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IIFL Franchise is one of the few broking franchise businesses growing significantly in the last three years. In this article, we will dig deep into IIFL Sub Broker Review.

Then we will go through a detailed analysis of India Infoline Franchise Offers, India Infoline Sub Broker Commission, IIFL Franchise Cost & other important features of the IIFL Authorized Person Program.India Infoline Franchise Offers

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IIFL or India Infoline Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

IIFL Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 8.8/10
Market Share 8.7/10
Products & Services 8.9/10
Revenue Sharing 8.2/10
Holistic Support 9.0/10
Overall Ratings 8.72/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About India Infoline / IIFL Franchise

IIFL, set up in 1995, has been an innovative broking firm. Since its inception, it has been quite a popular broking company. IIFL opened up the business partnership venture in 2003, and it has been growing exponentially since then.

IIFL New LogoIIFL stocks a large variety of trading and investment products. It also has a credit line, portfolio management, and advisory services. It is a smart choice for sub-brokers with all these products and services.

IIFL has a vast network of sub-broker throughout the country with numerous offices. IIFL does not have multiple business association models.

It has prescribed the following basic eligibility criteria:

  • 18Yr+
  • Secondary education; and
  • Valid proof of address

It also requires the person to be registered as a stock broker with SEBI and the relevant stock exchange. This is a part of mandatory compliance, and every candidate interested in stock-brokership needs to be fulfilled.

According to the new SEBI Circular, all existing sub-brokers must move to Authorized Person Registration. The Roles & Responsibilities of an Authorized Person are 100% similar to Sub Broker. All new IIFL Authorized Persons must register as AP instead of Sub Broker under exchange.

Learn more about the Best Sub Brokers in India and choose the entity which serves you as per your desire and helps you achieve your investment goals.

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    Types of IIFL Franchise

    IIFL believes in adaptability by creating multiple fancy models. Any individual can act as the provided model and job role from various parts of the country and fetch good business for themselves and IIFL

    The models provided by this Broking house are as follows:

    • Franchise
    • Marketing Associate
    • Employee to Entrepreneur
    • Remissier / Direct Sales Agent (DSA)

    IIFL Sub Broker / IIFL Authorized Person / India Infoline Franchise

    A sub-brokers functions are from end to end, i.e., identifying potential clients, pitching for those clients, acquiring clients, adding more services to existing client accounts, serving these clients with their trading & investment advice, undertaking trade orders on their behalf, and helping them settle their accounts.

    Let’s understand the benefits of a sub-broker model:

    Benefits of India Infoline Authorized Person

    • A well-established brand
    • Regular revenue generation
    • Huge variety of products & services
    • Marketing support from IIFL
    • Smart trading platforms, alongside safe business process
    • Facilitation of relationship managers and Personal Support
    • Programs for awareness, trading sessions, and workshops included
    • Customer acquisition assistance and excellent advisory services
    • Innovative & customized solutions are offered via offline and online mediums and more.

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    IIFL Marketing Associate

    An individual who wishes to establish an individual business where they are the sole owner can opt for this business model.

    The requirement here is good networking and advertising skills, as the person will be responsible for advertising various offerings made by this stock broking house.

    Benefits of India Infoline Marketing Associate

    • No investment of whatsoever nature is required here.
    • You will become the official IIFL business Associate, absorbing brand recognition.
    • Access to the company’s technology-oriented platform will be provided, alongside simultaneous back-office support.
    • Dealing in products and services of diversified nature to keep up with client expectations
    • Facilitation of educational seminars is provided
    • With no investment at all, you will be able to generate constant income
    • The franchiser will eventually provide training and support in operations, client acquisition, and research.

    IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur

    This program provides the offer of transforming a person with more than three years of experience in the share market industry into an entrepreneur.

    This model lets the concerned individual own a business and carry on activities they excel in.

