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If you are on the hunt for the Best Stock Broker in India or Top Brokers in India, get your eyes hooked on this article.

The comfort and reliability that stockbrokers provide have sparked a new trend in the trading culture. And some of these brokers help you make a successful investment strategy in the market.

Below we have rounded up a list of the Top 10 Stock Brokers in India to guide you over the features and values served differently by each of them.

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Top Brokers in India – List of Best Stock Broker of 2024

Rank Broker Name Ratings
1 Zerodha 9.36 / 10
2 Upstox 9.18 / 10
3 ICICI Direct 9.16 / 10
4 Angel One 9.15 / 10
5 Kotak Securities 9.03 / 10
6 Groww 9.00 / 10
7 Sharekhan 8.86 / 10
8 Motilal Oswal 8.82 / 10
9 HDFC Securities 8.75 / 10
10 IIFL / India Infoline 8.48 / 10

On this walkthrough of the Top 10 Stock Brokers in India, we will be glancing at some critical metrics first.

Not all brokers serve the similar user experience you desire. And whether or not the broker you select start a trading career with will be up to mark is difficult to find.

Therefore, to help you find the best stock broker from over 100 options, we would like you to catch a glimpse of the certain parameters below.

Each parameter discloses the broker’s potential and overall success rate in the industry. From brand trust to the best broker for mutual funds, we have covered every essential info like –

  • Brand Trust
  • Brokerage & other Charges
  • Quality of Trading Platforms
  • Most Active Clients
  • Innovative Products
  • High-Quality Service
  • Research & Advisory
  • Innovative Programs
  • Stock Broker for Beginners
  • Broker for Intraday Traders
  • For Small Investors
  • IPO Investment
  • Long Term Investment
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Mutual Fund Investment

So, without further ado, let’s begin the exploration & find out which stock broker suits you the most.

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    Best Stock Broker in India with High Brand Trust

    Brand Trust
    Broker Expert Rating
    Zerodha 9.36
    Angel One 9.18
    Upstox 9.16
    HDFC Securities 9.15
    Kotak Securities 9.03
    ICICI Direct 9.00
    Sharekhan 8.86
    Motilal Oswal 8.82
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.75
    Groww 8.48

    First of all, let’s discuss the rating on Brand Trust each top share broker garners for themselves through diverse metrics.

    Brand Trust parameter is determined by 5 major features of any stock broking company –

    • Products Performance
    • Customer Service
    • Complaints Handling
    • Pricing or Charges
    • Experience

    The brand you are trusting for trading must have strong credentials. They must have a strong base, and some credible names and investors should be their active users. A Company’s valuation is equally essential to measure to identify the best broker.

    In our review, we found Zerodha leading with a slight margin. The brand makes its appearance in the financial market first in 2010 and has achieved a self-assessed valuation of over $1 billion (as per ESOP)

    Upstox is the runner-up in terms of brand trust. India’s biggest name in the financial market – Ratan Tata helped the brand raise $25 million in 2019. Many other big investors as well are using Upstox giving an upswing into the brand’s reputation.

    Angel one also earns a notable spot on the list as the brand is in business since 1987. HDFC securities are also famous for their good customer service and trusted parent company. Similar reviews are for Kotak Securities.

    But, when it comes to complaint handling, Zerodha and Kotak Securities don’t receive a satisfying rank. All other brokers seem to be working pretty well in this area, especially Angel One.

    However, HDFC Securities is not that satisfying in terms of pricing and charges. In contrast, other brokers are doing a great job on it.

    Top Brokers in India with Lowest Brokerage Charges

    Broker Expert Rating
    Zerodha 9.36
    Angel One 9.18
    Upstox 9.16
    IIFL / India Infoline 9.15
    Groww 9.03
    ICICI Direct 9.00
    Kotak Securities 8.86
    Sharekhan 8.82
    Motilal Oswal 8.75
    HDFC Securities 8.48

    Higher charges always lead to a drop in profitability. Mainly when you want to take an early exit from the market, a loss is possible.

    So, Brokerage, trading charges, deposit, and withdrawal fees, each need to be reviewed to ensure you don’t make an unexpected loss.

