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Best Full Service Brokers in India – List of Top 10 Full Service Broker of 2024

Last Updated Date - Jan 02, 2024

There are hundreds of stockbrokers in the country but a handful of them provide the best services. Traditional brokers or Best Full Service Brokers have a charm of their own.

Top 10 Full Service BrokersThey provide every service that a trader/ investor may need. Starting from the basic trading and Demat services, Full-service brokers provide complete research and advisory services, and other services too.

In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Full-service Brokers which we have found by analyzing different parameters.

We will discuss the parameters as well as the individual ten brokers according to the rankings.

Top 10 Full-Service Brokers in India 2024

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Rank Broker Name Ratings
1 Angel One 9.18 / 10
2 ICICI Direct 9.07 / 10
3 Kotak Securities 8.95 / 10
4 Sharekhan 8.90 / 10
5 IIFL / India Infoline 8.86 / 10
6 Motilal Oswal 8.82 / 10
7 HDFC Securities 8.75 / 10
8 Axis Direct 8.50 / 10
9 SBI Securities 8.27 / 10
10 Geojit Finance 8.05 / 10

We have curated this list of the Best Full service Brokers in India as per these seven parameters.

They are quality trading platforms, active clients, brokerage charges, innovative products, programs, services, and brand trust.

We have evaluated these seven parameters in detail for all the Full service Brokers. As per our ratings and rankings, Angel One tops the chart/list.

Then ICICI Direct follows and then comes Kotak Securities. These three are the top three Full-services brokers in India. Then there is Sharekhan, IIFL or India Infoline, Motilal Oswal, and others.

Let us now discuss each of the parameters in detail and then we will move to individual brokers.

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    Top Full Service Brokers with Super Quality Trading Platforms

    Nowadays, trading is completely online. You trade using your mobile phone or laptop and thus the quality of trading platforms is supremely important.

    The Top Full service Brokers provide the best of the trading platforms.

    As per our research, Angel One, ICICI Direct, Axis Direct, Sharekhan, and Motilal Oswal are the best Full-service brokers when it comes to providing quality trading platforms.

    Trading Platforms Rating

    Trading Platforms Rating (out of 10)
    Angel One ICICI Direct Axis Direct Sharekhan Motilal Oswal
    Fast Trade Completion 9.25 9.02 8.79 8.74 8.25
    Bulk Trade Processing 9.47 9.31 9.00 8.72 8.19
    Trading without Errors 9.38 9.02 8.91 8.97 8.24
    Features 9.30 9.31 8.84 8.81 8.15
    Quick Interaction 9.25 9.07 8.79 8.88 8.20
    Easy to Use 9.55 9.46 9.07 8.60 8.24

    As per the table given above, you can see that in every sense, Angel One provides the best trading platforms.

    Whether it is fast trade completion, or processing of bulk trades, or others, Angel One platforms are the best.

    Apart from this, ICICI Direct App also provides trading without errors, trading platforms loaded with features, and ease of use.

    Types of Trading Platforms

    Types of Trading Platforms
    Angel One ICICI Direct Axis Direct Sharekhan Motilal Oswal
    Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Web Trading Platform Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Trading Terminal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Algo Trading Platform Yes No No Yes Yes
    Robo Advisory Platform Yes No No Yes Yes
    Basket Trading Platform Yes No Yes Yes Yes

    Thus, Types of trading platforms matter a lot especially when you are an active trader. All the five brokers in the list above and the other five as well provide the basic three types of platforms.

    They have mobile app, trading terminals, and web trading platforms for sure. Apart from these three, Algo trading platforms, you can avail from Angel One, Sharekhan, and Motilal Oswal.

    Similarly, the Robo Advisory platform is also available with these three Full-service brokers and not with ICICI Direct and Axis Direct.

    Basket trading platform is available with all except ICICI Direct.

