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Top Investors in India – List of Successful Stock Market Investors of 2024

Last Updated Date - Jan 02, 2024

There is two way to learn in the stock market, one is trial and error, and the second is by observing what Successful Investors in India are doing.

In the stock market, if you are that new investor who wants to make it to the top, you have to incorporate both processes.

Understanding how the Top Investors in India are investing, which all shares they are choosing when they are investing can help you learn a lot about the stock market as a whole and how and when to invest.

In this article, we will discuss the top 20 Share Market King in the country. We will discuss their portfolio, investment pattern, and many other factors.

You can learn a lot from observing the style of these investors for investing, so keep reading.

Top Investors in India - Top 10 Share Market king

Share Market King of 2024 – List of Top Investors in India

Here is the list of best of the best share market investors –

Rank Top Investors Portfolio Value
1 Premji and Associates 165,367 Cr.
2 Radhakrishnan Damani 161,356 Cr.
3 Rakesh Jhunjhunwala 29,237 Cr.
4 Mukul Agarwal 2,413 Cr.
5 Sunil Singhania 1,973 Cr.
6 Ashish Dhawan 1,943 Cr.
7 Ashish Kacholia 1,610 Cr.
8 Anil Kumar Goel 1,495 Cr.
9 Mohnish Pabrai 1,291 Cr.
10 Akash Bhansali 2,984 Cr.

We have selected these Top 10 Investors in India by checking and comparing different parameters.

Stock Market Investors in IndiaThere are in total seven parameters that we checked for all the investors and accordingly ranked them.

We have not only evaluated the numbers but also their style of investment, diversification, short-term and long-term changes in the portfolio, the popularity of the investors, and others.

According to our ratings and rankings, Premji and Associates top the list. Then there is Radhakrishnan Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mukul Agarwal, Sunil Singhania, and others.

We have them as per the overall portfolio however, below you will also find the ranks given to the investors according to the individual parameters.

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    Premji and Associates – Top Investors in India

    Premji and Associates are primarily known for Wipro which is the third-largest Information Technology company in the country.

    Invest like Premji & Associates - Top investors in India

    He is also the Top investor in India just by investing in only four stocks out of which Wipro is the one where he invests the most.

    His current net worth is above Rs.165,367 crores as of June 2022. Azim Premji started Wipro as a small family business and then in 1980, it entered the IT space, and then there was no looking back.

    Holdings of Premji & Associates

    At present his investment portfolio consists of mainly 3 stocks which are Wipro Ltd. where he has an investment worth Rs.165,130 crores.

    Premji & Associates PortfolioHe also holds 2,808,929 shares of Tube Investments of India Ltd. amounting to Rs.631 crores.

    Another newly added stock in his portfolio is Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. Here he is holding 2,523,641 shares which amount to Rs.97 crores.

    Though he is not having a very diversified portfolio like Stock Market King Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or RK Damani, and invest only in technology stocks, but he has the highest net worth at present amongst all investors in the country.

    In the 2 last years, his net worth has grown by 78.79% while if we consider the five years growth then it has grown 71.36%.

    His style of investing is very simple, he buys and then holds the shares for the long-term.

    Other than his major investments, he has a limited number of shares in a few other companies like Voltas Ltd., DCB Bank Ltd., and others.

    Should you Follow Premji & Associates Strategy?

    Investors who are looking for investing in the IT sector primarily can take cues from Premji & Associates. He has been investing in IT Stocks primarily.

    Also, if you want to invest in the financial services and automobile sector you can follow Azim Premji.

    Radhakrishnan Damani – Top Traders in India

    Radhakrishnan Damani or RK Damani is known as the “Mr. White and White” amongst the Top Traders in India because he always wears white.

    Invest like Radhakrishnan Damani - Top 10 Stock Market Investors

    One of the unknown facts about RK Damani is that he is the person who mentored Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the most popular Share Market King in India.

    Radhakrishnan Damani is the richest trader in the country and his current portfolio stands at Rs.161,356 crores as of June 2022.

    Holdings of RK Damani

    RK Damani primarily holds 3,252,378 shares of United Breweries Ltd. which amounts to Rs.539 crores. As of June 2022, he was holding 65.2% of this company’s shares.

    Radhakrishnan Damani PortfolioThe next major investment he has is in 3M India Ltd. where he holds 32.3% shares which is 166,700 shares and the net worth of this investment is Rs.382 crores.