    Brokerage Charges

    Brokerage Charges
    Zerodha Angel One Upstox IIFL Groww
    Equity Delivery Trading Rs 0 (Free) Rs 0 (Free) Rs 20 per Order Rs 0 (Free) Rs.20 per Order
    Equity Intraday Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs 20 per Order Rs.20 per Order
    Commodity Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs 20 per Order NA
    Equity Futures Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs 20 per Order Rs.20 per Order
    Equity Options Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs 20 per Order Rs.20 per Order
    Currency Futures Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs 20 per Order NA
    Currency Options Trading Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs.20 per Order Rs 20 per Order NA
    Minimum Brokerage Zero Zero Zero Rs.0.05 per Share Rs.20 per Order

    We analyzed each broker carefully and found some positive reviews on trading charges. Almost all brands in our top 10 share brokers list provide free delivery trading charges except for Upstox & Groww.

    But when it comes to intraday trading, Zerodha, Angel One, Upstox, Groww, and IIFL all are charging Rs.20 per day for orders.

    Commodity trading includes charges of Rs.20 per order in all four, except for Groww which doesn’t provide commodity trading.

    Trading in Equity Futures, Equity Options, Currency Futures, and Currency Options comes at charges of Rs.20 per order in all brokers. Only Groww doesn’t provide currency trading.

    Zerodha is considered to be the pioneer in Flat brokerage charges in India.

    Top 10 Stock Brokers in India with High-Quality Platforms

    Trading Platforms
    Broker Expert Rating
    Zerodha 9.36
    Groww 9.18
    Angel One 9.16
    Upstox 9.15
    ICICI Direct 9.03
    Kotak Securities 9.00
    Sharekhan 8.86
    Motilal Oswal 8.82
    HDFC Securities 8.75
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.48

    This expert rating is based on 6 extremely useful features of Trading Platforms today –

    • Fast Trade Completion
    • Bulk Trade Processing
    • Trade without Errors
    • Top Tools & Charts
    • Quick Interaction
    • Easy to Use

    A trading platform that lacks essential features isn’t workable. How well a broker can offer what it commits to its clients is essential to spot.

    Expectations for smooth features and responsiveness are all we have in common.

    A responsive user interface makes a platform a well-suiting option for big traders. They can invest ample capital in the market and take prompt action when trend reversal is possible.

    And despite higher charges, some Share Brokers in India are winning traders just because of the quality of their mobile trading apps & features.

    Zerodha, Groww, Angel One, Upstox, and ICICI Direct, are the best examples.

    Each of these platforms is famous for its quality trading services. Coming to Groww, traders love the simplicity of its App.

    Easy-to-use features on Groww App are a cherry on top. On the flip side, Zerodha Kite App and Angel One App emerge as the no.1 choice for traders.

    But it seems that both these brokers are competing with each other. Zerodha and Angel One garner positive reviews for their Mobile Trading Apps.

    It is mainly for the reason that you access advanced trading features on their trading platforms.

    Compare Stock Brokers

    Best Stock Broker in India having most Active Clients

    Active Clients
    Zerodha 76,09,384
    Upstox 51,80,139
    Groww 46,74,263
    Angel One 41,11,606
    ICICI Direct 31,24,775
    5Paisa 15,06,966
    Kotak Securities 11,79,053
    HDFC Securities 11,76,526
    IIFL / India Infoline 11,24,976
    Motilal Oswal 9,06,828

    The more active clients a broker has the maximum chances are that it will never be facing any issues with the services a broker provides.

    In short, as of the year 2023, Zerodha achieves the first rank with the maximum active user base.

    It is because Zerodha has been one of the first brokers to make trading culture easy for beginners and new traders.

    The rising popularity of Zerodha is also a big reason that got the reward of NSE Retail Broker of the Year in 2018 for being the Best Stock Broker in India.

    Upstox achieves the second rank and a big credit goes to its solid marketing. By serving the best trading experience, Groww is in 3rd position with 46 lakh active clients.

    But we are expecting that broker will cross the bar as well through its new upgrades.

    The active client base of Angel One is also mounting up. In the year 2023, the app crossed 41 lakh active users base, and expectations are that it may turn out to be a tough competitor of Groww as well.

    ICICI Direct is the leading Banking broker in the country followed by Kotak Securities & HDFC Securities.

    5Paisa is also growing fast & along with IIFL Securities, the India Infoline Group is also making a statement in the Top 10 Stock Broker ranking.

    Motilal Oswal is the only Full Service broker in this ranking with 9 lakh plus active clients.

