India Infoline or IIFL Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

IIFL Franchise is one the few broking franchise business who have grown significantly in last 3 years. In this article, we will dig deep into IIFL Sub Broker Review.

Then we will go through a detailed analysis of India Infoline Franchise Offers, India Infoline Sub Broker Commission, IIFL Franchise Cost & other important features of IIFL Authorized Person Program.India Infoline Franchise Offers

IIFL or India Infoline Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

IIFL Franchise Ratings
Market Share8.7/10
Products & Services8.9/10
Revenue Sharing8.2/10
Holistic Support9.0/10
Overall Ratings8.72/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About India Infoline / IIFL Franchise

IIFL New LogoIIFL, set up in 1995, has been an innovative broking firm. Since its inception, it has been quite a popular broking company. IIFL open up the business partnership venture in 2003 and since then it has been growing exponentially.

IIFL stocks a large variety of trading and investment products. It also has a credit line and portfolio management service line in addition to the advisory services. With all these products and the services, it definitely is a smart choice for sub-brokers.

As on date, IIFL has a vast network of sub-broker all throughout the country with a numerous offices. IIFL does not have multiple business association models. In the next few papars, we have explained this business mode, the revenue sharing ratio, the registration process and investment requirements.

It has prescribed the following basic eligibility criteria:

  • 18Yr+
  • Secondary education; and
  • Valid proof of address

Needless to say, it also requires the person to be registered with SEBI and relevant stock exchange as a stock-broker. This is a part of mandatory compliance and hence needs to be fulfilled by every candidate interested in stock-brokership.

According to the new SEBI Circular, all existing sub brokers has to move to Authorized Person Registration. The Roles & Responsibilities of an Authorized Person is 100% similar to Sub Broker. All new IIFL Authorized Person has to register under exchange as AP instead of Sub Broker.

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Types of IIFL Franchise

IIFL does not believe in creating multiple fancy models, rather it has only one focus i.e. a full fledged sub-broker who can act as their local branch office in various parts of the country and fetch good business for themselves and IIFL.

The only model that IIFL offers is the sub-broker model or IIFL Authorized Person Model. Herein the sub-broker is kind of retail chain of the principal broker.

IIFL Sub Broker / IIFL Authorized Person / India Infoline Franchise

A sub-brokers’ functions are from end to end i.e. identifying potential clients, pitching for those clients, acquiring clients, adding more services to existing client accounts, serving these clients with their trading & investment advices, undertaking trade orders on their behalf and helping them in settle their accounts.

Lets understand the benefits of a sub-broker model:

Benefits of India Infoline Authorized Person:

  • A well established brand
  • Huge variety of products & services
  • Marketing support from IIFL
  • Smart trading platforms
  • The excellent advisory services
  • Innovative & customized solutions offered

IIFL Sub Broker Commission/ Revenue Sharing Model

IIFL certainly has observed the potential that sub-broker business carries for IIFL’s growth and accordingly IIFL has ensured that its sub-brokers are compensated with their deserving share in the revenue. The Broking house has been recognized to be a very fair and rewarding principal broker.

Its revenue sharing ratios have been known to be quite similar to the ones that are offered by the other broking business of the same grade. To have an idea of the revenue sharing ratio, please refer the following para:

  • IIFL Sub-broker or IIFL Authorized Person : IIFL believes that a sub-broker undertakes huge part of responsibilities & functions and hence should be adequately remunerated. Accordingly, it has been known to share a 75% of revenue with the sub-brokers or authorized person i.e. the sub-broker gets a 75% share in the revenue and IIFL gets 25%. This 25% is retained on account of the brand & the other activities that are performed solely by IIFL. This revenue ratio can be said to be one of the highest ratio that is being offered by broking firms falling under the same tier as IIFL.

Check the Table below for better understanding of India Infoline Sub Broker Commission:

 IIFL CommissionSub Broker Commission
IIFL Sub Broker / IIFL Authorized Person40% – 25%60% – 75%

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IIFL Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

IIFL has prescribed a minimum security deposit amount of INR 25,000 and the same increases as the revenue and the client base of a sub-broker increases. The security deposit that is taken by IIFL is refundable in nature and is generally refunded at the end of the tenure or termination of the agreement.

This deposit acts as an insurance amount for the principal brokers against any monetary default that the sub-broker might commit like non payment of margin money or non compliance with any statutory regulations due to which IIFL gets penalized.

Find the list of Stock Market Franchise with low initial investment amount:

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BMA Wealth Creators FranchiseAsit C Mehta FranchiseAnand Rathi Franchise
KIFS Trade FranchiseASE Capital Markets FranchiseAlice Blue Franchise

IIFL Franchise Infrastructure Cost:

The other kind of investment that a sub-broker is required to shell out is the infrastructure. IIFL is very liberal in terms of the infrastructure requirements as in it does not have any high mandates on the look & feel of infrastructure.

IIFL believes in simplicity and does not demand any high infrastructure maintenance. However, it has certain minimum infrastructure requirements so as to ensure that there are no ill offices which may then spoil the brand & image of IIFL.

IIFL has prescribed a minimum workspace for each tier of city, the minimum number of workstations and the minimum internet requirements to undertake the trade on behalf of the clients. All these minimum requirements are very much reasonable.

All in all, the investment amount may range from 75,000 to 2 lacs depending upon various factors like the city, the client accounts, the products chosen etc.

