswal App, Zerodha Kite App, and Upstox App.

    These are regarded as the Top Online Trading Apps in India 2023 which are great for your options trading and preparing option trading strategies.

    Best Trading App for Beginners

    App for Beginners
    Broker Name Expert Rating
    Zerodha Kite App 9.64
    Groww App 9.46
    Angel One App 9.43
    Upstox App 9.42
    ICICI Direct App 9.30
    Axis Direct App 9.27
    Sharekhan App 9.13
    MO Trader App 9.08
    IIFL Markets App 9.01
    Kotak Neo App 8.73

    Our final parameter is Trading App for Beginners where we have evaluated the apps based on their features and ease of use for the beginner in stock market.

    We have five top picks for Best Free Trading App for beginners on the list. These include Zerodha Kite App, Groww App, Angel One App, Upstox App, and ICICI Direct App.

    These apps are easy to use but at the same time, they have a lot of potentials. Most of the apps have ample learning resources. Some of them have Robo advisory services as well.

    Zerodha Kite App – Best Trading App

    In the first position, as per our analyzing and ranking, we have Zerodha Kite as the Best Trading App in India.

    Zerodha Kite App - Best Trading App

    Zerodha is known for its tech-first approach and heavy discounts on brokerage as it is a discount broker.

    The Zerodha Kite App is one of the most popular applications which has huge demand amongst the traders. It is a superfast app available for both Android and iOS users.

    Features of Zerodha Kite App

    • Zerodha Kite App has been built from scratch with all new technologies. Zerodha Kite is one of the most powerful app in the country at present.
    • The speed of execution of trade is remarkable. It is one of the fastest mobile app in the country as well.
    • Kite mobile application is not like any other mobile application. The design is very particular to provide ease of use to the traders.
    • The security measures are top-notch in this app. It requires face recognition and Fingerprint to open. This ensures, no one else other than you can use your trading account without your permission.
    • Multiple widgets can be added to this app. This is another unique feature as widgets are generally added to computer-based trading terminals. However, Kite being one of the most advanced apps offers different widgets in its mobile application as well.
    • There are a wide variety of technical analysis tools includes charts having multiple time frames. Then there are multiple intraday indicators for predicting stock price movement.
    • There are advanced filter options to shortlist the stocks you want to track. You can create the market watchlist as per your preference of assets and instruments.

    Why choose Zerodha Kite App?

    • Firstly, this app is one of the most popular trading apps having more than 10,000,000 downloads. Hardly any app has more than a crore of downloads except a few.
    • The traders rated this app a 4.1 out of 5 which suggests the great quality of the platform.
    • It is easy to use and the lightweight app does not slow down your mobile as well.
    • It requires very little of the internet as well for trading.

    Download the App Now!

    Get Zerodha Kite on Google Play    Download Zerodha Kite on the App Store

    Groww App – Top 10 Trading Apps

    This App is one of the simplest apps yet so powerful that it is the second-best in the Top 10 Trading Apps in the market.

    Groww App - Top 10 Trading Apps

    Groww is a major stockbroker that has provided ample features in its app which enhance your trading and investing experience.

    Groww app has a high level of security to protect all your transactions. It is one of the best platforms to invest in mutual funds and stocks.

    Features of Groww App

    • The Groww app is very easy to use. It has a simple sign-up process. You just need to download it from Google Play Store or App Store for iOS users. You can create your account in a few minutes. It is a completely paperless process.
    • It helps you shortlist stocks and mutual funds and other assets based on category, and other criteria. You can choose your investment precisely following your investment preference with this app.
    • The app has an inbuilt mutual fund calculator which helps you calculate your return on investment easily. You do not need to do complicated calculations elsewhere to find out the estimated return on your investment.
    • There are one-click buy and sell options available in this app. This ensures you do not miss out on any opportunity in the market. You can capture the price at which you want to trade/invest. It is so fast in its execution process as well.
    • It is loaded with technical charts, indicators, and other tools.
    • You will get a real-time share price of all companies & indices.
    • This app is having a simple user-friendly interface.
    • There is also a news and updates feature in this app. You can use the same to keep yourself updated about the market and the economy.
    • The security measures are too high. It uses 128 bit SSL Encryption to protect all your data and transactions.

    Why choose Groww App?

    • Firstly, you can use this application for free. There are no charges for this app. You can download it and start investing.
    • Then it provides a wide range of investment options from different exchanges.
    • The app is super powerful yet easy to use.
    • It has a rating of 4.4 from the users which is one of the highest in the Google Playstore.
    • There are more than crores of traders and investors using this application.

    Download the App Now!