    Top 10 Brokers in India providing highly Innovative Products

    Innovative Products
    Broker Expert Rating
    Angel One 9.36
    Zerodha 9.18
    Upstox 9.16
    Kotak Securities 9.15
    Motilal Oswal 9.03
    ICICI Direct 9.00
    Groww 8.86
    Sharekhan 8.82
    HDFC Securities 8.75
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.48

    Here are the various Innovative Products provided by these brokers –

    • Equity Trading
    • F&O Trading
    • Commodity Trading
    • Currency Trading
    • International Stock Trading
    • Crypto Trading
    • Mutual Fund Investment
    • Digital Gold Investment
    • NCD Investment
    • Social Trading
    • Algo Trading
    • Basket Trading
    • Robo Advisory
    • Trading APIs
    • Stock Market Education

    With the developing interest of clients towards digital trading platforms, brokers are bringing more product range and trading facilities to their clients with every passing year.

    And some of the top 10 stock brokers in India built a notable spot in this area.

    Such as equity trading, commodity, Future, and Options trading have turned simple by many brokers. Mainly, Groww as the broker makes its features beginners friendly.

    However, currency trading isn’t available on every app except Angel One, Kotak Securities, and Motilal Oswal. International stock trading is also available on all three.

    Mutual Fund investment option is available from almost every stock broker in India. Hence it isn’t that surprising thing.

    But Trading APIs and Algo Trading Platforms are provided by Angel One, Zerodha, and Upstox.

    Similarly, stock market education is provided by all brokers. In addition to the trading products, these brokers have been found to come with new features and offer for traders as well.

    It’s no surprise that such wise moves by these brokers are benefiting them a lot.

    Best Broker in India providing High-Quality Services

    Quality Services
    Broker Expert Rating
    Kotak Securities 9.36
    ICICI Direct 9.18
    Groww 9.16
    Zerodha 9.15
    Upstox 9.03
    Angel One 9.00
    Sharekhan 8.86
    Motilal Oswal 8.82
    HDFC Securities 8.75
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.48

    In this stockbrokers list, high-quality services are unarguably an important segment of the whole discussion. Here are various services provided by these brokers –

    • Demat Account
    • Trading Account
    • 3 in 1 Account
    • Intraday Trading Account
    • IPO Account
    • Digital Gold Account
    • Research & Advisory
    • Portfolio Management Services
    • Margin Account
    • Loan against Shares
    • Sub Broker Franchise
    • Partner Program
    • Referral Program

    Standard trading facilities are no longer admired for both short-term and long-term trading.

    People’s interest has shifted towards advanced trading modules, thus everyone seeks high-quality services from their broker.

    Services that mitigate hassles and streamline the overall trading process are being admired.

    Such as most brokers let you open a Demat account and trading account at once; you don’t apply them additionally.

    You can hold a long-term position and conduct day trading at the same time. Some famous brokers that set a high-quality bar are Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, Groww, Zerodha, and Upstox.

    Margin Accounts and IPO Investments are also available in all these brokers. But Kotak securities and ICICI Directs add more benefits here.

    Simply put, in its high-quality services Kotak Securities, HDFC securities, and ICICI Direct offer you loans against shares that no other trading platform provides.

    Apart from that, Partner Program and Referral are also offered by many brokers in which you need to promote the broker and its services to other clients online.

    Find the List of all Top Brokers in India

    Top Stock Brokers in India with Top-Notch Research & Advisory

    Broker Expert Rating
    Motilal Oswal 9.36
    Kotak Securities 9.18
    Angel One 9.16
    ICICI Direct 9.15
    Sharekhan 9.03
    HDFC Securities 9.00
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.86
    Zerodha 8.82
    Upstox 8.75
    Groww 8.48

    If you have no data available on the screen, there’s no reason to randomly park your money for the stock. Share Market Tips provided by the broker are meaningful to the traders.

    It helps them derive critical insights from the market, a particular Stock, or a company behind it. Most full-service brokers provide this facility, but few of them set a high benchmark in this area.

    Such as, in this Stock Brokers Comparison, we discover some of the best names Motilal Oswal, Kotak Securities, Angel One, ICICI Direct, and Sharekhan.

    Each of these brokers makes an in-depth observation available on your screen. You can keep your eyes on the stock’s current position, and the profit, and loss ratio of a company.

    Moreover, you can even access suggestions and advisories across numerous verticals in trading.

    Angel One is, however, working a bit better here than other good players in our top five in research and advisory.

