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Here, you will find Gold Rate Prediction or Gold Price Forecast for Today, Tomorrow & next 30 days.

Also, you will find Predictions for this Financial Year, i.e., 2023-24 & next financial year, 2024-25, for both 22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold segments.

Here is the list of important factors considered while doing this scientific method of Gold Price Prediction.

  • Russia-Ukraine War
  • China-Taiwan Conflict
  • India-China Tension
  • US-China Tension
  • Demand & Supply of Gold
  • Inflation
  • INR vs Dollar
  • RBI Rate Change

Gold Rate Forecast or Prediction for Today (Jan 28, 2023)

Check out the latest Gold Forecast or Target for Today here.

Gold Rate Forecast for Today – 1 Gram Gold in INR
Date – 28th Jan 2023
Carat22 Carat24 Carat
Today’s Gold Rate (Predicted)53045786
Today’s High (Predicted)53095792
Today’s Low (Predicted)52995781
Yesterday’s Close (Actual)52505727

Here in this forecast, you can see that Gold Rate is showing a positive movement of 1.029% for the 22 Carat Segment & 1.038% for the 24 Carat segment.

Gold Predictions for Today are Rs.5304 for 22 Carat Gold & Rs.5786 for 24 Carat Gold.

The Forecast suggests that Gold Rate for the 22 carat segment can increase by Rs.54 per gram, and for the 24 carat segment, it can increase by Rs.59 per gram of Gold.

Check Out Gold Rate Today in your city & Compare it with Forecast.

Gold Price Prediction or Forecast for Tomorrow

Find out Gold Price Prediction for tomorrow here –

Gold Rate Forecast for Tomorrow – 1 Gram Gold in INR
Date – 29th Jan 2023
Carat22 Carat24 Carat
Tomorrow’s Gold Rate (Predicted)53045787
Tomorrow’s High (Predicted)53105793
Tomorrow’s Low (Predicted)52985780
Today’s Close (Predicted)53045786

Gold Rate Forecast for Tomorrow is Rs.5304 for 22 Carat & Rs.5787 for 24 Carat segment. Expected change is very low i.e. 0.002% & 0.002% for 22 Carat & 24 Carat respectively.

This Gold Price Prediction has proven to be very accurate & helped many gold traders & investors make a really good income.

Compare Gold Rate Forecast of Top Indian Cities

Check out the Gold Prediction of Major Indian Cities & States for Tomorrow –

Gold Rate Forecast of Top Indian Cities – 29th Jan 2023
1 Gram Gold
Cities22 Carat (Rs.)24 Carat (Rs.)

Gold Price Forecast for 30 Days – 22 Carat Gold

Here is the Gold Price Forecast of the Next 30 Days for 22 Carat Gold:

Gold Rate Target – 22 Carat Gold – 1 Gram Gold (INR)
DateGold RateChangeChange%HighLow

Here you can find out Gold Price Forecast for Today, Tomorrow & the next 30 days. This forecast is for 22 Carat Gold only.

You can analyze the numbers on your own & decide if it is accurately or approximately matching with the actual gold rates for the given day or month.

Gold Price Prediction for 1 Month – 24 Carat Gold

Check out Gold Price Prediction for the Next 1 Month for 24 Carat Gold here –

Gold Rate Target – 24 Carat Gold – 1 Gram Gold (INR)
DateGold RateChangeChange%HighLow

This is a reminder that this Gold Rate Prediction is made using the highly sophisticated method used in the analysis & forecasting of highly complex investment segments.

As per this Gold Rate Target for 24 Carat Gold, The gold rate is expected to reach 6055 in the next 1 month.

It also suggests that we will end this month at 5806 for 24 Carat Gold Segment.

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Gold Price Forecast for 6 Month – 22 Carat Gold

Check out the Gold Price Prediction for the period between Jan 2023 – Jun 2023 for 22 Carat Gold –

Gold Rate Target – 22 Carat Gold – 1 Gram Gold (INR)
DateGold RateChangeChange%HighLow

The forecast for Jan 2023 to Jun 2023 has had a total percentage change of 2.04%, with fluctuations moving downwards to the minimum.

The closing point has been 5274 for Jan & it increases to 5311 in Mar and then gradually increases to 5383 by Jun.

Gold Rate Predictions for 1 Year – 22 Carat Gold

Check out the Gold Price Forecast for the period between Jul 2023 – Dec 2023:

Gold Rate Target – 22 Carat Gold – 1 Gram Gold (INR)
DateGold RateChangeChange%HighLow

As for the year 2023, Jul shows a closing point of 5419, and there has been an increase from Sep-23 with 5461 to 5514 in Nov-23.

A slight increase can be witnessed from Dec-23 to 5537, with a total percentage change of 2.14%.

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Gold Rate Target for 6 Month – 24 Carat Gold

Check out the Gold Price Target for the period between Jan 2023 – Jun 2023 for 24 Carat Gold:

Gold Rate Target – 24 Carat Gold – 1 Gram Gold (INR)
DateGold RateChangeChange%HighLow

The 24 Carat Gold set of Jan 2023 to Jun 2023 has seen a gradual increase and closing points starting from 5731 on Jan-23 to 5862 on Jun-23 with a change of 2.24%.

