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For this article, we wish to walk you over – Best AMC in India right now. You will encounter the list of Top 5 AMCs in the nation and its brief description.

Asset Management Companies (AMCs) are companies that put together funds from different investors. The company handles the fund by investing in assets such as stocks, bonds, etc.

Best AMC in India - List of Top 10 Mutual Fund CompaniesThe asset managers are called fund managers who specify where the pooled money is spent. The investment options are defined by the fund managers by the investor’s targets.

Firstly, the fund manager assesses different measures, such as market and company risk, before taking a decision consistent with financial goals.

For example, a debt fund primarily invests in bonds and public securities to reduce risks. But a mutual fund concentrates primarily on equities or shares.

Investment decisions by professionals would potentially provide optimum returns for investors.

Best AMC in India – List of Top 5 Mutual Fund Companies

Here are the list of Top 5 AMCs in India.

Rank Top 10 AMCs
1  HDFC Mutual Fund
2  SBI Mutual Fund
3  ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
4  Reliance Mutual Fund
5  Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
6 Kotak Mutual Fund
7 Tata Mutual Fund
8 DSP Mutual Fund
9 L&T Mutual Fund
10 Principal Mutual Fund

Lets have a detailed understanding of the fund houses & know why they are the best mutual fund companies or best AMCs in India.

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    HDFC Mutual Fund – Best AMC in India

    From the year 2000, the HDFC Mutual Fund introduced the first ever scheme, it has shown positive growth ever since. The managing director of HDFC mutual fund is Milind Barve.

    By providing lucrative facilities, HDFC AMC has been among the best performers in India. By meeting investor’s financial commitments, it has gained the confidence of many investors to date.

    It has now become the first choice of people when it comes to investing in mutual funds. HDFC mutual fund is among the larger AMC with a fund size of Rs. 3 lakh crore.

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    SBI Mutual Fund – Top AMC in India

    SBI mutual fund has completed its 30 years and is among the most reputed AMC. It was launched in 1987.

    Ms. Anuradha Rao is CEO of SBI mutual fund. This AMC manages funds of more than 5.4 million investors. SBI mutual funds deliver various mutual fund schemes.

    ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund – Best Mutual Fund Companies

    ICICI Prudential mutual fund is a joint venture of Prudential Plc (UK) and ICICI Bank (India) which was started in 1993.

    The Chairperson of the ICICI Prudential mutual fund is Ms. Chanda Kochhar. This mutual fund also provides vast schemes of investments.

    From the very start, it has conveyed many products such as ICICI Prudential value discovery fund, ICICI SIP, etc which satisfied the needs of clients.

    Due to this, it is very popular among investors. This AMC also caters to real estate for investors.

    Reliance Mutual Fund – Top Mutual Fund Companies

    Reliance mutual fund is the fastest-growing AMC. This AMC was registered in 1995.

    Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF) has Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Limited as its trustee and Reliance Capital Limited (RCL) as the sponsor.

    It is currently managing Rs.2.5 lakh crore and has also set impressive records of uniform returns.

    Reliance mutual fund also has a lot of schemes for its investors. Investors can select funds concerning their risk factors.

    Aditya Birla Sun Life Fund – Best Mutual Fund House

    Investors with wealth growth often choose this Mutual Fund because of its consistent performance. The team initiated this set up in 1994.

    It is also a joint endeavor of Aditya Birla Group in India and Sun Life Financial Inc of Canada. This AMC can help people in achieving their financial objectives.

    The analysts of this AMC focus on finding the best investment opportunity to invest in mutual funds.

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    Kotak Mutual Fund – Top Mutual Fund House

    Since 1988, Kotak has developed a large customer base with lakhs of investors as of now.

    The AMC brings multiple schemes, catering to a wide range of customers with its innovative products.

    The Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund, Standard Multicap funds are yielding better growth with minimum SIP investment of 1000 and 500.

    Tata Mutual Fund – Top 10 AMC in India

    Tata Mutual fund is well known for its consistent performance, which is why the team has earned the trust of lakhs of investors.

    With 2 decades of experience, the team’s primary focus is on long-term results and consistency.

    The retirement savings fund option is one of the most popular and profitable options from the team.

    DSP Mutual Fund – Top 10 Mutual Fund Companies

    DSP Blackrock is one of the world’s largest investment management companies with an excellent track record of over 20 years.

    This provides investors with a host of options starting from hybrid to equity and more. The performing schemes include US Flexi Equity Fund and Equity Opportunities Fund.

    L&T Mutual Fund – Top 10 Mutual Fund House

    The team emphasizes on delivering a performance with minimal risk and the ones that can perform long-term.

