SHCIL Services Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

SHCIL Services Franchise has a history of 25 years almost being in the stock market and serving investors with valuable services.

The firm with its experience and knowledge help sub-brokers and agents get into the business and grow the business as a whole while creating their own niche.

The firm is one of the reputed stock broking firms in the industry and this article is dedicated to the various aspect of SHCIL Services Sub Broker Program.

Shcil Services Franchise offers

SHCIL Services Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

SHCIL Services Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.2/10
Products & Services5.6/10
Revenue Sharing6.2/10
Holistic Support5.6/10
Overall Ratings5.6/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About SHCIL Services Franchise

Consortium Securities Franchise

The firm as mentioned above was started almost 25 years back in the year 1995 by Sanjay Pote in the city of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh.

This is a firm which has been registered as a public company and listed on the stock exchange. The firm serves as a full-service broker with every services and product required in the investment space.

Whether it is trading, Demat or research services and advisory services, the firm has it all.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, they offer sub-brokership rights and Remisier to the extent their business, the average time taken by the firm to generate the code of the sub-brokers is 30 days which is at par with the market.

The payment to the partners is done within the 35 days from the date of making sales.

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Types of SHCIL Services Business Models

SHCIL Services follows two business models which are analyzed and discussed below –

  • Sub Broker / Authorised Person Model
  • Remisier Model

SHCIL Services Sub Broker or SHCIL Services Authorized Person

This is the basic business model most of the brokers follow as it is beneficial for both the parties involved.

For the sub-brokers point of view, they are getting to earn a high percentage of the revenue share by investing less capital and that too as a security deposit.

However, the competition is fierce in the sub-brokers model – both from other firm and also from the other sub-brokers of the same firm.

The sub-brokers get to sell the products and services of the firm which ultimately generates the revenue.

Benefits of SHCIL Services Authorized Person

  • The first advantage of being a sub-broker to SHCIL Services is you get under the umbrella which is the firm’s goodwill and the experience it has of more than two decades. This helps the sub-broker to get clients without much hassle as the investors are more or less aware of the firm.
  • The firm is known for its revenue-sharing It is one of the few full-service brokers who gives the right to the sub-brokers for selling their products on which they can earn as high as 80% of revenue share.
  • Third benefit which you will be entitled to being a SHCIL Services sub-broker is that you have an array of products to pitch to the clients. You can understand the requirement of the client first and accordingly advise the most suitable product for him.
  • The infrastructure requirement is there but very less and not rigid as such. So, you have not to worry about investing a lot of amount in the infrastructure.

SHCIL Services Remisier

This is a model where individuals work as an agent of the firm. They fetch clients, make them understand the basic things who are interested or even the people who are not that aware and then refer them to the firm itself.

Now, the firm pitch their products to them and also make different investment schemes accordingly. The sales made to these clients, earn a share of the revenue to the Remisier.

This is one of the business models which involves very less capital and also has no such infrastructure required.

Benefits of SHCIL Services Remisier:

  • The people who are interested in joining this model with SHCIL Services can join for very less amount as the investment required is quite low.
  • Compared to most of the brokers in the country, this broker provides one of the highest revenue shares to the Remisier.
  • You are not bound to make any number of sales, it is completely on you to refer clients and accordingly you earn the money.

SHCIL Services Partner Revenue Sharing or SHCIL Services Sub Broker Commission

AS mentioned in the above sections, SHCIL Services has one of the most lucrative revenue structure for the sub-brokers as well as the Remisier.

The minimum one sub-broker can earn is 60% which is almost 10% higher than other brokerage house’s revenue share for the sub-brokers.

And if they keep the security deposit close to the highest amount, the revenue share in their kitty can increase up to 80% which is another highest as well.

The Remisier, on the other hand, has one single revenue share fixed at 20%. He or she gets 20% of each of the sell made by the client referred by him.

Refer to this Table for clear picture:

Revenue SharingClients ShareSHCIL’s Share
Sub Broker60% – 80%20% – 40%

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SHCIL Services Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

SHCIL Services like any other brokerage house takes an amount which is security deposit or investment cost to make the interested people a part of their business.