    Trading Platform Features

    Trading Platform Features
    Angel One ICICI Direct Axis Direct Sharekhan Motilal Oswal
    Wishlist Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Buy / Sell Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Algo Trading Yes No No Yes Yes
    Robo Advisory Yes No No Yes Yes
    Basket Trading Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Charts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    International Stocks Trading Yes Yes No No Yes
    UPI Transaction Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Alerts Setting Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    Tips / Advisory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    If you compare the features of these trading platforms, then Angel One provides it all and so is Motilal Oswal App.

    Whether it is Wishlist/market watchlist, technical charts, indicators, Algo and Robo trading, basket trading, and others.

    They also provide a trading facility in international stocks, UPI transactions, different settings of emails and alerts, and advisory services.

    Then Sharekhan App provides these all except the international stocks trading facility.

    Top 10 Full Service Brokers with Low Brokerage Charges

    One of the most crucial factors while choosing Full Service brokers is brokerage charges.

    The brokerage charge is the amount you pay to the brokerage house for providing all the services and facilities to you for trading.

    Amongst the Top 10 Full service Brokers, the most reasonable and pocket-friendly brokers are Angel One which provides a flat fee brokerage plan.

    Then there are IIFL, Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, and HDFC securities. These five brokers provide the most affordable brokerage charges.

    We will also see the other charges like account opening charges and statutory charges for all these brokers.

    Brokerage Charges

    Brokerage Charges
    Angel One IIFL Kotak Securities ICICI Direct HDFC Securities
    Equity Delivery Trading Rs 0 (Free) Rs 0 (Free) 0.25% 0.55% 0.32%
    Equity Intraday Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Free Rs.20 per order 0.03%
    Commodity Options Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per order Rs.20 per order Rs.20 per order
    Equity Futures Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per order Free Rs.20 per order
    Equity Options Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per order Rs 20 per order Rs.20 per order
    Currency Futures Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per order Rs 20 per order Rs.20 per order
    Currency Options Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per order Rs 20 per order Rs.20 per order
    Minimum Brokerage Zero Rs.0.05 per Share Rs.20 per order Rs.20 per Trade Rs.20 per order

    All these five Full-service brokers charge a flat fee of Rs.20 per order as a basic brokerage fee with few exceptions. Angel One charges no fee for the equity delivery segment, so is IIFL.

    The other three, Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, and HDFC Securities charge 0.25%, 0.55%, and 0.32% respectively for the equity delivery segment.

    HDFC securities charge a different brokerage for the equity intraday segment as well which is 0.03%. ICICI Direct charges no fee on equity futures.

    IIFL charges Rs.0.05 per share as minimum brokerage while others charge Rs.20 per order but Angel One has no minimum brokerage criteria.

    Account Opening Fees

    Account Opening Fees
    Angel One IIFL Kotak Securities ICICI Direct HDFC Securities
    Account Opening Fees Free Rs.295 Free Free Free
    Demat AMC Rs.450 Free 1st year Rs.600 Rs.300 (Free 1st Year) Rs.750
    Trading AMC Free Free Free Free Free
    Margin Money Zero Margin Zero Margin Zero Margin Zero Margin Zero Margin

    In the above table, as you can the account opening fees, annual maintenance fees and others charges have been mentioned.

    With Angel One, Kotak Securities, and ICICI Direct, and HDFC Securities you can open accounts for free.

    There are no account opening fees for these four Full-service brokers. Only IIFL charges Rs. 295 as account opening fees amongst these five.

    All five brokers provide free maintenance of the trading account. However, for the Demat account, they charge a nominal maintenance charge per year.

    The lowest is charged by ICICI Direct and it also charges nothing for the first year.

    Government & Other Charges

    Other Charges
    Angel One IIFL Kotak Securities ICICI Direct HDFC Securities
    Transaction Charges 0.00325% of Total Turnover 0.00325% of Total Turnover 0.00320% of Total Turnover 0.00280% of Total Turnover 0.00325% of Total Turnover
    STT Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    *Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.00005% (Rs.5/Crore) 0.00005% (Rs.10/Crore) 0.00005% (Rs.10/Crore) 0.00005% (Rs.10/Crore) 0.00005% (Rs.10/Crore)
    Stamp Duty (On buy side only)
    Delivery: 0.015%
    Intraday: 0.003%
    Equity Futures: 0.002%
    Equity Options: 0.003%
    Currency F&O: 0.0001%
    Commodity Futures: 0.002%
    Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)

    Other charges include statutory charges.

