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ICICI Pru PMS is one of the leading Portfolio management services in India. The ICICI is India’s renowned private sector bank offering banking solutions with ease. This article is about ICICI Prudential Portfolio management services, strategies, yearly returns, commission model etc.

Find a detailed review of ICICI Pru Portfolio Management Service below.

PMS Offers

ICICI Pru PMS – Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

ICICI Pru PMS Ratings
Returns Performance 4.1 / 5
Services 4.0 / 5
Charges 3.6 / 5
Experience 4.2 / 5
Strategies 4.3 / 5
Client Support 4.2 / 5
Overall Ratings 4.2 / 5
Star Ratings ★★★★★

Overview of ICICI Pru Portfolio Management Services

Here, the table below provides all the information on ICICI Pru PMS

Company Type Public
Registered Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Leadership Nimesh Shah
Year of Establishment 1995


ICICI Prudential AMC caters to customer needs of investment through focused portfolios. ICICI is the first financial institution to offer Portfolio Management Services in the year 1995.

Serving with a successful track record of over 10 years. The registered headquarter is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mr Nimesh Shah is the key person behind the origin of ICICI Prudential portfolio management services.

Nimesh Shah is the CEO and MD. Today, the company is serving a strong base of happy PMS investors of over 7,000.

ICICI Prudential is known for customer-recommended investment portfolios. Therefore, we are the first choice among all investors. We understand the client’s objectives and needs. We create a best-suited portfolio, therefore clients value our services.

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    Types of ICICI Prudential PMS

    Types of PMS
    Discretionary Yes
    Non-Discretionary Yes

    The firm offers both Discretionary and Non-Discretionary PMS. The choice of PMS depends upon the client. A large group of customers prefer to take Discretionary PMS and the fund managers take them directly in control.

    Others decide to go through the consultancy before taking the final action.

    ICICI Pru PMS Fund Managers Details

    In this table, we learn about the details of ICICI Prudential PMS fund managers details-

    Fund Manager’s Details
    Name Parag N. Thakkar
    Experience 15 Years
    Highest Qualification MBA
    AUM (in Cr.) Approx 44,000 Cr.
    Number of Clients 700+
    Investment Tenure Minimum 4 yr.

    Anand Sharma (Portfolio Manager)

    Mr Anand Sharma is imposed with the responsibility of managing two funds or schemes, Flexicap and Wellness. He was part of Oracle Financial Services Software Limited before being associated with ICICI Pru PMS in 2014.

    This leads him to a total of 8 years of experience, where he specialized in research in the arena of pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Metals, Mining, Sugar and Textiles.

    Parag N Thakkar (Portfolio Manager)

    Mr Parag is a part of IPAMC from the year 2016, precisely in December. He is presently the manager of the thematic category in the PMS segment. The experience he holds sums up to 15 years, and his previous works with Quant Capital, Brics Securities and Refco Sify Securities (Now Philips Capital) count up to it.

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    ICICI Pru PMS Strategies

    Find the table of ICICI Pru Portfolio Management Service below.

    ICICI – Contra Strategy MULTI CAP
    ICICI – Large Cap Strategy LARGE-CAP
    ICICI – Value Strategy MULTI CAP
    ICICI- Flexicap Strategy MULTI CAP

    ICICI being a global Indian bank provide different types of PMS strategies to its customers. We are the first choice among the investment makers because we fulfil all requirements of the investor.

    We work to offer large-cap strategies, Diversified strategies and small-midcap strategies.

    Here below we have thrown light on the philosophies of some strategies-

    ICICI Pru Contra Portfolio

    Capital appreciation is aimed to achieve in this strategy, where the company predominantly invests in equity and equity-related instruments via, contrarian investing.

    Financial instruments chosen for investment are debt instruments and money market mutual funds schemes.

    Portraying the strategy, the company aims to invest in stocks and sectors which are underperforming presently, and are valued at their intrinsic value but are likely to grow in the long run.

    ICICI Pru Large Cap Portfolio

    Companies which have high growth potential, but presently are reasonably priced are the chosen ones here. The top-down approach is used used in this strategy, where key macroeconomic and sector themes are recognized for investment.

    Also, other targets achieved are reduced concentration risk, using diversification across multiple sectors. Large-cap companies are intended for investment, which has a proven track record and effective management and good growth potential.

    ICICI Pru PIPE Portfolio

    The philosophy of the investment strategy, as stated by the company is long terms capital appreciation via investment in mid and small-cap segments. The exposure is provided in companies which are presently on the positive spectrum of the economic moat and are put through special situations, such as unfavourable business cycles.