This Gold Forecast for 6 Months shows a gradual decrease in 24 Carat Gold price.

Gold Price Prediction for 1 Year – 24 Carat Gold

Check out the Gold Rate Prediction for the period between Jul 2023 – Dec 2023:

Gold Rate Target – 24 Carat Gold – 1 Gram Gold (INR)
DateGold RateChangeChange%HighLow

The prediction details for Jul-23 to Dec-23 for 24 Carat Gold state the minimal fluctuation in Gold Price Targets resulting in minimal total change percentage.

Jul month price is 5885, followed by 5920 in Aug and 5958 in Sep, post which it increases in a uniform speed to reach 6031 in Dec-23.

The Current Gold Scenario in the Market

Gold is a mineral with exceptional properties that attract human attention for several purposes, including high demand for jewelry.

With its use in coins in the past century, the shift made it dwell even in dentistry, the fashion industry, medicine, and electronics.

The market changes affect pricing, distribution, and sales widely. Gold, an investable asset, undergoes financial troubles in traditional markets but ultimately displays a steady value growth.

Factors affecting Golf Price in India

If you follow the Gold Trend, you will observe that gold prices go up during volatile economic and geo-political scenarios.

Gold Rate Forecast or Gold Price PredictionFor instance, the gold price has been increasing for the past 6 months owing to multiple global as well as national and economic factors.

One of the biggest reasons for the increase in the price of gold in India and across the globe this year is the ongoing Russian and Ukraine wars.

If you want to analyze gold and make Gold Price Prediction, here are certain factors you need to evaluate for changes in the gold price.

Broadly, there are four factors which are –

Global Factors

In India, gold is procured from different parts of the world, where Switzerland tops the list, followed by UAE and South Africa.

So, multiple global factors influence the gold prices in the country. These include –

Demand and supply

Demand and supply set the basic price of gold as when the demand goes up, the price eventually goes up, and if the supply is not at par with the demand, the price rises drastically.

On the contrary, when the demand is low, and the supply is in abundance, then prices tend to go down.


Inflation and gold prices are like two sides of the same coin. You can hear from your elders that during the general price rise, i.e., inflation, gold is the only money that holds value.

Inflation means the value of currency going down, and during inflationary pressure, people tend to convert their money into gold so that the value doesn’t go down.

This increases the price of gold. The recent price rise of gold is not only attributed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine but also due to excessive inflationary pressure around the globe.

Import duty

In India, gold is imported primarily from other nations, so the import duty plays a crucial role in gold price fluctuations. If the import duty goes up, the price of gold eventually increases in India.

Currency fluctuations

Another reason for gold price fluctuation is currency fluctuation. This is also one of the prime reasons for the present rise in gold prices.

The value of the rupee has been declining against the US dollar in the past few months, adding to the rise in gold prices. The reason behind this is the increasing cost of gold imports.

Geopolitical issues

As mentioned above Russian Ukraine war, China-India tension, China-Taiwan tension, and other geopolitical issues are also adding up to the price rise of gold.

People tend to buy gold during economic and geopolitical turmoil, and this increases the price of the yellow metal.

Local Factors

Apart from global factors, there are Local factors like –


This impacts the price of gold as most people who purchase gold in India come from a rural background.

Yes, the purchase amount may be lower, but as a huge number of people buy gold, the demand increases, and so does the metal’s price.

Monsoon is related to the demand for gold in rural areas because rural people are mostly dependent on agriculture.

So, with a good monsoon comes a good harvest, and thus their earnings increase, which in turn increases the demand and price of gold.

Indian weddings and jewelry market

Indian weddings and gold are inseparable. Gold pieces of jewelry are still predominant in every Indian wedding.

Thus, during the wedding season, the demand for gold naturally goes up, which again increases the price of the yellow metal.

Long-Term Factors

Many long-term factors influence the price of gold in India. If you want to do Gold Price Forecast, you need to consider these factors and analyze their effect rightly –

Correlation with different asset classes

Gold is one such asset that is like a haven for many people in the country and globally.

So, when other assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and FDs fail to perform well, people tend to shift towards gold investment.

Government reserves

One of the major gold price influencers in the long-term is the gold reserve our central bank (RBI) has.

RBI buys and sells gold as well from its reserve. When it goes stricter on its reserve and buys more than it sells, and reserves go up, the price of the metal also rises and vice versa.

Interest rates

If you look at the graph given above, the price of gold was slowing down in the past 2-3 months. Do you know why? This can be due to the increasing interest rate in the nation.

RBI increased a total of 140 basis points in the past 2-3 months, which made FDs and other saving schemes lucrative enough to shift your money from gold to those investment options.

So, with an increase in interest rate, gold prices go down and vice versa.