    The investors choose from ELSS to equity and hybrid and all the options available. The emerging business fund is one of the popular options with 500 as the minimum SIP investment.

    Principal Mutual Fund – Best AMC in India

    This team offers a wide range of solutions for both retail and institutional investors. The company is known for its strict risk-management policy.

    Their team members focus on relevance in the research techniques supporting the investment decisions.

    They also bring innovative schemes for the satisfaction of their diverse customers.

    How to Choose Asset Management Companies

    Although AMC’s adopt every scheme’s investment target, you still have to verify their record.

    They use the investor’s review for the result history of different schemes by the AMC fund. Also, it happens especially to discuss the ups and downs of the market.

    When selecting an Asset Management Company, investors must evaluate the following points:

    Image of AMC

    A fund house does not receive the recognition in a day, it takes years or decades to achieve that place. After doing well for 5 or 10 years, a company has a strong name.

    Check the feedback, speak to other investors, and see if previous outcomes are reliable.

    Qualifications of the fund manager

    An AMC is the manager of a fund. For example, no fund house would employ an administrator with less than remarkable experience in fear of losing the customers.

    It has now become easy to figure out how an investment manager in history has treated money. You must always check it.

    Give fees over the commission

    You must select a company manager who costs a service fee instead of just a commission.

    Choose an AMC that charges a standard fee because they are more loyal and provide good ideas to their investors.

    AMC Reliability in Comparison with Banks

    There is a myth that mutual funds are not as secure as bank accounts or schemes of banks. People are afraid that AMCs will close down.

    That’s because only the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulates banks, which are noticeable to all. The sponsor or trustees nominate an AMC to manage the fund reserve.

    The AMC pays for a service charge and acts by SEBI regulatory authority. The AMC charges fees because of objective and straightforward initiatives.

    You should continue investing in mutual funds to create long-term capital. It also saves tax.

    Role of SEBI, RBI & AMFI in AMC

    Here is the Role played by all regulatory authorities in Mutual Fund houses.


    An AMC is supervised by the trustee committee, which is in turn controlled by SEBI. SEBI guarantees that both operate in the interests of investors and that they meet its criteria.


    AMFI was set up to deal with investor concerns with mutual fund consultancies.

    AMFI’s key mission is to ensure the growth and operation of the mutual fund industry according to ethical principles. The goal of AMFI is also to safeguard all holder’s interests.


    RBI also plays a key part in managing AMCs when a bank, along with SEBI and AMFI, is one of their allies.

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    How does an AMC work?

    The Asset Management Company is indeed the component of the mutual fund which is responsible for its activities and investments.

    SEBI permissions are needed for the formation of the AMC. In simple terms, when investing in an AMC, investors buy a portfolio provided by the AMC.

    After this, the fund manager makes his decision to take responsibility for the investment. Professionals also check whether the investment will benefit the investors or not.

    When choosing an investment program, investors prefer the funds managed by renowned AMCs. This is why the market public image of the AMC should be evaluated.

    The list consists of the AMC’s steps:

    Analyzing performance

    The AMCs must respond to investors for their investments.

    The fund’s output must be periodically analyzed based on factors such as NAV, fund returns, etc to prevent accusations by investors and also a bad image of the company.

    Allocation of asset

    The AMC needs to invest cautiously in different funds to keep the investor’s faith.

    The time of purchase or sale depends on the decision of the fund manager, who administers the funds and assigns the amounts accumulated in different asset groups.


    This is the most important decision of AMC. Detailed market analysis and a portfolio focused on the prevalence of the economic conditions take time and money.

    A fund manager including his team of analysts analyses the market and runs its course of analysis market.

    The fund manager needs to build a safe portfolio that will work even in the worst time after taking into account the risk factors.

    Things Investors Must Know

    The following are the guidelines set by SEBI and AMFI which an investor must know:

    1. The net worth of AMC must be less than Rs.10 crores.
    2. Records of the main personnel should be clean. They should not possess a history of any kind of offense.
    3. In any mutual fund, its chairman should not be a trustee.
    4. AMC must provide frequent reports of its activities to investors.
    5. AMC should not function as a trustee of the mutual fund.

    Best AMC in India – Conclusion

    Asset Management Companies or AMC is also known as money management firms or money managers.

    Since they have a greater pool of funds than individual investors can reach by themselves, Asset Management Companies give investors more diverse investment choices.

    The purchasing for so many consumers makes it possible for AMC to gain cost savings, also getting a price drop on their purchase.

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