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In this article, we will analyze all the necessary parameters required for IPO Review. We are going to checklist of all the Large Cap IPOs, Medium IPOs & Small Cap IPOs of 2023. The various parameters used to review IPOs are:

  • Industry Sentiments
  • Industry Ranking
  • Company Background
  • Company Reputation
  • Competitive Edge
  • Financial Statement
  • Popularity Index
  • Promoters Reputation
  • Top Stock Brokers Review
  • IPO Launch Timing

Before discussing in detail the parameters used for IPO review. We will look into the various points discussed regarding the IPO while reviewing an IPO.

Points of Discussion during IPO Review are:

IPO Review & Ratings

In this segment, we are sharing ratings of companies IPO on all the parameters used in the IPO review. These 10 parameters define the performance of IPOs in the markets & will give a user a very decent understanding of the IPO’s success during its launch.

IPO Date or IPO Issue Date or IPO Release Date

In this segment, we discuss the releasing date of an IPO. This is an important segment for an investor. IPO Issue Date or Release Date prepares a user for investment.

IPO Subscription

This segment provides information once the IPO is launched in the market. Day-to-day subscription status helps the user to know the performance of the IPO in the market.

IPO Allotment Status

IPO allotment status is generally shared with the public within 7 days of the IPO issue. This generally helps the user to know whether he/she has been allotted with the IPO or not.

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    IPO Price Band

    The IPO price band is decided by mutual consent of the company & BRLMs associated with the company & it is released 1-2 days before the launch date of the IPO.

    IPO Issue Size

    An IPO Issue size generally means the amount of money a company wants to raise from the public with the help of an IPO. The IPO issue size decides whether the IPO is a Large Cap, Middle Cap, or Small Cap IPO.

    IPO Equity Shares Offerings

    The meaning of IPO Equity shares offerings is the amount is shared the company is ready to offer to the public for subscription.

    IPO Offer Details or Issue Details

    IPO Offer or IPO Issue Details is a detailed view of IPO Issue size & IPO Equity Shares Offerings.

    The company provides all details here regarding the Offer like Size of the IPO, Equity Shares, Reserved for Employees, Reserved for Market Makers, Net Issue, Retail Investor Portion, Non-Retail Investor Portion & much more.

    It also talks about the face value of the share, premium charges & offer value of the share.

    IPO Object

    The IPO Object is the various reasons for which the company is offering its equity shares to the public & wants to raise funds & utilize funds. The company has to provide all details of the object before going for the IPO Offer to the public.

    IPO Grey Market Premium

    The IPO grey market premium is basically a process wherein a buyer & a seller of the upcoming IPO gets into an agreement of buy & sell pricing before the IPO Issue date. This is like gambling on the IPO before its launch date based on the market sentiments.

    Now let us discuss the various parameters used to review an IPO.

    IPO Review of 2023 – Detail Discussion

    Let us discuss these Parameters in details:

    Knowing Industry Sentiments

    IPO review

    A very important parameter for any IPO review is Industry Sentiments. Industry sentiments mean that if the Industry is supportive of the IPO.

    For example – if a company is planning to launch an IPO they should always check whether the industry stats are supportive of the same or the industry as a whole is showing good growth which can lead to the positive launch of an IPO.

    Industry-level insights will are extremely important before things of going for an IPO.

    Checking Industry Ranking

    2nd important parameter while reviewing an IPO is checking the industry ranking of the company going for IPO.

    Industry Ranking means the ranking of the company within the specific industry or sector, whether the company is doing great so that they deserve to go for a successful IPO or they are not.

    Understanding & checking the industry ranking is very important during an IPO review.

    Checking Company Background

    Another important factor during IPO review is checking company background & cases filed against the same. Checking the highs & lows of the company before investing in an IPO is always advisable by all research analysts.

    Age f the company, experience & management of the company is a very important parameter while performing an IPO review.

    Knowing Company Reputation

    Company reputation in the industry is a very important parameter while judging an IPO. An IPO review is incomplete without a great understanding of the company’s reputation in the market.

    Company reputation is known by various factors like legal cases against the company, legal cases against the management, or fraud in the name of the company. These traits are important before an IPO review & IPO investment.

    Understanding Competitive Edge

    One of the most important factors of IPO review is the competitive edge of the company. The competitive edge of the company is decided on multiple factors like the company’s financial statements, companies’ market share, company’s background, recent performance & others.

    A company with a good market share will always have a competitive edge & will get a good IPO review.

    Understanding Financial Statement

    Another utmost important factor for IPO review is the companies financial statement. PAT & Revenue are the 2 most important factors which determine the performance of the company in the IPO.

