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My Value Trade Franchise is a recently started business model by My Value Trade. This article details all those benefits that My Value Trade brings on plate for its Sub Brokers, the different brokerage plans that they offer, their Revenue Sharing Model and their overall Business structure.

My Value trade is among the newer ones in the Stock Broking Industry. Although they have their roots backdated since 1985, however they set their footprints in the Stock Broking industry just about 4 years back in 2014.

Being associated with a Stock Broking company as a Sub Broker or Business Partner has its own merits and perks depending upon what the company has to offer.

Value Trade offers

My Value Trade Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

My Value Trade Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.5/10
Market Share 5.6/10
Products & Services 5.4/10
Revenue Sharing 5.7/10
Holistic Support 5.5/10
Overall Ratings 5.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About My Value Trade Franchise

My Value Trade has been in inception since the year 1985 itself, however it ventured in the Stock market trading very late. Despite being a new player, Value Trade has still achieved many accolades from its customers for bringing in newer and innovative solutions of trading.

My Value Trade Franchise reviewMy Value Trade has been one of the Pioneers of the Financial Industry and ever since they have stepped into the Stock Broking space, they have ruled it here as well with their innovative concepts and out-of-the-box thinking.

My Value Trade deals with all segments and has been registered with all exchanges namely NSE, BSE, MCX and MCDX. With respect to segments, they trade and offer trades in Equities, Commodity, Currency, Future, Forex etc. Their product line is also very exhaustive from Equity Trading to Mutual Funds and other Depository services as well.

In terms of trading, My Value Trade is the largest retail Retail Stock Broking house in India, which records around 4500 Crore worth of trading transactions per day.

Traders from all walks of life trade through MVT and are tremendously benefited due to their correct and accurate guidance and advices.

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    My Value Trade Franchise is divided into two types:

    • Sub Broker or Business Partner
    • Referral Business

    My Value Trade Sub Broker or Value Trade Business Partner

    A Sub Broker is someone who takes up an agency or license from the Stock Broker and in return, the Stock Broker gives him access to his trading platforms, Trading tools and also systems wherein he could service clients directly on behalf of the Stock Broker himself.

    As per the norms, a Stock Broker cannot service or source clients directly; he has to create a intermediary unit to channelize sales. Moreover, if he were to get into customer acquisition himself, it would not be a very profitable business proposition for him.

    Hence the Sub Broker is a tool which can connect the dots between the end consumer and the Stock Broker and also someone who helps build the empire.

    An MVT Sub Broker also gets access to all the Trading tools and platforms of MVT and also becomes a registered licentiate with My Value Trade to carry out client trades and dealings on the company’s behalf.

    Benefits of My Value Trade Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    There are many benefits one can enjoy after becoming a Sub Broker or Business Partner with My Value Trade:

    • Very low or minimal Security deposit requirement
    • Flexible and tailor made Revenue Sharing model
    • Flexible Brokerage Plans – one can choose between a monthly fixed subscription plan or a pay per trade plan.
    • Free Training will be provided for all products and tools as well
    • Online Account opening can be done
    • User Friendly Trading platform
    • Multiple Segments trading all from one platform
    • Marketing Support provided by the MVT team

    My Value Trade Referral Business Model

    Anyone and everyone who wants to earn some extra bucks along with their regular job can join MVT as a Sub Broker in the Referral Business model. This model has no obligatory or mandate policies of minimum deposit or minimum business conversions.

    The Partner here, doesn’t even have to cater to clients post enrollment; all you need to do is spread the word about the features and benefits of My Value Trade and get people to register with MVT.

    Infact, you also don’t need to go about explaining the concept of trading with MVT to the clients; that is also handled by the Sales team at MVT.

    When you submit the contact details of the person you want to refer, someone from the Sales team will contact him and explain the benefits and get him to signup with MVT.

    Once they do that, the incentive on their joining will be given to you as a credit in your trading account. You can use it as bonus points and trade using them.

    Benefits of My Value Trade Referral Business

    • Can start without any investment or initial deposit
    • Attractive incentive payouts for each referral
    • Just provide contact details of friends and family and they will be enrolled by the sales team
    • Fixed Referral bonus on each of your contacts joining in
    • No target in number of Product and Induction Training will be provided by the company

    My Value Trade Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Model / Commission

    My Value trade has an attractive Revenue sharing model and is tailor made as per the Sub Broker’s needs and profile. The company believes in parting away money to people who can bring good business, hence it has a Revenue sharing range from 40% to as high as 75% as well.

    The Revenue sharing percentage purely depends on two factors: the amount of Security Deposit the Sub Broker is willing to shell out and the quantum of business he can potentially give to the company every month. Considering both factors the Revenue sharing model is fixed for each Partner.

    Typically most of the Sub Brokers would be on a 60%-40% ratio wherein the Sub Broker would get 60% share and the company would retain 40%. However, there are some good players who also squeeze out 75-80% from the company as they provide that much business to the company.