    There are transaction charges which are the same for three brokers on the list – Angel One, IIFL, and HDFC Securities – 0.00325% while the other two have a different rate.

    The STT is charged at the rate of 0.1% on every transaction (both sides) irrespective of brokers or segments.

    SEBI turnover charges vary from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10 for each 1 crore of transactions value. Stamp duty and GST are according to the state and central government respectively.

    Best Full Service Brokers in India with Highest Active Clients

    Active Clients
    Angel One    29,31,712
    ICICI Direct    27,16,172
    HDFC Securities    11,35,477
    Kotak Securities    11,18,318
    Sharekhan      8,28,644
    Motilal Oswal      8,20,790
    IIFL / India Infoline      7,18,597
    Axis Direct      4,65,743
    SBI Securities      4,26,240
    Geojit Finance      2,53,091

    When a broker has more active clients it becomes easier for the clients to trade the assets. It also indicates the quality of the services and products provided by the Full-service Brokers in India.

    As per active clientele, Angel One tops the list with more than 29 lakh of active clients. Then in the next position, there is ICICI Direct with 27 lakh clients actively trading on its platform.

    In the third position, there are HDFC Securities and then Kotak Securities, and the rest follows.

    While active clients are the clients who trade actively on the platform of these brokers, these brokers have more clients in total.

    Full Service Brokers in India providing Innovative Products

    Products & Innovation
    Angel One Kotak Securities Motilal Oswal IIFL ICICI Direct
    Equity Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    F&O Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Commodity Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Currency Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    International Stock Trading Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Crypto Trading No No No No No
    Mutual Fund Investment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Digital Gold Investment No No Yes Yes Yes
    NCD Investment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Social Trading No No No No No
    Algo Trading Yes No Yes No Yes
    Basket Trading Yes Yes No Yes No
    Robo Advisory Yes No No No No
    Trading APIs Yes No No Yes No
    Stock Market Education Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    The Best Full service Brokers in India always come up with new innovative products for trading. It helps the traders to choose from a wide range of products.

    This in turn helps in the diversification of your investment. Now, as per this parameter, Angel Broking again ranks at the top.

    From basic equity and commodities products to Robo advisor, trading APIs are all provided by this broker.

    IIFL and Motilal Oswal are quite close too, while Kotak Securities and HDFC Securities are also in the top five out of the ten Full service brokers we have chosen as per bringing innovation to the table.

    Mutual funds are also there as a product which each of these brokers provides. International stocks are also available with these brokers but no one provides a crypto trading facility.

    Motilal Oswal, IIFL, and ICICI Direct also provide Digital gold which is one of the most sought-after investment vehicles these days.

    However, you can avail of NCD investment from all these brokers.

    Top 10 Full Service Brokers in India with High Quality Services

    High Quality Services
    HDFC Securites ICICI Direct Kotak Securities Angel One SBI Securities
    Demat Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Trading Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    3 in 1 Account Yes Yes Yes No Yes
    Intraday Trading Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    IPO Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Digital Gold Account No Yes No No No
    Research & Advisory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Portfolio Management Services No Yes Yes No Yes
    Margin Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Loan against Shares Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Sub Broker Franchise No Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Partner Program No Yes Yes Yes No
    Referral Program No Yes No Yes Yes

    The fifth parameter for choosing these Top 10 Full-service Brokers in India is the quality of the services offered.

    We have checked which all services are provided by these brokers and then chose five out of the top ten on basis of high-quality service provided.

    As you can see in the table above, the five Full-service brokers which provide the best services are HDFC Securities, ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, Angel One, and SBI Securities.

