Upstox Franchise or Upstox Remisier program is very new entrant in the stock market franchise business. In today’s review, we would talk about the benefits of becoming a Sub Broker with Upstox, How to become a Franchise or Sub Broker with them, what service offerings should one expect and also what kind of Revenue markings are we looking at.

Upstox, which was earlier known as RSKV, is one of the latest entrants in the Stock Broking Industry. However, despite being a new player, it has been able to make a significant mark in the Stock Broker Market as of now.

Upstox Franchise Offers

Upstox Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Upstox Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.4/10
Products & Services6.5/10
Revenue Sharing5.9/10
Holistic Support6.7/10
Overall Ratings5.9/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Upstox Franchise

Upstox Broking was started by three young enterpreneurs in the year 2011 – Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar and Shrinivas Vishvanath with a motive “We have an Idea” Lets see if there’s a way to make trading easier and cheaper.

upstox franchiseThey started this organization with a vision to take it to being one of the top Financial services company in the country. In the last 9 years, the company has achieved many milestones.

They started in the year 2011 as RSKV. Later in 2012, they went to become Upstox and that when they laid their first milestone by launching India’s first evre Stock broker to offer unlimited trading plans with fixed monthly rental. In the year 2014 their Annual Trading turnover hit the 4000 Cr mark.

That year they contributed 1% to NSE’s total traded turnover. Then in 2016, they launched the Series A round in collaboration with Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital and GVK Davix. This series was started to expedite Technology and Operations efficiency.

Then in May 2016, they finally launched their Trading plaform Upstox Pro that is a very efficient and powerful mobile trading platform.

Upstox has a variety of products to offer its clients and have them trade seamlessly. It offers all segments of trading namely Equities, Commodities, Forex, Currency, IPOs and Mutual Funds as well.

Become an Authorized Person of Upstox

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    Types of Upstox Franchise

    Upstox Broking works only one Franchise model i.e

    • Sub Broker or Business Partner or Remisier Model

    Upstox Sub Broker or Upstox Remisier

    Anyone and everyone who has some basic knowledge about the Stock Broking Industry and the zeal to make it big can enroll with Upstox as a Sub broker. They have many people like Students, Educators, Youtubers, Social Influencers and Techies etc who are already a part of their team of Business Partners.

    A Sub Broker or Business Partner with Upstox needs to first enroll himself as a trader and start trading with Upstox. You get per trade Profit or Commission; which means there is no fixed income; the more one trades the better the chances of profits. Moreover, this business is of network marketing.

    Not just his trade, but the Sub broker benefits from all those individuals’ trading who are under his network and team.

    Hence he needs to refer maximum people to join Upstox and start trading. He would get 10% of the brokerage every time one of his references trades through Upstox.

    Which means that, over a period of time, even if he stops trading himself, he would still get a handsome amount of profit if his customers registered under his Sub brokership are trading.

    This model is a recurring business model, which is a lifelong income, and the more customers you add to your chain every month and every year, the better the returns would be.

    Benefits of Upstox Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    find the benefits of upstox sub broker program:

    • Backing by some of the Industry Gurus like Ratan Tata, GVK Davix and Kalaari Capital makes them a really strong entity despite being new
    • Strong Technology focus has lead to many innovations and benchmark achievements in their history
    • Marketing Support provided by the Upstox team is really helpful in setting up your business
    • Strong research and analytics capability to look at market fluctuations and predict profitable solutions
    • Low initial investment demand

    Upstox Partner Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    Although Upstox is new in this industry, but is one of the upcoming market leaders due to its adaptability and quick grasp over the industry standards. They recognize the importance of a Sub Broker in their business and hence have come up with a unique brokerage and business sharing model.

    In the Sub Broker or Business Partner model with Upstox, a Sub broker would earn not only once but every time his friends or friend of friend under his network trades through Upstox.

    He just needs to focus on adding on to his network and this revenue sharing model would work wonders for him. Every time a person from his network trades through Upstox, he would get 10%-0% of the total brokerage in his account.

    The typical Business model yields around 10- 30% of sharing proportion depending upon the Sub Broker’s quantum of business delivered. And its very easy also to track all the clients and their trading patterns; their advanced trading platforms and portfolio tracker helps to do so with much ease.