    Top 5 Stocks Brokers in India with Innovative Programs

    Innovative Programs
    Broker Expert Rating
    Angel One 9.36
    Zerodha 9.18
    Upstox 9.16
    IIFL / India Infoline 9.15
    ICICI Direct 9.03
    Kotak Securities 9.00
    Sharekhan 8.86
    Motilal Oswal 8.82
    HDFC Securities 8.75
    Groww 8.48

    Here are some of the innovative programs based on which this rating is determined are –

    • Sub Brokership or Authorised Person
    • Master Franchise
    • Business Partner or Remisier
    • Influencer Program
    • Referral Program

    Not just trading but extra money-making opportunities have been the talk of the financial world. Such as partner programs and sub-broker franchise models are a few things traders look for in their brokers.

    And we are happy to share that a few of the brokers achieve some satisfying rates based on our analysis which is as follows.

    Angel One Franchise offers all types of business models, covering Sub Brokership, Master Franchise, Business Partner Program, and Referral Programs. They are the largest franchise providers in India.

    IIFL also offers you similar business programs but since the broker isn’t that popular, earning potential from the IIFL business program is quite low.

    ICICI direct also has all business models except the master franchise which is only available in Angel One.

    Moreover, Zerodha Partner and Upstox Partner are also in this queue but have only a business partner and influencer program. Zerodha is the flag bearer for the Partner program in India.

    We did compare top share brokers and found Angel One giving us more than others.

    Best Share Broker in India for Beginners

    For Beginners
    Broker Expert Rating
    Zerodha 9.36
    Upstox 9.18
    Angel One 9.16
    IIFL / India Infoline 9.15
    ICICI Direct 9.03
    Kotak Securities 9.00
    Groww 8.86
    Sharekhan 8.82
    Motilal Oswal 8.75
    HDFC Securities 8.48

    A beginner-friendly stock broker is the first thing traders look for, ever since digital trading made a big hit in the financial market.

    Brokers are coming up with exciting tools, streamlining their services to ensure each user could trade easily.

    We can view some of the best online share brokers in India doing great work on it. Such as Zerodha which makes trading hassle-free for clients by making every needy feature available on a single screen.

    Upstox, and Angel One, are also doing great work by turning their trading platforms friendly to beginners.

    However, IIFL and Edelweiss also serve a good user experience as the platforms are easy to use.

    Best Online Broker in India for Intraday Traders

    For Traders
    Broker Expert Rating
    Zerodha 9.36
    Angel One 9.18
    Upstox 9.16
    ICICI Direct 9.15
    Kotak Securities 9.03
    Groww 9.00
    Sharekhan 8.86
    Motilal Oswal 8.82
    HDFC Securities 8.75
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.48

    Intraday or day trading has evolved into a full-time career for many traders around the world.

    Hence, it’s worth choosing a day-trader-friendly broker if you also want to be a part of this quick revenue-generating stream.

    On this walkthrough, we did compare the best stockbrokers in the industry that we believe are doing such great work for day traders.

    Zerodha and Angel One are emerging as impressive options for intraday traders, mainly for big traders.

    Both Zerodha and Angel One are well known for their technical and charting tools. However, Groww and Edelweiss are popular for their cheaper services.

    Still, Zerodha and Angel One garner great appreciation among intraday traders. Both these brands keep their trading services day-traders friendly.

    Both offer you advanced features for day trading, while others are suitable for beginners. Upstox gets an average rating.

    Top Brokers in India for Small Investors

    For Small Investors
    Broker Expert Rating
    Kotak Securities 9.36
    Zerodha 9.18
    Angel One 9.16
    Upstox 9.15
    IIFL / India Infoline 9.03
    ICICI Direct 9.00
    Groww 8.86
    Sharekhan 8.82
    Motilal Oswal 8.75
    HDFC Securities 8.48

    Small investors hesitate to invest their money in the stock market. In comparison to big traders, they are more concerned about brokerage and trading costs.

    But on this stock brokers’ comparison, we found some best suiting-option for small investors.

    If you don’t have ample capital available for investment, then Groww, Zerodha, and Angel One are unarguably the best options for you.

    Groww and Angel One are advisable in the mainstream because account opening is free on both apps.

    Being a small investor, you also have other alternatives available such as Upstox and IIFL. But account opening may or may not be free, so make sure you check this out first.

    You can start investing in the stock market with a mere Rs.500 and enter SIPs and Day Trading plans.

