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5Paisa Franchise or 5Paisa Partner program is growing at a very fast rate.

5Paisa is an eminent and flourishing name in the Indian market, and this article is solely dedicated to them to give you an insight into the functionalities and services they offer.

In this article, we will detail the 5Paisa Sub-broker Program, its Business models, franchise cost, revenue-sharing model, offers & more.5Paisa Franchise Offers

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5Paisa Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

5Paisa Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.8/10
Market Share 5.6/10
Products & Services 6.8/10
Revenue Sharing 6.5/10
Holistic Support 6.7/10
Overall Ratings 6.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About 5Paisa Franchise or 5Paisa Partner

Having started operations in March 2016, 5Paisa.com has earned a name for itself by earning 2.9 million customers in diverse business arenas.

5paisa franchiseIt aims to provide at the customers’ end the services of FACT – Finance, Account, Customer Support, and Technology.

With a daily turnover of over Rs 50,000 crore, the company has over 1.2 million clients and has registered over 6.5 million app downloads. With this, it has become the 6th largest stock broker in India.

Its legacy has crossed its benchmark of having serviced 10,000 customers within a year, i.e., March 2017. From there onwards, there’s been no looking back at any instant.

5Paisa was listed on the BSE and NSE in November 2017. Add another one to the list – it has been awarded the “Best Digital Startup of the Year 2018” Award.

In April 2018 that 5Paisa crossed another milestone of 1 million downloads of its mobile app.

This is not all, you can know more about the Sub brokers in India and enrich your knowledge.

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    5 Paisa Franchise is divided into two types:

    Having given you enough reasons to trust the capabilities of 5Paisa and its services, before you contact a broker from 5Paisa, let us explain to you the types of brokers that 5Paisa offers to its customers.

    One can choose as per one’s requirements. So, there are two types of brokers at 5Paisa:

    • Partner or Remisier
    • Sub-broker or Authorised Person

    5Paisa Partner or 5Paisa Remisier

    If you are someone who’s looking to set up a business of your own, then you must enrol yourself with the 5Paisa Partner or Remisier Program.

    5Paisa has recently adopted the program to make it the only destination for those looking for a Discount Broker.

    Don’t go by the name of the program – you don’t need an office, in reality, to enrol in the program. All you have to do is to invest a reasonable amount of Rs. 5000/- only.

    Benefits of 5Paisa Partner or 5Paisa Remisier

    • Every successful referral helps you in earning brokerage of up to 50%
    • You are guaranteed a regular income without making any investments.
    • You are serviced with direct credit in your bank account periodically and need not submit any documentation for that.
    • The back office efficiently tracks the customers referred by you.
    • You can easily enhance your business by sharing personalizing links with your friends and colleagues on various platforms.

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    5Paisa Sub Broker or 5Paisa Authorised Person

    Another model worked upon by 5Paisa is the Sub-broker model. The sub-broker shares the client with the company in this model, where the sub-broker is paid by 5Paisa.

    This amount is paid as an opening account charge and equals Rs. 555. Unlike the 5Paisa Partner or 5Paisa Broker model, this model does not provide revenue sharing.

    Benefits of 5Paisa Sub Broker

    • There is no office space requirement for the sub-broker.
    • In addition to Rs.555, the sub-broker also gets an additional income from the 10% margin that the client transfers.

    5Paisa Franchise Revenue Sharing Model or Commission Model

    The 5Paisa commission model is based on the foundations of the flat revenue-sharing model. And this owes to the model’s simplicity and hence acts as a major point of attraction for the firm.

    The 5Paisa Partner program offers a revenue sharing of a flat 50% to all of its partners, irrespective of the services provided to them. As the model is recently developed and employed, that justifies the 50% revenue sharing rate.

    The 5Paisa Sub-broker program, on the other hand, does not involve the concept of revenue sharing. For every account opening, it provides an amount of Rs. 555 and an additional 10% margin that the client transfers.

    5Paisa Commission Sharing Models

    The Revenue sharing models are completely performance-based. As a result, the models will vary for a Sub-broker and a Remisier or Partner. Never mind, a brief description of the revenue-sharing ratios provided by 5Paisa is given below:

    As the Partner has the onus of dealing with the customer end services and is henceforth more of end-to-end interaction between him and the customer, the work profile demands a higher revenue sharing ratio than the work profile of the Sub-broker or Authorised Person.