    Benefits of India Infoline Employee to Entrepreneur

    • Growth prospects are not defined or limited
    • Any area of expertise can be chosen, and a business can be set up based on it
    • The investment requirement is nil, but a constant flow of income can be generated
    • Dealing with multiple products and services
    • Awareness programs are conducted for investors, i.e., Entrepreneur clients
    • Technology assistance is constant
    • Franchiser extends Support and training in all domains

    IIFL Remisier / DSA

    One can choose this model to avail yourself of the perk of independent operation.

    The Remisier’s income generation would be through referring clients to the broker, where a certain portion of the commission is paid in return. The essentials here are – good networking and marketing skills.

    Benefits of India Infoline Remisier or Direst Sales Agent

    • A proportionately lower security deposit amount is required
    • Access to provided in all domains, i.e., all financial products offered by the company
    • Earning would be as per the references provided
    • Reputed brand’s association

    IIFL Sub Broker Commission/ Revenue Sharing Model

    IIFL certainly has observed the sub-broker business’s potential for IIFL’s growth. Accordingly, IIFL has ensured that its sub-brokers are compensated with their deserving share of the revenue.

    The Broking house has been a very fair and rewarding principal broker.

    Its revenue-sharing ratios have been known to be quite similar to the ones that are offered by the other broking business of the same grade. To have an idea of the revenue sharing ratio, please refer to the following para:

    IIFL Sub-broker or IIFL Authorized Person

    IIFL believes that a sub-broker undertakes a huge part of responsibilities & functions and should be adequately remunerated.

    Accordingly, it has been known to share 75% – 60% of revenue with the sub-brokers or authorized person, i.e., the sub-broker gets a 75% – 60% share in the revenue, and IIFL gets 25% – 40%.

    This 25% – 40% is retained on account of the brand & the other activities that are performed solely by IIFL. This revenue ratio can be one of the highest ratios offered by broking firms falling under the same tier as IIFL.

    IIFL Marketing Associate

    The owner of this business is subject to enjoy a fixed share of 70%. On account of the activities taken over and the revenue generated, 70% of the revenue can be retained by the associated.

    However, the remaining 30% of the revenue will go to the brand, also referred to as royalty.

    IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur

    Here, since the business owner has a lot of contributions to make on account of the gathered experience from working in the industry, a majority of the share is provided to them.

    A whooping sum of 80% of the revenue generated is for the owner to retain. The leftover 20% must be provided to the franchiser or investor.

    IIFL Remisier

    Remisier can retain a percentage of between 50% – 60% of all the revenue generated from marketing the brand. This leaves the brand with 50% – 40% of the share in the revenue generated by the register.

    Check the Table below for a better understanding of the India Infoline Sub Broker Commission:

      IIFL Commission Sub Broker Commission
    IIFL Sub Broker / IIFL Authorized Person 25% – 40% 75% – 60%
    India Infoline Marketing Associate 70% 30%
    IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur 80% 20%
    IIFL Remisier 50% – 60% 50% – 40%

    IIFL Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

      Investment Requirement
    IIFL Sub Broker / IIFL Authorized Person Rs.100000 – Rs.200000
    IIFL Marketing Associate No Charges
    IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur No Charges
    IIFL Remisier Rs.15,000

    As per the chosen model provided by IIFL, the business owners have to make the appropriate investments, also known as security deposits. They are the sum required to acquire the particular business model.

    The franchise business model attracts the highest investment of Rs.100000 – Rs.200000, and so are the high returns.

    Consequently, the Remisier model owner should provide a charge of Rs.15,000. Otherwise, the Marketing Associate and the Employee to Entrepreneur business owners are not required to pay any security deposit.

    Franchise Model Sub-Categories

    The franchisee can further choose from three different models per individual compatibility.

    No charges

    This model requires no long-term investment and, as a result, provides limited accessibility and features, also, excluding equity.

    INR 15,000

    The list of accessibility provided via this module surpasses those from the previous ‘No Charges’ module. Also, the amount of investment asked for is refundable.

    INR 1,00,000 or 2,00,000

    Investment of INR 2 lakh is subject to metro cities, while the sub-metro cities demand INR 1 lakh in investment. This model provided full access to features, including equity.