    Top 10 Stock Brokers in India for IPO Investment

    IPO Investment
    Broker Expert Rating
    Angel One 9.36
    Zerodha 9.18
    Upstox 9.16
    Groww 9.15
    Motilal Oswal 9.03
    ICICI Direct 9.00
    Kotak Securities 8.86
    Sharekhan 8.82
    HDFC Securities 8.75
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.48

    IPO investment is one of the most lucrative practices in the financial market. You can multiply your investment by a big digit within a week or month by becoming a part of IPOs.

    And luckily, some of the best online brokers make IPO Investment easy for you.

    Angel One, Zerodha, Upstox, Kotak Securities, and Motilal Oswal is currently popular names allowing you to invest in IPOs at your fingertips. Daily a new IPO makes headlines in the market.

    And if you are looking for the Best IPOs in India, these brokers come to your rescue. Simply log in to your trading account and get a list of upcoming IPOs & newly launched IPOs on your screen.

    Best Share Brokers in India for Long-Term Investment

    Long Term Investment
    Broker Expert Rating
    Kotak Securities 9.36
    Motilal Oswal 9.18
    ICICI Direct 9.16
    Angel One 9.15
    HDFC Securities 9.03
    Sharekhan 9.00
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.86
    Zerodha 8.82
    Upstox 8.75
    Groww 8.48

    If you are searching for long-term investment opportunities, we have well-reputed names available to assist you with that.

    Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, Angel One, and HDFC Securities are the top online brokers that people trust for their long-term investment plans.

    At minimal charges, you can access the best stocks for long-term investments.

    However, Angel One, HDFC, and ICICI Direct are more trustworthy options here due to their brand loyalty and long-lived reputation in the market.

    Kotak Securities and Motilal Oswal are also great alternatives as they offer you the best long-term investment plans to multiply your wealth for the future.

    Top 10 Share Market Brokers in India for Portfolio Management Services

    Portfolio Management
    Broker Expert Rating
    Motilal Oswal 9.36
    Kotak Securities 9.18
    ICICI Direct 9.16
    IIFL / India Infoline 9.15
    Sharekhan 9.03
    HDFC Securities 9.00
    ASK 8.86
    Birla Sunlife 8.82
    Alchemy 8.75
    Invesco 8.48

    To cater to your large investment objective, a few names from our list of top 10 online brokers provide you with Best-in-class Portfolio Management Services.

    No matter if you are an institution or individual entity with a high net worth to invest in, you can receive the best PMS services from these brands.

    Such as, Motilal Oswal is famous for its Portfolio Management Services catering to the diverse niche segments of clients.

    Similarly, Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, IIFL, and Sharekhan are a few other trusted names you can think about your giving your key to your portfolio to.

    These brokers even provide you with 24×5 support services and ensure you never miss out on any important updates.

    Top 10 Brokers in India for Mutual Fund Investment

    Mutual Fund Investment
    Broker Expert Rating
    Groww 9.36
    Zerodha 9.18
    Upstox 9.16
    Angel One 9.15
    HDFC Securities 9.03
    ICICI Direct 9.00
    Kotak Securities 8.86
    Sharekhan 8.82
    Motilal Oswal 8.75
    IIFL / India Infoline 8.48

    Jump into Mutual Fund plans if you are also a risk-averse investor.

    Online stock brokers make MF investments easier for their clients. Mainly Groww and Zerodha make investing in MF much more effortless by attaching SIPs.

    Angel One, Upstox, and HDFC Securities are the second most common alternatives when it comes to mutual fund investing.

    These brokers keep their charges minimal and ensure you make the most of your MF plan. And the best thing is, you can withdraw and change your MF plan, at any time, on one call.

    But make sure you know the terms and conditions before investing; few brokers may charge high for their MF plan, so make a wise decision.

    We have analyzed 15 parameters, and with the help of these parameters, you can easily identify which of these Top 10 Stock Brokers in India is most suitable for you.

    Now, If you have any more confusion, you can find a bit more detailed information about these Top brokers in India.

    Zerodha – Best Stock Broker in India

    You can find Zerodha a trusted platform for trading and investing as the broker lets you transact in a broad range of assets.

    Zerodha - Best Stock Broker in India

    Such as you can invest in stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Options, and Mutual Funds with the broker. Kite app by the brand is the best-suiting trading platform for mobile traders.

    Thanks to the convenient and well-aligned features on the interface that help a trader in taking a strategic move during the live market.

    Zerodha, by far, is one of the best stock brokers in India, not just because it builds a convenient trading environment for both beginners and advanced traders but also because it builds a trusted image in the industry.

