Fast Capital Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

Fast Capital Franchise can easily be considered among one of the new age full service brokerage houses who believe in letting others take in a piece of the cake to increase their overall business.

Yes, we are talking about Fast Capital Markets Ltd that entered the race to serve a plethora of diversified clients within the Indian stock trading and broking industry not so long ago and yet made their name recognizable.

Anyway, we are not here to applaud the corresponding franchiser on their early success. Instead, we are here to analyze the way the function as a unit on the whole.

In other words, we will be putting forward a detailed review about Fast Capital Sub Broker Program within this article based on multiple parameters like the story of their origin, the business models they prefer, the revenue sharing model they follow, the offers they extend & more.

Fast Capital Markets Sub Broker

Fast Capital Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Fast Capital Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.3/10
Products & Services5.4/10
Revenue Sharing5.1/10
Holistic Support5.2/10
Overall Ratings5.4/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Fast Capital Franchise

Fast Capital Markets Franchise

Fast Capital Franchise’s inception can be traced back to the year 2004 when they were registered as a fully integrated financial services provider and a brokerage firm by their founder Binay Kumar Agarwal.

After being incorporated within the commercial boundaries of the city of joy Kolkata,

West Bengal some fifteen years back, they evolved to become a registered member of the NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, MCX, NCDEX and the NCDEX-SPOT and serve thousands of clients hailing from across the nation.

Furthermore, the corresponding franchiser also took up the responsibility to become a depository participant of the CDSL.

They typically require a total of 30 (thirty) days to create and allocate a new Sub Broker’s Code to their respective business partners.

They also require 31 (thirty-one) days to look after and clear out all the outstanding payments corresponding to the business generated by their respective business partners.

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    Types of Fast Capital Business Models

    Fast Capital Franchise, are pretty open to distributing their business rights for the sake of increasing and developing their business venture on the whole.

    Nevertheless, their approach towards doing so remains rather confined.

    They only rely on their version of the Sub Broker business model to engage and associate new business partners.

    • Sub Broker

    Fast Capital Sub Broker or Fast Capital Authorized Person

    The Sub Broker business model being used by Fast Capital Franchise for the sake of distributing their respective business rights to the interested parties is very much similar to the Sub Broker business models being used by their competitors.

    The business model ensures that the associating members (individuals or organizations) get the full access to all of the corresponding franchiser’s financial products, services as well as the trading platforms (remote or otherwise) to further distribute them to their respective clients.

    Furthermore, this business model also ensures that the owners to the business rights of a Fast Capital Sub Broker house have the permission to also grant their respective clients with add on advantages and services from their end in accordance to their convenience.

    Nonetheless, this must also be understood that this particular business model does not guarantee any kind of monopoly or area wide business dominance promise from the corresponding franchiser to the engaging parties.

    Benefits of Fast Capital Authorized Person

    Getting the permission to execute business on behalf of Fast Capital Franchise in accordance to their Sub Broker business association model is indeed a very fruitful decision to make.

    Being a member of the Fast Capital Sub Broker association comes in with many perks like:-

    • Getting involved with the Fast Capital Sub Broker business model grants you permission to distribute all of their respective financial products and services along with the exclusive access to their trading platforms to your respective clients.
    • Fast Capital Sub Broker business model grants you the permission to give your respective clients any kind of added advantages in the form of certain services or discount on the sales generated in accordance to your convenience.
    • Getting involved with the Fast Capital Sub Broker business model grants you permission to earn a hefty commission based on the generous revenue sharing model being followed by the corresponding franchiser. The commission is given by the corresponding franchiser is amidst the highest within the entire industry.
    • Fast Capital Sub Broker business model grants you the permission to acquire, grow, manage and leverage your clientele without actually ever having to share their details with the corresponding franchiser.
    • Getting involved with the Fast Capital Sub Broker business model grants you permission to access the horde of rather valuable services and support being granted by the corresponding franchiser themselves.
    • Fast Capital Sub Broker business model grants you permission to use the corresponding franchiser’s market reputation to acquire new clients easily and thus grow your business dimensions.

    Fast Capital Partner Revenue Sharing or Fast Capital Sub Broker Commission

    As we have already mentioned earlier within this article, Fast Capital Franchise preferably shares an amount worth 50 % – 80 % of the total business volume as generated by their respective business partners on their behalf in the form of commission.

    Considering the commissions being paid off by their competitors, Fast Capital Franchise’s revenue sharing model can be deemed as one of the highest in the entire industry.

