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Parasram Holdings Franchise is an old business line for the large broking house. Parasram Holdings, which is a part of the Parasram Group started its operations in the year 1995. Over the years, it has gained so much popularity that it ranks amongst the top stock brokers in India.

Here, in this article, we talk about the Franchise Business offerings from Parasram Holdings; what do they offer for the Sub Brokers, What is the Revenue sharing model, Brokerage charges, Security deposits and many more.Shri Parasram Holdings Franchise Offers

Parasram Holdings Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Parasram Holdings Franchise Ratings
Market Share6.4/10
Products & Services6.5/10
Revenue Sharing6.2/10
Holistic Support6.3/10
Overall Ratings6.3/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Parasram Holdings Franchise

Parasram Group is one of India’s leading Financial Services providers and under its umbrella, it has Parasram Holdings that exclusively deals in Stock Broking and other Depository services. The motto of this company of keeping the Customer First, has made them reach to the position that they are in today.

Parasram Holdings FranchiseParasram Holdings is registered with all the major Stock exchanges of India from National Stock exchange to Bombay Stock Exchange and from MCX to NCDEX, which they registered in the year 2003.

Moreover they have registered with these exchanges for all segments be it Equity, Commodity, Currency or F&O segment; they have taken all licenses. This means that you can deal with all the segments at the same time without any hassle of switching providers.

The Parasram Group has its widespread network across over 350 locations in India citing its presence in around 160 cities. Their aim is to become the largest Stock broking company of India and they are leaving no stone unturned to be able to achieve that position.

Since its inception, Parasram Holdings has been increasing its client base and today they stand at a proud number of over 130,000 customers. This customer base is an amalgamation of Indian as well as NRI customers with equal proportion in Corporate and Retail markets.

Parasram Holdings, with its immense experience and strong leadership team, strive to give the best to the customer when it comes to product offerings as well as quality of services.

They have a bucket full of products that customers can leverage and make money progressively like Equity, Currency, Commodity, Forex, Mutual Funds, IPO, depository services, Insurances etc.

Become an Authorized Person of Parasram Holdings

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    Parasram Holdings Franchise is classified in one model

    • Sub Broker / Franchise / Business Partner

    You can name it in various different ways, however the concept and business model remains the same.

    Parasram Holdings Sub Broker or Parasram Holdings Authorized Person

    Being a Sub Broker or Business Partner with Parasram Holdings would be a stepping-stone towards your dream in life as with them, you can grow rapidly and really expand your business manifolds.

    If you have some knowledge of the Stock Broking industry, want to make it big and have an entrepreneurial quality in you, then you can kick start with Parasram Holdings and surely the road will lead you to success.

    A Sub Broker with Parasram will have complete access to the trading tools and can offer customers from a range of products listed under their portfolio.

    The Sub Broker is the intermediary person between the company and the end consumer and he is responsible for handling and resolving all customer queries and issues.

    The association of a Sub Broker with Parasram Holdings is based on a Revenue margin stream wherein the broker will part away a percentage of the income and brokerage to the Sub Broker in lieu of the business given by the Sub Broker’s clients.

    In this scenario, the Revenue sharing is not fixed for all Sub Brokers but it is flexible and depends purely on the quantum of business done by the Sub Broker as well as the initial security deposit he has made with the Broker.

    Benefits of Parasram Holdings to Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    Parasram Group is a known brand in the market; that itself is the biggest benefit for the Sub Brokers or Business Partners as convincing clients to invest and trade with them doesn’t seem to be a herculean task.

    However there are other benefits as well that the association brings along like:

    • A complete assortment of products to offer to clients
    • Flexible Brokerage plans
    • Extremely advanced and user friendly Trading software and tools
    • Complete backend support provided by the Parasram team.
    • Marketing support as well with respect to regular seminars and awareness sessions in addition to posters, banners and much more
    • Strong and analytical research team to bring out the best practices from the market for you to invest without fear

    Parasram Holdings Partner Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    Parasram Holdings is a pioneer in the Stock Broking industry when it comes to innovative out-of-the box thinking solutions and designing flexible brokerage plans & Revenue sharing models.

    They appreciate the efforts of their Sub Brokers and value them in their business growth; hence have always come up with attractive Revenue generation schemes for the Sub Brokers.

    The most interesting part about Parasram Holdings is that no two Sub brokers would have the same Revenue sharing contract as it is different for each one of them.

    With Parasram, they have based their Revenue sharing percentages on the below three factors:

    • Initial Investment done by the Sub broker
    • Quantum of Business generated by the Sub Broker
    • Number of clients or years of experience they bring to the table

    This clearly means that a Business partner who has good amount of experience and client base in the market; is bound to generate more business for the company and hence they are willing to shell out extra share from the profit to that Partner.

    The average Revenue sharing model ranges in the tune of 60 – 80%. However, this can change for each Franchise business looking at the above factors.

    Check the below table for better understanding of Referral Commission Model –

     Parasram Holdings CommissionSub Broker Commission
    Parasram Holdings Franchise40% – 20%60% – 80%

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    Parasram Holdings Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    A Security deposit is a way of securing the business from any unforeseen risk in the future. The reason why Stock broking companies ask for a security deposit is because they are entrusting their companies portfolio with an unknown entity and in order to safeguard the company and the customers against any fraud or malpractices, this could come in handy.