    All of these brokers provide Demat, trading services. HDFC Securities, ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, and SBI Securities also provide a three-in-one account facility as they all are part of banking institutions.

    The intraday trading facility is available with all the brokers and so is the IPO Investment. As Full-service brokerage houses, all of them provide research and advisory services.

    From share market tips to advisory, to annual reports, and quarterly reports, you can avail yourself everything from these brokers.

    Three of the brokers also provide portfolio management services – ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, and SBI Securities aswell.

    Full Service Brokers in 2024 with Great Brand Trust

    Brand Trust Rating (out of 10)
    Angel One HDFC Securites Kotak Securities Sharekhan ICICI Direct
    Product Performance 9.25 8.75 9.00 9.20 9.10
    Customer Service 9.15 9.25 9.10 8.90 8.80
    Complaints Handling 9.20 9.30 8.90 8.85 8.75
    Pricing / Charges 9.55 8.50 9.10 8.35 8.90
    Experience 9.65 9.35 9.25 9.55 9.00

    Brand Trust means clients and people trust or faith in the brand name of the brokerage house.

    Out of our Full service Brokers List, the top five brokers with the highest Brand trust ratings are Angel One, followed by HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, Sharekhan, and ICICI Direct.

    These five are the most sought-after brokers in the country. If you look at the table, you can get a clear idea of why clients trust these names.

    They all have excellent product performance. All of them provide great customer support and solve complaints of customers as soon as possible.

    Angel One is also trusted for providing the best pricing plans. However, the most important factor in building this brand value is an experience that is in abundance for all these brokers.

    Best Full Service Brokers creating Highly Innovative Programs

    Innovative Programs
    Angel One IIFL ICICI Direct Motilal Oswal Sharekhan
    Sub Brokership Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Master Franchise Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    Business Partner Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Influencer Program Yes Yes Yes No No
    Referral Program Yes Yes Yes Yes No

    The last parameter but not the least of course is Innovative programs.

    All Full service Brokers Comparison has been done taking into account the programs they offer to the people and how innovative they are.

    As per this parameter, the top five brokers are Angel One again followed by IIFL, ICICI Direct, Motilal Oswal, and Sharekhan.

    All of these five provide a sub broker program. IIFL and Angel One provide other four programs which are a master franchise, business partner, influencer program, and referral program.

    ICICI Direct provides all the programs except master franchise. Motilal Oswal, on the other hand, doesn’t provide an influencer program and Sharekhan only provides sub-brokership and master franchise.

    Now lets have brief understanding of these Top 10 Full Service Brokers & why one should go with these brokers.

    Angel One – Best Full Service Broker in India

    Angel One is the largest broker in the country. It is the Best Full service Brokers in our list as per most of the parameters.

    Angel One - Best Full Service Brokers in India

    Angel One is the new name for the premier brokerage house Angel Broking. It has more than 26 lakhs of active clients trading with it.

    It is also one of the oldest full service brokerage houses in the country with many years of experience. The reasons for which this brokerage house can be the best choice for you are –

    • Firstly, it provides multiple trading and investment products. Whether it is basic equities, commodities, international stock, or mutual funds. You can trade or invest in all these assets using Angel One’s services.
    • Secondly, there are different trading platforms that Angel One provides. It has a mobile application, trading terminal, and online trading platform. Apart from these three basic platforms, Angel One has a basket trading platform, Algo trading, and Robo trading platform as well.
    • Angel One not only ranks higher because of the many trading platforms it provides. However, it provides quality along with quantity. It means the quality of the trading platforms is also top-notch. All the platforms are super-fast, and eligible for bulk trade. The features are in abundance and all are very easy to use.