    Companies possessing strong fundamentals, such as that of present market leaders are chosen for investment. Also, the strategy looks at companies which are presently considered among the small-cap companies but are all set to be grouped under large-cap companies in the mere future.

    Factors which are an assurance of such growth and expansion are a strong line of upcoming business, effective management, improving margins and more.

    ICICI Pru Value Portfolio

    Standing true to the name, the strategy follows a value investment approach where investment is done in stock with high potential by presently offered at fair or intrinsic value.

    This approach believes that the markets in the long run determine the potential of underperforming stocks. As this would result in a rerating or appreciation in the particular stock’s price, the approach is adopted.

    ICICI- ACE Strategy

    ICICI Prudential PMS ACE Strategy is introduced for the customers to offer long-term capital appreciation. The portfolio consists of stocks from diverse segments and sectors to bring exposure to investors.

    The portfolio is formed of equity and equity-related securities of Non-Zero Sum, Under-Penetrated Themes” in India. The benchmark for the fund is the Nifty 500.

    ICICI Pru Flexi Cap Portfolio

    So, this strategy aims to diversify the equity portfolio, achieve long-term capital appreciation and generate likewise returns. The target of this strategy is long terms capital appreciation via GARP Philosophy, i.e. Growth at a Reasonable Price.

    A mixture of the top-down and bottom-up approaches is put to play here and stocks which will benefit from macroeconomic and sectoral themes are chosen.

    ICICI Pru PMS Returns / Performance

    This table guides the PMS Returns and overall performance of ICICI Prudential PMS –

    Strategy ICICI – Contra Strategy ICICI – LARGE-CAP Strategy ICICI – PIPE Strategy ICICI – Value Strategy ICICI- ACE Strategy ICICI- Flexicap Strategy
    Return (CAGR) 1M -2.50% -2.78% -0.38% -1.43% -1.98% -1.28%
    3M 18.10% 13.17% 16.49% 21.33% 14.84% 15.27%
    6M 1.75% -2.55% 6.46% 1.75% 4.82% 2.66%
    1Y 3.94% -1.74% 13.38% 3.56% -0.37% 1.27%
    2Y 33.86% 28.23% 41.79% 29.97% 28.41% 27.20%
    3Y 21.94% 17.45% 28.59% 18.43% 19.11% 18.27%
    5Y NA 12.54% NA 11.27% 10.48% 12.08%
    Since Inception 16.91% 13.47% 27.88% 16.12% 16.39% 14.92%
    Inception Year Sep 2018 Mar 2009 Sep 2019 Jan 2004 Apr 2014 Dec 2000

    As seen in the table, the growth of the return rate is excellent.

    This shows how well and stably it grows over the years. Therefore, ICICI is one of the leading demands among investors.

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    ICICI Pru PMS Investment Plans

    The table below shows the investment plans of ICICI Pru Portfolio Management Service –

    Investment Plans
    Bronze (25L – 50L) Yes
    Silver (50L – 1 Cr.) Yes
    Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.) Yes
    Platinum (5 Cr. Plus) Yes

    After checking out the above table you have calculated the various investment slabs available to ICICI Prudential PMSs. The minimum investment required to invest in the Portfolio strategy is 25 Lakhs.

    ICICI being a customer-friendly bank for generations have investment plans for all. We cater investment strategies for all ranges taking care of the masses.

    There are many types of investment plans like Gold, silver, bronze, and platinum. This allows the client to choose according to his budget and needs. The bronze plan comes in between the range of INR 25 Lakh to INR 50 Lakh.

    The silver plan has a range between INR 50 lakh to INR 1 crore. The Gold plan comes between the ranges of INR 1 Crore to INR 5 Crore while the Platinum plans possess above INR 5 crore investments.

    ICICI Pru PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

    Below are the ICICI Prudential PMS Commission slabs-

    Commission / Fees Structure
    Prepaid Commission Yes
    Volume% Commission Yes
    Profit Sharing% Commission Yes

    The fee structure of ICICI Prudential PMS has been characterized into Prepaid commission, Volume % commission and Profit %sharing commission. This has been described in detail below-

    ICICI Pru PMS Prepaid Commission

    In this fee structure, the management will take its fees in advance before the tenure gets started. The commission charges are lower than another model because this is a prepaid model.

    Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
    Investment – 25L – 50L 2.2% of Investment
    Investment – 50L – 1 Cr. 2.0% of Investment
    Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr. 1.8% of Investment
    Investment – 5 Cr. Plus 1.6% of Investment

    The prepaid model of the investment is dependent upon the Investment amount of the client.