    Then 2.4% investment in Astra Microwave Products Ltd. which is worth Rs. 21 crores and then there are other shares like Trend Ltd., Avenue Supermarts, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., and others.

    He has a total of 14 stocks in his accounts of different companies. Out of the 14, the major holdings are the two given above and then there is 12.7% investment in the India Cements Ltd.

    The portfolio of RK Damani grew by 45.68% in the past 2 years while by 288.51% in the five years which is an exponential growth in the Indian stock market.

    He has a very low profile and does not make any public appearances.

    He has a pretty diversified portfolio with an investment style of picking stocks that can boom in the future but at the current time, undervalued.

    Although the majority of his investment is into Retail Stocks.

    Should you follow RK Damani’s Investing Strategy?

    Though you can follow RK Damani anyway for understanding investment styles, investment acumen.

    However, particularly, if you want to diversify your portfolio with stocks of multiple industries, then you can follow RK Damani.

    Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – Share Market King of India

    Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s legacy will live on forever in Indian Stock Market history, Born in 5th July 1960 & Died on 14th August 2022. He left us very too soon at the age of 62. But he will ramin in our hearts forever.

    Whether you are into investing in stocks or not, you must have heard the name of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala once in your lifetime if you follow the news, especially the business and financial news.

    Invest like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala - Share Market King

    He is regarded as “The Big Bull” of the Indian stock market and one of the best Investors in India not only because his net worth is huge and as per June 2022, it was Rs.29,237 crores but because of his social attitude.

    Mr.Jhunjhunwala is very popular amongst investors, traders, and finance professionals across the country and also abroad. He makes frequent media appearances.

    He inspires a lot of investors across the nation and worldwide.

    Holdings of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

    His current portfolio consists of 33 stocks. Some of the biggest holdings he has include Escorts Kubota Ltd.’s share worth Rs.316 crores spread across 1,830,388 shares.

    Then he holds Anant Raj Ltd.’s shares worth Rs.71 crores. Then there is Agro Tech Foods Ltd., Canara Bank, Crisil Ltd, Fortis Healthcare Ltd., SAIL, and many other shares are there in his portfolio.

    Rakesh Jhunjhunwala PortfolioHe achieved a short-term growth in his portfolio of 144.48% that is from June 2020 to June 2022.

    While his long-term portfolio growth is remarkable which is 129.36% spanning over the period from June 2017 to June 2022.

    With 33 stocks in his portfolio, he has one of the most diversified portfolios amongst all top investors in the country.

    He has stocks from almost all the industries/sectors like Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Construction, IT, Pharma Stocks, and others.

    Should you Invest like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala?

    If you are an active trader cum investor, who will be always searching for better opportunities in the market to reap profits, then you must get inspired by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

    Any investor can follow him to understand investment from scratch but active investors can follow his style of investment.

    Mukul Agarwal – Best Investors in India

    A new name has been added to the list of Top Share Market Investors in India recently and that is Mukul Agarwal. He is being regarded as the new star of the share market in India.

    Mr.Agarwal started trading and investing towards the end of the 1990s and at present has a portfolio worth Rs.2,413 crores as of June 2022.

    He is a successful entrepreneur having his wealth management and financial advisory services company in Patna. He is also a motivational speaker and TedX speaker.

    Mukul Agarwal has an aggressive style of investment where he invests in stocks in small segments. He finds the stocks which are capable of generating astronomical returns and then invest in them and waits.

    Some of his bets have been successful ones. One of such bets was in Paras Defence and it went up drastically increasing the portfolio of Mukul Agarwal in one shot.

    Holdings of Mukul Agarwal

    He has a total of 52 stocks in his portfolio currently. Out of which some of the most important ones are G M Breweries Ltd. where he has an investment worth Rs.15 crores.

    Then there is Pix Transmissions Ltd. where his investment is Rs.34 crore at present.

    Then his portfolio has shares of PDS Multinational Fashion Ltd., Gati Ltd., Delta Corp., and many other important multibagger stocks.

    In the past year that is from June 2020 to June 2022, his portfolio increased by 491.75%. While the long-term change in his portfolio is around 689.54%.

    He has a portfolio that is hugely diversified with stocks of different sectors and this reduces the risk to a great extent.

    Should you Invest like Mukul Agarwal?

    If you want to diversify your portfolio wisely, then you can follow Mukul Agarwal. He has a portfolio of 52 stocks and his returns are just spectacular.