    Why Choose Zerodha?

    Zerodha is regulated by SEBI and is known as a debt-free company, which means you can trust Zerodha for short-term trading and long-term investment for many years ahead.

    The broker has a 57.43 lakhs active user base which is notably giant. With so many active users’ networks, the brand genuinely builds a trusted spot in the industry.

    The maximum brokerage the broker charges for the transaction is Rs.20 only and flat Rs.20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) on F&O and day trading.

    Upstox – Best Broker in India

    Upstox’s committed efforts and good work helped the broker reserve rank 2 in this list.

    Upstox - Best Broker in India

    The brand has become one of the best Best Share Brokers in India as of the year 2023. This tech-first brokerage firm is making headlines for its competitive brokerage plans and pricing.

    However, Account Opening is inclusive of charges, but brokerage and trading charges are fairly less.

    Why Choose Upstox?

    Upstox is an emerging name on trading landscapes for its coolest range of features more satisfying in futures, options, and day trading.

    The broker gets regulated by SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX, and CDSL, making it a trusted option. Technically the broker is performing great.

    ICICI Direct – Top Stock Brokers in India

    You can find ICICI Direct a trusted choice, particularly for its parent company. Among the top 10 share brokers in India, the brand is a lesser-known retail stockbroker.

    ICICI Direct - Top Stock Brokers in India

    In the range of offerings by a broker, you find Equity, currency, commodity, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Fixed deposits, and much more.

    Since the parent company of ICICI Direct has broad branches in the financial industry, you can access loans against your investment as well.

    No other stock broker offers this service as ICICI Direct does.

    Why Choose ICICI Direct?

    Like Kotak Securities, you also benefit from a 3-in-1 account facility, loans, and other financial services from the parent company.

    Account opening is free, and brokerage is also almost NIL on mostly assets.

    With an active user-support network and pool of advanced and interactive features, ICICI direct can be your favorite choice.

    Angel One – Top Brokers in India

    In the list of Top Brokers in India, we can see a tough competition between both ICICI Direct and Angel One (formerly known as Angel Broking).

    Angel One - Top Brokers in India

    Angel One is a full-service broker popularly known for its trading services at discounted prices.

    Brokerage and trading charges of Angel One and Upstox are, however, similar, e.g. Rs.20 per transaction.

    The thing that drops Angel One from the first rank is its interface (not-so-impressive) and Annual Account Maintenance Fees.

    Why Choose Angel One?

    Angel One is yet to be approved by SEBI, which is most likely to happen soon as the broker is already a member of BSE, NSE, and MCX and in business since 1987.

    In terms of technical features and responsiveness of the trading platform, the brand achieves a better rank.

    Kotak Securities – Top 10 Brokers in India

    Kotak Securities is the 5th in the ranking of the best stock brokers in India.

    Kotak Securities - Top 10 Brokers in India

    People trust brokers because they have a strong parent company to support in a financial crisis. 25+ years of experience in the financial sector helps the broker win people’s trust in no time.

    The brand currently has 1209+ branches and franchisees to serve its massive customer base, with over 11.95 lakhs active users. Kotak Securities is one of few brokers providing all-in-one account facilities.

    Such as, as you enter your log-in details for a trading account, you automatically receive access to all demat accounts, trading accounts, and bank accounts by Kotak.

    Why Choose Kotak Securities?

    Brokerage charges are low in Kotak Securities, and intraday is almost free, while other trading segments are a bit costly.

    If you are an intraday trader, you can tap into Kotak Securities and access the financial facilities offered by the parent company.

    Groww – Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

    If you are searching for a top share broker in India that provides you affordable and convenient trading experience, you will surely discover Groww in the top search results.

    Groww - Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

    After all, the brand has earned fame in the industry. Its trading platform is one of the easy ways to trade assets online.

    If you are a day trader, options trader, long-term, or mutual fund investor, you will surely find this brand the best pick. Newly listed IPOs are easy to find on the Groww app.

    Why Choose Groww?

    The easy-to-use range of features is the key metric suggesting why to choose Groww. You can open a trading and demat account for free of cost.

    Groww app opens the doors to opportunities for budding traders through its beginner-friendly features.

    Sharekhan – Best Share Brokers in India

    Sharekhan has also carved a special domain in this best Stock Brokers List. However, users-experience with sharekhan is pretty less.

    Sharekhan - Best Share Brokers in India

    Nevertheless, it is one of the trusted share brokers you can trust upon. The brand is a subsidiary of a famous European Bank – named BNP Paribas.