    In the table, the prepaid commission is stated – with investments of Rs.25Lakh – Rs.50Lakh, the prepaid commission is 2.2%, For investments of Rs.50Lakh – Rs.1 Cr., the prepaid commission is 2.0%.

    For Investments of Rs.1 Cr – Rs.5 Cr the prepaid commission is 1.8%; for investments of above Rs.5 Cr, the prepaid commission is 1.6%. So, like this, the prepaid commission varies from low and high, based upon the invested amount.

    ICICI Pru PMS Volume% Commission

    This type of fee structure is based on the total number of transactions made by the fund manager. The fee structure dependability is also footed on the current market scenarios.

    This kind of model tends to give a fine commission payout.

    Volume% Commission (Yearly)
    Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L 0.22% of the Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr. 0.20% of the Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr. 0.17% of the Total Transaction Volume
    Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus 0.15% of the Total Transaction Volume

    In volume % commission model depends upon the market situation and the fund manager’s loyalty.

    As shown in the table, if the yearly transaction sum is between INR 2.5 Crore to INR 5 Crore, then 0.22% of management fees will get deducted.

    If the transaction amount is 50L-1 Cr then management fees would charge 0.20% of the total transaction amount. When the transaction amount is between 1 Cr- 5Cr, the management would charge 0.17%.

    If the transaction amount is above 5 Cr, the management would charge 0.15% of the total transaction volume.

    ICICI Pru PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

    Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
    Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L 33% of the Profit
    Profit Amount – 5L – 10L 31% of the Profit
    Profit Amount – 10L – 50L 28% of the Profit
    Profit Amount – 50L Plus 26% of Profit

    In the above table, one can see, how the management fees vary according to the profit amount. Like, if the profit amount is Rs.2.5 Lakh – Rs.5 Lakh, the management would assert management fees, 33% of the total profit amount.

    At, a profit amount of Rs.5 Lakh- Rs.10 Lakh, the management would charge 31% of the total profit.

    When the profit amount is Rs.10 Lakh – Rs.50 Lakh, the management would charge 28% of the total profit and when the profit Amount is above Rs.50 Lakh then the management would take 26% of the total profit earned.

    All the above fees structure or commission models are based on the customer’s requirements. Apart from the commission fees, there are other charges that the PMS house would charge like brokerage, upfront fees, Depository charges, Exit load and Custodian charges.

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    ICICI Pru PMS Charges

    In the below table, you can see details of other charges that are exerted during ICICI Pru PMS-

    Management Fees As per the commission model
    Upfront Fees 1.4% – 2.0% of Asset Value
    Brokerage Charges 0.015% – 0.035% of Total Transaction Value
    Custodian Charges 0.4% – 0.5% of Asset Value
    Depository Charges 0.18% – 0.22% of Asset Value
    Exit Load – within 12 months 1.5% – 2.5% of Withdrawal Value
    Exit Load – post 12 months Free or 1% of Withdrawal Value

    Management fees- This is agreed upon between the client and us during the selection of the PMS commission model.

    Upfront fees- This is also charged by the PMS management, which is more like a prepaid value, it ranges from 1.4%-2.0% of the value of the total assets.

    Brokerage charges- The fund manager also charges Brokerage fees which are 01.5%- 0.035% of the transaction value.

    Custodian charges- The PMS house also charges custodian fees which are 0.4%- 0.5% of the asset value.

    Depositary charges- The depositary charges are between 0.18%-0.22 per cent of the asset value.

    Exit Load Fees– The exit load in the PMS House is dependent upon the duration of the withdrawn amount and the amount’s range. If the immediate withdrawal takes place that is within 1 year of the creation of the portfolio then the exit load fee is 1.5%-2.55 of the withdrawal value.

    If the withdrawal takes place post 12 months then only 1% is charged to the withdrawn amount.

    ICICI Pru PMS Benefits

    Look at the below table to get the whole idea of ICICI Prudential PMS benefits-

    Benefits / Advantages
    Top-up Facility Yes
    Back office Reports Yes
    Email Update Yes
    SMS Update Yes
    Whatsapp Update No
    Portfolio View Yes
    Detailed View Yes
    Flexible Commission Model Yes
    Flexible Investment Plans Yes
    Massive Experience Yes

    The ICICI Pru PMS provide you with the following benefits-

    • The ICICI PMS house offers you the TOP-up facility with a minimum amount of INR.
    • PMS clients can check their detailed portfolios online including the investments made.
    • ICICI PMS house provide transaction related details through SMS update and e-mail
    • For client satisfaction, PMS offers flexibility in their investment plans and commission models.
    • Our PMS house has over a decade of experience in holding portfolio services to a client range.