    Sunil Singhania – Top Share Market Investors in India

    In the fifth position as per our findings, we have Sunil Singhania as of the Top 10 Investors in India. Sunil Singhania has a portfolio worth Rs.1,973 crores as of June 2022.

    Invest like Sunil Singhania - Top Investors in India

    He is one of the popular names in the stock market circles. He was the CIO of Reliance Mutual Fund.

    At present, he has his own Abakkus Fund house which he is running. Mr.Singhania is one of the most followed stock market investors in the country.

    He mainly places his bets on mid-caps and small-cap stocks and he has an in-depth understanding of these stocks. Many investors follow his moves and invest accordingly.

    Holdings of Sunil Singhania

    His current portfolio is having a total of 28 stocks and he invests in different sectors as well for diversification benefits.

    Sunil Singhania PortfolioSome of the major investments are in J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd., Stylam Industries Ltd., Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd., CMS Info Systems Ltd..

    He also has stakes in J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. which needs no introduction as a company or brand.

    Then he has recently disinvested in Stylam Industries Ltd.. He added Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd. in his portfolio recently.

    In the past year, from September 2018 to June 2022, the portfolio of Sunil Singhania increased by 456.02% indicating both new investments have been made and also an increase in the previous ones and great returns.

    However, he has made his portfolio grow by 7223.10% in the past five years which is just incredible.

    In September 2016, his portfolio value was only Rs.22 crores and at present, it is over and above Rs.1,973 crores.

    Should you follow the Investment Strategy of Sunil Singhania

    Again investors looking for diversification across industries can follow Sunil Singhania. He has investments across different industries and a very well-diversified portfolio.

    Ashish Dhawan – Top 10 Investors in India

    One of the Top 10 Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market is Ashish Dhawan. He is not only known as an investor with years of experience but also as a philanthropist and entrepreneur.

    Invest like Ashish Dhawan - Big Bull of Indian Stock Market

    He is the CEO of Central Square Foundation and founded Ashoka University. His current portfolio value is Rs.1,943 crores and he has a total of 14 stocks in his portfolio at present.

    His investment style is about spreading his investment in both large-cap and mid-cap stocks. He has stocks from different sectors for diversifying his portfolio.

    Holdings of Ashish Dhawan

    He has Pharma stocks of Dish TV India Ltd. which are worth Rs.33 crores and he has 28,957,491 shares of the company.

    Ashish Dhawan PortfolioThen he has Stocks of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.. He has invested in 5,100,000 shares of IDFC Ltd. and the value of the investment at present is Rs.196 crores.

    There are stocks of AGI Greenpac Ltd.,Equitas Holdings Ltd., Birlasoft Ltd., and others. He has been a popular face in the investment industry and as an entrepreneur as well.

    His investment has grown by 143.03% during the period of June’ 2020 to June 2022. While there has been an increase of 128.53% in his portfolio value over the last five years.

    Should you follow Ashish Dhawan’s Strategy?

    If you want to invest in banking and finance stocks, you can invest like Ashish Dhawan is investing.

    You can also follow other stocks he is investing in like in pharma sectors, IT, and software services sectors.

    Ashish Kacholia – Top 10 Big Bull of Indian Stock Market

    Out of the Top 10 Share Market Investors, the 7th Successful Investors in India is Ashish Kacholia. As of June 2022, his portfolio is worth Rs.1,610 crores.

    Invest like Ashish Kacholia - Top investors in India

    He is known for his bets on low-cost stocks which have the potential to provide extravagant returns.

    One of the stocks he invested in 2022 has given a 140% return in a year. The stock is off Gateway Distriparks. Similarly, he has such investments across different industries.

    His portfolio went from Rs.585 crores in 2017 to Rs.1536 crores in 2022 which is around 162.33% growth. In the short-term that is from June 2020 to June 2022, it grew by 268.27%.

    He is known as the “Big Whale of Stock Market” by the financial and business journalist though he remains away from the media.

    Holdings of Ashish Kacholia

    Ashish Kacholia PortfolioAt present, he is holding 37 stocks in his portfolio and some of the big bets are in Repro India Ltd. where he holds 457,962 shares and the present value of the investment is Rs.19 crores.

    Then he has invested in 308,000 shares of Inflame Appliances Ltd. and the investment is worth Rs.14 crores at present.

    Apart from these, he has NIIT Ltd. shares, Philips Carbon Black Ltd., VRL Logistics Ltd., and many such shares which have the potential to grow enormously.

    Should an Investor for Ashish Kacholia’s Strategy?