    Still, most people have trust issues with Sharekhan even though the broker is registered with SEBI, CDSL, BSE, NSE, MCX, and MSEI.

    Why Choose Sharekhan?

    With Share Khan, you can enter a broad range of investment segments, including options trading, stocks, equity, mutual funds, IPOs, and much more.

    The broker also shares news, stock quotes, research reports, fundamental and statistical info across its web-based trading platform.

    Parent company benefits you through loans and other financial services.

    Motilal Oswal – Top Share Brokers in India

    In this share brokers comparison, we came across Motilal Oswal right after Share Khan as both have equal user bases. Both stockbrokers have more than 8 lakh, active users.

    Motilal Oswal - Top Share Brokers in India

    Still, Motilal Oswal is one step back from Sharekhan for its costly conditions. The broker asked you to submit Rs.1000 for account opening, which can be done free of cost in our previous alternative.

    Alternatively, you need to pay Rs.299 annually for account maintenance charges too. For a beginner, the broker is undoubtedly not a well-fitting broker.

    However, the count of high net-worth investors in the Motilal user base is high.

    Why Choose Motilal Oswal?

    Coming to the type of assets you are exposed to, Motilal Oswal offers you a broad range of products, e.g., Mutual Funds, Gold Investment, IPOs, Insurance, and Fixed Income products, etc.

    However, the broker is advisable for only big and risk-averse investors as the broker primarily deals in less risky assets.

    HDFC Securities – Top 10 Share Brokers in India

    In the list of best stock brokerage firms, HDFC securities are hard to ignore. The broker builds a trusted spot in the industry, thanks to its parent company HDFC.

    HDFC Securities - Top 10 Share Brokers in India

    Such as, you can trade here via online platforms and telephonic calls. Since it is a branch of a financial services company, a 3-in-1 trading account facility is also available here.

    Day Trading, Future Trading, Options Trading, Long Term Investment, and IPO investment are also available here.

    But unfortunately, the account opening fee is the highest, starting from Rs. 999. Your HDFC saving account must have Rs.5000 minimum balance too.

    Moreover, trading charges and brokerage is relatively high.

    Why Choose HDFC Securities?

    Being a member of India’s largest private sector bank – HDFC, it is a trusted choice for traders even though the brand still offers traditional trading services.

    IIFL – Top Brokers in India

    Among the top broker in India, IIFL manages to build a notable spot. IIFL is a famous Financial Services Company in India.

    IIFL - Top Brokers in India

    Account Opening charges are zero, but brokerage is fixed Rs.20 on all asset classes.

    This certainly makes IIFL a great option. Still, the broker earns fewer positive responses from clients for its standard trading features and interface.

    There’s nothing too advanced that impresses and encourages investors.

    Why Choose IIFL?

    The brand provides you access to a broad range of assets, including Stocks, Commodities, Derivatives, FDs, Insurance, IPO, and Bonds, etc., and since it is a financial service company, you can get a loan against each of your holdings.

    Honorable Mentions – Best Stockbroker in India

    We have covered some of the Largest Stock Brokers in the discussion above, and it’s time to catch a glimpse of some budding stock brokers likely to give tough competition to the leaders of now.

    Take a look.

    Paytm Money – Top 10 Online Brokers

    Paytm money is an emerging online broker. Since it is the child company of One97 Communications Ltd that also owns Paytm Payment, people had no trust issues despite being a new name in the industry.

    Maximum new traders have started using this platform now, which is surely a great idea.

    But, this Bengaluru-based brokerage firm seems to give a tough competition to Groww in the years ahead. The broker is currently aiming at targeting mobile users through its Paytm Money app.

    And since it is a SEBI registered stockbroker, winning customers won’t be a challenging task for the brand. However, the list of tradable items is supposed to be limited at Paytm Money.

    5Paisa – Best Free Stock Broker in India

    5Paisa is becoming famous for its discount brokerage services. The increasing interest of retail investors towards 5Paisa affordable trading services helps the broker cross its first 1 million user base.

    And recently, the broker has added more varieties. Each day, 5Paisa also launches exciting deals and promotional offers.

    But putting aside all these features and discussing feedback from clients, so they aren’t too good.

    Many clients had a bad experience with 5Paisa, making it clear that the broker needs to rework its services.

    If you are planning to enter 5Paisa, make sure you enter with minimum capital for now. Beginners can find it a great alternative.

