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NG Rathi Franchise is one of the largest stockbroking houses in the market and in Pune, it is considered to be the most renowned brokerage house.

The company is all set to provide the client with a technology-driven investment platform which will be easier, smoother, and more reliable.

NG Rathi is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE); along with the leading commodity exchange of India, MCX.

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N G Rathi Sub Broker

NG Rathi Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

NG Rathi Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.3/10
Market Share 5.1/10
Products & Services 5.6/10
Revenue Sharing 6.3/10
Holistic Support 5.2/10
Overall Ratings 5.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About NG Rathi Franchise

N G Rathi Franchise

NG Rathi, one of the leading broking houses is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. NG Rathi is a public based company that offers a full-service broker.

The company was established in 2005 by Nitin M Rathi and other directors of the company apart from Nitin M Rathi include Neha Nitin Rathi, Girish Madhukar Rathi and Gopal Subhash Kalantri.

To successfully activate the SB code, the company takes about 30 days and the payout time of 35 days is required.

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    Types of NG Rathi Business Models

    There are 2 types of NG Rathi Franchise business models namely:

    • Authorized Person / Business partner / Sub-broker
    • Master franchise

    NG Rathi Franchise Master Franchise

    NG Rathi provides Master Franchise to all their clients. Master Franchise of the company grants people or clients to have a monopoly of brokership but in a defined locality or area.

    The model of the master franchise of NG Rathi needs to have a decent infrastructure and a good investment amount.

    NG Rathi revenue sharing has a minimum of 75 % which may go up to 85% while the NG Rathi security deposit of master franchise varies between Rs 200,000 and Rs 350,000.

    Benefits of NG Rathi Franchise Master Franchise

    • There will be no need to face any direct competitors.
    • NG Rathi provides an opportunity to create a large business to the master franchise.
    • The Master franchise is offered with a ready-made franchise package whose brand name had been already established and recognized and thus it leaves with nothing to worry about as it’s always easier to work on an already successful business model.
    • A master franchise comes with great prestige and honor and thus being with them gives a sense of satisfaction and financial leverage.

    NG Rathi Sub Brokers or NG Rathi Authorized Person

    NG Rathi offers sub-brokers or authorized Person (AP) or business partner to all entities and individuals who want to work with them.

    Sub-brokers take full responsibility for all clients and tend to keep track of them and their trading so that they could earn high brokerage.

    The sub-broker of the NG Rathi would need to provide an initial investment of minimum Rs 200, 000 which may go up to Rs 350, 000 and enjoy revenue sharing collection that varies between 50% and 70%.

    Benefits of NG Rathi Authorized Person

    • The sub-brokers enjoy a high revenue share from the company with a minimum of 50% that can go maximum till 70%.
    • The sub-brokers only need to provide a security deposit which is minimum Rs 200, 000 while resting of other expenses sustained by the franchiser.
    • At the end of the tenure, the sub-brokers will get a refund from the company.
    • Every new service, products and offers that had been launched by the franchiser are also available to the sub-broker and thus this helps the sub-broker majorly in terms of engaging the clients.

    NG Rathi Partner Revenue Sharing or NG Rathi Sub Broker Commission

    NG Rathi presents an overview of the percentage of revenue available for master franchise and sub-brokers.

    The master franchise receives a revenue share percentage that varies between 75% and 85%. The sub-broker experiences revenue sharing of a minimum of 50% that may exceed up to 70% from NG Rathi.

    Revenue sharing collection of Remisier and Referral program is not available in the company.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share NG Rathi’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 70% 60% – 30%
    Master franchise 75%- 85% 90% – 80%

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      NG Rathi Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Under the security deposit model, the NG Rathi introduces Master franchise and Sub-brokers. The initial investment is to be made by the Master Franchise with minimum Rs 200, 000 that may go up to 350, 000.

      The company levies a security deposit for sub-brokers that vary between Rs 50, 000 and Rs 100, 000.  Remisier and referral program is not available under the security deposit section of the NG Rathi.

      Check this table below for a better understanding of NG Rathi Securities Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Master Franchise Rs.200,000 – Rs.350,000
      Sub-brokers Rs 50, 000 – Rs 100, 000

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      NG Rathi Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      A Sub broker or business partner is the true spirit of the company as they are the ones whom the client pays a visit to their office and thus they need to build an impression about the company by showcasing high standards of the company.

      NG Rathi expects sub-brokers to maintain a decent office space of a minimum of 200 Sq Ft and minimum employee strength of 2.

      The infrastructure of the company should be well maintained with providing strong telephone lines and providing user friendly trading terminals. The company expects a sub-broker to possess strong research service but there is no need for internet connection.

      NG Rathi Sub Broker Offers

      • The low-security deposit scheme is available in the company.
      • Zero deposit is not active in the company.
      • There is flexible revenue sharing offered by the company.
      • Flat revenue sharing is unavailable in the company.
      • Zero revenue sharing with prepaid is available in the NG Rathi.

      NG Rathi Franchise or NG Rathi Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to NG Rathi, it is important to take note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      The candidates who are looking forward to applying in the NG Rathi to become sub-broker needs to fulfill the following guidelines or eligibility criterions:

      • The candidate needs to fulfill the basic eligibility criteria like age, academic, qualifications, experience.
      • Candidates need to remain up to date with the latest information based on Economics, Political and Environment scenario.
      • While applying for sub brokership, the candidates are required to be at least 21 years of age.
      • The candidates are needed to pass higher secondary from any government authorized institution. The candidate possessing a graduation certificate will have an extra benefit.
      • Basic knowledge of a computer is a must for all the candidates.
      • The candidates must be free from any fraud or dishonesty.
      • To be a sub-broker, candidates are required to possess a license or registration certificate.
      • A decent office area is expected from the candidate.
      • It is a must that the candidates have prior experience in handling financial products’ business. The candidate having experience in handling stock broking products have an added benefit.
      • Every candidate is required to be fit and fine both mentally and physically.

      How to become an NG Rathi Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      The candidates looking forward to becoming sub-broker of NG Rathi needs to follow the simple steps:

      1. The candidate has to fill up a form with putting all the correct details like name, age, contact number and Email-ID.
      2. After the candidate is done putting all the details, the executive of the company will contact the candidate to verify all the details that had been provided and then fix a meeting with the Business Development team.
      3. The Business Development executive as per the appointment will pay a visit to the candidate in order to discuss and explain the proposal which includes a model of working, brokerage charges, the support provided by the company’s end, company’s expectations, revenue sharing percentage, security deposit requirement, etc.
      4. Post the appointment, the candidate would be asked to sign on an agreement and to submit some of the documents.
      5. After executing the agreement, the candidate will receive a sub-broker ID and after that he/she can officially start working as a Sub broker of NG Rathi and operate the account.

      Documents required to become NG Rathi Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • 2 passport size photos
      • Pan card
      • Aadhar card
      • Address proof
      • Proof of DOB
      • Canceled Cheque/ Bank statement
      • Graduation certificate
      • Receipt of the registration fee of SEBI

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      Why Partner with NG Rathi?

      • Under business models, the Franchise Company offers for both master franchise and sub-brokers.
      • Sub-brokers enjoy the low-security deposit scheme offered by the franchise company.
      • The franchise Company provides supports like Back-Office support and Advisory support.
      • Zero revenue sharing with prepaid is also offered by the franchise company.

      NG Rathi Conclusion

      NG Rathi Investrades Private Limited Company has chosen a very attractive approach to attract clients. The company has a demand for a large office area of about 200 Sq Ft.

      The sub-brokers enjoy the low deposit scheme and plus get a relatively high revenue percentage from the franchise.

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