    To ensure this, 5Paisa provides a revenue-sharing ratio of 50% to 70% to its sub-brokers.

    Check the below table for a better understanding of the Referral Commission Model:

      5Paisa Commission Sub Broker Commission
    5Paisa Partner / Remisier 50% 50%
    5Paisa Franchise / Sub Broker All Brokerage Rs.555 + 10% of the Margin


    Start your Broking Business with 5Paisa

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      5Paisa Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

      The amount of Rs. 5000 that one pays to enrol in the 5Paisa Partner Program is a non-refundable amount. Truly speaking, that’s the least justifiable amount you would need to start your own business.

      A dedicated 5paisa partner can easily earn up to Rs. 1 lakh from the 5Paisa Partner Program.

      Regarding the 5Paisa Sub-broker Model, you need not pay any registration fee, and you can easily start your business by just opening a trading account with 5Paisa.

      Henceforth, the franchise cost for a 5Paisa Partner Program is Rs. 5000, while it’s nil for the 5Paisa Franchise Model.

      The below table gives a better perspective of the 5Paisa deposit amount:

        5Paisa Franchise Security Deposit
      5Paisa Partner / Remisier Rs.5000
      5Paisa Sub Broker / Franchise Zero Investment

      Infrastructure Investment by 5Paisa Sub Brokers or Partner

      By Sub-broker or an Authorized Person, we mean to describe the role of a person who works under the stockbroker. Simply put, a sub-broker or an authorized person is what you may call a representative of the stockbroker.

      A Sub-broker or Authorized Person has the onus of providing services at the customers’ end. He’s the one who’ll be doing all the transactions for the customer on the company’s behalf.

      Considering the onus he’s been assigned with, a Sub-broker or Authorized Person needs to be someone who can efficiently deliver quality service as expected of him by the company and the Stock broker himself in the share market.

      5Paisa, with its hard work and persistence, has earned itself a name in the broking industry. The team toils hard to keep the name it has earned, which is ensured by the employees at every level of the organization.

      Considering the name of the firm, the sub-broker will have a well-to-do office with ample facilities at his door. Having expanded its operations in Bangalore in 2017 and Ahmadabad in 2018, the 5Paisa has much to offer to its sub-brokers.

      To attract customers, they need to satisfy the welfare of their employees first, and they know how to do that very well.

      5Paisa Franchise Offers

      5Paisa, a well-known name in the broking industry, usually comes out with wonderful offers to grab customers’ attention from every corner of the country. Let’s have a look at a few 5paisa partner’s offers:

      • The Remisier Campaign provides a flat 50% revenue sharing and is a major attraction to customers.
      • To satisfy its customers on all fronts, 5Paisa provides a brokerage of Rs. 20 per transaction.
      • 5Paisa back-office software provides all kinds of details of the sub-broker clients
      • 5Paisa ensures a wide variety of asset classes for trading with simplified dashboards.
      • There are zero security deposits with the 5Paisa partnership, where you can earn huge profits.
      • Also, you can earn up to Rs 300 for each activated customer and get your earnings in your bank account within three days.

      5Paisa Partner or Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

      • If you are applying for the 5Paisa Sub-broker Franchise, your minimum age should be 21. If the candidate is for 5Paisa Remisier, the applicant must be at least 20 years old.
      • As far as the educational qualifications are concerned, for a sub-broker, the minimum qualification is 10+2 or graduate.
      • Speaking about the experience, a minimum experience of 3 years is essentially required for enrolling as a Sub-broker. Additionally, one must have had exposure to the financial and brokerage industry.
      • In addition to the qualifications above, an agreeable infrastructure requirement is required if your candidature is for a Partner or Remisier. But, if it’s for the Sub-broker, you need not worry as it isn’t required then.
      • In either case, the applicant needs to be capable enough to establish his social circle and thereby build a network of his own.

      5Paisa Sub-broker Support / Advisory

      Now, 5Paisa knows how to take care of and support its partners fully. It provides a relationship manager to all its partners/ sub-brokers for client acquisition and management.

      The relationship manager helps in acquiring new clients for the franchise/ sub-broker. The sub-brokers/ partners of 5Paisa also get back-office Support from the brokerage house itself.

      The back-office support is crucial for any partner to keep themselves up to date about the new clients’ acquisition, brokerage generated, and many other important data that need to be there for future reference.