    Get Groww App on Google Play    Download Groww App on the App Store

    ICICI Direct App – Top Stock Trading App in India

    The 3rd Top Stock Trading App of 2023 is ICICI Direct App as per our findings. It is from, one of the largest retail brokerage houses ICICI Direct.

    ICICI Direct App Offer

    They made trading easier on the go with their ICICI direct Mobile App. The app is loaded with multiple features which will discuss below.

    Features of ICICI Direct App

    • There is a wide range of customization options for the market watch. You can create it as per your requirement and preferences.
    • The application is loaded with a wide number of technical indicators to help you analyze the market and trade. Similarly, multiple charts are integrated with the real-time market. You can read the charts, analyze and trade from them directly.
    • With this app, you can change the theme, view option like it has a grid view option as well which is not found in most mobile applications.
    • Furthermore, the application is loaded with heat maps too. It makes your technical analysis much more easier and practical.

    Why choose ICICI Direct App?

    • The first reason for choosing this app would be you can trade different investment instruments – stocks to mutual funds using one single mobile app. You can trade at any time and from anywhere possible.
    • It is available on Android, App Store, and also for Windows mobiles.
    • The app is exceptionally rich in online trading features.
    • It has more than a million users.

    Download the App Now!

    Get ICICIDirect Markets App on Google Play    Download ICICIDirect Markets App on the App Store

    Upstox App – Best Share Trading App

    Upstox is primarily known for the technologies it brings to the table. It has one of the Best Share Trading App in India which is known as the Upstox Pro Mobile App.

    Upstox App - Best Share Trading App

    It is one of the fastest and safest mobile trading platforms loaded with features that are made for an exceptional trading experience.

    Features of Upstox App

    • Firstly, the Upstox mobile app provides one of the best charting tools in the market. It has integrated charts on which you can work and analyze the price movement of stocks/markets. Yes, you can analyze the charts from your mobile phone and trade as well. There is no need to use the laptop for reading the charts anymore.
    • Then Upstox provides an exceptional tool for filtering investment options. As there are hundreds and thousands of investment options, you can shortlist and choose a few using its filter/search option. It has specific parameters/criteria which you can choose to shortlist the investment options.
    • You can create multiple watchlists, unlike many mobile apps. While most mobile trading application provides a single or maximum 2-3 market watchlist option, with Upstox, you can create as many as you require.
    • It has a very user-friendly interface. You can find everything without any hassle.
    • There are multiple trading features such as stop-loss, OHCL data that are also available on this application.

    Why choose Upstox App?

    • Firstly, Upstox App is highly advanced yet easy to use.
    • It has live-data streaming features and news updates that help you stay updated about the market
    • The app is used by more than a million users.
    • It helps in fast trade execution
    • There are no charges for this application. You can download it from Google Playstore and App store as per your mobile OS and use it.

    Download the App Now!

    Get Upstox Pro App on Google Play    Download Upstox Pro App on the App Store

    Angel One App – Top Trading App

    Angel One App is one of the Top Trading Apps in India. This was formerly known as Angel Broking is the creator of this application which has millions of users.

    Angel One App - Top Trading App

    This mobile application is made for ease of trading for the clients. It has hundreds of features that will completely enhance your trading experience.

    Features of Angel One App

    • Angel One App has a wide variety of technical tools – integrated charts, technical indicators, and others
    • It has tie-ups with more than 40 national and private banks, so your transactions are safe.
    • You will get in-depth reports about the market on the mobile application which you can read in your free time.
    • You can monitor your portfolio using this application. No need to open a laptop all the time to monitor portfolio or trade.
    • There is also a dark mode facility available on this application
    • You can directly get in touch with customer care from this app.
    • It has a Smart API that helps in executing orders in real-time.
    • It also integrates Small Cases, ARQ, Sensibull, and other such platforms.

    Why choose Angel One App?

    • It has more than 1 crore of downloads which signifies the superior quality of the application.
    • Angel One has decades of experience in this industry with which they made this app.
    • You can trade without any hassle.
    • There are excellent security measures and safe for your data and information.
    • User can also open a demat account via the app within 10 minutes.

    Download the App Now!

    Get Angel One App on Google Play    Download Angel One App on the App Store

    Axis Direct App – Best Share Trading App in India

    Axis Direct App ranks sixth in our list of Top 10 Share Trading App of 2023.

    Axis Direct App Offer

    This app has been designed keeping in mind the requirement of the traders who travel a lot, and trade on the go often.

    Features of Axis Direct App

    • One of the most unique and prominent features of the Axis Direct App is voice command. Yes, this app can listen to your voice commands and do things accordingly. It is obviously due to its highly advanced software and AI.
    • There are multiple options for investments – stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currencies, and others. You can trade any asset using this simple mobile platform.
    • The app is loaded with technical and analytical tools – charts, heatmaps, indicators.
    • You can check your holdings, portfolio, and track its performance with just one click.
    • There is live-streaming of the prices of different assets, news updates, and a lot more.