    IIFL Franchise Infrastructure Requirement

    The infrastructure is the other kind of investment a sub-broker must shell out. IIFL is very liberal regarding the infrastructure requirements as it does not have any high mandates on the look & feel of infrastructure.

    IIFL believes in simplicity and does not demand any high infrastructure maintenance. However, it has certain minimum infrastructure requirements to ensure that there are no ill offices, which may spoil the brand & image of IIFL.

    IIFL has prescribed a minimum workspace for each city tier, the minimum number of workstations, and the minimum internet requirements to undertake the trade on behalf of the clients. All these minimum requirements are very much reasonable.

    IIFL Franchise Offers

    Let’s have a look at the offers that IIFL provides to its sub-brokers:

    • High revenue-sharing ratio
    • Research reports for Free
    • Free Demat accounts
    • Free Trading account
    • Assistance in setting up workplace
    • Reduced margin money requirements
    • Increased or extension of the credit period
    • Tailored solutions for clients
    • Customized packages for sub-broker clients

    IIFL Franchise or IIFL Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

    Thus, IIFL has prescribed the following eligibility criteria for its sub-brokers:

    • The candidate should be at least 18 years old
    • The candidate should have completed at least higher secondary education
    • Any additional certification course in the field of the stock market or financial market would be of great advantage
    • The candidate should have at least basic knowledge & understanding of the stock market
    • Any experience in this field would be an added advantage
    • It is needless to say that the candidate should have a registration certificate from SEBI.

    IIFL Sub Broker Support / Advisory

    IIFL Sub Broker support services are renowned in the mainstream. The broker believes in offering full-fledged Support and advisory to its franchise partner. However, the range of support offered by IIFL to franchise partners isn’t limited to a specific one.

    You are exposed to multiple Support and advisory facilities when joining IIFL company as a partner.

    The types of Support offered to IIFL Franchise partners include back-office support, advisory support, trading support, marketing support, website support, relationship management support, etc.

    The broker has tried to pay maximum attention to the convenience of the sub-broker. Thus, proactive Support can be expected.

    How to become an IIFL Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

    It is a very basic seven simple procedures. Just follow the following steps & become an India Infoline Sub Broker:

    • Fill in the form available herein with the correct contact details.
    • Our executive will connect with you to confirm your interest in the form of a business model that you wish to avail.
    • We will arrange a meeting between the IIFL relations team & the candidate.
    • During this meeting, IIFL and the candidate discuss the roles and returns. The terms like investment, deposit amount, revenue sharing ratio, etc., are discussed.
    • The candidate will be asked to furnish certain documents (refer to our next section to have a brief understanding of the documents required)
    • Meanwhile, IIFL conducts a background check on the candidate.
    • Upon completion of the above formalities, an agreement is signed between the candidate & IIFL

    Lastly, IIFL will generate the sub-broker code, and the sub-broker can commence the business and log in.

    Documents required to become IIFL Authorized Person

    A candidate should ensure that the following documents are available with them for registration as a sub-broker:

    • An identity proof copy
    • Address proof copy
    • A copy of the SEBI registration certificate
    • Experience certificates
    • Academic qualification certificates
    • Cheque of security deposit
    • Proof of infrastructure investments.

    Why Partner with India Infoline or IIFL?

    Here are a few reasons to become an IIFL Sub Broker. Let’s have a look:

    Customized Solutions

    An innovative company allows creative solutions and gives the sub-broker a chance to devise customized solutions.

    Established Brand

    A settled and established brand name which makes client acquisition easy.

    Marketing Support

    The marketing support keeps the sub-broker strong during the initial business phase and even later stages.

    Products & Services

    Large product & service profile that gives many business opportunities to sub-brokers.

    Analytical Tools & Trading Platforms

    Their analytical tools have a good name in the market. Their Trading platforms are quite efficient & user-friendly.

    Dedicated Relationship Manager

    The Sub Broker Franchise provides a dedicated relationship manager to all its sub-brokers. They also provide Research & Advisory Support.