      5Paisa is a discount brokerage house that doesn’t provide advisory services, and thus, it doesn’t also offer the same to the partners. However, back-office and relationship manager support are indispensable with 5Paisa.

      How to Become 5Paisa Sub Broker or Partner?

      For you to become a 5Paisa Sub-broker or Remisier or Partner, there are a few steps you need to follow:

      • You need to begin by filling up a small form that asks you about your name, contact the no, city, and the service with which you want to be served, i.e., you want to become a sub-broker, or you want to open a Demat account.
      • After filling out the form, you’ll receive a call from the Call Centre to verify your interests.
      • After the verification is done successfully, an appointment will be fixed between you and the Sales Representative. You’ll receive a call regarding the date of the appointment.
      • When you get the call regarding the appointment, clear all your queries and get a clear picture regarding the meeting.
      • Your documents will be verified once again when you go for the appointment. So, make sure to carry all the asked documents.
      • Verification of the documents conducted.
      • After successful verification, you’ll be provided with an account ID and then log in.

      The entire process, from start to end, takes 5-8 business days.

      Documents required to become 5Paisa Sub Broker or Partner

      To ensure a foolproof identification, one needs to provide 5Paisa with the following documents, in original:

      • Aadhaar Card
      • PAN Card
      • A valid address proof
      • A rental agreement in case you want to work with an office space
      • A cancelled bank cheque
      • Two recent passport-size photographs

      Why Partner with 5Paisa?

      The track record of 5Paisa would have been sufficient to make it a name in your eyes. In case you’re still a bit confused, let’s brush away all of that confusion by stating a few of its advantages:

      • 5Paisa offers extremely low brokerage, which attracts businesses most
      • It ensures complete transparency in its services by following the method of flat brokerage sharing.
      • The sub-brokers or partners are provided with world-class back-office software.
      • Unlike many other firms, you need not wait for week-long periods to get yourself acquitted.
      • The partners can easily afford an investment of just Rs. 5000.

      5Paisa Franchise – Pros & Cons

      5Paisa has a lot of benefits for the sub-brokers/franchisees and partners. While some of them are quitter common, some are also unique. So, let’s see which all benefits and drawbacks are offered by 5Paisa.


      • Very low investment requirement for partners or Remisiers
      • High revenue sharing and simple process of sharing revenue
      • There is no investment required for the sub-broker model as well
      • Apart from revenue share, there are other ways the sub-brokers can generate revenue as well.


      • For the Partner’s business model, one can get only up to 50% of the revenue share
      • While the sub-brokers have very limited opportunities to grow.

      However, with changing times, the processes and the business structures are evolving, benefiting the brokerage house and its partners.

      5Paisa Franchise Registration

      If you are wondering how to register as a franchise with 5Paisam, here you can read about the complete process of registering with 5Paisa.

      The whole process will take around 3 to 5 working days. Here are the steps of the entire process:

      • You must fill out the application form here to become a 5Paisa franchise.
      • Once you fill out the form, you will receive a call from the 5Paisa executives. They will verify your details and why you are interested in becoming a franchise holder of 5Paisa.
      • Then you will have an appointment with the sales executive of 5Paisa, who will call you within a bit.
      • You need to clarify your doubts and queries about the position, remuneration, process, and others over the call or by personally meeting them.
      • Then you need to provide all the documents like PAN, AADHAAR, bank statement, and other documents required by the firm to process your application.
      • The documents and details will be verified physically, and then, upon approval, your franchise account will be opened.
      • You will then receive the account ID and can start your franchise business with 5Paisa.

      Earning the potential of a 5Paisa Partner / ROI

      The earning potential of the partners and franchise holders with 5Paisa is quite high. One can earn approximately Rs. 1 lakh per month if he keeps adding new clients.

      With a revenue sharing ratio of 30%-50%, which means the franchisee will get a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 50% as revenue share, if every month, new clients are added, then the franchisee will get a revenue share for not only the new clients but also recurring revenue shares from the previous clients he had added to the list of the broker.

      Moreover, the partners will get Rs. 300 to Rs. 800 for each of the new clients apart from the revenue share.

      5Paisa Franchise Referral Program

      5Paisa also has a referral program where you can refer anyone you know who wants to trade or invest. You can refer to your friends, family members, colleagues, or anyone.