Short Term Factors

Gold prices are also affected by short-term factors, which are –

Uncertain market conditions

During Covid-19, prices of gold shot up to even Rs.57000+ which is one of the highest till now. The reason behind this drastic increase is uncertainties in the market.

During the pandemic, everything becomes uncertain, which is why people wanted to invest in something which would hold its value.

Stock market crash

Stock market and gold prices are inversely proportional to each other. When one falls, the other goes up.

If you look back in history, whenever the stock market went down drastically, or there was a market crash, gold prices shot up.

The reason is the same, people look for a haven considered to be gold by most people across the globe.

What is XAUUSD?

If you are making Gold Predictions for trading gold, then you should know about XAUUSD. This is nothing but a market name given to the spot commodity gold when traded against the US dollar.

Currently, the XAUUSD is around $1780 for one ounce of gold. The market is bullish at present given the factors above, as the price if increases for gold.

Effect of Gold Rate Fluctuation

The rate of gold to the end customers depends on its status in the market. As discussed above, the factors that contribute to the rate of gold are dynamic and define the price.

Depending on those factors, the price fluctuates, leading to potential buying, selling, and investing by customers. These fluctuations attract customers if they’re stable and gradually increase or decrease at a slow pace.

During this period, buyers decide the best time to perform activities on the asset. For example, now is the best time to buy gold.

It is because of the prediction that the rate will grow quicker and more than a few hundred dollars for the next few quarters.

Therefore, if a wise decision takes place, the buyer can buy the gold at the current price and sell it in the coming quarters to gain profit.

But, a point to note is that there can be uninvited spikes and lows in the price. It means buyers or traders must be extra conscious of the same terms.

Gold Rate Prediction or Forecast – Conclusion

In trading terms, the forecast or prediction help investors understand gold rate movement in the market.

It is very beneficial and tracks the operations, involvement, opening, and closing prices. It also determines profit or loss on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

There has been an increase in the demand and sales of gold for the past decade. The analysis clarifies the current and future condition of gold in the market via forecasts and predictions.

Based on this, individual citizens, industrialists, and investors decide their next move.

However, the paper discusses all the possible outcomes of the analysis and briefly describes different situations.

These come as examples that contain essential information for proper understanding.

Gold Rate Forecast FAQs

Here is the list of FAQs on Gold Rate Forecast –

What are the factors that affect the gold rate?

While changing the economy is one of the primary things that result in the changing gold rates. Other things that might also affect gold rates are the change in dollar rates. As it’s a well-known fact that international gold is dollar-denominated.

Where can I check the gold rate forecast or prediction?

We take pride in not just providing the gold rates but also laying out the entire prediction.  In this article, you cannot just find live gold rates but also can eye through the next 30-day forecast of the gold supply and demand industry along with their rates.

Where can we find a gold rate for the next 30 days?

Market predictions often carry a lot of error and uncertainty, while it can be hard to look for reliable sources when it comes to gold rate predictions. We provide our readers with a detailed gold rate map for the next 30 days, talking about the most precise predicted rates with at most certainty.

Is there any calculator for predicting the gold rate?

While various data structures, both market-based and pattern-based, are taken into consideration for predicting gold rates. There are various calculators provided in the article that can be used to predict market scenarios for gold. Setting aside from that norm, it’s to our delight that we provide our readers with gold predictions for the next 30 days and also the next few years, staying intact with maximum certainty.

What is the current gold rate scenario?

Gold has been one of the most precious metals. Be it the fashion industry or the beauty industry, we all know the demand for gold is only touching a new peak with every passing day. While gold is a valuable asset, it undeniably parades a firm value growth to individuals possessing it.

Are these gold rate forecasts accurate?

Our gold rate forecast has been carefully formulated to stand upright with your vision and success. Thus, we provide you with the most accurate data in the given article.

Can I check the current gold price for various cities?

Yes, you can indeed check current gold rates for various cities, mapped carefully with each date to best provide at most clarity.

What are the factors considered for the gold rate forecast?

As the gold rates are interdependent on the dollar, the gold rates are often calculated by the increase and decrease in the dollar value. The market surrounding the dollar very much affects the gold rates in the global market.

What are the other types of gold investment?

There are various types of gold investments: Digital Gold investment, Gold coin investment, Gold bars investments, and Gold ETF investments.

Will gold prices rise in the future?

Yes, the gold rates in the future are seemingly carrying a high rise in the rates. If we were to consider the given 30 days prediction, it is pretty evident that gold rates are listed for a hike.

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This Gold Rate Forecast or Predictions should be used only for reference & educational purposes. The Data or Information provided may or may not be accurate or reliable for Investment & hence, should be used at one’s own risk. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy any Gold, and Top10stockbroker.com will not be liable for any losses incurred or investment(s) made or decisions taken/or not taken based on the information provided herein. Information contained herein does not constitute investment advice or a personal recommendation or take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations, or needs of individual subscribers. Before acting on any recommendation, subscribers should consider whether it is suitable for their particular circumstances and, if necessary, seek independent professional advice.


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