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HEM Securities Franchise is a public organization serving traders and investors across the country for more than two decades.

The firm has an association with various business entities as well and they work as its partners in the expansion of the business.

The sub-brokers are one of the biggest factors in the success of the firm and in this article, you will know about the different business models the firm has adopted in order to associate with business partners.

The revenue sharing model will also be discussed, there is all the information about how to apply for business partner with the firm and the eligibility requirements and more with HEM Securities Sub Broker Program.

Hem Securities Sub Broker

HEM Securities Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

HEM Securities Franchise Ratings
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Experience 5.5/10
Market Share 5.6/10
Products & Services 5.1/10
Revenue Sharing 5.3/10
Holistic Support 5.2/10
Overall Ratings 5.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About HEM Securities Franchise

HEM Securities Franchise

The firm was established in the year 1996 by Mr. Hem Chand Jain, after whose name, the name of the company was decided.

The firm was registered as a public entity which has to list on the stock exchange.

The headquarters of the firm is situated in the city of Mumbai and it is a full-service broker with all the investment-related services and products.

The firm as mentioned above engages sub-brokers for reaching out to as many clients as possible and the sub-brokers gets their code to start the business within 45 days.

The payments towards the business partners are done within 28 days.

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    Types of HEM Securities Business Models

    HEM Securities follows two business models which are –

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Referral Program

    HEM Securities Sub Broker or HEM Securities Authorized Person

    The sub-brokers model of business followed by HEM Securities is the basic and the most popular business model in the stock market industry.

    The HEM Securities sub-brokers gets the rights of sub-brokership when they deposit an amount as security deposit with the company.

    The firm shares its revenue with the sub-brokers on the sales made by them as per a certain ratio.

    The sub-brokers needs to look out for clients, build a clientele, pitch to them about the HEM Securities products and services and then if they can sell them the products and services, they are entitled to receive the share of the revenue.

    This business model is quite competitive given the fact that there can be any number of sub-brokers of the same or other firms working in the same vicinity.

    Let us see what are the benefits of becoming a sub-broker of HEM Securities –

    Benefits of HEM Securities Authorized Person

    • Sub-brokers of HEM Securities need to pay a security deposit which is lower than most of the other brokers in the industry. The cost for the rights of sub-brokership is thus lower than the market average which is a great benefit for them who have less amount of capital but want to join the business.
    • Second benefit is along the same path and that is even when the security deposit is lower, the share in the revenue is higher than most of the brokers in the industry. HEM Securities provide a huge chunk of the revenue to its sub-brokers even when they keep the minimum security deposit. The maximum can go up to even 3/4th of the total revenue which is incredibly lucrative.
    • Simple infrastructure requirements make the life of the sub-brokers easier. The infrastructure you have to build in order to become a HEM Securities sub-broker are basic and do not have any fancy thing in it. This, in turn, reduces your capital investment.
    • Products range of HEM Securities is so wide that it makes the sub-brokers pitch easier. They can pitch to different clients as per their requirements. This, in turn, increases the chances of making revenue.
    • Trading platforms offered by HEM Securities is also an added advantage for the sub-brokers as sub-brokers needs to have trading terminals in the office for trading. The clients get interested if the platforms are well designed and work smoothly which HEM Securities trading platform do.
    • Support system of HEM Securities is too strong and helps the sub-brokers a lot. Not only for product training or acquisition training, but they also support the sub-brokers for back-office requirements and dealing needs as well.

    HEM Securities Referral Program

    The referral program is a business model followed by HEM Securities which requires no investment from the side of the referrer.

    The referrer can earn commission on the basis of reference he or she provides to the company. Referrer can refer to any people who are interested in investment and want to invest through a broker.

    Then the referrer can refer HEM Securities to the interested investors and when the investor invests within HEM Securities, the referrer earns a commission which is a percentage of the revenue.

