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Sharekhan Franchise is one of the largest provider of Stock Broking Franchise with around 3000 sub brokers in India. In this article we will perform a detailed Sharekhan Franchise Review where we will cover in-depth analysis on Sharekhan Sub Broker Offers, Sharekhan Franchise Commission Sharing, Cost & other important features of Sharekhan Authorized Person Program.Sharekhan Franchise Offers

Sharekhan Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Sharekhan Franchise Ratings
Market Share8.5/10
Products & Services8.0/10
Revenue Sharing8.0/10
Holistic Support7.5/10
Overall Ratings7.8/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Sharekhan Franchise

Sharekhan FranchiseSharekhan, established 16 years back, is one of the most reputed stock broker and ranks in the list of top stock brokers. Over the years, it has earned high credibility and hence it has been one of the favorite choices when it comes to become a sub-broker/franchise.

A Sharekhan sub-broker caters its customers with all the products/services that Sharekhan stocks – some of these are equities, derivatives, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, IPO, investment, saving packages, portfolio management services etc.

Sharekhan highly recognizes and appreciates the business development that a sub-broker offers and hence it has been promoting its sub-broker business. Further, it has also launched various varied models of business associations with different risk & return appetite to suit different strata of people. Sharekhan also supports its business partners with various training programmes and promotional offers to help them in developing business.

Currently, Sharekhan has as many as 2700+ sub brokers in more than 580 cities. To learn in detail about the sub-broker models offered by Sharekhan and the other relevant aspects like eligibility criteria, revenue sharing, investment requirement and offers, please read the article below.

Latest news in the market is All Sub Broker will now be converted into Authorized Person as per SEBI guidelines. The Sharekhan Authorized Persons roles & responsibilities will be same as Sub Broker but the registration process will change. They will now be registered with Exchanges instead of SEBI. All new registration will take place in the name of Authorized Person while everything will remain similar to sub broker model.

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    Types of Sharekhan Partnership Association

    There are 2 types of Sharekhan Franchise association:

    • Sub Brokers / Power Brokers
    • Independent Financial Advisors or IAF

    Sharekhan Power Brokers or Sharekhan Sub Brokers or Sharekhan Authorized Person

    Under this model, one needs to have decent set up. The power broker or sub broker or Authorized Person can acquire and serve client who trade online by themselves. For this model, Sharekhan offers various customized and flexible service options for clients. It also tags a dedicated relationship manager for Equity sales, Risk Monitoring and Operations related issues.

    The technology, service and marketing support is entirely taken care by Sharekhan. It also ensures that these set ups are well educated and well trained with various procedures, various portals and various offerings of Sharekhan. The key updates in market and the forecasts are time to time shared with the brokers so as to have an outreach to the huge customer base.

    The marketing support is the most crucial function for increasing the business and creating a win-win situation for the broker as well as the franchiser. It arranges client events/activities which help in increasing the visibility of the brand.

    Benefits of Sharekhan Authorized Person or Power Broker:

    • Allows offering of customized solutions for the high net worth clients
    • Appointing dedicated relationship managers to better serve clients
    • Appointing dedicated relationship managers to monitor and improvise the sales, risks & operations
    • Offers a wide range of products & services along with tailored solutions
    • Bandwidth to serve a large client base

    Sharekhan Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

    This model is specific to few of the product range i.e. mutual funds and allied products. As the name suggests, this model requires a candidate who can perform as an advisor guiding the clients to make investments.

    Hence, the candidates who wish to limit their scope of business to mutual funds and related products – for them this is the best suited business model.

    Benefits of Sharekhan IFA:

    • Product specific focus
    • Dedicated relationship managers to assist with advisory and operational matters
    • Allows modified solutions for high net worth individuals

    Sharekhan Partner Revenue Sharing or Sharekhan Sub Broker Commission

    Sharekhan has a dynamic revenue sharing model so as to remunerate its sub-broker based on their performance. Also, for each kind of business model, it has a different range of commission in accordance with the functions performed and the risks borne.

