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Fox Trader is an algo trading platform used by multiple stock brokers like Trade Smart Online, Upstox, Finvasia & more. This is great innovation which makes trading easy for die hard traders. In this article, we will discuss in detail about Fox Trader Review, its various features, its charges, pros & more.Stock Broker Complaints

Fox Trader Algo Trading Review & Ratings

Fox Trader Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.7/10
Usability 6.8/10
Features 6.7/10
Speed 6.9/10
Performance 6.8/10
Overall Ratings 6.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Fox Trader Algo Trading Platform

Fox Trader is one of the revolutionary online trading platforms that gives comprehensive support to their clients who face huge gaps between their knowledge and lack of realistic strategies while investing and trading in the stock market.

Trade Smart Online Fox TraderHave you wondered when you can step into the stock market world without taking the support of brokers? If no, then you are running late, Fox trader has designed the algo trading software that made to handle the needs of active users.

No matter, whether you are novice trader who don’t know the answers of “how to trade” “when to trade” and “what to analyze” or you are professional trader, this algo trading software guide you effectively along with helping you decide on which indices are good to trade.

This software is equipped with all high tech features you would expect from a modern stock marketing platform. By using conventional form of trading, investors and traders often gets affected by the fear and greed. They end up making impulsive wrong decision that lead to huge losses.

But this algo trading software is emotion bias and free from human error, so it always helps you in decision making so that your trading turns out to be extensively profitable.

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    Features of Fox Trader

    Fox Trader is one of the prominent algo trading software by trade smart online which comes with many highly advanced features.

    So, here we have run down all power packed features of fox trader! Check and start a trade.

    Trend Scanner

    Trend scanner window will give you all information about what overall market trend is doing with the help of technical analysis.

    We know stock analysis is one of the toughest and time-consuming processes but, with the help of this tool, you have a lot of flexibility to pick up which stock is trending up and down, and see if there is an opportunity to trade.


    This is one of the prominent features of this tool, after scanner if you think stocks trend up in trend scanner, you can add those stock in the watch list.

    Along with that, you can create multiple watch list. Additionally, you are free to add more stock in your watch list as well you can delete a stock from it if you don’t find it work anymore.

    Technical Indicators

    If you are active traders, you might have heard about this feature because it is commonly used by the active traders.

    It is implemented in this tool to analyze short-term price movement, long-term price movement, and help active traders to identify trending environment.

    Risk Management

    This automated feature is one of the overlooked or underrated features of trading. No matter, how you are good at trading, sometimes even the best traders suffer a huge loss because of improper risk management.

    So, in order to achieve successful money management, you have to use the software that prevents you from taking too much risk and helps to maximize profit while minimizing losses.

    How to set up Fox Trader?

    If you want to access this online algo trading tool, and don’t know to use it. Then you are at the right place, here we have listed all the essential steps that will help you during the registration process.

    Important Note: Forex online trading services is only available for the Upstox trading account holders. So, if you are not an Upstox holder than create demat account, and if you already follow the below-mentioned process.

    Download & Login Fox Trader

    • To download fox trader click on this link – http://reliable.co.in/RW.HomeV1.FoxTraderDownloads.aspx
    • Select the download button. Click on Fox Trader VNS
    • Once the fox trader downloaded, run the installation file and follow the instruction that you will find in the screen.
    • While installing if you get any error to change the installation drive location. Just place it from drive D to drive C.
    • After the installation complete, you are free to run this software hassle free.
    • Login using Trade Smart Online, Upstox, Finvasia Login ID & Password

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    How to Own Fox Trader Algo Trading Platform?

    To own a Fox Trader from Trade Smart Online – You have to sign up with Trade Smart Online

    Online Registration Process

    • When you head over to the welcome screen of software, you will find the registration page.
    • Here, Enter your Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number, and Aadhar Number.
    • After filling details you will get a one-time password on your registered mobile number.
    • Once the OTP registration competed, you can log in with your Stock Broking Firm ID and password.

    When you login first time, you will get the free subscription plan which runs for only 30 days. After 30 days, if you want to continue your trading with this software, you need to subscribe either for premium or standard version.

    Fox Trader Standard Plan Charges

    Fox Trader Standard Plan

    Fox Trader Premium Plan Charges

    Fox Trader Premium Plan

    In fox trader the more technical tools and features you get, the more you pay, so if you are an active trader than go for a premium version which is available at Rs.17000 yearly.

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    Advantages of Fox Trader

    • Fox trader is an exceptional charting platform, that updates you about market values.
    • As opportunity always knock the door, with the help of semi-automatic order book you can pre-place your orders according to your conditions that you feel these stocks can give you profit.
    • Fox traders not only offers you proper strategy about the market condition but also satisfies your needs and requirements.
    • With the help of this software, you can stop losses and take profit.
    • It acknowledges you when you take the risk.
    • Notify you about the upcoming trend as early as possible so that you can manage the risk effortlessly.
    • One month free access is very useful and a good initiative for the newbies.
    • No matters what’s your stock marketing goals, this algo trading software offers a variety of solutions that are very effective before we put orders into actions.

    Disadvantages of Fox Trader

    • Sometimes it is very difficult for the novice traders to a financial decision through this online software.
    • Fox traders online platform still need some advanced stage.
    • Many users experience that scanner option doesn’t work properly, it comes with lots of bugs.
    • It doesn’t support the EOD screening.
    • Very lethargic customer car service.
    • Unlike other trading software, this online platform is a little bit complicated.
    • Many useful indicators are restricted in the standard version.

    Conclusion of Fox Trader

    There are so many reasons to introduce algo trading platform in our trading life because we humans are emotions bias, we cannot easily execute our strategies in a one go.

    We need some mathematical accurate strategies and high-level computer functions to determine strategies and execute plans. So, this is the only platform that finds trading opportunities for us and manages the risk level.

    This platform not only helps to execute stocks at best possible prices but also reduces the possibilities of making mistakes.

    Hence, when we use the algorithm strategies while placing the orders allow profitable opportunities and minimizing the loss impact.

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