Top 10 stock brokers in India – Compare Best Stock broker in India 2018

If you are looking to compare top 10 stock brokers in India for your investment then you are in the right place & at the right time. Check the Ratings of Top 10 Share Brokers in India:

Rank Broking House Ratings
1 Zerodha 8.3/10
2 ICICI Direct 8.2/10
3 Angel Broking 8.0/10
4 Kotak Securities 7.9/10
5 Sharekhan 7.8/10
6 Edelweiss 7.3/10
7 IIFL 7.2/10
8 Motilal Oswal 7.0/10
9 HDFC Securities 6.8/10
10 5Paisa 6.7/10

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Top 10 Stock Brokers in India Review

It is said that no time is the right time but now & we at believes the same. It is always very difficult to choose a right investment mechanism to grow your money & once you have chosen an investment option it is even tougher to choose the right broker or mediator to make the investment.

Choosing a right broker means giving your money to that broker & depending on that broker for making the best decision to grow your hard earned money. It seems to be an extremely tough decision to make but we make sure that it is not.

We are a bunch of Investment bankers & Research Analyst who study very closely about these broking houses on daily basis & try to find the most suitable stock broking house for you. Here are the list of broking houses we recommend:

List of Top Share Brokers in India – Find Top Stock Brokers here

Angel Broking Motilal Oswal Kotak Securities
HDFC Securities Sharekhan India Infoline / IIFL
ICICI Direct Edelweiss Karvy
SBI Cap Securities Zerodha 5Paisa
Geogit BNP Paribas Anand Rathi Religare Securities
Indiabulls Ventures Just Trade Ventura Securities
Marwadi Group Aditya Birla Money Axis Direct
SMC Global GEPL Capital IDBI Direct
GCL Securities Arihant Capital Mangal Keshav
MasterTrust Networth Direct Reliance Securities
Sushil Finance LSE Securities Upstox / RKSV
Samco SAS Online Wisdom Capital
Trade Smart Online Tradejini Beeline Broking
Compositedge RK Global Achiievers Equities
Bonanza Portfolio MDirect TradingBells
EzWealth Fyers Alice Blue Online 
Finvasia Prostocks TradePlus
Zeroshulk Fortune Trading  Profitmart Securities
Tradebulls Securities KIFS Trade Capital LKP Securities
Asit C Mehta Investment

Over a period of time we have seen a pattern & after analyzing 100’s & 1000’s of data points, during this period we have observed that there are only 5 traits which any client lookout for while choosing a right stock broker. We have made a Ranking & Point System for all these Stock Brokers covering these 5 major factors. Let’s discuss about these five factors before finalizing a Stock Broker:

Best Stock Broker with high quality Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

It is every client’s dream to find a brokering house with the best Research & Advisory Team who can predict all stocks performance perfectly. Stock advisory is like a gamble & only few brokers are able to predict with 30-40% precision.

Let’s have a look at some of the best brokers in this segment:

Rank Broking House Rating
1 Kotak Securities 8.9/10
2 ICICI Direct 8.9/10
3 Angel Broking 8.1/10
4 Edelweiss 8.0/10
5 Sharekhan 7.8/10
6 India Infoline 6.5/10
7 HDFC Securities 6.2/10
8 Motilal Oswal 6.5/10
9 Zerodha 6.0/10
10 5Paisa 5.0/10

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Top 10 Stock Brokers in India with Best Brokerage Charges & Margin Fee

Again an extremely important trait. Many clients choose brokers with low brokerage charges as they don’t want to shell money as brokerage. Too much of brokerage concerns have given rise to discount brokers & they are extremely useful for traders community as earlier they had to pay huge money as brokerage but now it has reduced to 1/5th of the amount.

Let’s put some light on these brokers:

Rank Broking House Rating
1 Zerodha 9.5/10
2 5Paisa 9.0/10
3 Angel Broking 7.5/10
4 Sharekhan 6.9/10
5 Kotak Securities 6.5/10
6 Edelweiss 6.5/10
7 Motilal Oswal 6.4/10
8 ICICI Direct 6.3/10
9 India Infoline 6.3/10
10 HDFC Securities 5.0/10

Top Stock Brokers with world class Products & Services

These two features of any Stock Broking house play a pivotal role in driving business. All major full service brokers provide many products & services to their clients which help them to manage their investments. All Discount Brokers provide most of the products available in this industry but they don’t provide any services & that’s why they charge very low brokerage from their clients. Let’s see the ratings of Stock Brokers with best in class products & services.

Rank Broking House Rating
1 ICICI Direct 9.0/10
2 Zerodha 8.9/10
3 Kotak Securities 8.5/10
4 Sharekhan 8.1/10
5 Angel Broking 8.0/10
6 India Infoline 8.0/10
7 HDFC Securities 8.0/10
8 Edelweiss 7.5/10
9 5Paisa 7.0/10
10 Motilal Oswal 6.7/10

Best Stock Broker in India with Superfast Trading Platforms

Another very important product to look for while choosing a stock broker is Trading Platform. Choosing a good trading platform is very useful. A poor trading platform can lead to a lot of opportunity loss due to error or low speed. Also, it is very important to understand that stock broker must provide trading tools which works with all devices.

Some critical features needs to be present in the trading platforms are analycal tools, charts etc.  Other features like Real time data streaming, speed, stock recommendations, watchlist etc are also very important. Here is the rating of the finest of trading platforms available in the market.

Rank Broking House Rating
1 Zerodha 9.3/10
2 Kotak Securities 8.7/10
3 ICICI Direct 8.7/10
4 Sharekhan 8.2/10
5 Angel Broking 7.8/10
6 Edelweiss 7.5/10
7 India Infoline 7.0/10
8 HDFC Securities 7.0/10
9 5Paisa 7.0/10
10 Motilal Oswal 6.7/10

Top Brokers in India with richest Broking Experience

Every Stock Market investor must keep in mind that the Broking house they are choosing must have very good experience. This is one of the most critical factors as it gives a lot of confidence to the investor. An experienced Stock Broker will be able to predict the market strongly.

They will also have very strong risk management skills. An Experience Stock Broking House will always be worth taking risk with. These broking companies have seen a lot of ups & downs and understand how to deal with all type of market issues. Let’s review top 10 stock brokers from the perspective of Experience.

Rank Broking House Rating
1 Motilal Oswal 9.0/10
2 Angel Broking 8.5/10
3 ICICI Direct 8.0/10
4 India Infoline 8.0/10
5 Sharekhan 8.0/10
6 HDFC Securities 8.0/10
7 Zerodha 7.7/10
8 Kotak Securities 7.0/10
9 Edelweiss 7.0/10
10 5Paisa 5.5/10

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List of Major Broking House providing Sub Broker Business Model:

Angel Broking Franchise Kotak Securities Franchise 5Paisa Franchise
Sharekhan Franchise ICICI Direct Franchise Zerodha Franchise
Motilal Oswal Franchise IIFL Franchise Aditya Birla Money Franchise
SMC Franchise Nirmal Bang Franchise Upstox Franchise
Tradebulls Franchise Profitmart Franchise Edelweiss Franchise
Karvy Franchise Alice Blue Franchise Anand Rathi Franchise

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