    On the contrary, the Referral Business model is fairly simple. It doesn’t require any minimum deposit, nor does it need any minimum commitment for business. They just need to refer people to join MVT and if their referrals join, they get paid Rs. 1000/- flat per referral. This amount can be further used by the partner for self-trading purpose as well.

    Check this table for My Value Trade Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Models:

    My Value Trade Commission Franchise Commission
    Sub Broker Model 20%-40% 80%-60%
    Referral Model 100% Rs.1,000 per Refer

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    My Value Trade Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    The Sub Broker or the Business Partner with My Value Trade has to submit an initial Security Deposit with the company as a safeguard for all transactions.

    This is a mandate as the company tries to secure the customer’s interests while doing so. The customer can pay anything between 50,000 to 75,000 as an initial Security Deposit for the enrollment of a Sub Broker or Business Partner Program with My Value Trade.

    The amount deposited as security governs your Revenue sharing percentage with the company. The  more the initial deposit, the higher your share would be.

    Find table below for clarity on My Value Trade Partner Security Deposit Requirement:

    My Value Trade Franchise Cost
    Sub Broker Model Rs.50,000 – Rs.75,000
    Referral Model Zero

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    Infrastructure Investment by My Value Trade Sub Brokers

    A Sub Broker or Business Partner is a representative of the Stock Broker and he is the one who deals with the end customer and does all the transactions for him on behalf of the company. Hence he needs to demonstrate high standards of quality as expected by the Broker himself.

    My Value Trade has been in the industry for quite some time now and has met certain standards of quality benchmarks for itself. Being one of the market players in the Stock broking Industry, it has a very high stature and image in front of its customers and it expects the same to be maintained by the Sub broker as well.

    Hence the Sub Broker is expected to have a decent office with all required amenities and facilities, a well maintained infrastructure, an internet Wi-Fi connection, workstations with Computers and Landline telephone connections etc. They are looking at an up-an-running office to be acquired and functional by the Sub Broker.

    On the other hand, for someone who is doing the Referral business for them, MVT is not very keen on keeping any infrastructural expectations for them as its on their discretion as to what kind of business they want to setup and run.

    Moreover, these people would not even be expected to have face-to-face customer interactions and hence no point of maintaining an office space.

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      My Value Trade Franchise Offers:

      My Value Trade, being one of the Discount brokers of the country, offers some exciting offers for its Sub Brokers and Partners so that they can run their business with ease:

      • Value Trade offers a lot of flexibility for every trader to trade as per their convenience and also save on their brokerage charges. They have pay per trade plans as well as monthly subscription plans wherein the customer can pay a fixed monthly charge and trade unlimited times and amounts.
      • The innovative and user-friendly trading tools provide access to all segments at one go. The two tools MVT Classic and MVT trader have a single login access as well for all trades to be done smoothly.
      • They have a dedicated backend and customer support team who are vigilant about solving customer issues instantly.
      • MVT has a tie up with 45 banks across India enable smooth transfer of funds between the bank and MVT. The banks which they have their tie-ups are AIS Bank, SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of India etc.

      My Value Trade Franchise Eligibility Criteria:

      These are the basic eligibility criteria to become a Sub Broker with My Value Trade:

      • Minimum age should be 18 years and above
      • Qualification required is graduate or equivalent
      • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the financial services industry
      • A SEBI registration for the Sub Broker is also a mandate

      How to become My Value Trade Sub Broker or Business Partner?

      To enroll for the Referral program, there is no such set procedure that one has to follow. All you need to do is open up a Trading account and a Demat account and start referring your friends and relatives.

      If you want to enroll for a Sub Broker or Business Partner program, you need to fill up an online form with all you contact details.

      Someone from the MVT team will call you to check the eligibility, reasons of enrolling and to understand the business plan that you have in mind.

      Once you are able to convince them for your enrollment, you can then go ahead and upload all EKYC documents online itself. This entire procedure will take around 2 weeks and thereafter your registration would be confirmed.

      Documents required to become My Value Trade Sub Broker or Referral Program

      There are some basic documents required to register as a Sub Broker with My Value Trade:

      • Identity Proof
      • Proof of Age
      • Address Proof
      • Qualification Proof – Degree copies
      • SEBI registration certificate
      • Security Deposit Cheque

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      Why Partner with My Value Trade?  

      • My Value Trade is a renowned organization and has been in existence since long. Their expertise is a great value add for their customers. Their innovation and experience has been a trademark for their growth.
      • MVTs online trading tools are a great asset to the company; their single user login enables cust9mers to login for all segments at one go.
      • A strong and robust analytics team ensures regular market research and advice for their customers


      My Value Trade Partner Program FAQs

      Q1. What are the types of Sub Brokers with MVT?

      Ans: MVT has two types of Sub Broker Programs:

      • Sub Broker or Business Partner
      • Referral Business Model

      Q2. What is the age criteria for a Sub Broker?

      Ans: For a Sub Broker, the age criteria is 18 years

      Q3. What kind of Marketing support does MVT provide?

      Ans: They help in all stationary requirements like posters, banners and pamphlets. They also conduct a lot of seminars for awareness

      Start your Broking Business with MyValueTrade Franchise Program

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