    Check the below table for better understanding of Referral Commission Model –

     Upstox CommissionSub Broker Commission
    Upstox Franchise / Remisier90% – 70%10% – 30%

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    Upstox Broking Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    Upstox wants to give an opportunity to one and all to be able to enroll and trade with them without have a security deposit as a barrier. And hence they have kept their Initial payment amount as low as Rs.3000 only.

    Moreover, this is not a Security deposit – out of this 3000, Rs 2200 goes towards SEBI registration, which is a mandate and the remaining Rs. 800, is towards handling fees and other charges.

    This is by far the lowest ever security deposit a Broker can charge. The concept is a lot of young people full of entrepreneurial zest get lagged behind due to such heavy deposit amounts and hence Upstox wanted to open avenues for such budding businessmen.

    Below table gives a better perspective of Upstox Franchise deposit amount:

     Upstox Franchise Security Deposit Amount
    Upstox Franchise or RemisierRs.3,000

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    Infrastructure Investment by Upstox Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

    Just like Upstox does not have any minimum Security deposit amount mandate; likewise, it also does not insist on a lavish office space in a five star locality.

    Their basic need is to be able to fulfill the customer’s expectations, whether you do it in a 10X10 office or in a 2000 sq ft large organization, it is absolutely up to the Business Partner and no obligation by the company.

    Their rules are very simple; a simple office with basic amenities like a Wifi connection, some Landline connections and minimum staff deployed who are required to help grow the business.


    Upstox Broking Franchise Offers:

    Upstox values the hard work put by the Sub brokers in cultivating their business and hence has some fantastic offers for them as well:

    • The Referral business model is the biggest benefit one can have with Upstox as that ensures you a lifelong recurring income irrespective of you trading or not.
    • Upstox’s advanced trading platforms – the Upstox Pro Mobile, Pro Web and Dartstock Trading Platforms are a well thought-out and user friendly set of tools which enable seamless trade and everything accessible by the click of a button.
    • Their trading dashboard also is a great assistance for the Sub Broker as it manages his entire customer base and their transaction status in a very organized manner. This dashboard does all the transactions for the partner from adding referrals to managing their trade history, keeping a track of earnings to also calculating the brokerage for each trade.
    • The Sub brokers also get a lot of support online and offline from the Upstox Support team to strengthen their business.

    Upstox Broking Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    There is no prerequisite mandate for joining the Upstox team. One can join as a Sub Broker even if he a novice but wants to earn money through this channel.

    Anyone who has the passion to grow and some business acumen with basic understanding of the stock broking industry can join the Upstox team as a Business Partner and start trading himself as well as get others to join and build his network.

    There are many amateurs who join the Upstox team and make it big eventually just due to their attitude and ability to grow. A you-tuber can create awareness by making some videos of the trading platforms and get his followers to enroll with him.

    A teacher or educator in the stock broking domain can teach people about benefits of trading and add them to his network. An existing Insurance Advisor can top up his insurance business by adding this to his portfolio, in return adding to his basket of offerings to his clients.

    Likewise a Social Media influencer can also capitalize his follower base and get them to join the Upstox team and trade.

    All you need to do before joining Upstox is get your SEBI registration done and then you can start anytime.

    How to become an Upstox Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

    Just like there is no Getting started with Upstox is a fairly simple task:

    Register your details online with Upstox as a Sub Broker or a Business Partner. You would need to mention your name, contact details, age, occupation and location as well

    The second step is the most critical one. You need to present a business plan as to how to plan to start and grow you business, how would you get more and more referrals added to your team; what is your long term goal etc.

    If the Team Upstox gets impressed with your business plan, then you get the entry ticket and your id is created for the  trading tools as well as the dashboard. You can start immediately after that.

    The entire process takes around 7-10 days in totality.

    Documents required to become Upstox Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    Here are some basic documents required to register as a Sub Broker or Authorized Person with Upstox:

    • Identity Proof: you can submit the Pan Card or Passport or Voter ID, or Adhaar card
    • Proof of Age: Passport or Pan Card or 10th Certificate
    • Address Proof : Adhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License or any utility bill
    • Eductaional Qualification Proof – Degree copies
    • SEBI registration certificate
    • Bank account details
    • Passport size photographs

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    Why Partner with Upstox?