    More on Angel One

    • Angel One is also known for its exceptionally low brokerage plans. It charges a flat fee of Rs.20 per order and nothing for delivery trades in the equity segment.
    • It doesn’t even charge any account opening fees or annual maintenance charges for the trading accounts.
    • You can choose Angel One if you want to diversify your portfolio with different asset classes. It provides a wide variety of assets and even international stocks.
    • The quality of service of Angel One is top-notch. It never compromises with the same. Angel One provides IPO services and many other services.
    • It has one of the best research departments amongst the full-service brokers. It provides daily tips, suggestions for traders. Angel One also provides full stock or company reviews which are available on the trading platforms.
    • If you are looking for earning some extra income by promoting or referring your broker, then Angel One has multiple innovative programs for you to enroll.

    ICICI Direct – Top 10 Full Service Brokers

    In the second position of the Top 10 Full service Brokers list we have made, there is ICICI Direct. ICICI is a name that hardly anyone would not know about.

    ICICI Direct - Top 10 Full Service Brokers

    It is a premier banking and financial institute in the country. ICIC Direct is also one of the largest retail stock brokers in India.

    It has over fifty lakhs of clients out of which around 2469247 clients are active on its different platforms. Here are the reasons for choosing this broker for your trading purpose –

    • It provides a three-in-one account. This account includes a bank account, trading account, and Demat account. Since ICICI Direct is a part of ICICI Bank, it is thus offering a three-in-one account. This elevates the security of the account and transactions are safer.
    • It offers highly advanced trading platforms. They help you in the fast execution of trades. You can also trade in bulk using ICICI Direct’s platforms. The platforms are loaded with features like live price updates, alerts, robo advisory systems, and many others.
    • ICICI Directs offers a very reasonable brokerage charge as well. As it is a broker of retail traders, it has kept its charges as low as Rs.20 per order. Moreover, it doesn’t charge any brokerage on equity futures. However, the equity delivery trades can be a little bit expensive with this broker.
    • It is also known for its high-quality services, innovative products, and research and advisory services.

    Kotak Securities – Top Full Service Broker in India

    Kotak Securities is a subsidiary of the popular Kotak Mahindra Bank. This is the thirst best Full service Broker in India as per our research and rankings.

    Kotak Securities - Top Full Service Broker in India

    It has more than 1209 branches in the country and thus it has a wide reach. It has more than 10 lakhs of active clients too.

    The reasons for which a trader or an investor can choose this broker are –

    • It’s simple brokerage plans. Yes, Kotak Securities offers very nominal and simple brokerage plans. It charges Rs.20 flat for any order executed. While the equity delivery segment is comparatively inexpensive too.
    • In terms of products and innovation, Kotak Securities is having an upper hand. It is providing multiple products for trading. Whether it is futures and options, currencies, commodities, equities, international stocks, mutual funds, and others.
    • When it comes to quality of services, Kotak Securities is quite popular as well. It provides a three-in-one in association with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

    Sharekhan – Best Full Service Brokers in India

    The fourth position of Best Full service Brokers in India has been taken by Sharekhan. It is a name that is widely popular in the share market and market participants.

    Sharekhan - Best Full Service Brokers in India

    Sharekhan is one of the oldest stockbrokers in the country. It is having more than 1.4 million clientele. There are ample reasons for choosing this brokerage house –

    • It is one of the first few brokerage houses in the country, which introduced the concept of online trading. It brought multiple products to make online trading familiar to people.
    • Then Sharekhan is also known for its exceptionally well-curated learning resources. It provides free webinars, stock market courses for new traders and investors.
    • It charges pretty nominal fees which help different traders to trade without worrying about brokerage charges.
    • Sharekhan has a brand name that it made over time. It has many awards and recognitions in its kitty.
    • It has pan India branches and thus you won’t have any difficulty if you are shifting to another city or so.

    IIFL / India Infoline – Top Full Service Brokers

    IIFL is one of the veteran Top Full service Brokers in India. It started its journey in 1995 and at present, it is one of the largest brokers in the country.

