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Equity Pandit is one of the well known broking advisor in the country based out of Surat, gujrat. In this Article, We will go through a detailed Equity Pandit Advisory Review along with in-depth analysis of their Subscription Fees, Stock Tips, Advisory Services & more.

Equity Pandit Customer Ratings & Review

Equity Pandit Customer Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Subscription Fees 7.4/10
Short Term Tips 7.1/10
Long Term Tips 7.2/10
Intraday Calls 7.6/10
Services 7.1/10
Overall 7.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★☆

About Equity Pandit

equity panditEquityPandit was established in July 2005 in Surat. This advisory firm provides its services to retailers and institutional investors. Unlike some of the existing firms in the market, this firm does not put any trade on behalf of their clients.

It acts as a guide and provide specific research tips to the members and clients. The clients who have worked with this advisory firm have claimed to receive personalized service on a regular basis.

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    Equity Pandit Subscription Fees

    Let us look at the fee structure of this particular advisory firm.

    Service Name  Month Pricing
    Equity Basic 3 Months Rs.15000
    6 Months Rs.30000
    12 Months Rs.60000
    Equity F&Q 3 Months Rs.15000
    6 Months Rs.30000
    12 Months Rs.60000
    BTST/STBT 3 Months Rs.30000
    6 Months Rs.60000
    12 Months Rs.120000

    These are few of the subscription fees charged by this firm.

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    Types of Stock Tips & Stock Recommendations

    The company provides the following types of recommendations:

    • Advisory firm helps the client to identify those stocks which will earn good returns.
    • Stock advisory company advice the clients on the term of investment, whether it should be for short term or long term.
    • The company recommends the clients and guides them to avoid the risks associated with investments and stocks.

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    Equity Pandit Services

    The company provides the following services:

    Equity Basics:

    The company helps the client, especially the part-time traders, to get access to regular intraday market calls. The minimum investment expected here is around Rs. 50,000.

    Equity Futures and Options Special:

    This service is generally for part-time traders who are interested in Futures and Options. They receive few calls each day.

    BTST or STBT:

    This service is quite beneficial for institutional investors and retailers. The clients get recommendations around the end of the day so that if they wish they can exit the next day.

    Bank Nifty:

    This service provides Bank Nifty suggestions, which is based on the in-house model. The minimum expected investment is around Rs. 1,00,000.

    Investor-Short Term Investments:

    This service is suitable for short term investment. The company provides 1 tips per month.

    Multibagger-Long-Term Investment:

    This service is suitable for long-term The company provides only one recommendation every month. The main aim of the company is to make sure that the investors are patient enough to wait for high returns at the end of the term.

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    Equity Pandit Client Testimonials

    These are few of the varied satisfied customers/clients who have previously dealt with this advisory firm.

    • Yash Thakur, Jaipur – “Predict Market Movement Well”
    • Sudhir Unnikrishnan, Bangalore –  “Satisfied with profits. Good Backend”
    • Randhir Sahu, Siliguri – ”I joined Equity Pandit for its basic services. Exceptional follow-up and”

    Equity Pandit Summary

    This Surat-based firm provides good and accurate information regarding the different segments of the market. Anyone who wishes to know about this firm can refer the website of the firm which contains detailed information about the firm.

    This advisory firm has gained a good reputation in the market for its success in the field of investments and the stock market.

    Equity Pandit Pros & Cons

    Some of the advantages of dealing with the company are-

    • The company provides a different type of pricing plans.
    • The firm is an old one and so has earned quite a good reputation in the market.

    Some of the disadvantages faced by the clients are-

    • The pricing provided by the company is comparatively high.
    • The company does not have a good customer support service.

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