For the sub-brokers, the security deposit starts from the amount Rs. 50000 which is nominal and average amount that is required to become a sub-broker of most of the firms.

On the other end, the maximum deposit that one can keep is completely dependent on their choice and decision and their urge to make a profit. The maximum deposit which the company offers is Rs. 2 lakhs.

For the Remisier, the minimum and the maximum is the same as the firm has mandated one single amount for them. They have to pay Rs. 20000 for being a Remisier of the company. The amount is average if compared to other firms of this stature and experience.

Check this table below for better understanding of SHCIL Services Franchise Cost:

Security Deposit
Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.200,000
RemisierRs. 20,000

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SHCIL Services Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

The infrastructure required for the business partners, especially for the sub-brokers, are quite less and not so rigid. There are a few mandatory requirements which you need to fulfill in order to be a part of the organization

  • You can have an office of any amount of space in it which just need to be enough accommodating for the clients and your employees.
  • Employee strength is completely dependent on your requirement and your choice.
  • The research service, on the other hand, is mandatory and you have to have the best research services available for the clients.
  • The telephone lines need to be active in the office premise.
  • There is no requirement for the trading terminals as of now and also not for the internet connection.

SHCIL Services Sub Broker Offers

To encourage and promote the business of sub-brokers, SHCIL Services regularly launches a variety of offers. Some of the regular offers are:

  • You can start the business with no money – capital or investment. There is ZERO Deposit offer available with SHCIL Services.
  • As a sub-broker, you get flexible revenue sharing structure.

The offers can easily be availed by all SHCIL Services Authorized Person once they register with SHCIL Services.

SHCIL Services Franchise or SHCIL Services Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to SHCIL Services, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

The eligibility criteria for being a partner of SHCIL Services are –

  • Educational Qualification: The minimum educational qualification required for being a sub-broker is 10+2. If you have higher studies degree then it is more preferred if specialized in Finance.
  • NISM Examination Certificate: The NISM certification is a mandatory requirement for the sub-brokers. It is an assurance for the clients that the sub-broker they are dealing with is a certified advisor and have knowledge of the market and the products.
  • Financial Products Knowledge: This knowledge is supreme of all when you are in the stock market business. You need to be aware of the various stock market products offered by SHCIL Services, they will also guide you in the process. This is important because it will help you in pitching the right product to the right person with the right intention.
  • Experience is above all: The firm chose business partners who have previous experience in the market as a trader, investors or in any other form. This is important because the knowledge you have about the market is enhanced and actually you understand the market when you trade and invest in it.

How to become a SHCIL Services Sub broker or Authorized Person?

It is very easy to register for the business opportunities with SHCIL Services –

  1. First, you have to click on the button available at the bottom of this article which will redirect you to the page where you have filled in the necessary details.
  2. The next step is to upload the documents mentioned above for the eligibility check.
  3. Once you are eligible and it is checked from the site, then the representative from the firm will call you to discuss the further process of the application. Your documents will be verified in person as well.
  4. Once the verification is done, then your code will be generated and you can start working.

Documents required to become SHCIL Services Authorized Person

One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

  • PAN and AADHAR cards
  • SEBI and NISM Certificates
  • GST Registration Certificates
  • Educational certificates
  • Previous experience and investment proof
  • Bank details – canceled cheques

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Why Partner with SHCIL Services?

There are numbers of reasons to be a part of SHCIL Services –

  • Transparent and clear business process
  • Advanced Trading platforms and variety of products
  • Goodwill of SHCIL Services
  • 25 years of experience of SHCIL Services
  • A huge network of SHCIL Services
  • Revenue structure which is extremely lucrative

SHCIL Service Conclusion

With the lucrative revenue structure and the nominal investment requirement, SHCIL Services is one of the favorites amongst the business partners and the investors as well.

If you are looking for a firm that understands the market and stands by its business partners, this SHCIL Services is the answer.

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