Tradejini Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

Tradejini Franchise has been successfully climbing on to the list of top service providers of Share Brokers in India.

Tradejini being a member of the major stock exchanges such as NSE, BSE, and MCX offers full-fledged Demat services through CDSL and is engaged in financial services.

The Company is a Bangalore based discount broker which offers retail Trading services across currencies, equities, Mutual Funds and commodities.

Find detailed review of Tradejini Sub Broker Program below –

Tradejini Sub broker

Tradejini Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Tradejini Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.3/10
Products & Services5.4/10
Revenue Sharing5.1/10
Holistic Support5.2/10
Overall Ratings5.4/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Tradejini Franchise

Tradejini is a well reputed broking company in India and it was found in 2012 by J Kishore Kumar.

It is a private based company offering full service broker and it’s headquarter is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

It takes 30 days to successfully activate the sub broker code whereas the payout time of the revenue taken by the company for the sub broker is 31 days.

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Types of Tradejini Business Models

Tradejini has 2 major business models –

  • Authorized Person / Business partner / Sub broker
  • Referral Program

Tradejini Sub Broker or Tradejini Authorized Person

The clients can avail sub brokers or Authorized Person (AP) or business partner from Tradejini. Though a sub broker is not a trading member of a Stock Exchange but acts as an agent or otherwise to assist the investors with dealing in securities.

The sub broker of the Tradejini needs to pay an initial investment of Rs 50,000 which may exceeds up to Rs 250,000 whereas the company enjoys a revenue sharing percentage that varies between 60% and 85%.

Benefits of Tradejini Authorized Person

  • The sub brokers of the Tradejini enjoy a high percentage of revenue sharing percentage of 85% that is generated by the clients.
  • Minimum initial security deposit that is needed to be paid by the sub broker in the Tradejini is Rs 50,000.
  • The franchiser being a part of the large organization provides the sub broker with all sorts of supports like Marketing support, Back-office support and Trading support.
  • Sub broker of the Tradejini can enjoy the facility of low security deposit scheme as well as the revenue collection of minimum 60% that may go up to 85%.

Tradejini Franchise Referral Program

Referral program is the best when it comes to hire the high quality clients or candidates. It makes the job of searching quality candidate easier and sub brokers with their strong networking can identify the potential candidates.

There is no initial security deposit needed for referral program but on the other hand it can enjoy fixed revenue of 20%.

Benefits of Tradejini Franchise Referral Program

  • Sub brokers who look for a candidate with a high potential and higher quality needs to be very careful as per choosing candidate since their own decision or judgment will reflect on their own image.
  • Referral program increases attachment between the organization and the sub brokers. A sub broker with the help of referral program can feel more involved with company’s future making and feel appreciated which automatically raises motivation.
  • There are chances when the sub brokers with the help of referral program refers close people like friends and family, they’re obviously referring the best candidate that have the quality to be successful with the organization.
  • Referral programs are cost effective as there is no need of marketing or advertising.

Tradejini Partner Revenue Sharing or Tradejini Sub Broker Commission

A general overview of revenue sharing ratio of Tradejini is provided comprising sub broker and referral program. Tradejini maintains revenue sharing for sub broker which is as high as 85% while minimum is 60%.

The sub brokers or clients can enjoy a revenue sharing percentage of 20% of referral program. There is no revenue sharing percentage for master franchise and remisier.

Refer to this Table for clear picture:

Revenue SharingClients ShareTradejini’s Share
Sub Broker60% – 85%15% – 40%
Referral program20%80%

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Tradejini Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

Tradejini offers only sub broker under security deposit model. The minimum initial investment paid by the sub broker is Rs 50,000 which may exceed up to Rs 250,000.

As per the business model of Tradejini, master franchise and remisier is not available and thus there is no security deposit. There is no need of security deposit for referral program in the company.

Check this table below for better understanding of Tradejini Franchise Cost:

Security Deposit
Sub BrokerRs.50000 – Rs.250000

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Tradejini Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

The other category of investment that is expected from sub broker in the Tradejini is the infrastructure investment. This refers to the basic amenities including a workplace set up that the sub broker is needed to maintain for attending the clients.

A decent workplace of minimum 120 Sq Ft office area with minimum 1 employee strength is required. The sub brokers are expected to have the facility of smooth internet connection, user-friendly trading terminals and provide great research services.

Tradejini Sub Broker Offers

Various Sub Broker offers of Tradejini are –

  • The facility of zero deposit scheme is active in the company.
  • The low security deposit scheme is available in the company.
  • Flexible revenue sharing is availed in the company.
  • There is no flat revenue sharing offered by the company.
  • The scheme of zero revenue sharing with prepaid is not offered at present in the company.

The offers can easily be availed by all Tradejini Authorized Person once they register with Tradejini.

Tradejini Franchise or Tradejini Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Tradejini, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

The individuals who want to apply for sub brokership in Tradejini must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant needs to be in an adult bearing age of minimum 21 years.
  • Tradejini wants the applicants to be enthusiastic and aggressive in sales and possess a good understanding regarding capital markets and regulatory environment.
  • As per education qualification, the applicant expects to complete higher secondary level. A graduation certificate will be an added benefit.
  • A basic knowledge on computer is a must for all the applicants applying for sub brokership.
  • A minimum of 1-2 years of experience is required for the applicant with handling the financial products’ business.
  • The candidate must have a registration certificate with SEBI.
  • The candidate must possess a minimum office area to attend the clients and thus maintaining the reputation of the company
  • Tradejini expects the candidate to be absolutely free of any kind of criminal offence.

How to become a Tradejini Sub broker or Authorized Person?

The following steps are prescribed for the individuals who want to apply for sub brokership in the Tradejini:

  1. A form from the website of the company needs to be filled up with putting all the correct details.
  2. After that happens, the executive of the Tradejini will contact the candidate to discuss on the interests and verify all the details provided.
  3. After the verification process is done, an appointment will be fixed between the candidate and the business team of Tradejini where they will discuss on the topics such as security deposit amount, initial investment, revenue ratio, and offers, etc.
  4. An agreement will be signed by the candidate and mandatory documents would be submitted for verification.
  5. After the documents are confirmed, a sub broker ID would be handed over to the applicant and then they can easily operate the account.

Documents required to become Tradejini Authorized Person

One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

  • Identity proof – AADHAAR Card
  • Address proof – Any address proof – AADHAAR will also do
  • NISM Certificate
  • SEBI Certificate of registration
  • GST Registration certificate
  • Investment proof
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Others as required

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Why Partner with Tradejini?

Here are the various reasons to become Tradejini Partner –

  • Low security deposit is enjoyed by the sub brokers.
  • Both Demat AMC and Trading AMC are free for the clients.
  • The Franchise Company provides numerous supports like Marketing support, back-office support and trading support.
  • The revenue sharing model of Tradejini is relatively high where minimum 60% is offered to the sub broker that can exceed up to 85% whereas the company also offers 20% revenue for referral program.

Tradejini Franchise Conclusion

Tradejini has luring offers, revenue ratio that is profitable for both sub brokers and the clients. The franchise offers marketing support, trading support, back-office support and even provides product training to the sub brokers.

The company takes 30 days to active the SB code for the sub brokers whereas the sub brokers receive revenue from the company within 31 days.

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