    ICICI Pru PMS Customer Care

    In the table below, details of customer support regarding PMS are provided-

    Customer Care
    Call Support Yes
    Email Support Yes
    Chat Support No
    Watsapp Support Yes
    Relationship Manager Support Yes
    Call to Fund Manager Yes – 3 to 5 Times a month
    Issue Resolving TAT 8 working days

    The issue resolving TAT for the ICICI Prudential PMS team is 8 working days.

    ICICI PMS house provides a Direct Call service to support clients and resolve their every query. WhatsApp and E-mail support are offered around the clock.

    We give clients the support of relationship managers. In case of high asset investment like over INR 1 Crore, we offer a direct call facility with the fund manager 3 – 5 times a month. Investors with low net worth can only connect 1-2 times in a month.

    ICICI Pru PMS Conclusion

    ICICI Pru PMS is the top-listed PMS solution today available in India. Our clients are satisfied to take the wide range of strategies available under one roof.

    We thrive to offer satisfaction to each client by giving them a vast pool of choices of investments related to their budget. Moreover, the support system we offer is incredible and highly structured.

    So, why worry about investing your money, come to ICICI Prudential PMS where you can achieve your best investing dream.

    ICICI Prudential PMS

    How can I invest with ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS?

    ICICI Prudential AMC caters to customer needs of investment through focused portfolios. The process is completely simple and hassle-free for investing in ICICI Prudential PMS. When you open our website, you’ll find a form to fill in. Complete the mandatory information such as your name, mobile number and city, select the critical service and then click the submit button. You will be directed to the further steps of investment in this way.

    Who is the current fund manager of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS?

    The current fund manager of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS is Mr Parag N. Thakar. Parag N. Thakar handles, under the thematic PMS group, Value Portfolio, Big Cap Portfolio, Absolute Return Portfolio, Enterprising India Portfolio-II and Flexi-cap schemes. He has about 14 years of experience in finance management. Parag is a professional MBA from a renowned university.

    What is the approx AUM of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS?

    The maximum AUM the Marcellus PMS Pvt limited holds is 5,000 Cr. This is normally held by the fund manager which in this case is Mr Parag N Thakar. The company is serving a strong base of happy PMS investors with over 7,000.

    Where can I check the return or performance of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS?

    The returns and performance of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS, it is present right on the website. We show the full facts and figures in a tab for the convenience of our customers. ICICI PRUDENTIAL is known for offering an outstanding portfolio management service and has exceeded the returns of mutual funds for more than 10 years.

    What are the different strategies used by ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS?

    In the form of a table, the website includes the different techniques that ICICI PRUDENTIAL integrates. The ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS house has different kinds of efficient PMS strategies, as per the table given above. Typically, they use Small Cap and Multi Cap Tactics. All investment philosophies are very accessible to the business.

    Where to find the fee structure and commission rate of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS?

    Data on all the details of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS are included in the report. With all the significant heads, we’ve detailed you and done so in the form of tables. Therefore, you only have to locate the head under which the details are given to find the fee structure and commission rate of ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS.

    How do call or reach ICICI PRUDENTIAL PMS customer care?

    To help customers and answer their every question, the ICICI PMS house offers a direct call service. Whatsapp and e-mail support are available round the clock. They owe the consumer the assistance of a relationship manager. They provide a direct call facility with the fund manager 3-5 times a month in case of high asset investment such as over INR 1 Crore. Investors with low net worth are only able to connect 1-2 times a month.

    What are the benefits of investing with ICICI PRUDENTIAL?

    With a minimum amount of INR, the ICICI PMS house offers you the TOP-up facility. Including the investments made, PMS customers can search their comprehensive portfolios online. The ICICI PMS house provides details of transactions via SMS update and E-MAIL. For customer loyalty, in their investment plans and commission models, PMS provides versatility. Our PMS house has over a decade of experience in the consumer spectrum of portfolio services.

    What are the different charges involved with ICICI PRUDENTIAL?

    There are various charges involved in the Marcellus PMS. The taxes that are levied include Upfront fees, Brokerage charges, Custodian charges, Depositary charges, and Exit load within the time of one year.

    Where can I find all the details about ICICI PRUDENTIAL?

    All the details regarding the ICICI portfolio management services are provided on the website provided. To make the work feasible and flexible for our customers, we have provided the data through charts, maps and graphs. This way the customer can easily locate all the information they require easily within the website.

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