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Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise which is considered to be one of the finest financial franchise providers.

Artha Vrddhi Securities Ltd. helps in bringing the buyers and sellers together with a clear intention for bringing the best possible price for each. They share a wide extensive network for people to explore more opportunities.

Get to know more details on Artha Vrddhi Securities Sub Broker, its business models, benefits of company franchise, revenue sharing models and many more.


Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Artha Vrddhi Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.2/10
Market Share 5.3/10
Products & Services 5.1/10
Revenue Sharing 5.0/10
Holistic Support 5.1/10
Overall Ratings 5.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise

Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise

Artha Vrddhi Securities is a reputed Company for its ability to perceive the utmost true potential of business and then it helps in enhancing the value.

The company gathered experienced for over years which led it to enable mobilize resources for their Corporate, HNI and Retail clients.

The team of Artha Vrddhi Securities maintain a great understanding with the customers and they intend to focus on the clients both perpetually and intensely.

Dhirendra Shukla is the founder of the Artha Vrddhi Securities and it was established in the year of 2000.

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    Types of Artha Vrddhi Securities Business Models

    There are 2 types of Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise association:

    • Authorized Person/ Business partner/ Sub broker
    • Referral Program

    Artha Vrddhi Securities Sub Broker or Artha Vrddhi Securities Authorized Person

    Artha Vrddhi Securities offers to the clients sub broker or business partners or Authorized Person.

    Stock Broker registered by SEBI can help by providing their franchise to any person or company who shows willingness in following every rules and regulations of SEBI.

    The person or company also need to have good network of investors.

    Benefits of Artha Vrddhi Securities Authorized Person

    • In terms of losing business, there are lesser risks.
    • It provides the ownership of a good brand and one can also enjoy the level of independence in work.
    • The employees in the Artha Vrddhi Securities franchise system are easy to manage and supervise and thus they are of lesser burden.
    • Artha Vrddhi Securities provides better in support and also have standardized operational quality.

    Artha Vrddhi Securities Referral Program

    Referral is considered to be the quickest way to build a successful company. The referral program is cost effective.

    The brokers of the company are already aware of the features that make the company franchise better and with the help of referral program; they tend to make a social influence over the clients.

    The clients pass on the information while recommending others which makes the company ahead in the competition.

    Benefits of the Artha Vrddhi Securities Referral Program

    • Once the clients are engaged with a referral program and are offered with certain benefits for spreading the messages, they are bound to stick to the company.
    • To target the right clients both through online and offline takes a lot of time, work, advertisement and persistence but with the help of a referral program, it becomes easier.
    • Referral programs are the most beneficial way for the company as clients tend to believe the words most that comes from the mouth. When you get recommendation someone from the company, it is easier to trust the message.

    Artha Vrddhi Securities Partner Revenue Sharing or Artha Vrddhi Securities Sub Broker Commission

    The revenue sharing model of Artha Vrddhi Securities consists of only sub broker. Artha Vrddhi Securities has a revenue sharing which varies between 60%-80%.

    Revenue models like Master Franchise and Remisier are not available. A 10% revenue sharing is seen in the referral program.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Artha’s Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 80% 40% – 20%
    Referral Program 10% 90%

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      Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      The Artha Vrddhi Securities Company charges only on the sub brokers. The security deposit of the sub brokers of Artha Vrddhi Securities ranges between Rs.50,000 to Rs.100,000.

      Artha Vrddhi Securities has zero referral programs. Master Franchiser and Remisier are unavailable at the moment and thus there is not any security deposit collected.

      All broking houses have to adopt this practice of making a security deposit without any exception and the deposit is entirely refundable which means after the tenure is completed; the deposit amount is returned to the particular Authorized person or Sub-Broker.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
      Referral Program Zero

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      Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      Artha Vrddhi Securities does not consider office is to be a mandatory for the sub brokers. Research services as well as Trading terminals are necessary for the sub brokers.

      The sub brokers are not required to have internet connection or telephone lines.

      Artha Vrddhi Securities Sub Broker Offers

      To encourage and promote the business of sub-brokers, Artha Vrddhi Securities regularly launches a variety of offers. Some of the regular offers are:

      • The company offers Zero Deposit.
      • Low security deposit scheme is not offered by the company.
      • Flexible revenue sharing is available in the Artha Vrddhi Securities.
      • Flat Revenue sharing as well as zero revenue sharing with prepaid is not available.

      The offers can easily be availed by all Artha Vrddhi Securities Authorized Person once they register with Artha Vrddhi Securities.


      Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise or Artha Vrddhi Securities Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Artha Vrddhi Securities, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      Artha Vrddhi Securities adopted a simple and a quick procedure for appointing sub brokers. Here are some eligibility criteria for an individual for registration as sub broke with Artha Vrddhi Securities:

      • The candidate must be passing the basic eligibility criteria like age, academic qualifications, experience, etc.
      • The candidates who want to register as sub broker needs to be atleast of 18 years of age and he or she must have a graduation degree.
      • Artha Vrddhi Securities require the candidate to have knowledge of Financial Markets either with his prior work experience or just knowledge. The candidate needs to have a proper understanding and have skills enough to manage properly the basic Finance transactions.
      • The candidate is required to have good management skills as every business leads toward an only factor which is good management of money, Market, Man and all other resources.
      • Since every information affects the stock market, thus the candidate should be prepared always with the latest information to deliver based on Economic. Politics and Environment scenario.
      • It is a must for the candidate to be equipped with good communication skill and should always remember to value the customers as God.
      • Artha Vriddhi requires the candidate to have a basic knowledge on computer.
      • Candidates must maintain a clean and good track record for Artha Vrddhi Securities always tends to run a thorough detailed background check of the candidate before appointing them as sub-brokers.

      How to become a Artha Vrddhi Securities Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      1. The applicants are required to fill up their form by providing details like name, Email ID, contact number, address, PAN number and other important details.
      2. To confirm the details that you have provided to the company, the executives will recheck all the details.
      3. After that, the company with the Business team will connect the applicant to take the discussions forward.
      4. The applicants would need to get a certificate of Registration from SEBI.
      5. The applications would then need to provide documents like Copy of ID proof, address proof copy, Age proof, Academic certificates and Investment Proof.

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      Why Partner with Artha Vrddhi Securities?

      Here are the various reason to partner with Artha Vrddhi Securities:

      • The company franchise enjoys two types of business models which are Sub broker and referral Program. Sub broker gives a certain level of freedom in work which makes the franchise system easier to manage. Unlike other company franchise, this franchise offers referral programs which helps in targeting the best clients.
      • In the revenue sharing model, the franchise enjoys 10% of referral program.
      • The franchise enjoys flexible revenue sharing.

      Artha Vrddhi Securities Franchise Conclusion

      Artha Vrddhi Securities has come up with the best referral program that always put client’s interest at top.

      The program offers excellent trading Terminal and Research services. A minimum investment is applied on the program while greater revenue is enjoyed.

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