    Edelweiss – Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

    Edelweiss is an affordable stockbroker, soon expected to compete with big players in the industry. Incorporated in 2008, Edelweiss is a Mumbai-based brokerage firm.

    The broker offers facilities to invest & trade in a wide range of products, including Equity, Mutual Funds, Debt, Currency Derivatives, IPOs, commodities, and Futures & Options.

    In comparison to other brokers, Edelweiss currently charges low against its trading services. But the account maintenance fee is high.

    And if you are willing to trade Options, then make sure you are ready to bear higher charges on it. However, interface and trading features need more attention.

    Axis Direct – Best Broker in India

    Axis Direct is a subsidiary of India’s largest financial services company – Axis Bank. The brokerage service provider is, however, not new.

    The broker for a long time has been offering trading services in Equities, SIP, IPO, Mutual Fund, Bond, Derivatives, ETF, NCD, and Fixed Deposits.

    Like other financial service companies, the broker also provides you loans against your investments in assets.

    A 3-in-1 account facility is also available. But it struggles to build a notable spot in the trading industry for its slightly old trading styles.

    Apart from that, Axis direct is still a trusted brand among traders. Existing Axis bank customers can join Axis direct in a few easy steps, but it can be an expensive deal for new traders.

    SBI Securities – Best Broker for Trading

    SBI securities are, however, a lesser-known stockbroker. Still, risk-averse investors can find it a great alternative.

    At minimum charges, the brokerage firm allows you to enter the market and invest online in Equity, Derivatives, ETFs, Mutual Funds, IPOs, and NCDs.

    Account opening is almost free. Still, the broker faces backlash for its customer services which aren’t receiving a good response.

    Top 10 Stock Brokers in India – Conclusion

    Now that you know some of the best brokerage firms, it’s time to select the best stock broker you are confident about beginning your trading career with.

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced one, we have tried to reach the depth of every broking house that carries the vast potential to become your favorite one.

    Hence, the ultimate choice is yours.

    FAQs on Top Brokers in India

    Here are FAQs on Top Brokers in India –

    How to find the best Stock Broking Company in India?

    A particular pattern has been noted in the best stock broking companies all over India, having 5 exuberant traits to themselves.

    We have made out a ranking system that will allow you to find the best company with utter ease.

    Which is the Best Stockbroker?

    Zerodha is hands down the best stock broker in the entire country. Its rating is a solid 9.5/10.

    The best broker makes sure to provide its customers with plenty of products and services to assist them in their investments.

    Which is the Best discount broker in India?

    Zerodha, with a staggering 9.6 rating, is the best discount broker in all of India. What makes it the best is the fact that it doesn’t charge too much brokerage amount.

    This is extremely helpful for traders as the fee is now reduced to 1/5th of the amount.

    Which are the best stock brokers for Advisory & Stock Tips?

    IIFL or India Infoline with an 8.9 rating is the best stock broker in this category. They can figure out the stock performance with absolute perfection and precision.

    Which of these stockbrokers has the lowest brokerage charges?

    Zerodha has the lowest brokerage charges among all the companies. This is an extremely important factor for investors and traders.

    Nobody wants to shell out their money as a brokerage and Zerodha takes care of it.

    Which stockbroker provides world-class Products & Services?

    Zerodha, yet again, with a 9.5 rating, provides the best world-class products and services.

    It is one of the leading discount brokers that provide almost all the products available in the industry.

    Which stockbroker provides the fastest trading platform or App?

    Zerodha, with a 9.4 rating on the website, provides the fastest trading platform.

    It provides enormous features like real-time data streaming, stock recommendations, and watch lists among others.

    Which is the most trustworthy and experienced stock broker?

    Angel Broking with a 9.0 rating, is the most trustworthy and experienced stockbroker.

    An experienced stockbroker will always be able to figure out the market pretty intensely, and Angel Broking does quite a job.

    How to find stock brokers with the lowest brokerage charges?

    A company that will not charge the traders a huge sum in the name of brokerage charge, will take your money and make a valid decision for you in the market for you to dodge through with ease and understanding and helps you multiply your profit is the right one to go along with. Our site provides you with just the right name: Zerodha.

    Which stockbroker gives maximum exposure/margin?

    Zerodha gives the maximum exposure to investments. It asks the customer for a very meager brokerage charge but delivers them full profit and definite satisfaction.

    If you want your investment to procure just as much profit, don’t hesitate to invest in Zerodha.

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