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Alankit Assignments Franchise is considered as the renowned and popular-most business model of Alankit Group. The broking house is a part of the integration of the 10 such firms under one roof.

In this content, we will cover Alankit Assignments Sub Broker, its revenue sharing models, offers, business models, infrastructure requirement and many other facets as well.

Alankit Assignments Franchise Offers

Alankit Assignments Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Alankit Assignments Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.5/10
Market Share 6.5/10
Products & Services 6.7/10
Revenue Sharing 6.4/10
Holistic Support 6.6/10
Overall Ratings 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★


About Alankit Assignments Franchise

Alankit Assignments Sub BrokerAlankit Assignments is one of the popularly known stockbroking companies available in India. It is a full-service broker founded by Alok Kumar Agarwal in the year 1995. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi, India.

The broking house is popularly known in the stock market due to its innovative and flexible financial offerings. Basically, Alankit Assignment is dealing in share broking and financial services for decades. Also, it is a 9001:2008 certified broking house.

Moreover, Alankit Assignments sub-broker or franchise is good at offering flexible offline and online trading solutions. In trading services, it includes- commodity trading, equity trading, currency trading, portfolio management services, debt market, institutional broking and rate futures.

It is also best at providing investment advisory in IPO (Initial Public Offerings), Bonds, Fixed Deposit and Mutual Funds. The broking house is registered with IEX, ICEX, MCX, NCDEX, NMCE, ACE and NSEL. Also, it is registered with CDSL & NSDL for depository services.

The Alankit Assignments Franchise or authorised person activation time of the stockbroking company is 26 days and the payout time is 33 days.

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    Types of Alankit Assignments Business Models

    The only business model offered by Alankit Assignments franchise is-

    • Channel Partner or sub-broker

    Alankit Assignments Sub Broker or Alankit Assignments Authorized Person

    Channel Partner or sub-broker is the one and only business model promoted by the Alankit Assignments Franchise. The main aim of Alankit Assignments to provide a Channel Partner business model is for expanding the entire stockbroking business.

    With this business model, the sub-broker endeavours to reach the smallest of cities of the nation in order to widen and gain rich client base.

    If you are also thinking to offer innovative financial products and services to your clients, joining hands with Alankit Assignments as a sub-broker or authorised person would be the best.

    With the help of Alankit Assignments, you can easily deliver financial services to your clients. You can avail multiple financial products for them easily.

    As a sub-broker or authorized person, you will be required to submit some security deposit to the broker in order to set-up an enterprise to start work from.

    Benefits of Alankit Assignments Authorized Person

    The quick list of advantages associated with Alankit Assignments Franchise is given below-

    • Alankit Assignments is a renowned and popular brand that will assist you in expanding your business and generating impressive revenue.
    • You will be offered with strong back-office support.
    • The company offers multiple financial products with new technology.
    • It also assists in developing a strong and healthy business.
    • The best part about the company is it avails strong and expertise mentor for the sub-brokers who will guide them where needed.
    • Robust advisory and research analysis are also provided for smooth trading.
    • Minimal initial investment or security deposit.
    • Competitive revenue sharing ratio.

    Alankit Assignments Partner Revenue Sharing or Alankit Assignments Sub Broker Commission

    Alankit Assignments is the most popular brand that avails qualitative and innovative financial products for its client base. If you also want to offer qualitative financial products to your clients with the help of any renowned brand, go for the Alankit Assignments and achieve your desired goals.

    The broking house usually offers the ratio for revenue sharing is between the range of 55% to 75% of the actual profit generated to the sub-brokers or authorised persons.

    The revenue sharing ration is not actually fixed. It can be increased by negotiating with the stockbroking house depending on the security deposit and profit generated.

    Normally, the revenue sharing ratio for sub-brokers is more than average. For instance, if you generate revenue of around Rs. 1,00,000 on a monthly basis then your commission will be around Rs. 55,000 – Rs. 75,000.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Alankit’s Share
    Sub Broker 55% – 75% 45% – 25%

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      Alankit Assignments Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      The specific security deposit levied by the broking house is refundable. It is usually charged from authorised persons for any type of default in the process of brokership with the broking house. The company reimburse or refund the security deposit amount when the brokership tenure or agreement ends.

      The broking house only debits some specific amount from the security deposit as membership charges for the trading platform, stock exchange or desktop availed by the stockbroking house or any type of other infrastructure expense for the sub-broker etc.

      Usually, Alankit Assignments security deposit range starts from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 150,000.