    There are many reasons why one would want to partner with Upstox:

    • Although they are very new in the stock broking industry but they have been able to achieve great success in very less time; which proves that they are serious business professionals and with them your money can be safe and secure
    • Their flexible plans are the attraction for new startups; like no security deposit, no mandate on Infrastructure stringencies, flexible brokerage plans and moreover the referral scheme which is the most interesting and profit making for all
    • Easy signup and joining process also is an added advantage
    • Trading tools that add to the trading convenience is also very critical aspect of their association with them
    • Their dashboard and analytics tools which store all customer transactions and formulate them into trading history, maintain track record of clients and analyze for you your monthly earnings is also a very handy tool
    • The Team Upstox itself, from training to marketing and assistance in stabilizing the business as well renders a lot of support.

    Upstox Broking Sub Broker or Partner Program FAQs.

    Ques – What is the minimum initial deposit that one has to give Upstox to join as a Sub Broker?

    Ans: The minimum investment that one has to make is Rs 3000, wherein Rs 2200 is taken towards SEBI registration  and rest Rs 800 towards handling fees

    Ques – How much brokerage share does the Sub Broker earn out of each client?

    Ans: The Sub Broker gets 10%-30% of the total brokerage generated by when their referral trades through Upstox

    Ques – What are the different trading tools with Upstox?

    Ans: The three trading tools are: Upstox Pro Mobile; Upstox Pro Web and Dartstock Training platform

    Ques – What is the launch year of upstox?

    Ans: Upstox started its operations in the year 2012.

    Ques – Does Upstox have Sub Broker Model?

    Answer – Upstox has a provision of the franchise model – remisier. The remisier model can also be referred to as the sub broker model, since the remisier here is imposed with the responsibility of networking marketing. However, since Upstox is a discount broker, their patter of working is not similar to full service brokers.

    Ques – Is Upstox having multiple Franchise models?

    Answer – No, Upstox does not provide multiple models for franchise and only provides one model, i.e. of Remisier model. This model is exclusive for all the clients of the company, who get the opportunity to creating additional income via references made. This income is not fixed and ranges as per the network created.

    Ques – What is Upstox Sub Broker Commission?

    Answer – The commission provided to the sub broker is fair, which goes in line with the limited set of responsibility he/she has for this broker. The designated commission is of 10% – 30%. As a result, the franchisor will take 90% – 70% as part of royalty.

    Ques – How much Upstox Franchise Cost?

    Answer – If you wish to avail for the only provided model from Upstox, i.e. of the remisier, also referred to as the sub broker, you have to pay Rs.3000 for the same. This small amount of investment will help you get your business started, and earn returns in a proportion between 10% – 30%.

    Ques – Does Upstox have Partner Program?

    Answer – Yes, Upstox belongs to the line of discount brokers who have no physical presence. As a matter of which, they do not require setting up sub units, by providing sub broker franchise model. So, the only model that Upstox provides is the Partner program.

    Ques – What is Upstox Partners Sharing?

    Answer – If you consider going for the one and only provided franchise model of Upstox, you need to invest Rs.300. Following the ownership of franchise model, you will be able to earn 10% – 30% of the business that you undertake.

    Ques – Is Upstox Partner Program Free?

    Answer – No, availing for the partner program is not free of cost. However the investment required is quite tiny. Only an amount of Rs.3000 will fetch you the franchise model of Partner program, following which you can get started with your business and soon enough earn proportionate returns.

    Ques – Does Upstox provide Training Assistance?

    Answer – Yes, if you opt for the Upstox partner program, you will be provided with proportionate help regarding the products and customer acquisitions. The brand will lend you the help you need in order to learn about the products and services they provide and also to earn more clients.

    Ques – How to Become Upstox Sub Broker?

    Answer – If you have the desire to work for Upstox, you can begin right from this page, by clicking on the button “Become Sub Broker”. When you see a pop up form, fill up the details as asked and cooperate with the executive who gets in touch with you. They will discuss everything with you prior to drafting the franchise agreement.

    Ques – Does Upstox Franchise provide Support?

    Answer – Yes, support in the arena of marketing and assistance in stabilizing the business is as well provided by the company. This will serve as a help for setting up your business, which makes it easy for you to earn profitable returns from the business venture.

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