    IIFL - Top Full Service Brokers

    This full-service broker is known for its –

    • Exceptional research and advisory services. It provides different research information about stocks, commodities, and all other asset segments. From daily stock recommendations to annual reviews of companies, you can avail yourself of everything from IIFL.
    • It offers a flat-fee brokerage plan. IIFL charges only Rs.20 per order.
    • It offers a wide range of investment products and services which includes mutual funds, international stock as well.
    • You can get relationship manager support from time to time.

    Motilal Oswal – Top 10 Full Service Brokers in India

    In the fifth position of Top 10 Full service Brokers in India, there is Motilal Oswal as per our findings. Motilal Oswal is a full service brokerage house having its headquarter in Mumbai.

    Motilal Oswal - Top 10 Full Service Brokers in India

    It is one of the premier broking houses having a wide range of services. You can choose Motilal Oswal for multiple reasons like –

    • Firstly, it provides exceptionally well-designed trading platforms. It has multiple types of platforms whether a mobile app, trading terminals, or online platforms. Apart from these, there are Algo, Robo, and basket trading platforms as well. Motilal Oswal has one of the fastest trading platforms too which is rich in features.
    • Motilal Oswal is also quite involved in products innovation. There are different investment products that you can avail yourself of on this platform.
    • Similarly, with programs, this brokerage house is quite innovative. It provides multiple programs for becoming a partner with Motilal Oswal and earning.

    HDFC Securities – Best Full Service Banking Brokers

    In the Full service Brokers List of ours, HDFC Securities is in the seventh position. It is the equity trading Wing of HDFC Bank.

    HDFC Securities - Best Full Service Banking Brokers

    From basic trading services to advanced level technology, HDFC Securities provide it all. The reasons behind it being one of the best full-service brokerage houses are –

    • Wide range of investment options – IPOs, GOI Bonds, mutual funds, and all other basic asset classes.
    • It offers a three-in-one account which makes all your transactions for trading highly secure.
    • HDFC Securities provide excellent trading platforms with multiple technical charts and tools.
    • HDFC Securities is having the best quality services amongst all other full service brokers in the country. It provides a wide range of services and the quality it maintains is top-notch.

    Axis Direct – Top Full Service Online Brokers in India

    Axis Direct is the 8th best full-service broker on our list. In our Full service Brokers Comparison, this broker ranks at 8th position for all the right reasons.

    Axis Direct - Top Full Service Online Brokers in India

    However, before getting into that, let’s see when it started operating. Axis Direct came into existence in the year 2011 and it was founded by Arun Thukral.

    The reasons for choosing this broker can be –

    • Firstly, its three-in-one account is one of the biggest reasons for opening trading and Demat account with this broker.
    • This brokerage house provides one of the best security measures. Your funds are in safe hands with Axis Direct.
    • There are multiple assets that you can trade. It offers mutual funds, IPOs as well.
    • It provides a lot of learning resources and webinars and courses too.

    SBI Securities – Best Full Service Brokerage Firm

    SBI Securities is as you understood by the name is a part of SBI – the biggest bank in the country.

    SBI Securities - Best Full Service Brokerage Firm

    The broker is the 9th Best Full service Brokerage house which provides multiple assets and services to the clients. The reasons which make it stand out are –

    • Its brand name. Yes, goodwill is the first thing about SBI Securities. You can trust this broker completely.
    • It offers a 3-in-1 account to the customers. This account includes all three accounts required for trading i.e. trading, Demat, and bank account.
    • It has multiple trading platforms which are quite advanced. Some of them are the SBI SMART Xpress trading terminal or the mobile application.
    • There are more than hundreds of SBICap branches all over the country, especially in the major cities.

    Geojit Finance – Top Full Service Brokerage House

    In the 10th position of Top Full service Brokerage firms, Geojit Finance is here. It is one of the oldest brokerage houses which was incorporated in 1987.

    Geojit Finance - Top Full Service Brokerage House

    The broker is having its base in Kochi, Kerala. It is one of the best full-service brokerage houses because –

    • It offers a wide variety of investment products – equities, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and others.
    • The trading platforms are top-notch having all advanced features. The two trading platforms of this broker are Selfie Gold which is the online trading platform. The other one is Selfie Platinum which is the virtual dealer terminal.
    • Research and advisory services are provided by this brokerage house to the clients.