    IIFL Franchise – Pros & Cons

    It’s time to explore the major pros and cons of joining the IIFL franchise because, at certain points, people don’t find the broker the best fit for their business goals. Take a look to figure out why –


    • Multiple instruments for trading and investment
    • Multiple business models
    • Decent return on investment


    • Brokerage is relatively higher
    • Lacks interactive trading terminals

    IIFL Franchise Registration

    Here’s a brief talk on IIFL franchise registration. As an aspiring joiner, which things will you consider in the journey, and what documents will you be asked to submit? Here’s a summary of that.

    1. Start by simply filling up the registration form.
    2. The form requires you to give your name and mobile number.
    3. Similarly, an IIFL representative then sets a call back to you.
    4. During this phonic interview, business objectives, business capital, background, and experiences will be discussed.
    5. Hereafter, IIFL Managers themselves approach you to collect documentation.
    6. A partner token is issued to the franchisee, and access to IIFL software, Support, and relevant services is also offered.

    Upon successful registration, you can begin inviting aspiring joiners to IIFL and set the business wheels into motion.

    Earning the potential of an IIFL Partner / ROI

    It’s time to give you an idea of the earning potential driven by the IIFL Franchise Program on their investment.

    To be honest, the broker has kept a decent revenue sharing for its partners. Being a franchisee or sub-broker, you can make anything between 60% to 75% per client.

    Master franchise of IIFL also makes the highest 75% commission and not more than that. Still, the minimum commission earned by a franchise is higher than the average revenue sharing often offered by franchisors.

    That’s how IIFL Partner Program carries the vast potential to build a stable source of income for its partners.

    IIFL Franchise Referral Program

    IIFL Franchise referral program allows you to make money by referring IIFL services to a trader/investor or an individual specific.

    When a referral client funds their account and launches a trade or investment for a particular amount, a commission is released from the revenue generated by Indian Info Line securities on every client.

    Anybody above 18 can become a member of the referral program and can build an income stream in no time.

    However, it is still advised to get accurate details from IIFL before you begin putting intense effort into generating clients for the broker.

    Brokerage Charges levied on the clients of IIFL Partners

    IIFL Brokerage charges are higher than average industry charges. The broker charges Rs 200 or 0.1% brokerage per executed order.

    However, each trading or investment segment’s charges vary and are reasonable at certain points. Therefore, people still love using IIFL.

    Being a franchise partner, you can attract clients by offering them discounts or rewards – which might have been granted to you by IIFL so that you could attract more leads.

    IIFL Authorised Person – Products Offered

    It’s time to watch the superior products offered by IIFL to its clients. Being an IIFL Authorized Person, you can promote these products to clients so that they come and help you build an income source by becoming an IIFL customer.

    Major products offered by IIFL are as follows.

    Apart from these, the broker is also engaged in the banking business. Thus, it also has banking, insurance, and loan services.

    Who should opt for an IIFL franchisee?

    Unfortunately, not everyone is the best fit for the IIFL Franchise role. Some essential eligibility metrics must be passed by one before they become an official IIFL franchise partner.

    Here’s what you will be required for in the journey.

    • A good track record and a client base (best if belongs to a financial niche)
    • 2-3 years of experience in the financial line (best if you are a member of a financial company or possess a similar profession)
    • Convinced to invest a minimum investment capital into franchisee business to get started

    If you are ready to meet these few crucial metrics, you can access the IIFL Franchise in no time.

    IIFL AAA (Advisor Anytime Anywhere)

    Advisor Anytime Anywhere benefits both sub-broker and clients. The features grant the key of the client’s portfolio to the sub-broker for assistance, ensuring they could assist them wherever required, which tends to attract more-n-more clients to a franchisee.

    The advisory assistance can range from Equities, Insurance, Bonds, and Mutual Funds, to SIP Plans. It is a one-stop solution for sub-brokers as the host of information enables them to manage everything easily.

    IIFL AAA App Download

    AAA is a highly useful pool of database and information that IIFL makes available to its partners through a mobile application.

    Using this well-built software on a smartphone, IIFL sub-brokers can readily track activities that are meaningful to the broker.

