Share Market Timings in India – NSE & BSE Timings & Schedule

As the saying goes by, “time is money”, share market takes a lean over the same. Share market investment often takes great turn of events with consideration of time. In order to be able to successfully invest in stock market and earn likewise returns, one need to be well versed with the Share Market Timings.

While the share prices surge or fall in respect with time, there are also other scheduled Stock Market Timings a trader should be aware of. Such time schedules include days when stock market is closed, the time duration for which a stock market is open for a day, etc.

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Pre Market Session

This session is the frame which arrives prior to the actual trading session and ranges from 09:00 am to 09:15 am. The pre Share Market Timings India can be briefly grouped as:

9.00 a.m. – 9.08 a.m.

This session amounts to the time of order placements, and are taken straights to the top of priority list, when markets opens. These 8 minutes are all the traders get, to place an order, from the lot entire pre-opening period.

9.08 a.m. – 9.12 a.m.

This is where the price of a security is marked, which would be enlisted. Orders, matching of demand supply and stuffs like this are done in this interval, to facilitate the order in trades.

Multilateral order matching system is put into use here, which marked the end price of a share, at which the Share Market Opens Today.

12 a.m. – 9.15 a.m.

This period is the transition period of pre-market and trading session. Orders placement is not facilitated here.

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    Trading Session

    Followed fixed schedule of Stock Market Trade Timings is a time frame of 9:15 am to 3:30 pm, 5 days a week i.e. from Monday to Friday, and some enlisted off days.

    Transaction done here, are on account of bilateral order matching system. Volatility is its nature, and therefore stocks are bound to go through multiple changes and fluctuations during this Share Market Trade Timings.

    Post Market Session

    This Stock Market Timings India for the post session determines the closing price of any stock. It is further briefed as following:

    3.30 p.m. – 3.40 p.m.

    Method of weighted average determines the closing price of stocks here.

    3.40 p.m. – 4 p.m.

    However, during this interval, the traders are allowed to place bids on the stock, given the condition, the buyers is available at the time.

    Stock Market Opens Today, just in the regular fashion, and will likewise close, while there are also some national holidays when the market remains closed.

    NSE Timings or Nifty Timings

    Share Market TimingsIndicator of market movement for NSE is Nifty. Weekdays are all directed towards trading and are declared as the NSE Trade Timings.

    The weekends are generally the closed NSE Timings. Nifty Timings also have a set of public holidays which are disclosed prior to the traders.

    As for the Nifty Trade Timings, it consists of a pre session, trade timing and the post session as briefly discussed above. Traders are directed to take notes of the timing and the activities which can be commenced during the period.

    Such a prior knowledge is necessary to ensure a smooth trading experience, where the tactics of making profits would definitely work in accordance of the trader.

    BSE Timings or Sensex Timings

    Benchmark index of the Bombay Stock Exchange is Sensex. The BSE Trade Timings are almost as similar as the NSE. The weekdays are meant for trades and the BSE Timings stands to be 9:15 am to 3:30 pm.

    It contains a likewise separate Sensex Timings period, which is referred to as the pre session and the post session, just as it goes by for NSE.

    Holidays are as well included in the chart of days for which the market would be open, and the same as generally drafted prior, to make the traders aware of the same.

    If one abides by the Sensex Trade Timings, no trade would go out of order and no trade will lose its likely impact. To create the impact of trade and deploy the profit making strategies, timings play a vital role for the overall structure.

    Stock Market Timings or Share Market Timings – Conclusion

    The take on from this article is to abide by the Share Market Timings if efficiency and appropriation is aspired to be reached by the trader.

    We highly recommend following fixed Stock Market Timings. Doing so will let you place orders successfully, while yields from the investments are already known.

    Currency market is however, open 24 hours and it is equity market which differs in timings. The same should be noted down.

    Keep the knowledge of timing intact and bank in all the opportunities, as stock market is all about right time and the right opportunity.

    Technology is your great assistance, hit up the online platforms and get going with trading. So you make the most out of your vacant holdings.

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