    Investors looking for investing in general industrial companies, software, and services sectors can get enough ideas from the portfolio of Ashish Kacholia.

    One can also follow his investment pattern for a thorough diversification of the portfolio.

    Anil Kumar Goel – Successful Investors in India

    The eighth best Investor in India is Anil Kumar Goel. His portfolio value as per corporate filings on June 2022 was Rs.1,495 crores.

    Invest like Anil Kumar Goel - Share Market King

    He has a portfolio of around 34 stocks in total. He is known for his bets in the manufacturing industry.

    His portfolio value grew from Rs.597 crores in June 2020 to Rs.1342 crores in June 2022, which is a growth of 124.78%. In the past five years, the portfolio grew by 30.26%.

    Holdings of Anil Kumar Goel

    Recently he bought 684,000 shares of Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd. worth Rs.4 crores. He also invested in Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd.’s 399,000 shares which is having a value of Rs.17 crores at present.

    Anil Kumar Goel PortfolioThen he invested in Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. where he has invested in 2,380,000 shares. The investment at present is worth Rs.78 crores.

    Then he has recent investments in Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd., Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd. This indicates that he is more into investing in stocks of manufacturing companies.

    Then there is KRBL Ltd. where he has an investment worth Rs.242 crores. Then again there are sugar mills in his portfolio.

    This is Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd. where he has stakes worth Rs.181 crores.

    Should you Invest like Anil Kumar Goel?

    People looking to invest in food, beverages, tobacco stocks can follow Anil Kumar Goel. He also maintains a well-diversified portfolio as well.

    Mohnish Pabrai – Best Investors in India

    At the ninth position as per portfolio’s value, there is Mohnish Pabrai as a Big Investors in India.

    Invest like Mohnish Pabrai - Top Traders in India

    Besides being one of the King of Share Market, he is also an entrepreneur who runs Pabrai Fund house and Dhandho Fund. He is having a net worth of Rs.1,291 crores just by investing in 3 stocks.

    He is an Indian-American business owner with extensive years of investment experience. Mr.Pabrai runs his own fund houses and financial advisory services.

    He has a very selective investment approach where he invests in a few stocks only and stays invested for a long duration.

    While there are other stocks in his portfolio but those are very small investments.

    Holdings of Mohnish Pabrai

    His top investment includes Finance Stocks i.e. Rain Industries Ltd. where he has invested in 28,224,219 shares.

    Mohnish Pabrai PortfolioThe value of this investment at present is Rs.438 crores. If you look at the investment pattern, he has bought and sold this share in every quarter by a significant value.

    The next stock in his portfolio is Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. where he has an investment worth Rs.345 crores at present. He has 60,606,000 shares of this firm.

    In June 2020-June 2022, the total holding in this company stood at 36.79% while in June 2017-June 2022 it was at 214.77% which means he bought more shares during the June quarter.

    The third stock in his portfolio is Sunteck Realty Ltd. He has at present 9,781,736 shares of this firm which is around 6.7% of the total shares of the company.

    The value of this holding is Rs.516 crores as per present pricing.

    His portfolio value increased by 10.85% in the past year while by a whopping 724% in the past five years. He is moderately active on media platforms.

    Should you Invest like Mohnish Pabrai?

    For generating returns from selective stocks, you can follow Mohnish Pabrai. He has just three stocks in his portfolio but his portfolio’s value is over Rs.1000 crores.

    Mr.Pabrai has Finance & Real Estate Stocks in his portfolio.

    Akash Bhansali – Big Investors in India

    Rank 10th of the Top 10 Share Market Investors in India is Akash Bhansali whose current net worth is Rs.2,984 crores. He has a very interesting portfolio.

    He doesn’t own any IT, pharma stocks in his portfolio. Mr.Bhansali is an ace investor having years of experience in the business.

    His portfolio value increased by a whopping 1121.86% in the past five years while by 320.63% in the past 2 years.

    Holdings of Akash Bhansali

    His portfolio consists of a total of 15 stocks at present. So, he has diversified his portfolio but in a balanced way.

    Some of the highly invested stocks are Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd. where he invested in 6,233,271 shares and the value of this investment at present is Rs.68 crores.

    It is a new investment as well. He invested in this company during the previous quarter only. He has a significant stake at the company which is around 6%.

    Then he holds IDFC Ltd.’s shares worth Rs.186 crores at present. He has 34,350,921 shares of this firm.

    Akash Bhansali hasn’t changed this holding for the last few quarters. Also, he added more shares a year back.