      All you need to do is to convince them to open an account with 5Paisa, and for the same, you will receive 10% of the money the client deposits in the trading account.

      This is a great opportunity for people looking for a side hustle, those with good networking skills, and investors and interested traders nearby.

      Brokerage Charges levied to the clients of 5Paisa Partners

      5Paisa, a discount brokerage house, charges nominal fees for trading on its platform.

      Whether the client has directly come to the firm or through the 5Paisa partner, all have to pay Rs. 20 per transaction, irrespective of the volume of the trade.

      It is a flat-fee brokerage house where it charges the same Rs. 20 per transaction across all the segments. It charges the same for even options, which is rare with any other brokerage house.

      5Paisa Authorised Person – Products Offered

      The authorized person of 5Paisa or the partners of the firm can offer the following products that the firm offers:

      • Equities One can trade or invest in equities. The charges for intraday trading and delivery trades are Rs. 10 per transaction.
      • Currencies
      • Options
      • Futures
      • Mutual funds
      • Insurance products are also available with 5Paisa.
      • Demat services
      • Robo advisory services
      • Stock recommendations
      • IPO services
      • Margin trading facilities
      • Trading platforms algo trading platform

      So, as you can check above, almost all the financial market products are available with 5Paisa. Thus, as a partner of this firm, you can sell all these products and generate revenue for the firm and yourself.

      A wide range of investment instruments helps investors/ traders to widen their horizons of investment/ trading and diversify their portfolios. It also helps the partners or the franchisors offer a variety of instruments.

      List of Top 5Paisa Partners / Business Partners

      5Paisa has an entire list of 5Paisa partners who are its trusted partners. The list includes names like –

      • Tradition is an algo trading platform that requires no coding.
      • Sensibull is one of the most in-demand platforms for trading options, providing and getting advice, and studying your investments’ analytics.
      • Then there is 5nance to simplify the financial growth you are having.
      • Then there is Smallcase, clear tax, multi-pie, and much more.

      5Paisa Authorized Person Testimonials

      Rajiv Dora

      I joined 5Paisa as a Partner in 2018, and in these four years, I not only did a successful business out of this, and it has turned out to be the main source of earnings, but also, I have learned a lot about finance and marketing at the same time.

      Shaheen Siddiqui

      As a homemaker, I always wanted an opportunity to be done from home. 5Paisa authorized a person to help me do the same. Now I run my family and manage clients at the same time.

      With thorough Support and assistance from 5Paisa, it never felt like am working for the first time, and that too with a child.

      Utsav Daga

      I was an undergraduate student when I joined 5Paisa as a partner. With their constant support, I learned about client acquisition, different products, and much more within a short span.

      Now I have made this my full-time career choice and earning lakhs.

      5Paisa Franchise Conclusion

      To conclude, the 5Paisa partners or franchise business model is one of the lucrative business opportunities anyone can opt for if they qualify.

      As a partner, you can earn a share of the revenue generated by your client at a nominal investment.

      If you are looking for a side hustle or a full-time business opportunity, becoming a partner or a franchise holder of 5Paisa can help extensively.

      5Paisa Franchise or Sub Broker Program FAQs.

      These are common questions SMEs are willing to ask:

      What are the types of Brokers with 5Paisa?

      5Paisa has two types of Broker Programs:

      • Partner or Remisier
      • Sub-broker

      What is the minimum age requirement for a Sub-broker and Remisier, as per 5Paisa?

      According to the 5Paisa guidelines, an applicant for a Sub-broker must have attained the age of 21 years, while the applicant for Remisier must have attained the age of 18.

      Does 5Paisa have Sub-broker Model?

      Yes, among the two models that 5Paisa provides, the sub-broker is included in the list. As for the sub-broker of this stock broker, it generally does not work like other full-service broker sub-model. Hence, you would want to know what the model exactly is.

      Does 5Paisa have multiple Franchise models?

      Yes, even though this stock broking house is a discount broker, it offers you two different models you can choose from. Each model is crafted in its unique way, with distinctive features. Check the best suits you and then invest according to that.

      What is 5Paisa Sub-broker Commission?

      The sub-broker model for this discount broker works differently, unlike any other full-service broker’s offering. As per the structure set, the sub-brokers of 5Paisa are entitled to a commission of Rs.555 + 10% of the margin, whereas the franchiser keeps all brokerage.

