Sykes & Ray Franchise / Partner / Authorised Person / Sub Broker Review

Sykes & Ray Franchise is a leading broking house available in India. The company has recently promoted its business model in the stock market.

In this article, we will have a detailed discussion about Sykes & Ray Sub Broker Program, its customer ratings, business models, revenue sharing model, security deposit & more.

Sykes & Ray offers

Sykes & Ray Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Sykes & Ray Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.0/10
Products & Services5.5/10
Revenue Sharing7.5/10
Holistic Support5.0/10
Overall Ratings5.6/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Sykes & Ray Franchise

Sykes & Ray is one of the top-notch financial businesses available in the stock market.

It has a very different approach for all of its clients and partners that involves creating a long term relationship and all this enables the broking house to build a good reputation in the market.

The company was established by Yogesh Rajaram Gupta in the year 1994. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India.

The SB code activation time for Sykes & Ray broking house is around 40 days and it’s payout time is 28 days.

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Types of Sykes & Ray Business Models

Sykes & Ray is the best and reliable stockbroking house that offers an extensive and wide variety of financial solutions to all the investors.

Recently, it has promoted its partnership business among the sub-broker businesses. The partnership business offered by the broking house is described below in brief-

  • Sub-broker business model.

Sykes & Ray Sub Broker or Sykes & Ray Authorized Person

Sykes & Ray franchise or sub-broker is the real partnership business offered by the broking house. It is allowed to cater to all types of clients and their requirements as well. In this partnership business, a variety of sub-broker can work easily in the same workplace.

This franchise needs to offer financial services according to the needs of the clients. For this licensing program, the authorised person needs need to arrange office space in order to manage the broking business.

Benefits of Sykes & Ray Authorized Person

The benefits associated with Sykes & Ray broking franchise are listed below-

  • Flexibility in revenue sharing
  • Strong credibility
  • Very minimal investment value
  • Easy and simple account opening process.

Sykes & Ray Partner Revenue Sharing or Sykes & Ray Sub Broker Commission

Sykes & Ray is a greatly known stockbroker company available in the stock market. It has recently raised its franchise business in the market. The company has given rise to the franchise business because of intellectual sub-brokers.

The main aim of the broking house to promote the business model is to offer an opportunity to individuals who are willing to work as a sub-broker. Usually, the sub-brokers get ready to work with the broking house will receive some revenue share which will be on the basis of following terms-

To sub-brokers, The broking house basically offers 50% to 70% revenue share from the total revenue generated by sub-brokers. Also, the revenue share is also distributed as per the performance of the sub-brokers and the security deposit given by them.

Refer to this Table for clear picture:

Revenue SharingClients ShareSykes & Ray’s Share
Sub Broker50% – 70%20% – 50%

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Sykes & Ray Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

Sykes & Ray is leading and popular-most broking company available in the country. The company has a very impressive and flexible business program for the individuals looking forward to working under the company’s name.

It actually charges some security deposit from all the sub-brokers for providing them with the access of the partnership program. The broking house usually levies a security deposit from the sub-brokers between the range of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.

The sub-brokers do nor require to worry because the security deposit will be refunded to them once they decide to leave the licencing program of the broking house.

Check this table below for better understanding of Sykes & Ray Franchise Cost:

Security Deposit
Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.100,000

These Sub Broker Franchise  ask for low Security Deposits:

Fyers FranchiseChoice Broking FranchiseElite Wealth Franchise

Sykes & Ray Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

Sykes & Ray franchise is one of the best broking houses entered recently in the stock market. It offers all the financial services at nominal rates to the clients for their betterment and satisfaction.

If you are looking forward to becoming a partner of the booking company them first you need to check if you are capable to fulfil the infrastructure requirements of the company’s licencing program. The list of infrastructure requirements to be fulfilled is provided below-

  • The sub-broker needs to arrange the workplace of minimum 300 Square feet in order to run the office smoothly.
  • The broking franchise consists of at least 3 employees.
  • There is no requirement for any type of research services.
  • Good internet connection is needed to ensure better trading.
  • Effective trading terminals are also required for easy trading.
  • Telephone lines are also very important for better communication between employees and clients.