    Then he has Amber Enterprise India Ltd., Welspun Corp Ltd., Greenlam Industries Ltd., Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd., Maharashtra Seamless Ltd., and many other stocks where he has holding ranging from 1.5% to 5%.

    Should you Invest like Akash Bhansali?

    For a decently diversified portfolio, you can follow Akash Bhansali. Also if you are looking to invest in the retail sector, construction, and cement stocks, you can follow him.

    Mr.Bhansali also has Chemical Stocks in his portfolio.

    Honorable Mentions – Top Investors in India

    We have gone through the 10 Top Investors in India. Now, we will look into 10 more who have made big in the Indian Stock Market.

    Nemish S Shah – Stock Market Investors in India

    While we have ranked top ten investors in India, there are other significant and popular Stock Market Investors in India who just missed the list by a bit.

    The first is Nemish S Shah and as per his current portfolio value which is Rs.1,340 crores, he is the 11th biggest investor in the country.

    Nemish S Shah is the director and also co-founder of the Enam holdings. He is not a very media person and likes to work in the background.

    He is a risk-taker but takes calculative risks. Mr.Nemish S Shah has diversified his portfolio a bit with only seven stocks at present.

    The primary stock which he holds is of Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. He has invested in 325,000 shares of this firm and the value of this holding is Rs.74 crores at present.

    Then he has EID Parry (India) Ltd. where he has a 1.7% stake and an investment worth Rs.116 crores.

    Apart from these, he has invested in Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd., Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd., and others. in the previous quarter, he hasn’t changed his portfolio even a bit.

    Bhavook Tripathi – Best Investors in India

    In the 12th position, we have Bhavook Tripathi who has only one stock in his portfolio at present. His portfolio is completely different from the Portfolios of Top investors in India.

    He has invested in R Systems International Ltd. He holds 35.6% stakes in the company at present which is equivalent to 42,038,375 shares.

    The value of this investment is Rs.1023 crores as per June 2022 data available.

    Anuj Anantrai Sheth – Best Traders in India

    Another one of the biggest Investors in India is Anuj Anantrai Sheth. His current portfolio is worth Rs.628 crores.

    He has an investment in general industries, sugar mills, automobile stocks, and others. Mr.Sheth has a total of seven stocks in his portfolio out of which Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. is a big bet.

    He has a 4.5% stake in this firm. The value of this holding is Rs.129 crores at present.

    Then he has also stocks of Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd. where he has 4.5% stakes and the value of the holding is Rs.17 Crores.

    He has a moderately diversified portfolio and he invests across different sectors.

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel – Richest Investors in India

    Then we have Bharat Jayantilal Patel as the 14th best Trader in India who has a portfolio worth Rs. 560 crores.

    He has a widely diversified portfolio of 23 stocks. His current portfolio has Rubfila International Ltd. where he has a stake of 50.4%.

    This is equivalent to 27,365,728 shares in the company. The value of this holding at present is Rs.213 crores.

    He bought 12.3% of the stakes in this previous quarter only, earlier it had 33.9% stakes of the company.

    Then he holds a 10.4% stake in Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd. He has 15,242,990 shares in this company which is worth Rs.94 crores.

    Here also he raised his stakes in the previous quarter but by only 0.1%.

    He has invested in different industries, automobiles stocks, cement, chemicals stocks, the electronic industry, the sugar industry, garments, and whatnot.

    Vijay Kishanlal Kedia – King of Stock Market in 2022

    One of the richest investors in India is Vijay Kishanlal Kedia. His portfolio is worth Rs. 558 crores at present and it has 15 stocks in it.

    Some of his major investments are at Vaibhav global Ltd. where he has 3,200,000 shares and the holding worth Rs.99 crores.

    Then he holds Elecon Engineering Company Ltd..’s shares which are worth Rs.68 crores at present. Recently, he bought a 15.3% stake in Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd.

    While he held this share in the earlier quarters as well but he has continuously bought and sold his holdings during the previous alternative quarters.

    Then he invested in Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.. He bought a 10.7% stake in the firm whose value is Rs.57 crores at present.

    He also added a Atul Auto Ltd. in the previous quarter in his portfolio. The total holding is worth Rs.5 crores.

    Seetha Kumari – Successful Traders in India

    Amongst the King of Stock Market in 2022, there are a few queens too who are ruling the market.

    One of them is Seetha Kumari with a portfolio worth Rs.507 crores as per June data. She has a total of nine stocks in her portfolio.