    CAGR, Earning per share & Assets are other important factors that help in IPO investment.

    Knowing Popularity Index

    The popularity of the Company or Brand & the Popularity of the IPO plays a very important role in the success of an IPO. A Popular brand will always find buyers for their shares quickly & can also get a better valuation.

    Choosing a good investment banker also plays an important role here as they help in releasing the Companies IPO. The high popularity index for an IPO will always perform well in the IPO index.

    Checking Promoters Reputation

    Promoters’ reputation is also an important factor of IPO review. A company with strong promoters will always have a good run in IPO because the faith in promoter plays a very important factor. IPOs’ success is also driven by their promoter’s popularity & reputation in the market.

    Top Stock Brokers Review

    Another important factor of IPO review is to check what other stock brokers & their research analysts have to say about the companies IPO.

    This is another important factor as they are experience analysts & Market stalwarts who are involved in the analysis of the IPOs. I review from their end will always be helpful in analyzing & investing in any IPO.

    Checking IPO Launch Timing

    Timing of an IPO launch is an equally important factor in IPO Review or IPO investment. The launch time of IPO is very critical, it’s like releasing a movie in the theater.

    Few important things to keep in mind during IPO launch time are other IPO launches or competition, market sentiments, industry sentiments, companies performance, promoters reputation & others.

    Good timing of IPO launch can change the fate of the IPO.

