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Let’s have a detailed review of the company and analytics of the Muthoot Finance Limited NCD release date, NCD issue size, subscription, Muthoot Finance Limited NCD allotment and other details like the company’s background, its financial positions, its promoters and other related things.

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD – September 2019 Detail

Credit Rating ICRA AA/Stable, CRISIL AA/Stable
Issue Open September 27, 2019
Issue Close October 30, 2019
Issue Size (Base) Rs. 1,000 million
Issue Size (Shelf) Rs. 40,000 million
Issue Price Rs 1000 per NCD
Face Value Rs 1000 each NCD
Minimum Lot size 10 NCD
Market Lot 1 NCD
Listing At BSE
Tenor 24 months/ 38 months/ 60 months/ 90 months
Series Series I to Series X
Payment Frequency Monthly and Annual
Basis of Allotment

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD – Basis of the Offer Price

Security Name Muthoot Finance Limited
Security Type Secured, Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)
Coupon payment frequency Monthly and Annual
Coupon type Fixed
Tenor 24 months/ 38 months/ 60 months/ 90 months
Depository NSDL and CDSL
Disbursement SEBI Debt Regulations
Debenture Trustee IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Dates

The opening and the closing date of Muthoot Finance Limited NCD is September 27, 2019 to October 30, 2019.

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Subscription

Day / Date QIB Category 1 NII Category 2 HNI Category 3 RII Category 4 Total Subscription
1st – 10th Day : till Oct 9, 2019 0.00x


1.67x 3.47x 2.32x
10th – 20th Day : till Oct 22, 2019


1.11x 3.04x 6.74x 4.39x
20th – 30th Day : till Oct 25, 2019 0.00x 2.20x




Shares Offered or Net Issue 100,000 100,000 300,000 500,000 1,000,000

The shares subscribed by the public will be updated here.

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Allotment Status

Here, you can find the Allotment Status of this NCD.

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Share Offering

Issue of 5,22,000 Equity Shares of face value of Rs.10/- each for cash at a price of Rs. [ ] per Equity Share (including a share premium of Rs.[ ] per Equity share) aggregating Rs. [ ] lakhs.

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Allocation Ratio

NCD Allocation Ratio
Category NCD’s Allocated
QIB – Category 1 10%
NII – Category 2 10%
HNI – Category 3 30%
RII – Category 4 50%

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Offered

NCD’s Offered
Category NCD’s Reserved
QIB – Category 1 10,00,000
NII – Category 2 10,00,000
HNI – Category 3 30,00,000
RII – Category 4 50,00,000
Total NCD’s 1,00,00,000

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Coupon Rates

Frequency of
Interest Payment
Monthly Monthly Monthly Annually Annually Annually NA NA NA NA
Who can apply All categories of investors
Rs. 10,000 (10 NCDs)
In multiples of Rs. 1,000.00 (1 NCD)
Face Value Rs. 1,000.00
Issue Price Rs. 1,000.00
Tenor 24 months 38  months 60 months 24 months 38months 60 months 24 months 38 months 60 months 90 months
Coupon Rate 9.25% 9.50% 9.75% 9.50% 9.75% 10.00% NA NA NA NA
Effective Yield 9.25% 9.50% 9.75% 9.50% 9.75% 10.00% 9.25% 9.50% 9.75% 9.67%
Mode of Payment Through various  options available
Amount  on Maturity Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000 Rs.  1,193.56 Rs.  1,333.72 Rs.  1,592.29 Rs.  2,000.00
Maturity Date 24 months 38  months 60 months 24 months 38 months 60 months 24 months 38 months 60 months 90 months
Nature of
Secured redeemable non-convertible

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Issue Object

These are the NCD Issue Objects of the company

  • For the purpose of onward lending, financing, and for repayment of interest and principal of existing borrowings of the Company; and
  • General corporate purposes

Muthoot Finance Limited – Company Overview

Muthoot Finance Limited NCDThey are the largest gold loan NBFC in India in terms of loan portfolio.  They provide personal loans and business loans secured by gold jewelry, or Gold Loans, primarily to individuals who possess gold jewelry but are not able to access formal credit within a reasonable time, or to whom credit may not be available at all, to meet unanticipated or other short-term liquidity requirements.

Their Gold Loan portfolio as of September30,2018 comprised approximately 8.15 million loan accounts in India that they serviced through 4,370 branches across 23 states, the national capital territory of Delhi and five union territories in India. As of September 30, 2018 they employed 23,888 persons in their operations.

They are a “Systemically Important Non-Deposit Taking NBFC” (NBFC-ND-SI) headquartered in the south Indian state of Kerala. Since their formation, they have broadened the scale and geographic scope of their gold loan operations so that, as of March 31, 2012, they were India’s largest provider of Gold Loans.

In addition to their Gold Loans business, they provide money transfer services through their branches as sub-agents of various registered money transfer agencies and also provide collection agency services. They also operate three windmills in the state of Tamil Nadu.

In February 2014, they entered the business of providing cash withdrawal services through white-label ATMs to customers using cards issued to them by commercial banks and as of September 30, 2018, they operate 216 ATMs spread across 18 states.

They have started providing unsecured loans to salaried individuals, loans to traders and self-employed. They also provide micro-finance, housing finance, vehicle and equipment finance, and insurance broking services through our subsidiaries.

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Lead Managers

Lead Managers
A. K. Capital Services Limited

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Debenture Trustee

Debenture Trustee
Asian Building, Ground Floor
17 R, Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400 001, India
Tel: (+91 22) 4080 7000
Fax: (+91 22) 6631 1776
Investor Grievance Email: anjalee@idbitrustee.com
Website: www.idbitrustee.co.in
Contact Person: Anjalee Athalye
SEBI Registration No.: IND000000460
CIN: U65991MH2001GOI131154

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Registrar to offer

Registrar to the Offer
C-101, 247 Park, L B S Marg,
Vikhroli West,
Mumbai 400 089, India
Tel: (+91 22) 4918 6200
Fax: (+91 22) 4918 6195
Investor Grievance
Email: mfl.ncd2019@linkintime.co.in
Website: www.linkintime.co.in
Contact Person: Shanti Gopalakrishnan
SEBI Registration No.: INR000004058
CIN: U67190MH1999PTC118368

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD Ratings

The NCDs proposed to be issued under this Tranche III Issue have been rated [ICRA] AA (Stable) by ICRA for an amount of upto Rs. 40,000 million vide its letter dated December 31, 2018 and further revalidated by letters dated January 30, 2019, April 24, 2019 and August 28, 2019 and have been rated CRISIL AA/Stable by CRISIL for an amount upto Rs. 40,000 million vide its letter dated January 18, 2019 and further revalidated by letters dated January 31, 2019, April 22, 2019 and September 03, 2019.

The rating of the NCDs by ICRA and CRISIL indicates high degree of safety regarding timely servicing of financial obligations. Rating provided by ICRA and CRISIL may be suspended, withdrawn or revised at any time by the assigning rating agency and should be evaluated independently of any other rating. These ratings are not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities and investors should take their own decisions.

Muthoot Finance Limited NCD News

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