      How much 5Paisa Franchise Cost?

      Since the stock broker provides two different models, the charges are also different. You will not have to pay a franchise cost of Rs.5000 for the model – 5Paisa Partner / Remisier. On the other note, there is no investment cost with 5Paisa Sub-broker / Franchise.

      Does 5Paisa have a Partner Program?

      Yes, since this stock broker is a discount broker, it does provide the Partner program model for its clients. Investing in this model with zero initial deposit, you will be provided with a 50% share in the commission.

      What is 5Paisa Partners Sharing?

      This stock broking house doesn’t take an initial investment to provide the partner model to their clients. On successfully complying with the said model and partnership, the partners or the remisiers can enjoy a 50% share in the commission.

      Is the 5Paisa Partner Program Free?

      Yes, the partner program is not free of cost for the business partners or the remisier. Anyone wishing to get associated with the stock broking house will not have to pay anything; it is free by the stockbroker.

      Does 5Paisa provide Training Assistance?

      The company’s partners are not provided with training assistance in any manner. This stock broking house being a discount broker has no physical presence, and you need to contact them via their online portals for any assistance.

      How to Become 5Paisa Sub-broker?

      The process is seamless and can be commenced from this page itself. You need to click on the “Become Sub-broker” button on the page and fill in the quick pop-up form on your screen. You will soon be connected with the broker for further assistance.

      Does 5Paisa Franchise provide Support?

      The stockbroker provides support in terms of software. The Stockbroking house- 5Paisa provides a back offer software for the sub-brokers and the partners / remisier. This lets the franchisees check their client’s details.

      How can I become a partner with 5Paisa?

      To become a partner with 5Paisa, you need to fill out the application form and discuss all the opportunities with the firm’s sales representative.

      Then you will have to upload the documents required or submit them in person for verification. Once the verification is over and you are eligible to become a partner with 5Paisa, you will receive the account ID and start acquiring clients.

      Does 5paisa charge monthly?

      No, 5Paisa has an investment requirement for becoming a sub-broker, while to become a partner or Remisier you need to deposit Rs. 10000. There are no monthly charges that you will be paying to 5Paisa.

      How much can you earn with 5paisa?

      On average, you can earn Rs. 1 lakh per month with 5Paisa as a franchise holder of the firm. The earnings depend on the program you have joined – sub-broker or Remisier.

      The sub-brokers revenue share is 30% to 50%, and Rs. 300 to Rs. 800 for each new client added to the kitty. On the other hand, the Remisiers earn up to 30% of the revenue while the minimum is 10%.

      Is Zerodha better or five paisa?

      Both Zerodha and 5Paisa are discount brokerage houses. Both brokers provide multiple business opportunities and share much of the revenue. So, comparing both may not be a good option as both have positives and negatives.

      What are the brokerage charges in 5paisa?

      The brokerage charges at 5Paisa are pretty simple. As a discount brokerage house, it charges a flat fee of Rs. 20 per transaction, irrespective of the volume of the transaction.

      What is the referral amount of 5paisa?

      For the referral program at 5Paisa, you can get 10% of the revenue while you have to pay Rs. 200 to become a referral partner. You need to put in a very nominal amount while the earning potential is way too high.

      Is the 5Paisa franchise profitable?

      Yes, the 5Paisa franchise business opportunity is quite lucrative. This is because you can earn up to 50% of your clients’ revenue with the firm.

      What are the benefits of 5paisa?

      The benefits of becoming a partner of 5Paisa include –

      • Flexible timing of work
      • High revenue share
      • No investment or very nominal investment requirement
      • Liberal eligibility criteria
      • Regular payments
      • Multiple products to offer and increase your revenue-earning potential
      • Back-office Support and other Support are provided to the partners.

      Is 5paisa good for investment?

      If earning 30% to 50% of the revenue generated by the clients you brought to the firm and repeatedly, along with the new client’s commission, seems good as an investment, then 5Paisa is good.

      What are the requirements to become a 5Paisa sub-broker?

      The basic requirements for becoming a 5Paisa Sub-broker are –

      • Minimum education of 10+2 from a recognized school
      • Knowledge of financial markets and products and also about the economy and businesses.
      • NISM certifications
      • PAN
      • AADHAAR
      • SEBI certificates

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