    Review of all Large CAP IPOs of 2023

    Review of all Medium CAPs IPO of 2023

    Review of all Small CAPs IPO or SME IPO of 2023

    Gian Life Care IPO20 Microns IPOPr Ecoenergy IPO
    Gkp Printing & Packaging IPOA-1 Acid Limited IPOPrabh Dayal IPO Pdopil IPO
    Gleam Fabmat Limited IPOA B Infrabuild Limited IPOPreet Remedies IPO
    Goblin India IPOAakash Exploration Services IPOPriti International IPO
    Godha Cabcon Insulation IPOAaron Industries IPOR R Industrial IPO
    Great Sports Infra IPOAartech Solonics IPORainbow Crop Health Limited IPO
    Green Farm Bio Gen Limited IPOAccuracy Shipping IPORajat City Developers IPO
    Greens Food Crafts IPOAcs Technologies IPORajnandini Metal IPO
    Nirmitee Robotics IPOAdd Shop Promotions IPORajnish Wellness IPO
    Highway Infrastructure IPOAditya Ultra Steel IPORanjeet Mechatronics IPO
    Hindprakash Industries IPOAffine Formulations IPORaw Edge Industrial IPO
    Hindustan Flex Limited IPOAffle Limited IPORex Industries IPO
    Hno Furnishing Limited IPOAffordable Robotic IPORitco Logistics IPO
    Humming Bird Education IPOAhlada Engineers IPORlabs Enterprise IPO
    Icl Multitrading India IPOAkg Exim IPORo Jewels IPO
    Icl Multitrading IPOAkshar Spintex IPORoni Households IPO
    Ideal Systems Limited IPOAlumilite Architecturals IPORoopshri Resorts IPO
    Indo Us Biotech IPOAmbani Organics IPORsh Agro Products IPO
    Innovative Ideals IPOAmi Organics IPORudrabhishek Enterprises IPO
    Innovators Facade IPOAnand Rathi Wealth Services IPOS M Gold IPO
    Inscribe Graphics IPOAnand Rayons IPOSahaj Fashions IPO
    Inventia Healthcare Limited IPOAnmol India Limited IPOSaini Alloys Limited IPO
    Iris Clothings Limited IPOAnuroop Packaging IPOSalasar Exteriors Contour IPO
    Iti Limited IPOAquarius Shipyard Limited IPOSalebhai Internet Limited IPO
    Jai Hanuman Irrigation IPOArihant Institute IPOSamhi Hotels Limited IPO
    Jakharia Fabric IPOArtedz Fabs IPOSatyasai Pressure Vessels IPO
    Jammu Pigments IPOArtemis Electricals Limited IPOSbc Exports IPO
    Janus Corporation IPOAscom Leasing Investments IPOShakun Polymers IPO
    Jinaams Dress IPOAshapuri Gold Ornament IPOShankar Lal Rampal Dye Chem IPO
    Jiya Eco India IPOAstra Metal Systems IPOShiv Aum Steels IPO
    Jonjua Overseas IPOAtmastco Limited IPOShiva Industrial IPO
    Kaneri Agro Industries IPOAvana Logistek IPOShree Krishna Infrastructure IPO
    Kbs Industries IPOAvon Moldplast IPOShree Vasu Logistics IPO
    Kenvi Jewels IPOAxita Cotton Limited IPOShreeoswal Seeds IPO
    Khator Technical Textiles IPOBajaj Superpack IPOShreeshay Engineers IPO
    Khfm Hospitality IPOBalaji Solutions IPOShubham Polyspin IPO
    Kpi Global Infrastructure IPOB&B Triplewall IPOShubhlaxmi Jewel Art IPO
    Kranti Industries IPOBhadra Paper Mills IPOSigma Solve IPO
    Kritika Wires IPOBharat Hotels IPOSilgo Retail Limited IPO
    Kshitij Polyline IPOBiotic Waste Limited IPOSirca Paints IPO
    Kuberan Global Edu IPOBombay Super Hybrid Seeds IPOSk International Export IPO
    Lagnam Spintex IPOBonlon Industries Limited IPOSm Auto Stamping IPO
    Latteys Industries IPOBright Solar IPOSofttech Engineers IPO
    Laxmi Goldorna IPOBurger King IPOSona Hi Sona Jewellers IPO
    Likhitha Infrastructure IPOCabcon India Limited IPOSonam Clock IPO
    Lite Bite Foods IPOCentury Metal IPOSorich Foils IPO
    Lotus Roofings IPOChandra Bhagat Pharma IPOSpandana Sphoorty Financial IPO
    M K Roy & Bros Projects IPOCian Healthcare Limited IPOSpectrum Electrical IPO
    Mac Hotels Limited IPOCineom Broadcast IPOStar Health Sciences IPO
    Madhav Copper IPOCity Pulse Multiplex IPOSudarshan Pharma Industries IPO
    Mahickra Chemicals IPOColdex Limited IPOSumicot Limited IPO
    Mahip Industries Limited IPOCommitted Cargo IPOSumit Woods IPO
    Mangalam Alloys IPOCraftsman Automation IPOSungold Media And Entertainment IPO
    Mangalam Global Enterprise IPOCreative Gems & Jewellery IPOSupreme Engineering IPO
    Marine Electricals IPODangee Dums IPOSurani Steel Tubes IPO
    Marshall Machines IPODaps Advertising IPOSuumaya Lifestyle IPO
    Mdc Pharmaceuticals IPODc Infotech IPOSuyog IPO
    Medibios Laboratories IPODebock IPOSylvan Plyboard India Limited IPO
    Meera Industries IPODeccan Health Care IPOSynergy Green IPO
    Megastar Foods IPODeep Polymers Limited IPOSynoptics Technologies IPO
    Milestone Furniture IPODiksha Greens Limited IPOT And T Infra Limited IPO
    Milltec Machinery IPODinesh Engineers IPOTejaswi Packaging IPO
    Mindpool Technologies IPODolphin Rubbers IPOTexaco Synthetics IPO
    Misquita Engineering IPODr. Lalchandani Labs IPOTimes Green Energy IPO
    Nakoda Group IPODream Gateway Hotels IPOU H Zaveri IPO
    Narmada Bio-Chem Limited IPODrs Dilip Roadlines IPOUltra Wiring Connectivity IPO
    Nelf Cosmetics IPOE2E Networks IPOUnidrug Innovative Pharma IPO
    Nice Projects IPOEarum Pharmaceuticals IPOUshanti Colour Chem IPO
    Nilshikhaa Projects Limited IPOEasemytrip IPOV R Films & Studios IPO
    Northern Spirits IPOElectra Accumulators Limited IPOValencia Nutrition IPO
    Novateor Research Laboratories IPOEvans Electric IPOVaxtex Cotfab Limited IPO
    Novus Green Energy IPOExclusive Fibers IPOVectus Industries IPO
    Osia Hyper Retail IPOFinecure Pharmaceuticals IPOVeeram Infra IPO
    Par Drugs & Chemicals IPOFive Core Electronics IPOVikas Road Carriers IPO
    Parin Furniture IPOFlair Writing Industries IPOWelpar Pharmbizz IPO
    Parshva Enterprises IPOFusion Industries IPOWhite Organic Retail IPO
    Party Cruisers Limited IPOGalactico Corporate Services IPOWinwin Maritime IPO
    Pentech Metals IPOGanesh Films IPOWonder Fibromats IPO
    Pommys Garments IPOGanga Forging IPOWorld Class Services IPO
    Powerful Technologies IPOGensol Engineering IPOXelpmoc Design And Tech IPO
    Yash Highvoltage IPOZircar Refractories Limited IPOAdvait Infratech IPO
    Billwin Industries IPOShine Fashions IPOAtam Valves IPO

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