    The remuneration models have been referred to as dynamic because the commission for each broker varies depending upon various factors like the revenue generated, the security deposit made, the investments made and various other relevant parameters.

    Lets have a look at the overall revenue sharing ratios for each of the business models:

    • Sharekhan Authorized Person Commission : For Power broker or Authorized Person model, the revenue sharing ratio is the highest as the sub-broker performs the most critical functions and takes the highest risks. The revenue sharing ratio might even exceed upto 70%*.
    • Sharekhan IFA Commission : Under this model, the revenue sharing ratio is more or less between 30% – 40% for Sharekhan and 60%-70%* for Sub Broker. The ratio depends upon the products sold and the margins that such products hold. This model can be said to be one of its kind that is being offered by Sharekhan and hence the revenue ratio seems to be sufficient and justified.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Sharekhan CommissionSub Broker Commission
    Sharekhan Authorized Person / PowerBroker30%70%*
    Sharekhan IFA30% – 40%70% – 60%*

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      Sharekhan Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Just like any other business, even the sub-broker business entails certain initial investment. In case of a sub broker model, the initial investment has two variants – one is the security deposit that a sub-broker is required to keep with the principal broker. This security deposit is refundable generally. The deposit is taken as a cover for any defaults that a sub-broker might make.

      Sharekhan Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The other kind of investment is the infrastructure investment. Powerbrokers & IFA has to invest in infrastructure to start a franchisee.

      On the other hand, a power broker and an IFA would be dealing with new as well as existing clients on a day to day basis and hence would need a decent set up to entertain their clients.

      The amount of investment is another factor which is dynamic. The parameters affecting this amount include the city of sub-broker, the revenue projections, existing client base, if any and other such relevant things.

      Initial Investment amount by Sharekhan

      Typically, the security deposit is around Rs.50,000* for all the business models. The infrastructure investment is very specific and hence difficult to sum it up – however, it may range from 50,000 to 1 lacs.

      When talking about infrastructure investment – we refer to an office space, the furniture and the required telephone lines, trading terminal, internet connections, workstations and other primary requirements.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Sharekhan Franchise Cost:

      Sharekhan Franchise Security Deposit Amount
      Sharekhan Authorized Person / PowerBrokerINR 50,000 *
      Sharekhan IFAINR 50,000 *

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      Sharekhan Sub Broker Offers

      To encourage and promote the business of sub-brokers, Sharekhan regularly launches a variety of offers. Some of the regular offers are:

      • Reduced brokerage rates
      • Reduced investments
      • Less margin money
      • Dynamic revenue sharing ratio
      • Free DEMAT accounts
      • Online & quicker procedures

      The offers can easily be availed by all Sharekhan Authorized Person once they register with Sharekhan.

      Sharekhan Franchise or Sharekhan Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Sharekhan, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      • For any person to become a sub-broker, it is essential to obtain a sub-broker registration from stock exchange i.e. BSE and/or NSE. No candidate can qualify to become a sub-broker, if he/she does not hold such registration.
      • The other basic criteria is the minimum age prescribed – one should be atleast 18 years of age to qualify for associating with Sharekhan as a sub-broker.
      • The next criteria pertain to the academics and experience in the stock market sector. With respect to the academic qualifications, Sharekhan prescribes a minimum qualification of graduation. This may be in any field – science, commerce or arts.
      • The other requirement is of the knowledge and more importantly practical knowledge that one has of the stock market to assist and guide clients.
      • Any additional qualifications like stock market certification etc. can also be very helpful.

      How to become a Sharekhan Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      • The interested candidates may fill in the given form herein with the required basic details and we shall help you in connecting with Sharekhan’s business expansion team.
      • Upon providing these details, the same would be exchanged with Sharekhan’s team, post which they would connect with the interested candidate and understand their interest and expectations.
      • Next, the Sharekhan’s recruitment team would perform a background check to ensure that the details provided are genuine.
      • Upon completion of background check by Sharekhan’s team, they would connect with the candidate to have detailed discussions about the business plans, the expectations of the candidate, the expectation of Sharekhan, the business projections, the revenue sharing ratio, the investments etc.
      • During this discussion, the candidate is required to submit all the relevant documents like the registration from SEBI, NSE, BSE; academic certificates, ID card etc.
      • Based on such discussions, an agreement would be executed between Sharekhan and the candidate.
      • Upon execution of the agreement, the sub-broker can commence their business as Sharekhan business associates.

