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Goldmine Stocks Frachise or Goldmine Stocks Sub Broker which is based on Gujarat is considered to be one of the leading stock broking and financial services.

The total area of the company covers about approximately 10000 yard which is developed on the bank of Narmada main Canal with passing through Sarkhej Gandhinagar highway which is situated near Adalaj in District Gandhinagar.

The company which have its own two different restaurants, party plot and banquet hall is promoted by Late Miss Hina Vora who is the first Indian lady share broker and is also a Member of Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, and Mr Kirit Vassa who is an important member in the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange.

Goldmine Stocks Franchise offer

Goldmine Stocks Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Goldmine Stocks Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.5/10
Market Share 5.3/10
Products & Services 5.5/10
Revenue Sharing 5.2/10
Holistic Support 5.3/10
Overall Ratings 5.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Goldmine Stocks Franchise

Goldmine Stocks Franchise

Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd. is a private company and offers full service broker to the clients.

The company which enjoys trading and investment in shares, commodities, etc has it’s headquarter in Mumbai, Karnataka.

Bhavin Magdani is the founder of the company which was established in the year 1994 and have an activation of 3-5 weeks of SB code with a payout time of 33 days.

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    Types of Goldmine Stocks Business Models

    There are 2 types of Goldmine Stocks Franchise association:

    • Authorized Person/ Business partner/ Sub broker
    • Master Franchise

    Goldmine Stocks Sub Broker or Goldmine Stocks Authorized Person

    Goldmine stocks Pvt. Ltd. offers sub brokers or business partners or Authorized Person (AP) to all of its clients.

    The sub broker denotes to the franchisee company that has the potential to take stock broking franchise from the company.

    The security deposit levied by the Goldmine Stockss Pvt. Ltd. Company for the sub broker ranges between Rs.30, 000 to Rs.100, 000 and its revenue sharing ranges between 50% and 70%.

    Benefits of Goldmine Stocks Authorized Person

    • Sub brokers have an easy access to software in order to track the performance of various clients and even advising them.
    • The clients of the Sub broker can easily open account with just about taking 5 minutes.
    • Adequate training is ensured for the sub brokers from time to time in form of seminars, webinars, sessions, etc.

    Goldmine Stocks Master Franchise

    Unlike most of other companies, Gold Mines Pvt. Ltd. Company offers Master Franchise to their clients.

    Master Franchise is a franchisee company which may allows getting a monopoly of brokership that will be applied on a specified locality/area/jurisdiction and the company is required to put a handsome investment amount with a proper infrastructure.

    The security that has been fixed by the Gold Mines Pvt. Ltd. for their master franchise varies between Rs 300, 000 and Rs 500, 000 along with a revenue sharing of 75% to 85%.

    Benefits of Goldmine Stocks Master Franchise

    • Master Franchise provides a great opportunity for building a large business.
    • The master franchise can enjoy the benefit of having a large area to work upon and there will not be any direct competitor to handle.
    • A high percentage of revenue is enjoyed by the clients under the master franchise.
    • The master franchise allows to have monopoly over a specified area, location or town.

    Goldmine Stocks Partner Revenue Sharing or Goldmine Stocks Sub Broker Commission

    Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd. Company introduces revenue sharing model which consists of Master Franchise and Sub Broker.

    The maximum revenue sharing of Master Franchise can get up to 85% and the minimum revenue sharing of it would be 75%. Sub Broker has a maximum revenue sharing of 70% and the minimum revenue sharing under sub broker is 50%.

    Remisier and referral program remain absent in the revenue sharing of the Gold Mine Stock Pvt. Ltd. company.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Goodwill’s Share
    Master Franchise 75% – 85% 25% – 15%
    Sub Broker 50% – 70% 50% – 30%

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      Goldmine Stocks Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Under the security deposit section, the company is levied on both Master Franchise and Sub Broker.

      The Master franchise for the Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd. is fixed between the ranges of Rs 30, 000 to Ra 50, 000 while the sub broker of the Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd is fixed between the ranges between Rs 30, 000 to Rs 100, 00.

      Neither there is remisier nor is referral program offered by the company under the security deposit.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Goldmine Stocks Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Master Franchise Rs.300,000 – Rs.500,000
      Sub Broker Rs.30,000 – Rs.100,000

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      Goldmine Stocks Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      In order to meet the requirements of a proper infrastructure, the sub broker applicants are needed to possess a minimum of 20 sq ft office area with a minimum of 2 employee strength.

      In order to run a smooth business, a smooth internet connection, trading terminals and telephone lines are required. The sub broker applicants are required to provide strong research services to the clients.

      Goldmine Stocks Sub Broker Offers

      To encourage and promote the business of sub-brokers, Goldmine Stocks regularly launches a variety of offers. Some of the regular offers are:

      • Among all that is offered by the company, there is also a flexible revenue sharing system provided for the clients.
      • Currently, the company does not provide zero deposit.
      • Flat revenue sharing is not available in the company franchise.
      • The company offers zero revenue sharing with prepaid.
      • Low security deposit schemes are not offered by Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Lt. Company.

      The offers can easily be availed by all Goldmine Stocks Authorized Person once they register with Goldmine Stocks.

      Goldmine Stocks Franchise or Goldmine Stocks Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Goldmine Stocks, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      The company provides some following criteria that make an individual eligible to register with Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd as a broker:

      • Applicant should be minimum of 21 years of age to be eligible to be a broker.
      • The applicants must pass the basic eligibility criteria like age, academic qualification, experience, etc.
      • It is a must that the applicant passes the 12th standard from any board or institution that can be well recognized by the Indian Government. A graduation degree will be an added benefit for the applicant to possess.
      • The applicant must have atleast basic knowledge on computer.
      • Good management skills are required for the candidate.
      • The candidates must possess with good communication skill and always need to treat customers as God.
      • The applicants must not be involved in any kinds of fraudulence and dishonesty.
      • The applicant should to be a fit person both physically and mentally.

      How to become a Goldmine Stocks Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      1. The applicants are required to give correct details on the form that is provided in the website of the company. If needed, the applicant may also request for a call through a form.
      2. To confirm that all the details that are provided by the applicant are correct, the applicant will receive call from the executives of Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd. Company.
      3. To take the discussion further ahead, the company along with the business team of the Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd. Company will connect the applicant.
      4. The candidate will be given a chance to clear any sort of doubts regarding the investment amount, security deposit, revenue ration, etc in the meeting that will be fixed for the applicant.
      5. After the applicant is cleared of every doubts of the Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd, the applicant would be needed to submit certain documents that are asked for.
      6. After receiving all the documents from the applicant and the agreement is executed, the applicant would be handed over with a sub broker ID which will help him to operate account with Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd.

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      Why Partner with Goldmine Stocks?

      Here are the various reason to partner with Goldmine Stocks:

      • The franchise company has luring revenue sharing model with Master franchise that goes up to 85% and sub broker extends till 70%.
      • The company franchise enjoys fulfilment in the infrastructure requirement as it possess smooth internet connection, telephone lines, trading terminals and have excellent research services.
      • The company franchise even offers flexible revenue sharing and zero revenue sharing with prepaid.

      Goldmine Stocks Franchise Conclusion

      Overall, Goldmine Stocks Pvt. Ltd is suitable for very level in the sub brokers and the master franchise. The revenue that is offered by the company is high under their franchise system.

      Both of the sub brokers and clients can both benefit from the great infrastructure requirement fulfilled by the company.

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