    One of the major holdings is in Andhra Paper Ltd. She has invested in 630,006 shares which are 3.7% stakes of the company.

    The holding is worth Rs.21 crores. Then her portfolio also has Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. Here she holds 763,688 shares which are 4.5% of the company’s stake.

    The investment is worth Rs.14 crores. In the previous quarter, she added Savita Oil Technologies Ltd. and Liberty Shoes Ltd. as fresh investments.

    Vallabh Roopchand Bhansali – Biggest Investor in India

    In the list of Successful Traders in India, the 17th position as per the current portfolio’s valuation is taken by Vallabh Roopchand Bhansali.

    Mr.Roopchand has a portfolio worth Rs.108 crores as of June 2022. He has a total of 10 stocks in his portfolio.

    He has recently invested in GFL Ltd. where he bought a 1.3% stake. The holding is worth Rs. 8 crores. However, his next holding is in Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd..

    He has had a 1.3% stake in this firm for many years now which he hasn’t altered in recent times. His holding in this company is worth Rs.5 crores.

    Another significant investment in his portfolio is in 7Seas Entertainment Ltd.. He holds a 1.3% stake in this firm as well and has been holding for ages.

    One thing about this investor is that he invests and then leaves it. He doesn’t alter his investment. He invests for a longer duration.

    Dilip Kumar Lakhi – Indian Share Market King

    In the eighteenth position, we have Indian Share Market King Dilip Kumar Lakhi. He has a portfolio of 14 stocks and the value of the portfolio as per June 2022 data is Rs.684 crores.

    He has invested in two new stocks recently in the previous quarter. The first one is Aro Granite Industries Ltd. shares. He bought 1.8% stakes in the organization.

    The present value of this investment is Rs.8 crores. Then he bought Premier Explosives Ltd. Ltd.’s 1.8% stake as well which was worth Rs.36 crores currently.

    He has different stocks of companies spanning over different industries. Out of all his investments, the investment that has the highest value at present is Religare Enterprises Ltd..

    He has 23% stakes in this company which is worth Rs.245 crores at present.

    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani – Best Indian Investors

    Amongst the best Indian Investors in the country, another name is Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani. He has a portfolio worth Rs.364 crores as per June 2022 filings.

    He has significant stakes in 6 companies. Deccan Cements Ltd. is the recent holdings he has.

    He bought 4.8% stakes in this firm which amounts to Rs.7 crores as per the present market price of the firm.

    Then he has 3.4% stakes in Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd., 1% stakes in Kama Holdings Ltd., and others.

    Keswani Haresh – Top Indian Investors

    At the 20th position, we have Keswani Haresh as the Top Indian Investors. He has a portfolio worth Rs. 425 crores. His recent holdings are in Deccan Cements Ltd..

    He holds a 4.9% stake in this company. Then he holds 5.3% stakes in Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd.. 4.8% stakes in Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd.

    He has a total of 5 significant holdings where he has invested in more than 1% of the company’s stakes.

    Now we will be discussing the parameters according to which we have shortlisted these investors.

    Top 10 Investors in India with Highest Portfolio Value

    For choosing the Top Investors in India, the first parameter we have used is their overall portfolio. It is the total valuation of their holdings.

    Suppose an investment portfolio is having 10 stocks. So, the total units held for each stock multiplied by the current market price of that stock is the valuation for that particular stock.

    Now, similarly, we have calculated the valuation of all the 10 stocks in his portfolio. Then added them up and the final amount derived is the overall portfolio valuation.

    According to this parameter, Premji and Associates top the list with a portfolio valuation of Rs.253,000 crores.

    Then there is RK Damani with Rs.202,200 crores. In the third position, we have Rakesh Jhunjhunwala with Rs.23,000 crores as his total portfolio valuation.

    In the fourth and fifth positions, there are Mukul Agarwal and Sunil Singhania with Rs.2,256 crores and Rs.2,248 crores respectively.

    Top Traders in India with Short Term Portfolio Growth

    Short Term Portfolio Growth
    Investors Portfolio in 2021 (Cr.) Portfolio in 2020 (Cr.) Increment%
    Premji and Associates Rs.257,639 Rs.132,995 93.72%
    Radhakrishnan Damani Rs.184,496 Rs.97,326 89.56%
    Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Rs.24,179 Rs.12,945 86.78%
    Ashish Dhawan Rs.2,544 Rs.1,405 81.07%
    Sunil Singhania Rs.2,443 Rs.675 261.93%
    Mukul Agarwal Rs.1,901 Rs.655 190.23%
    Ashish Kacholia Rs.1,698 Rs.821 106.82%
    Anil Kumar Goel Rs.1,366 Rs.673 102.97%
    Mohnish Pabrai Rs.1,236 Rs.1,115 10.85%
    Akash Bhansali Rs.1,167 Rs.869 34.29%

    As per the second parameter which is short-term portfolio growth, the Top Traders in India are Sunil Singhania, Mukul Agarwal, Ashish Kacholia, Anil Kumar Goel, and Premji and Associates, respectively.