The infrastructure requirements listed above are very simple and basic. Any sub-broker can easily fulfil the infrastructure requirements with small bucks.

Sykes & Ray Sub Broker Offers

Sykes & Ray has gained huge popularity in the stock market by availing all kinds of financial services and products.

The company not only avail financial products but also good at offering very attractive and impressive offers through which clients can easily boost up their financial or investment portfolio. The list of offers provided by the broking house to its sub-brokers is given below-

  • 10k initial deposit
  • Flexible revenue sharing
  • Extensive financial services provided including- currency trading, mutual funds, NRI, mobile trading and more.
  • Updated trading software for fast and easy trading.
  • Research reports are also provided on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Proper product training and risk management strategies are also offered.

Here is the list of other Sub Broker Franchise with Great Offers:

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Motilal Oswal FranchiseICICI Direct FranchisePrabhudas Lilladher FranchiseSwastika Investment Franchise

Sykes & Ray Franchise or Sykes & Ray Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Sykes & Ray, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

Sykes & Ray is the best and reliable broking house in the stock market. The company aims to offer a huge spectrum of financial products and also the business model to the clients.

If any client wants to become a sub-broker of the broking house then he needs to fulfil the eligibility criteria first. The eligibility criteria of the company are given below-

  • The applicants need to be an Indian resident to apply for the company’s business model.
  • He must have at least higher secondary qualification for dealing with the company’s business plan.
  • Most importantly, the sub-broker must have an experience of around 1 or 2 years to run the business program. He can be experienced as a sub-broker, mutual fund advisor, investment services provider, CA, financial service provider etc.
  • Also, the applicant needs to ensure that he or she can be able to fulfil the infrastructure requirements of the company’s franchise model or not.
  • He or she should be registered with SEBI in order to get the licencing program of the company.

How to become a Sykes & Ray Sub broker or Authorized Person?

Sykes & Ray is the top-notch stockbroking enterprise in the stock market. It avails a variety of financial services for the satisfaction of clients and investors. If you want to become a sub-broker of the company then carefully follow the steps given below-

  1. You need to fill up the lead form provided by the broking house.
  2. You will get a call from the company executive in order to cross verify your interest regarding the franchise model of the company.
  3. After that, they will schedule a meeting for you with a relationship manager.
  4. In that meeting, you will get detailed information for the company and its licencing program.
  5. Once the relationship manager of the company finds you suitable then it will ask you for your personal details for further verification.
  6. After the document verification, your documents will be delivered to SEBI.
  7. Once your personal documents will be approved by the Securities Exchange Board of India then you will get the access for the licencing program of the company.
  8. After that you can easily set up your own business with the brand name of the company.

The entire registration process will take around 5-6 days to complete.

Documents required to become Sykes & Ray Authorized Person

One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

  • PAN Card copy
  • Adhaar Card copy
  • Birth Certificate copy
  • Academic qualification documents
  • Passport size photographs
  • SEBI Registration certificate
  • Cancelled cheque for bank account details
  • GST Registration certificate

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Why Partner with Sykes & Ray?

Sykes & Ray is very well-known and top-notch stockbroking business available in the country. The broking house has customised a very simple business program through which individuals can set up their own business and work under the company’s name.

There are so many advantages associated with the company’s business model-

  • Most reliable and trusted broking house.
  • Various financial services provided.
  • Strong networking
  • Minimal security deposit
  • Revenue sharing model is very profitable.

Sykes & Ray Franchise Conclusion

Sykes & Ray is one of the best broking franchises available in the stock market. The company offers all kinds of financial solutions and services at a very nominal investment amount.

Apart from that, the broking house enables users or clients to access its business program in order to strengthen financial welfare. Along with offering the business model, it provides full support and impressive offers to the customers for their betterments and convenience as well.

If you want to access the business model of any renowned company as a sub-broker, go for Sykes & Ray franchise and satisfy your financial needs to a great extent.

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