    List of Top IIFL Partners / Business Partners

    Mentioned below are the major IIFL Business Partners programs you can join in building a side hustle or an income stream per month. These programs include:

    • AAA (Advisor Anywhere Anytime)
    • IIFL Sub Broker or Franchise
    • IIFL Affiliate Member

    IIFL Sub Broker Client Testimonials

    IIFL made my journey from a beginner to an advanced sub-broker very easy & soothing. They have been a constant support and have always encouraged my business. By – Sri K Ramanna, Hyderabad.

    I’ve been very impressed with IIFL since day one as their registration procedure was so simple & hassle-free. It was quick & smooth. Later, I realized that all other activities are also designed in a simple & plain manner, making doing business very easily. Account opening, trading, depositing money, transferring shares, putting orders, and whatnot are as simple as operating a computer. By – Asha Bhatt, Surat.

    The huge product profile that IIFL has is the major reason I have settled on a good business in my area. The stock market is fluctuating, but their research & advice team constantly helps advise my clients with tips to minimize losses and maintain a balance in investment. By – Kamal Asudani, Kalyan, Mumbai.

    IIFL Franchise Summary

    A new entrant to the market – IIFL has got along with it great business opportunities. Its idea of doing business is very innovative and customer friendly.

    Apart from the varied product profile, their low brokerage plans are quite popular & famous in the market.

    Even with sub-broker businesses, they are one of the highest paying companies; coupled with this; their investment requirements are quite reasonable & affordable.

    These two factors have contributed significantly to IIFL’s high number of sub-broker business networks.

    IIFL Authorized Person Program FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IIFL franchise program:

    Can I become an IIFL sub-broker?

    Yes, if you fulfil the following conditions:

    • Minimum age of 21 years
    • Completed higher secondary education
    • Have a SEBI registration certificate
    • Have an understanding of the stock market
    • Another important criterion is experienced in Stock Market

    How can I become an IIFL sub-broker?

    Please fill in the form here, and we will connect you with the IIFL relations team, who will connect you to confirm your interest in sub-brokership and then guide you through the registration process.

    What documents do I need to become an IIFL sub-broker?

    The list of Documents required are:

    • Copy of ID proof
    • Copy of address proof
    • SEBI registration certificate
    • Higher Secondary passing certificate

    Can the IIFL sub-broker be based in a different city?

    Yes. A sub-broker can be based in a city, not the headquarter city. A sub-broker represents a local office of IIFL.

    How many shares in revenue does an IIFL sub-broker earn?

    The sub-broker or Authorized Person can earn up to 75% of the revenue. This is subjective and varies depending on case to case.

    Does IIFL have Sub Broker Model?

    Yes, IIFL or India Infoline does have a sub-broker franchise model to provide for the interested candidates. It is the most popular franchise model provided by the stock broker house. There are a lot of sub-brokers working for the franchise successfully already.

    Does IIFL have multiple Franchise models?

    You have four franchise models, which is more than what the other major stock broking firms provide. IIFL allows you to invest in one of the four business models, i.e., sub Broker franchise, marketing associate, employee to entrepreneur, and remisier.

    What is IIFL Sub Broker Commission?

    The sub-brokers are entitled to any profits, i.e., they get to retain a higher proportion of their revenue. To be precise, they can hold up to 60% – 75% of their revenue, which is great since the sub-broker gets the upper hold on revenue sharing.

    How much does IIFL Franchise Cost?

    The cost of a franchise depends upon the franchise model you choose. For the most popular model, i.e., the sub-broker model, the franchise cost is Rs.100000 – Rs.200000.

    Also, there are different sub-categories in this model. The cost is zero for the Marketing Associate and Employee to Entrepreneur model, whereas, for the Remisier model, it is Rs.15,000.

    Does IIFL have a Partner Program?

    Yes, there are four franchise programs IIFL provides, and the partner program is one of them. This model is referred to as the Remisier model, which is subject to a payment of Rs.15,000. Also, the revenue entitlement of the remisier is 50% – 60%.

    What is IIFL Partners Sharing?

    The sub-brokers revenue sharing percentage is 75% – 60%. The revenue sharing for the marketing associate is 70%, while it is 80% for the employee to entrepreneur owner. Lastly, the revenue sharing for the remisier is 50% – 60%.