    By short-term portfolio growth, we mean the growth in the valuation of the portfolio of the investor. It accounts for both increase in investment as well as returns.

    For instance, an investor has invested Rs.100,000 in a share which after a year has increased to Rs.120,000. Now he purchased the same stock which cost him Rs.50,000.

    So, the total valuation of this stock in his portfolio now is Rs.170,000. The growth in the portfolio for this stock accounts for 70%.

    Now one can also sell some stocks, or the price of the stock can fall. So, this percentage is the overall growth or fall in the portfolio valuation.

    Sunil Singhania’s portfolio grew by a whopping 261.93% in the past year starting from September 2020 and ending in June 2022.

    Then Mukul Agarwal witnessed a growth of 190.23%, followed by Ashish Kcholia with 106.82% growth in his portfolio value.

    Then there is Anil Kumar Goel with 102.97% and then Premji and Associates with 93.72%.

    Best Investors in India with Long-term Portfolio Growth

    Long Term Portfolio Growth
    Investors Portfolio in 2021 (Cr.) Portfolio in 2016 (Cr.) Growth%
    Premji and Associates Rs.257,639 Rs.86,644 197.35%
    Radhakrishnan Damani Rs.184,496 Rs.1,854 9851.24%
    Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Rs.24,179 Rs.10,196 137.14%
    Ashish Dhawan Rs.2,544 Rs.253 651.38%
    Sunil Singhania Rs.2,443 Rs.22 11004.55%
    Mukul Agarwal Rs.1,901 Rs.1,104 130.43%
    Ashish Kacholia Rs.1,698 Rs.493 244.42%
    Anil Kumar Goel Rs.1,366 Rs.714 91.32%
    Mohnish Pabrai Rs.1,236 Rs.150 724.00%
    Akash Bhansali Rs.1,167 Rs.123 848.78%

    For choosing the investors we have also evaluated their portfolio’s growth for the last five years.

    This is similar to the short-term portfolio’s growth but here we have calculated the change for the last five years.

    The best investors in India according to the long-term growth in his or her portfolio are Sunil Singhania with an unparalleled growth of 11004.55%.

    Then there is RK Damani, whose portfolio value went up by 9851.24% in these five years.

    Then Akash Bhansali is there whose portfolio grew by 848.78%, followed by a growth of 724%, Mohnish Pabrai is there.

    The fifth top investor is Ashish Dhawan with a growth of 651.38% in the portfolio’s value for the past 5 years.

    Top Share Market Investors in India with Diversified Portfolio

    Diversification is inevitable for optimizing returns and minimizing risks. The Top Share Market Investors in India having the most diversified portfolios are Mukul Agarwal with 47 stocks in his portfolio.

    He has stocks of all the sectors and multiple stocks from each sector as well. Though his portfolio is over-diversified, his returns are excellent.

    Then there is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala with 39 stocks in his portfolio. He invests across most of the industries be it automobiles, banking and finance, textiles, power and energy stocks, and others.

    Then there is Anil Kumar Goel with 33 stocks in his portfolio. He invested in the food and beverages sector.

    Then there are textiles stocks in his portfolio. He has stocks of sugar mills and even power and energy industries.

    Ashish Kacholia and Sunil Singhania have 26 stocks each of different sectors. While Sunil Singhania invests in metals stocks, software services, Steel, and other metals.

    Ashish Kacholia invests more into general industries, chemicals, and pharma stocks.

    Top 10 Investors in India with Long Investing Experience

    One of the major criteria for us to choose these Top 10 Investors in India is their investing experience.

    By investing experience we mean that the number of years they have been investing in the stock market.

    If you want to follow any investors, you would like to know for how many years, he or she has been investing, wouldn’t you?

    So, according to the investing experience, RK Damani has the longest experience. He started back in the 1970s.

    Mr.Damani has been investing for the last fifty years. He had witnessed the stock market of this country grow literally.