    Top Full Serice Brokers – Honorable Mentions

    While the top ten Largest Full service Brokers are as given above as per our ratings and rankings. However, there are a few more that missed the list just by a few points.

    They are Aditya Birla Money which is one of the premier broking institutes of India. Then there is Religare Securities, Reliance Securities, both are well-known and popular brokers.

    After that there is Ventura Securities which is also one of the sought-after brokerage firms. Then There is Anand Rathi too which is a veteran in this market.

    Best Full Service Brokers in India – Conclusion

    It is quite a daunting job to find the Best Full-service Brokers, isn’t it?

    However, our detailed analysis of the top ten full-service brokers and the parameters based on which we have chosen them can help you choose the broker you require wisely.

    Best Full Service Broker FAQs

    Check out the Best Full Service Broker FAQs here –

    Ques – Who are called full service broker in stock market?

    Answer – A full service broker, also known as a traditional broker are one of the many brokers that provide a lot of services to their clients regarding any kind of investment.

    They generally have a huge list of financial products to provide, and the key aspect is research and advisory, which is not provided with any of the discount brokers.

    Ques – Which are the top 10 best full service brokers in stock market?

    Answer – The top 10 best full service brokers in the stock market are Angel One, ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, Sharekhan, IIFL, Motilal Oswal, HDFC Securities, Axis Direct, SBI Securities and last but not the least, Geojit Finance. The list is obtained based on thorough analysis and research.

    Ques – Which Top 5 stock brokers provide best Research, Advisory & Stock Tips?

    Answer – Best research, stock advisory and tips are all extremely important and are supposed to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect stock brokerage house for one’s own good.

    Some of the best ones are: IIFL, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, Anand Rathi and Zerodha.

    Ques – What makes IIFL / India Infoline the best full service broker?

    Answer – IIFL has more than 6,00,000 active customers, its demat account is decent for investors all over who need proper guidance and support when it comes to making investment decisions in the long run and what is an added benefit is that the brokerage fee is really less in matters of trading and value investing.

    Ques – Do they train how to trade after opening Demat account?

    Answer – Yes, most of the stock broking houses provide education to help beginners get started with trading.  research and advisory, traditional stocks brokers also provide stock market education to the masses.

    Also, when you get started with any online trading platform, the platform will first give you a demo on its usage.

    This is more than enough to take you through the new experience you are about to witness.

    Ques – What kind of trading support provided by full service broker?

    Answer – Full service brokers make sure that you are always offered absolute customized support when it comes to facilitating trade, managing your portfolios planning anything regarding your investment as such or wealth management ideas for customers.

    Ques – What makes Angel Broking the best full service broker?

    Answer – The immense stock broking experience, offerings when it comes to products and services, extremely less brokerage charge and research and stock tips, make Angel Broking the best full service broker of all time.

    Ques – What makes Motilal Oswal the best full service broker?

    Answer – Motilal Oswal has an immense network that has been spread out to over 500 cities and towns in India and it comprises more or less 2000 locations of business operated by the company solely.

    It includes foreign investors mutual funds as well as corporate clients and all of this makes Motilal Oswal the best full service broker.

    Ques – What makes Sharekhan the best full service broker?

    Answer – Share Khan provide services through its online trading platform which goes by the name sharekhan.com and more or less 1700 offices that has different branches and franchises in more than 500 city is all over India.

    The company has seen tremendous growth over the last decade and are pretty successful in its chain of firms located in every part of this country.

    Ques – How to choose or select the best full service broker?

    Answer – You might want to start this task by first asking and taking suggestions from all your peers, or basically, do your research on the Internet, read some broker reviews and ratings and ultimately come to a decision as to what you think could be the best full service broker out there in the market.

    We have all the information you need, to choose the best broker.

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