Check the table below for better understanding of India Infoline Franchise Cost:

 IIFL Franchise Cost
India Infoline Sub Broker / India Infoline Authorized PersonINR 75,000 – 200,000

IIFL Franchise Offers

Lets have a look at the offers that IIFL provides to its sub-brokers:

  • High revenue sharing ratio
  • Research reports for Free
  • Free DEMAT accounts
  • Free Trading account
  • Assistance in setting up workplace
  • Reduced margin money requirements
  • Increased or extension of credit period
  • Tailored solutions for clients
  • Customized packages for sub-broker clients

IIFL Franchise or IIFL Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

IIFL has prescribed the following eligibility criteria for its sub—brokers:

  • The candidate should be atleast 21 years old
  • The candidate should have completed atleast higher secondary education
  • Any additional certification course in field of stock market or financial market would be of great advantage
  • The candidate should have atleast basic knowledge & understanding of stock market
  • Any experience in this field would be an added advantage
  • It is needless to say that the candidate should have a registration certificate from SEBI.

How to become a IIFL Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

It is a very plain 7 simple procedure. Just follow the following steps & become an India Infoline Sub Broker:

  • Fill in the form available herein with the correct contact details
  • Our executive will connect with you to confirm your interest in sub-brokership
  • We will fix up a meeting between IIFL relation team & the candidate
  • During this meeting, IIFL and the candidate discuss upon the roles and retruns. The terms like investment, deposit amount, revenue sharing ratio etc. are discussed.
  • Candidate will be asked to furnish certain documents (refer our next section to have a brief understanding on the documents required)
  • Meanwhile, IIFL conducts a background check of the candidate
  • Upon completion of above formalities, an agreement is signed between the candidate & IIFL
  • Lastly, IIFL will generate the sub-broker code and the sub-broker can commence the business.

Documents required to become IIFL Authorized Person

A candidate should ensure that following documents are available with them for registration as a sub-broker:

  • A identity proof copy
  • Address proof copy
  • A copy of SEBI registration certificate
  • Experience certificates
  • Academic qualification certificates
  • Cheque of security deposit
  • Proof of infrastructure investments.

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Why Partner with India Infoline or IIFL?

Here are the few reasons to become an IIFL Sub Broker. Lets have a look:

Customized Solutions:

An innovative company and hence allows creativity in solutions and gives the sub-broker a chance to devise customized solutions.

Established Brand:

A settled and established brand name which makes client acquisition easy.

Marketing Support:

The marketing support that keeps the sub-broker strong during the initial business phase and even during later stages.

Products & Services:

Large product & service profile that give a lot of business opportunities to sub-brokers.

Analytical Tools & Trading Platforms:

Their analytical tools have good name in the market. Their Trading platforms are quite efficient & user friendly.

Dedicated Relationship Manager:

The Sub Broker Franchise provides dedicated relationship manager to all its sub brokers. They also provides Research & Advisory Support.

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IIFL Sub Broker Client Testimonials

IIFL made my journey from a beginner to an advanced sub-broker very easy & soothing. They have been a constant support and have always encouraged my business.  By – Sri K Ramanna, Hyderabad

I’ve been very impressed with IIFL since day 1 as their registration procedure was so simple & hassle free. It was quick & smooth. Later, I realized that all other activities are also very designed in a simple & plain manner which makes doing business very easy. Account opening, trading, depositing money, transfer of shares, putting orders and what not.. all this is as simple as operating a computer. By – Asha Bhatt, Surat

The huge product profile that IIFL has is the major reason that I have been able to settle a good business in my area. The stock market surely is very fluctuating but their research & advice team constantly helps in advising my clients with tips to minimize the losses and maintain a balance in investment. By – Kamal Asudani, Kalyan, Mumbai

IIFL Franchise Summary

A new entrant to the market – IIFL has got along with it great business opportunities. Its idea of doing business is very innovative and customer friendly. Apart from the varied product profile, it is their low brokerage plans that are quite popular & famous in the market.

Even with sub-broker business, they are one of the highest paying companies and coupled with this is the fact that their investment requirements are quite reasonable & affordable – these two factors have contributed significantly to IIFL’s high number of sub-broker business network.

IIFL Authorized Person Program FAQs

Ques 1 – Can I become an IIFL sub-broker?

Ans – Yes, if you fulfill the following conditions:

  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Completed higher secondary education
  • Have a SEBI registration certificate
  • Have an understanding of stock market
  • Another important criteria is experience in Stock Market

Ques 2 – How can I become an IIFL sub-broker?

Ans – Please fill in the form here and we will connect you with IIFL relations team who will connect with you to confirm your interest in sub-brokership and then guide you with the registration process.

Ques 3 – What documents do I need to become IIFL sub-broker?

Ans – List of Documents required are:

  • Copy of ID proof
  • Copy of address proof
  • SEBI registration certificate
  • Higher Secondary passing certificate

Ques 4 – Can IIFL sub-broker be based in a different city?

Ans – Yes. A sub-broker can be based in a city which is not the headquarter city. In fact a sub-broker represents a local office of IIFL.

Ques 5 – How much share in revenue does an IIFL sub-broker earn?

Ans – The sub-broker or Authorized Person can earn upto 75% of the revenue. This is subjective and varies depending upon case to case.

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