    After the mentor RK Damani, his student Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has the most number of years spent investing in the stock market.

    He started his journey of investing in stocks in the year 1985. It has been 36 years since he is investing.

    Then we have Mukul Agarwal with 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He started his career back in the 1990s.

    Sunil Singhania comes next with 22 years of experience and then Ashish Kacholia and Ashish Dhawan, both have 20 years of experience in the industry.

    Top 10 Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market with Unique Investment Style

    Every investor is different and they have their style of investing. We have also considered the investing style for choosing these Top 10 Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market.

    By investing style we mean whether they are risk takes, or risk-averse investors, whether they invest in small-cap, large caps, or mid-caps, and other factors.

    The most versatile investor investing across different stocks having different capitalization is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and RK Damani.

    These two investors student and the mentor are the best top two investors when it comes to investment style.

    Though both have a similar style of investing Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is more of a risk-taker than his mentor.

    Then there is Mukul Agarwal who has a portfolio of stocks where you will find small caps, and growth stocks mainly as he is an aggressive investor.

    He invests in stocks that have the potential to provide massive returns. In the fourth position according to investment style, there is Sunil Singhania.

    He invests in small and mid-cap stocks for the long-term horizon. Mohnish Pabrai has a very different style of investment as well where he invests only in selective stocks and that too for longer terms.

    Successful Investors in India with Very High Popularity

    All successful investors in India are not popular. For instance, you can hear the name of Premji and Associates from time to time for different events and news related to Wipro but not Premji as an investor.

    On the other hand, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is the most popular investor in this nation and abroad as well.

    He has millions of followers on social media platforms. Mr.Jhunjhunwala appears on media channels and shares his trading insights frequently.

    He is completely different from his mental RK Damani who hardly comes out in public and talks about his investments.

    Apart from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mukul Agarwal, Sunil Singhania, Mohnish Pabrai and Ashish Dhawal are the most popular investors amongst the investors in this country.

    Mukul Agarwal and Sunil Singhania are often seen on different media channels speaking about the investments, stocks to buy and sell, and sharing their insights on markets.

    Top Investors in India – Conclusion

    Whether you are an ace investor or a newbie, learning is the key to success for both. Even the Top Investors in India learn new things about the market every day.

    So, if you want to learn and increase the return you are earning from the market, you should study these investors’ investment styles, overall portfolio, diversification pattern, and other factors.

    Top 10 Stock Market Investors FAQs

    Here are the FAQs on Undisputed Kings of Share Market in India –

    Who are the Top 10 Stock Market Investors in India?

    The top 10 stock market investors in India are Premji and Associates, Radhakrishnan Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mukul Agarwal, Sunil Singhania, Ashish Dhawan, Ashish Kacholia, Anil Kumar Goel, Mohnish Pabrai, and Akash Bhansali.

    Where can I find a list of Top Stock Market Investors?

    In this very article that we are providing you with, you will get to know everything about the top share market investors along with their small yet extra wage and investment journey and how they made it to the top.

    Can I also find the portfolio of Top Stock Market Investors?

    You can find the portfolio of top stock market investors over here in this article.

    What these top stock market investors believed in, what they pursued and to what extent they have been contributing to the market, everything is lined up in absolute detail.

    Where can I find the total assets of top stock market investors?

    The total asset of the top stock market investors in the present scenario will be available in full glamour and comprehensive unity in this very article provided to you on our website.

    Where can I check the investment journey of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala?

    Famously known as India’s Warren buffet, he is one of the most prominent stock market analysts in the country. His investment journey can be found diligently written over here in this article.

    What is the total net worth of RadhakishanDamani?

    He is a billionaire investor, born in Bikaner. The founder of DMart, his net worth is a staggering 1660 crores USD.

    What is the total net worth of Ramesh Damani?

    A tactile investor, he has been able to manage a total of 12,64,099 shares of his company. His net worth is 19.9 crores.

    What is the total net worth of Raamdeo Agrawal?

    An Indian businessman and a stock market investor, his net worth is an insane $1 billion.

    Who is Vijay Kedia?

    Vijay Kedia is a pretty effective Indian Stock investor, who began exchanging stocks when he was merely a teenager.

    Having earned a hefty amount of benefit from this business, it is no surprise that he has faced similar shortcomings as well.

    Who is Porinju Veliyath?

    He is a magnificent stock market investor who has been known as a top achiever by the Economic Times.

    Born in a rather poor family, he started working from the age of 17 and has attained a gigantic amount of success over the years.

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