      Apart from that, there is a small room always open for the sub-brokers to negotiate or bargain the security deposit amount. Sub-brokers are always given an opportunity to have a go for negotiation when he or she sits with the company’s executive for financial discussion.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Alankit Assignments Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.150,000

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      Alankit Assignments Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      Sub-brokers or authorised persons are always supposed to invest in infrastructure. The essential infrastructure is the office where an authorised person meets his/ her clients.

      The main infrastructure needs are-

      • Office or workplace of minimum 100 sq.ft
      • Minimum 1 employee strength should be available

      Alankit Assignments franchise infrastructure needs that the workplace needs to be positioned in an acceptable locality covered with telephone lines, sufficient work stations and most importantly internet connection.

      The broking house franchise necessary requirements are really important to be fulfilled in order to obtain a license.

      The required amount for infrastructure is normally lesser for the authorised persons as compared to master brokers. Sub-brokers can start their business by making a little amount of investment.

      Moreover, for starting up a business, the workplace or work area should be of at least a minimum of 100 sq. ft. Trading terminals should be available in the office for huge flexibility.

      The major facets that raise the infrastructure amount are – the city where the office is located, the main locality and client base etc.

      Alankit Assignments Sub Broker Offers

      As it is clearly understood that Alankit Assignments is one of the leading brands available in India. Its offerings include- flexible revenue sharing model. For instance- if an authorised person or sub-broker clearly confirms that he/she will bring more business then he will surely get a decent share of the profits or revenues.

      Alankit Assignments Franchise is good at providing a decent plan for the sub-brokers-

      • Flexible Revenue Sharing

      The offers can easily be availed by all Alankit Assignments Authorized Person once they register with Alankit Assignments.

      Alankit Assignments Franchise or Alankit Assignments Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Alankit Assignments, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      Alankit Assignments stockbroking company has very simple and easy process for selecting sub-brokers. If you want to become an authorised person of Alankit Assignments, follow the steps given below-

      • It is necessary for the applicant to be the resident of India.
      • Age should be minimum of 18 years.
      • The applicant should have at least passed his 12th standard from any recognised institute.
      • The applicant must have 2 to 3 years of experience as mutual fund distributor, sub-broker, broker, insurance advisor etc.
      • For becoming a remisier, he should be self-employed with ICFA, insurance agent, CA, financial advisor or mutual fund advisor.
      • Also, he has a good track record in the market.
      • For franchise model, he must be capable enough to invest in office set-up and also meet the entire infrastructure requirements.
      • The applicant required to provide full details of his background and with references.
      • He or she must be registered with SEBI for sub-brokership.

      How to become a Alankit Assignments Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      Strictly follow the below-given steps in order to become an Alankit Assignments sub-broker-

      1. Firstly, you will be needed to accurately fill up the lead or registration form with mandatory details like- name, mobile no.etc.
      2. After that, the company executive will call you to verify your interest in channel partner broker business with the stockbroker.
      3. The company executive will again give you a call in order to make you understand the partnership business details in brief like- the business models of the company, benefits, security deposit, revenue sharing ratio etc. Through this call, the executive will fix a meeting to delivering more details regarding the partnership business with you.
      4. You will require to attend a meeting fixed with Alankit Assignments executive in order to know the business details. In this meeting, you can ask any type of questions related to partnership business from the executive without any fear.
      5. After that, you will be needed to lodge all the mandatory documents required by the company for the verification process.
      6. Once the verification process is done then you will be provided with an Account ID in order, to begin with, your new business.
      7. Then, you will be eligible for getting an attractive revenue share generated through your clients.

      All the entire process at least take 25 – 26 business days for complete registration.

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      Why Partner with Alankit Assignments?

      The various reason to partner with the stock broker are –

      • Alankit Assignment is a popular brand available in the industry.
      • It offers attractive and flexible revenue sharing model to the authorised persons.
      • It offers a quick and hassle-free account opening process
      • Wide-ranging market support, as well as training support, is offered to the sub-brokers by the broking house.
      • Apart from that, the friendly staff of the company assists sub-brokers in setting up the entire services without any hassle.

      Alankit Assignments Franchise Conclusion

      Alankit Assignments is the oldest financial solutions offering broking house in India. It has hugely gained the trust of thousands of clients.

      The broking house is good at offering only one business model with flexible revenue sharing ration and minimal security deposit.

      It enables customers to get all types of financial products under one umbrella. Also, the Alankit Assignments registration process is quite easy and simple.

      In conclusion, we can say that Alankit Assignments is one of the trustworthy and reliable platforms available for partnership business.

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