      Documents required to become Sharekhan Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • Identity proof copy
      • Address proof copy
      • Registration certificate copy
      • Experience certificates copy
      • Academic qualification certificates copy
      • Security deposit cheque
      • Proof of investments

      The entire Sub Broker tag generation process takes 4-5 working days.

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      Why Partner with Sharekhan?

      Here are the various reason to partner with Sharekhan:

      Exclusive Offers

      Sharekhan’s sub broker offers are better than any other franchiser in the industry. Sharekhan’s major offer of upto 70% revenue share*.

      Marketing & Training Support

      Sharekhan provides all sorts of marketing support to their sub brokers. They also organize monthly events & training sessions for their business partners. Sharekhan Franchise owners get national level advertising support & presence in mass media.

      Advisory & Stock Recommendations

      Sharekhan provides free advisory support, stock tips & recommendations to their sub broker who further passes it on to their clients. Sharekhan is highly active in case of advisory backup as they believe that clients can be highly engaged with sharing tips & recommendations on regular basis hich further adds value to the business.

      Technical Support

      State of the art technology to make your trading experience impressive. Enabling hassle free 1.5 million trades per day.


      Sharekhan is one of the oldest broking house and holds a great repute in market. It certainly has build up a big brand and obtained high recognition in market.

      Affordable Brokerage Rates

      Sharekhan provides brokerage plans for client segment. A trader gets prepaid & post paid plans with affordable brokerage rates & investors gets decent brokerage rates as their volume is comparatively low.

      Trade Tiger & Sharekhan App – Top notch Trading Platforms

      Sharekhan has one of the most famous trading platforms in the country known as Trade Tiger. Other than Trade Tiger, they also provide Sharekhan App & Web Trading Platform. These trading platforms has all types of features available which enhances a traders & investors experience.

      Advanced Tools for Business

      – Customer Interface System (CIS): for placing request on new account opening form or KYC and you complete customer details.
      – Risk Tiger: Helps tracking the risk or monitor margin shortfall on real time. View square off report and can also check confirmation after square off.
      – Eternity: This is tool is to view all kind of statements related to ledger and brokerage.

      Multiple Business Solutions

      Last, but not the least, they offer a variety of business solutions for the sub-broker associations.

      Sharekhan Sub Broker Testimonials:

      I got associated with Sharekhan a few years back and it has been a great business deal for me. Not only they provide the most economical and reasonable brokerage rates, but also are fair with the revenue sharing. I also had a great experience with their marketing team as they assisted me a lot in initial phase.  By – Vinay Rasik, Pune

      Becoming a remisier with Sharekhan has been one of my best decisions. It has actually been an extra source of income for me. I get to earn just by referring my known people to sharekhan and adding them to the client list. By – Srimukhi V. K., Ghaziabad

      I’ve been into stock market since a very long time but was never associated with Sharekhan till a few months back. This has certainly been a superb business venture for me as they have assisted me during all the phases in all aspects. They not only have great products to offer to clients but also provide economical packages which helped me in increasing my client base. They have been also providing some good offers to me based on my revenue generation. By – Gopal Hari Venkat, Vishakhapatnam

      Sharekhan Franchise or Sharekhan Business Partner – Conclusion

      To sum up the discussions above, we can say that Sharekhan offers a variety of business model to suit the different requirements of people. It provides a very decent revenue sharing ratio which is dynamic and hence may increase as the revenues increase.

      The investment procedures prescribed Sharekhan are quite easy to live upto and not very demanding. The support that Sharekhan provides in relation to the business, marketing, operations, advisory, research etc. is quite praise worthy too.