    Nevertheless, the overall difference of around 35 % that you may be able to observe within the commission slab is due to two reasons.

    One, that the profit margin for selling different financial products varies in accordance to the market and, two that different business partners acquire the business right by paying off different security deposit, thus getting access to different commission rights.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue SharingClients ShareFast Capital’s Share
    Sub Broker50% – 80%20% – 50%

    Find the list of Sub broker Franchise with decent revenue sharing models:

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    SAS Online FranchiseAxis Direct FranchiseSwastika Investmart Franchise
    SAMCO FranchiseMastertrust Capital FranchiseSushil Finance Franchise

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      Fast Capital Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Fast Capital Franchise requires their respective business partners owning the right to one of their Sub Broker Firms to pay off an amount varying from Rs.50,000 (fifty thousand) to Rs.200,000 (two lakh) as the initial investment in the form of Security Deposit before granting the business rights.

      The main reason that you may observe a difference of Rs.150,000 (one lakh and fifty thousand) in the overall security deposit value is because the corresponding franchiser has a different set of benefits in store for the business partners paying different amounts.

      In short, the higher you pay in terms of the security deposit, the better opportunities you get to tap into better benefits.

      Nevertheless, Fast Capital Franchise does not mention anything about the investments required to be made by their respective business partners in the form of the payments for acquiring certain certifications and registrations which are deemed as mandatory by the corresponding franchiser.

      Check this table below for a better understanding of Fast Capital Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub BrokerRs.50000 – Rs.200000

      Find the list of Stock Market Franchise with low initial investment amount:

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      NG Rathi FranchiseMicrosec Capital FranchiseManubhai Mangaldas Franchise
      Navia Markets FranchiseMaverick Brokers Franchise

      Fast Capital Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      As far as the infrastructural requirements of Fast Capital Franchise from their respective business partners are concerned, the corresponding franchiser seeks their business partners to have an office with at least a built-in space of 100 sq ft.

      They will require to set up a few industry grade trading terminals and an internet connection sufficiently strong to take care of the basic communicational needs as well as support multiple online trades simultaneously.

      Apart from these, the corresponding franchiser also requires their respective business partners to have a staff size of at least one person.

      Fast Capital Sub Broker Offers

      Fast Capital Franchise does not offer their respective business partners any offers by Zero Revenue Sharing With Prepaid, Flat Revenue Sharing, 10 k Initial Deposit Policy or Zero Deposit Policy.

      Nevertheless, they do grant their respective business partners the benefits as per their Flexible Revenue Sharing policy.


      Fast Capital Franchise or Fast Capital Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Fast Capital, it is important to take note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      To be able to apply for the business rights of Fast Capital Franchise, one must abode by the following criteria that have been deemed mandatory by the corresponding franchiser:-

      • It is mandatory for the applicant to have an educational qualification of at least an intermediate (or ten plus two) during the time of registration.
      • The applicant should have experience of at least two years in the domain of stock trading and broking during the time of registration.
      • It is mandatory for the applicant to have a certificated accredited to them by the NSIM during the time of registration.
      • An applicant should know the basics of a few computer programs like MS Excel for the sake of being able to take care of analytical and operational purposes during the time of registration.
      • It is mandatory for the applicant to have an in-depth knowledge of all the financial services and products that the corresponding franchiser deals in.

      How to become a Fast Capital Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      You can easily do that by following the below-mentioned steps:-

      1. Search and click on a button that states “Become a business partner/associate” within this article.
      2. Fill up the form that pops up and submits it along with a few other required documents as mentioned above.
      3. Wait for one of the franchiser representatives to call you and guide you through the last formalities before granting you the business rights.

      Documents required to become Fast Capital Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      1. Canceled Cheque
      2. Investment Proof
      3. Payment Proof for a complete security deposit
      4. SEBI Registration Certificate
      5. Academic Certificates
      6. GST Registration
      7. Passport sized photos
      8. Birth Certificate
      9. PAN Card

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      Why Partner with Fast Capital?

      You must consider being a business partner of Fast Capital because:-

      1. They have one of the highest paying revenue sharing models within the entire nation.
      2. It provides exclusive support concerning Marketing, Back Office and Trading.
      3. They provide exclusive valuable training concerning Client Dealing and Products.

      Fast Capital Franchise Conclusion:

      We think Fast Capital Franchise is one of the best new age franchisers within the entire industry. They provide a lot of benefits & offers to their respective business associates.

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      Start your Broking Business with Fast Capital

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