    Like any other Stock broker, Parasram also has a clause of Security Deposit to be paid by the Sub Broker. Although the Trading Account & the Demat Account opening is absolutely free of charge; one can just open the account and start trading right away.

    You just need to bear the Demat account maintenance charges. You ca either pay an annual maintenance of Rs. 350/- p.a. or Pay a lumpsum of Rs.885 for 10 years at one go.

    The Security Deposit with Parasram ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 200,000 and this amount of absolutely refundable. By going for a 50,000 Security deposit, the Sub Broker comes into a 60% revenue sharing model; whereas with a Rs.200,000 deposit he would enjoy around 70-80% of the Revenue sharing.

    That’s the difference between the amounts of initial deposit amount. Hence more and more people opt for the higher amount as it would give them recurring benefits.

    Below table gives a better perspective of Parasram Holdings deposit amount:

     Parasram Holdings Franchise Security Deposit Amount
    Parasram Holdings FranchiseRs.50,000 – Rs.200,000

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    Infrastructure Investment by Parasram Holdings Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

    A Business Partner or a Franchise is the representative of the company in the true spirit as they are the ones who frontend the customer and do all the transactions for him on behalf of the company.

    Hence the infrastructure of the company needs to be in line with that if the company as well. They need to demonstrate high quality standards to represent the company appropriately as lot of times they have customer visits in their office and they tend to build an impression of the company basis that itself.

    Parasram Holdings has a very clear ask with his Sub brokers that they need to maintain a good office space in a decent location, accessible to customers and have proper connectivity.

    It should have some workstations or cabinets for employees and have a hygiene maintained environment. The desks need to have computers for the employees with Wifi connection or any other Internet connection and some basic Telephony services as well.

    These are some important things that are expected in any office these days.

    Parasram Holdings Broking Franchise Offers

    Parasram Holdings understands and appreciates the efforts of the Sub Broker Partnerships  and acknowledges the growth that the company has gained over the last few years due to them. Hence its endeavor is to always provide them with the best offers be it on revenue sharing or trainings for better output.

    Below mentioned are some of the offers that Parasram extends to its business partners:

    • Low Investment as security deposit
    • High and flexible Revenue sharing ratios
    • A range of resources and products to sell; thus making you the one-stop-shop solution provider for your end consumer
    • Advanced trading Platforms and tools to enable enhanced trading experience
    • Free Research Advisory services
    • Flexible Brokerage plans

    Parasram Holding Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    For becoming a Sub Broker of Business Partner with Parasram, one needs to possess the below mentioned:

    • The Owners age should be minimum 21 yrs
    • He/She Should be minimum a Graduate
    • Must have managed or run a business of financial services and products with proven track record
    • Should be licensed or registered with SEBI
    • He/She must have strong understanding of the Stock broking industry
    • Should have an office space for operations

    How to become a Parasram Holdings Sub Broker?

    There are some simple steps for becoming a Parasram Holdings Sub Broker or Business Partner:

    • Fill your details on the “Join Now as Business Partner” section, which includes your name, mobile number, email Id and location.
    • Once you do that, an executive will contact you from their team to verify all your details and fix an appointment with the Business Development team.
    • As per the appointment, the Business Development executive will visit you in person and explain to you the proposal- model of working, support provided from their end, company’s expectations, Revenue sharing percentage, Brokerage charges, security deposit requirement etc
    • Post the discussion the executive will get you to sign an agreement and submit some documents.
    • Once this agreement is deposited, a Sub broker code will be generated and you can officially start as a Sub Broker of Parasram Holdings Pvt Ltd

    This entire procedure would need atleast 5-7 business days.

    Documents required to become Parasram holdings Authorized Person

    Following documents are required to join Parasram Holdings Pvt Ltd as a Sub Broker:

    • Identity Proof
    • Proof of Age
    • Address Proof
    • Academic Qualification Proof – Degree copies
    • SEBI registration certificate
    • Security Deposit Cheque
    • Proof of Office / Infrastructure

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    Why Partner with Parasram Holdings Pvt Ltd?

    1. Their experience and tenure in the Stock market itself is the biggest reason why one should partner with them and yield more profits. With a trusted name, people are not very apprehensive in joining them as they have enough testimonials to prove their worth
    2. Their strong business acumen and expertise in the domain is another strong point which attracts customers
    3. Multiple range of products to offer customers also is an added advantage as it gives more avenues of increasing the business
    4. Completed setup and backend support that the team gives enable you to start your business as well as stabilize within no time.
    5. Their advanced and innovative Trading solutions and tools enhance the customer’s trading experience.

    Parasram Holdings Partner Program FAQs

    Q1. What are the types of Sub Brokers with Parasram Holdings?

    Ans: Parasram ahs only one type of  Sub Broker Program:

    • Sub Broker or Authorised Person

    Q2. What is the age criteria for a Sub Broker?

    Ans: For a Sub Broker, the minimum age criteria is 21 years.

    Q3. What kind of Marketing support does Parasram Holdings provide?

    Ans: They help in all stationary requirements like posters, banners and pamphlets. They also conduct a lot of seminars for awareness

    Q4: What is the minimum and maximum security deposit with Parasram Holdings?

    Ans: The minmum security deposit is Rs. 50,000 and maximum is Rs. 2,00,000

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