    Is IIFL Partner Program Free?

    The partner program, i.e., the IIFL remisier business model, is not free. Rather, it costs the individual Rs.15,000 to avail of the semester model. According to the investment made, the profit entitlement is also justified since the register gets to retain 50% – 60%.

    Does IIFL provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, a significant amount of training is also provided to the franchise business owner. The domain in which help is extended is operations, client acquisition, and research. This ensures the franchisee can set up the business successfully.

    How to Become IIFL Sub Broker?

    The process to become an IIFL sub-broker can be started from this page. Click on the “Become Sub Broker” button, fill up the pop-up form, and select the model you wish to avail. The company will contact you to discuss everything about the franchise in detail. When there is mutual agreement, the franchise agreement will be drawn.

    Does IIFL Franchise provide Support?

    Yes, a high degree of Support is provided to the franchisee, mainly in the technical arena, franchise setup, marketing support, and training Support. Through the Support extended, the franchisee can establish a successful venture.

    What is the main role of an IIFL Authorised Person?

    As an IIFL Authorised Person, you will primarily be engaged in the role of influencing and deriving a client to your IIFL franchise. Your full focus must be to retain customers while encouraging them to use IIFL securities for as long as possible. Your personal experience and pre-built audience base may help.

    Will IIFL Securities provide any training to the Authorised Person?

    Yes. IIFL offers training to Authorised Persons to understand the overall ecosystem of the IIFL franchise. Similarly, further assistance on marketing, website, and portfolio management is also offered. On every franchise, a well-trained IIFL representative is operational.

    What kind of marketing support will an Authorised Person get from IIFL Securities?

    An Authorized Person from IIFL securities access marketing support across many marketing segments. They will receive Support through banners, interactive visuals, and other lead management software, ensuring each sub-broker could gain maximum exposure to clients and profits.

    How to be a sub-broker in IIFL Securities?

    It isn’t a big riddle. All it takes is your eligibility to become a sub-broker in IIFL securities and make money. Qualified joiners who are agreed to submit minimum investment capital and have a functional area to operate their business must also be considered.

    What is the benefit of IIFL sub-broker?

    IIFL sub-brokers can access 60% to 70% return on investment. Apart from that, rewards and bonuses are the other benefits to sub-brokers. However, more benefits may be showered depending on how much quality traffic or clients you bring to IIFL.

    What are the hidden charges for Authorised Person in IIFL Securities?

    The broker itself may reveal hidden charges for Authorized Person in IIFL Securities. You can get more details on it from the IIFL representative.

    What is an IIFL sub-broker?

    IIFL Sub-brokers is a franchise partner who promotes and sells IIFL Securities Services and makes a commission in return for the favour. Multiple factors decide the commission rate on each profit. But for your understanding, it is anything between 60% to 75% per client.

    What are the brokerage charges in IIFL?

    Brokerage Charges in IIFL vary significantly. The broker charges Rs 200 per trade on equity intraday orders. Similarly, differences in the charge rate may be visible for other instruments. However, a franchise can make a discounted offer available to clients.

    Which company is best for sub-broker in India?

    IIFL securities are one of the best broker companies in India to offer an attractive revenue sharing between 60% to 75% per client. You can also become one of the sub-brokers of this India-based company.

    Is the IIFL franchise profitable?

    Of course, yes. IIFL Franchise offers commissions up to 60% to 70% each time a client makes a sale or generates revenue for the IIFL broker. Apart from standard revenue sharing, franchise partners are exposed to rewards and bonuses.

    How is IIFL Securities better than other brokers?

    IIFL securities support its clients and franchise partners through its banking services. Simultaneously that brings more benefits to traders and aspiring investors.

    What are the requirements to become an IIFL sub-broker?

    IIFL Sub-brokers need to pass standard eligibility criteria to become successful sub-broker for the company. Simply put, you may require:

    • A good track record and a client base in the finance field
    • 2-3 years of experience in the financial line
    • A minimum investment capital
    • An eligible age, documents, and a few other details

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