    Benefits of HEM Securities Referral Program

    • This program requires no investment. So, if you want to join the business of HEM Securities without any investment and earn by referring, you can join this program.
    • You can earn a flat fee on the referral you provide. You do not have to sell anything to the client, just refer to the firm and will take care of the rest.
    • Can be a part of a great network of investors, business partners, and
    • You can refer anyone from your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone who is interested in investments.

    HEM Securities Partner Revenue Sharing or HEM Securities Sub Broker Commission

    The revenue share of the sub-brokers starts from 60% which is higher than many peers in the industry. Maximum revenue share is 75% which one can receive if he or she keeps the maximum security deposit.

    The revenue share thus depends on the amount of security deposit the sub-broker keeps with the firm. Referrers get 15% flat on every sale made the referred clients by the respective referrer.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share HEM Securities Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 75% 25% – 40%
    Referral program 15% 85%

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      HEM Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      HEM Securities takes a security deposit of Rs. 30000 as a minimum deposit from the sub-brokers to provide them the rights to deal into HEM Securities products and services.

      The maximum security deposit one can keep with HEM Securities is Rs. 100000. If you compare these figures with other brokers of the same range, you will find that this broker takes way less security deposit.

      The Referral program is an investment free business model which is already mentioned in the above sections. So, you can just enroll yourself for the program and take product training and start referring.

      Check this table below for better understanding of HEM Securities Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.30000 – Rs.100000

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      HEM Securities Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The infrastructure requirement of the firm for the sub-brokers are –

      • An office with at least 150 square feet of area inside it for a spacious
      • The minimum number of employees in the office must be two and they must be working full time and must have proper knowledge of the job.
      • There must be an internet connection and telephone line.
      • The trading terminals are must in the office.

      HEM Securities Sub Broker Offers

      • You can start with only Rs. 10000 at the beginning.
      • The flexible revenue sharing option is provided by the firm to the business partners.

      The offers can easily be availed by all HEM Securities Authorized Person once they register with HEM Securities.

      HEM Securities Franchise or HEM Securities Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to HEM Securities, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      The eligibility of business partners of HEM Securities are measured along the following lines –

      • They must have been educated at least till 10+2 level. The individual must have done the 10+2 level from some recognized board of education only which is viable in the country.
      • The NISM certification is mandatory for the sub-brokers and other business partners as well in order to start dealing in the stock market products and in the market as a whole.
      • The experience of the candidate needs to be over and above 2-3 years to be a part of the HEM Securities. The firm is very clear about this because, in this market, the most important thing what counts is experience in investments, trading, and
      • The financial products knowledge is of utmost importance. The interested candidate must have the basic knowledge of the products the stockbrokers deal in. HEM Securities will further provide product training to them to develop detailed knowledge about the financial products and investment products they deal in.

      How to become a HEM Securities Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      Once you complete reading this article and made up your mind to get into a business partnership with HEM Securities –

      1. Then check the bottom of the article where you will find a button for business opportunities with HEM Securities, click on it.
      2. You will get redirected to a page where you have to input all your details – name, address, occupation and others. Complete the form and submit it.
      3. Once you submit, you will get to the next page where you will find that you have to upload the documents mentioned above. This is for eligibility checking.
      4. If you are eligible, then you will receive a call from HEM Securities executives and they will take care of the further verification.

      Documents required to become HEM Securities Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • AADHAAR card for your identity
      • PAN card for your business registration and Tax purpose
      • SEBI registration certificate
      • NISM certificate
      • Educational Certificates
      • GST Registration Certificate
      • Canceled cheques
      • Investment proofs
      • Others

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      Why Partner with HEM Securities?

      Here are the various reason to partner with HEM Securities:

      • Two decades of experience
      • Goodwill to encash
      • Wide range of products and services
      • Transparent business policies
      • Great network of investors and traders.

      HEM Securities Conclusion

      HEM Securities has a lot to offer to the business partners and the clients with its wide range of products and services and offers for the business partners.

      The firm is one of the best firms to work in terms of revenue share, support and everything else you can think of.

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