    Why choose Axis Direct App?

    • It is completely free to use
    • The app has high safety measures
    • You can trade domestic as well as international markets using this application from Axis Direct
    • It has a very user-friendly interface

    Download the App Now!

    Get Axis Direct Ring App on Google Play    Download Axis Direct Ring App on the App Store

    Sharekhan App – Top 10 Trading App in India

    In the Trading Apps List prepared by use, we have ranked Sharekhan in the 7th position.

    Sharekhan App Offer

    Sharekhan App is one of the most popular applications in the market. The app may look simple but it is a powerhouse of a performance.

    Features of Sharekhan App

    • It has multiple market watchlist features. You can create a different watchlist for the different asset classes.
    • The application is very easy to download and install. It is completely online. You can download it from the Google Playstore or App Store. Then it will automatically get installed on your phone. Then you just need to open it and log in using your trading account user id and password.
    • There is a virtual portfolio section with which you can keep a track of the performance of your portfolio.
    • It has multiple charting options and analytical tools – indicators and others.
    • It has advanced search and filtering options.
    • Then Sharekhan application also provides an option chain feature.

    Why choose Sharekhan App?

    • 5 million people trust this App and the number is growing every day
    • The application is updated regularly and new features are added for enhancement of trade and investment.
    • It is supremely easy to use but it is highly advanced at the same time
    • Trading Account creation is very easy & fast via Sharekhan App
    • It is loaded with share market learning resources
    • You get live market updates on this application

    Download the App Now!

    Get Sharekhan App on Google Play    Download Sharekhan App on the App Store

    MO Trader App – Best Trading App in India

    MO Trader App which is the mobile trading platform of Motilal Oswal is ranking 8th in our Trading Apps Comparison list.

    MO Trader App Offer

    This application is one of its kind. It is made for both beginners as well as professional traders. This application is having a 4.1 rating on Google Playstore and more than 5 lakhs of downloads.

    Features of Motilal Oswal App

    • It offers a comprehensive portfolio snapshot that enables you to track your portfolio anytime. The feature creates a comprehensive insight into the portfolio. It is linked to the real-time market and thus you can stay updated about the performance of your portfolio all the time.
    • This app offers a quote page that has a wide number of fundamental analysis documents like company annual reports, quarterly and other research reports. This helps you analyze the stocks, companies, and other assets without any hassle.
    • The app also has a Robo advisory feature and target investing plan facility. These features help in creating a portfolio for you as per your investment goals, budget, and risk appetite. These are AI-based features where you need to input your preferences and they will design the portfolio accordingly.
    • There is a stock scanner for searching the equity & commodity trading, and other assets that you want to track and trade.

    Why choose MO Trader App?

    • Firstly, you can choose this app as it is convenient to trade anywhere and everywhere with just internet connectivity.
    • Then it offers instant fund transfer
    • It is easy to use
    • There are regular updates and addition of new enhanced features
    • One of the best reasons for choosing this app can be bulk trading. Yes, if you are an active trader but on a move, you can trade using this application on your smartphone.

    Download the App Now!

    Get MO Trader App on Google Play    Download MO Trader App on the App Store

    IIFL Markets App – Top Trading App in India

    IIFL Markets App is one of the Best Trading App in India which is one of the highest-rated stock trading apps. It has a rating of 4.1 in Google Playstore at present.

    IIFL Markets App Offer

    This app has been awarded different recognition for its simplicity, security, ease of use, and others. It has been also the best trading app for years.

    Features of IIFL Markets App

    • It has a feature called Buzz which provides all the latest information about the stock market and the economy.
    • There is an option chain feature with which you can get insights about the futures and options trading
    • It has price alerts and notification settings that help you avail of opportunities at the right time.
    • There are multiple watchlist customization options. You can also create up to three watchlists. In each of them, you can keep a maximum of fifty stocks.
    • The app is having different channel support like call, smart Chabot, WhatsApp, and others.
    • IIFL has also provided an MPin feature in its App for secure login. It is a four-digit passcode that you have to enter for logging into the account.

    Why choose IIFL Markets App?

    • The first reason for choosing this app has to be its resourcefulness. In this app, you will find an abundance of research reports, stock suggestions, tips for better trading and investment.
    • Secondly, you can choose this app because of its smart tools for trading and technical analysis.
    • It offers a simple yet powerful performance
    • More than 5 million traders and investors use this app.

    Download the App Now!