      It would not be wrong to say that they have quite plain and simple eligibility criteria and the way/path to become their sub-broker is also quite easy – just fill up the form herein and then leave the rest on us.

       Sharekhan Authorized Person Program FAQs

      Ques – Meaning of sub-broker?

      Ans: A sub-broker is kind of a retail chain of the principal broker.

      Ques – Minimum eligibility to become Sub-broker?

      Ans – To become a sub broker, one needs to obtain registration from SEBI and get affiliated to the stock exchange. These are the regulatory and statutory requirements of becoming a sub-broker.

        • Graduated
        • 18+ age
        • Knowledge/experience in stock market sector

      Ques – What are the functions of a sub-broker?

      Ans – The functions would vary depending upon the model chosen.

      For a powerbroker, the functions would include identifying opportunities, making clients and then trading & regulating for them.

      In case of remisier, the fucntions would be limited to referring a potential client to Sharekhan.

      For an IFA, the functions would be similar to that of a powerbroker – only difference would be the product being dealt.

      Ques – Assistance by Sharekhan to function as a sub-broker?

      Ans – Here are the list of Support provided by Sharekhan Partner Program:

      • Training – operational, technical, marketing
      • Branding
      • Research & advisory
      • Tailoring solutions
      • Customer care support

      Ques – Does Sharekhan have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Yes, Sharekhan does have the sub broker franchise business model included in the list of franchise models it renders. This model is cleanly and clearly drafted for the existing as well as the new sub brokers. Sharekhan already has a wide network of sub broker available in the country.

      Ques – Is Sharekhan having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – Yes, Sharekhan does provide more than one franchise business model. There are a lot of stock broking houses that provide 3 or 4 business models. However, Sharekhan provide only the sub broker / power brokers model and the independent financial advisor or the IAF model.

      Ques – What is Sharekhan Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – The brokers provides the model Authorized person or power broker, which if availed, the franchisee will earn revenue of 70% from the revenue made. 30% is only deemed for the brand’s collection in the form of royalty, which has to be paid according to the time interval.

      Ques – How much Sharekhan Franchise Cost?

      Answer – Sharekhan provides 2 models of franchise collectively, and each of the models has a separate investment cost attracted with the structure. As per the set structure and model, the franchisee is supposed to pay Rs.50000, irrespective of the model chosen.

      Ques – Does Sharekhan have Partner Program?

      Answer – Sharekhan provides the independent financial advisor business model alongside the sub broker business model. One can opt for this model and choose to provide guiding assistance to the clients, relating to the kind of investments they wish to make.

      Ques – What is Sharekhan Partners Sharing?

      Answer – If you opt for the Sharekhan authorized broker model, you will be able to earn 70%, while you will provide the franchisor with 30% of your revenue. On the other hand, the IFA model holders, or the advisors can earn revenue in the proportion of 70% – 60%, where the franchisor will consume 30% – 40% of the revenue.

      Ques – Is Sharekhan Partner Program Free?

      Answer – No, none of the models provided by the stock broker are free of investment cost. Irrespective of the model you choose, including the IFA model. If you wish to invest in either of the model, i.e. IAF or the authorized model, you need to pay Rs.50,000 as the investment fee.

      Ques – Does Sharekhan provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – Yes, training assistance is indeed a part of the company’s structure and the franchisor ensures that sufficient help is provided to the franchisees in order to help them set up their business. Events and training sessions are provided every now and then for the franchisees.

      Ques – How to Become Sharekhan Sub Broker?

      Answer – If you have decided to get associated with this stock broker, click on the button “Become Sub Broker” from this page. Fill in the pop up form and the company will follow up with you for the further process. A meeting will be fixed before forming a contract of franchise business where entitlements and obligations are discussed.

      Ques – Does Sharekhan Franchise provide Support?

      Answer – Sharekhan provides a significant support in the domains of technology, services and also marketing. Franchisees are trained professionally about the brand’s products and service, and all the other facilitations so the standards of the brand are safeguarded. Also, marketing assistance is majorly provided, so franchisees can gain on clients soon.

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