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In this article, you will be reading about the best scalping app in India. We have ranked them in order of the number of benefits they provide to the clients when it comes to scalping.

However, before getting into the rankings and the trading applications, let us know the basic of scalping apps and the features which are required by the scalpers to scalp successfully. 

For scalping in the stock market, you need to have a good trading platform. It is because of the fact that scalping requires frequent trade orders and execution. 

A trading platform that can handle trade orders continuously and without much hassle is the best choice for the process. 

Best Scalping App in India – List of Top 10 Scalp Trading Apps

So, now as you know the basic requirement of the trading applications for scalping, let us see which apps provide the most of the features. 

Angel Broking App is at the top and provides most of the features which are required for scalping. It is followed by Motilal Oswal and IIFL Markets Application. 

These two also provide a maximum number of features to the scalpers to scalp successfully. 

Then there is Zerodha and Upstox which are already quite advanced trading platforms and active trading is a part of their system. 

Sharekhan, ICICI Direct, and others follow with a little less number of features but provide fairground for scalping. 

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    We will now discuss each of these trading applications for scalping. We will see the features and benefits provided by each of them. 

    Angel Broking App – Best Scalping App in India

    Best Scalping App in India - List of Top 10 Scalping AppsTo begin with, we have Angel Broking Application, which is one of the top trading platforms in the country as of now. 

    It has a very advanced trading platform with multiple technical indicators, charts, and other tools. 

    There are an alert and notification system and many more to keep you updated about the market. 

    It also has the level 2 quotation feature to help you observe the market constantly and not to miss any opportunity in the market when the price changes. 

    There are also multiple investment options where you can scalp. Since it has almost all the features that are required by the scalpers, it is regarded as the best trading platform for the scalpers. 

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    MO Trader App – Top Scalping App in India

    Motilal Oswal App provides an abundance of investment options to scalp.

    There is a multiple market watch facility, ‘My Snapshot’ facility for checking all your investment details like portfolio, your open positions, margins, and others. 

    You can also get benefitted from the live streaming that is available on this platform. There are various technical analysis tools that will help you understand and also predict the market. 

    It will also help you understand the trend of the market and spot it to make your move. 

    It also has all the required features as you have seen above and thus is considered to be the second-best application for scalping in the Indian market. 

    IIFL Markets App – Top 10 Scalping App in India

    IIFL provides IIFL Markets App for scalping which has multiple trading options like equities, derivatives, and others. You can scalp as per your choice. 

    You have a market watch to look for your favorite stocks on which you want to scalp. There is an advanced level of technical analysis tools that can help you analyze and predict the price movement. 

    You can customize the watchlist and add things as per your requirement.

    It provides a trend-spotting facility with the help of technical analysis tools and along with that, there is a Level 2 quotation facility as well.

    Zerodha Kite App – Best Scalp Trading App in India

    In the fourth position, there is Zerodha Kite App. Now we all know that Kite is one of the super-popular trading applications in the Indian stock market at present. 

    It has a well customizable dashboard where you can add the things you want to see. Then the market watchlist is very adaptive and you can add the stocks you want to scalp and monitor for the same. 

    The market streaming in a live format is also there for you to track it in real-time and scalping is best when you have the real-time price in front of your eyes.

    It has one of the best order execution level. 

    Upstox Pro App – Top Scalp Trading App in India

    Upstox is known for its trading platform. It is having one of the most advanced trading apps and terminals which can boost your scalping skills. 

    The trading app has most of the features which are required by the scalpers like real time trading and price streaming, frequent order execution, and fast too. 

    You can have access to over three hundred shares on this application for scalping. 

    You have one of the most powerful technologies backing your trading platform which ensure quick execution of the trade orders required for scalping. 

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    Sharekhan App – Top 10 Scalp Trading App in India

    In the sixth position, there is a Sharekhan App which is also quite a good application for scalping. It has a quick order execution facility. 

    You can just check the live market streaming on the mobile application as well. This platform offers level 2 quotations as well for your scalping requirement. 

    It has multiple stocks listed on its platform and you can monitor the prices in real-time. There are technical analysis tools and various resources for your stock analysis and price and trend prediction. 

    ICICI Direct App – Best Scalping Apps

    The ICICI direct App offers live streaming and quick order placement and execution. 

    Here you can place an order in just a few clicks and that order execution is superfast due to the exceptional interface and the technology used for the trading application. 

    This helps in scalping successfully. The ICICI Direct app has lots of analytical tools to predict the trend and prices of the stocks. 

    You can also spot trend reversal, and trend formation with these tools and use them for your benefit. 

    Kotak Stock Trader App – Top Scalping Apps

    Kotak Stock Trader App has all the news and updates to keep you on your toes for scalping profitably. This app has multiple investment options to use for scalping. 

    You can use the technical analysis tools for predicting the market and observe the trend of the market and spot it right to make your move. 

    It has a customizable watchlist and a very fast order execution level. 

    5Paisa App – Top 10 Scalping Apps

    In the 9th position, there is the 5Paisa application for scalping which provides the basic features required for scalping like fast order execution, technical analysis tools like charts, trend analyzer, and others.

    You need to customize your watchlist to monitor the stocks you want to scalp and analyze them using the tools. 

    There are advanced technical charts which you can use to predict the market movements as well. 

    HDFC Securities App – Best Scalping App in India

    Finally, here is the HDFC Securities App which is the 10th best scalping app on our list and there are obvious reasons for the same. 

    It has more or less all the basic requirements for scalping like high-frequency trading, quick order execution and order placement, and technical analysis charts and other tools. 

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    What is Scalping App?

    To put it in simple words, scalping apps are nothing but the trading platform on which you can scalp. 

    The brokerage houses which provide scalping service to the traders have this facility in their trading platforms. 

    So, when you are thinking of scalping, you need to look for the broker who provides this service. 

    The scalping can be done on any trading platform. Whether it is a mobile trading application or trading terminal, it doesn’t matter. 

    However, with the mobile-based application, you can do it fast and whenever required. 

    In this article, we have shortlisted ten top brokerage houses with their trading platforms which are great for scalping. We will discuss each of them in detail and their benefits. 

    However, first, let us see which are the important features that a trading platform must have to facilitate scalping. 

    Benefits of using Scalping app

    There are multiple features and benefits of trading application which are required for fruitful scalping and here we are listing the crucial ones – 

    Order Execution to be Fast

    Firstly, the order execution has to be fast. There is no place for the delay in the order execution when it comes to scalping.

    So, they have to function like direct trading or Level 2 quotations. Level 2 quotation helps you track the market without any break and that is what you need in scalping.

    So, it helps you make a profit from even the smallest change in the market and especially not to miss any such change in the market. 

    Frequency of Traders

    The second factor which needs to be taken care of is the frequency of the trades and whether the application you are using can handle frequent trades or not.

    For instance, if your trading system is slow and cannot process multiple trades frequently, then you are going to end up in losses.

    The trading platform needs to be very swift and advanced for this reason. 

    Spotting Trends

    Then comes another important feature which is to spotting trends.

    Your trading application must have a highly advanced technical analysis tool to spot the trends and the popular stocks in the market which are actively trading. This will help you optimize your profits. 

    Best Scalping App in India – Conclusion

    To conclude, we observed that all ten apps are really good for scalping.

    While the first few trading applications are having all the features required by the scalpers, the later ones are having a few lesser than them. 

    However, all the apps are having the basic features required for scalping that are quick order execution, fast order placement, and analytical tools. 

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