    Get IIFL Markets App on Google Play    Download IIFL Markets App on the App Store

    Kotak Stock Trader App – Best Online Trading App

    In the tenth position of Top Trading App in India, we have Kotak Stock Trader App or newly known as Kotak NEO App. It is in the market for a long and has been liked by more than millions of users.

    Kotak Stock Trader App Offer

    This app is available for Android users on Google Playstore and iOS users on App Store.

    Features of Kotak Stock Trader App

    • There is a pre-defined watchlist that you can customize and add or remove instruments from the same.
    • The app has a section where you will find different companies’ research reports and data and financial information.
    • There is another section in the app that provides all the latest market information and news updates.
    • The app has a smart filter tool for filtering out stocks and selecting the one you want to track.
    • Kotak Securities has also provided a biometric login feature in this app which is a rare one.
    • There are ample charting options, indicators, and other technical analysis tools.

    Why choose Kotak Securities Neo App?

    • You can choose this app because it is easy to use and the installation process is pretty simple.
    • It is completely free of cost. You do not have to pay any charges for this application.
    • There is a high level of security for information and data. The transfers are highly secure as well.
    • It has a rating of 4 in Google Playstore which signifies the usefulness of the application.

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    Honorable Mentions of Best Free Trading Apps

    Apart from the ten Largest Trading Apps in India for 2023, we also have 5 trading apps that are exceptional but missed to be a part of the top ten by a bit.

    It includes HDFC Securities App, this app is one of the most comprehensive apps of all time. Then there is 5Paisa App, another highly advanced application.

    Then we have the SBI Smart App which has rich trading features and a variety of investment options. Edelweiss App is another pick of ours and then there is SMC Ace App.

    Best Trading App in India – Conclusion

    If you are looking for the Best Trading App then we hope the article above can help you choose it wisely.

    While narrowing down your search, make sure you check all the parameters, compare the apps and then choose the one which is most suitable for you.

    These apps are one of the most important companions in your trading journey. So, you must choose it after thorough research.

    Top Online Trading App in India FAQs

    Check out FAQs on Top Online Trading App in India –

    Which is the top 5 Stock trading app in India?

    The top five stock market trading app in India is the angel broking app, Motilal Oswal MO Trader app, Zerodha kite app, ShareKhan app and last but not least, Kotak Stock Trader app.

    What makes the Angel Broking app – The best trading app?

    In this particular article, there are five main specified features, which are, speed, performance, reviews, features, and usability, based on which, the best trading app is concluded.

    Why Zerodha kite app as the best trading app?

    Mobile reading apps are one of the most important features in the stock broking industry. Using that investors or traders wouldn’t have to now wait for updates on newspapers or television.

    We can check every status on their mobile trading app itself. With the best speed, reviews, usability, accessibility and spontaneous research in stock tips, the Zerodha kite app marks itself to be the best trading app in the market.

    Why IIFL Markets App is best for trading?

    IIFL Markets app has been awarded by the Zee business news for being one of the best ones out there which help every client when it comes to matters of instant reading, providing them with nothing but a multitude of features that can be regulated with the help of one single OTP.

    Not to forget it make sure customers get instant live market information and constant updates related to any news hovering around in the stock market.

    What is the Best Trading App with Superfast Speed?

    Superfast speed is one feature that needs to be kept in mind while choosing the best mobile trading app.

    If you don’t get the speed properly, none of the news will be delivered to you at the proper time.

    Keeping this in mind, the Angel Broking app and Zerodha Kite app lead their way on top of this arena to become one of the best and most speedy trading apps out there.

    Which are the Top Trading App with Great Performance?

    As far as best performance is concerned, the Angel Broking app leads the race.

    It provides with tremendous user experience when comes to accessibility and navigation and it also provides its customers with a huge range of features that allow them to trade ease and comfort.

    Which are the best mobile trading app for intraday trading?

    Motilal Oswal App gets the first position in user reviews and ratings.

    With the help of unique tools for trading every customer, investor and trader can get a multitude of opportunities in the stock market itself.

    This app provides high-class technology and immensely unique tools for trading

    Which is the best mobile trading app for options trading?

    Zerodha, Upstox, 5Paisa, Tradejini, Trade Smart Online are the five most useful and popular mobile trading apps as far as options trading is concerned.

    Which is the best mobile trading app for commodity trading?

    The best mobile trading app for commodity trading is undoubtedly IIFL markets. Following this is the reliance commodities trading app and Angel Broking App.

    Which trading app is best for beginners to trade easily?

    Angel Broking app, Motilal Oswal app and Zerodha kite app around are outwardly few of the best training apps for beginners to trade on easily with low brokerage charge and backed up research on stock tips throughout.

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