LKP Securities Franchise / Authorised Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

LKP Securities Franchise is an old school franchise business in India. This article will provide detailed description about the LKP Securities Sub Broker program with LKP Securities, what is procedure to get enrolled, how many types of Sub Brokers are there with LKP and what is the revenue sharing model etc.

LKP Securities is one of the first and oldest Stock Broking companies in India, which was incorporated in the year 1948. Today, it is one of India’s largest financial service providers and caters to customers all across the country.

LKP Securities Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

LKP Securities Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.6/10
Products & Services5.9/10
Revenue Sharing5.4/10
Holistic Support5.2/10
Overall Ratings5.6/10
Star Ratings★★★


About LKP Securities Franchise

LKP Securities started off its legacy in the year 1948 and today, it has achieved unbeatable success and a supreme position in the stock broking industry.

lkp securities franchiseBecause of its wide product offerings and service benefits, it has become the most preferred stock broker amongst today’s traders as well. In the last seven decades, LKP has grown its arms widespread across the country with around 3500 outlets, 17 branches and 7 regional offices.

They have an extremely vast and exhaustive product range for their customers that include:

  • Equities
  • Derivatives
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Demat Services
  • Life Insurance
  • IPO Distribution
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Loan against Shares and margin funding
  • Mutual Funds

With so many products to offer, the quality has also not deteriorated over the years. LKP also provides comprehensive research and advisory services to customers so that they can make calculative decisions.

LKP is also a Category 1 Merchant banker for Mutual Fund distribution. The Stock Broker is a registered member with all major Stock exchanges of the country like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX and DGCX – Dubai.

LKP Securities follow their three Pillars of success – Research, technology and Trust. They offer extremely unparalleled service in each of these domains and hence have been able to be ahead of the league always.

They boast of a responsive Research team, a completely disruptive Technology framework and they believe in keeping everything transparent with the customers.

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Types of LKP Securities Sub Broker Business Models:

There is only one Sub Broker Business Model with LKP Securities

  • Sub Broker or Business Partner

LKP Securities Franchise Offers

LKP Securities Sub Broker or LKP Securities Business Partner

A Sub Broker or Business Partner with LKP Securities is similar to any Sub Brokership model wherein the Sub Broker would perform all duties end-to-end for the Stock Broker and would be paid a certain amount of commission from the business generated.

The Sub broker will be responsible for on-boarding the client, getting all documentations formalities done, training the client and also helping him trade with LKP.

In lieu of these services, the Stock broker pays a certain amount of Revenue sharing to the Sub Broker and also gives him complete access to the trading tools and platforms.

The revenue sharing finalized by the Stock Broker is dependent on certain factors, which need to be agreed between the Stock Broker and the Business Partner.

Benefits of LKP Securities Sub Broker or Business Partner

As a Stock Broker, LKP Securities offers many benefits to its Sub Brokers to have a healthy business association. Below mentioned are a few benefits listed for Business Partners:

  • Flexible Revenue Sharing model: LKP Securities is not very hell bent on a fixed predefined Revenue sharing model; it can change from Partner to partner depending upon their quantum of business and level of association
  • Minimum amount of Initial Security deposit requirement
  • One can open up an account Online with LKP and start trading. There is no hassle of physical visits or physical customer interaction. You can also get registered as a Sub Broker through an online application form
  • Free Training is provided to all Sub Brokers on all LKP products as well as their Trading platforms
  • LKP has an extremely user Friendly Trading platform which helps in hassle free trading transactions.

LKP Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

The Broking House has been in the industry since so many years just because of its collaborative nature and huge battalion of Business Partners.

They have close to 3500+ Business Partners or Sub Brokers working for them in getting new clients and getting them to trade regularly.

Hence LKP recognizes the importance of this strong workforce and hence happily parts away a good portion of its profit with them.

The average Revenue sharing percentile for a Sub Broker would be either 50 – 50% or 60-40% wherein the Sub Broker gets 60% and LKP keeps the remaining 40%.

Moreover, this is not the maximum threshold that they offer. LKP willingly offers more percentage revenue sharing to those partners who generate a large chunk of business for them consistently. Hence, the more business you generate, the better profits you could earn from LKP

Check this table for LKP Securities Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Models:

LKP Securities Franchise CommissionFranchise Commission
LKP Securities Sub Broker40%-50%60%-50%

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LKP Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

LKP Securities doesn’t push hard for high initial deposit for security purpose. The most critical aspect that they look for is the person’s eligibility for being a Sub Broker.

They would not entrust their established business record in the hands of an amateur to disrupt the confidence of their customers.

Hence they do a thorough check on the incumbent’s profile. They check what business plan does the applicant have and does he have a backup plan to sustain the business in case of any shortfalls.

One of the mandate criterion is that the Sub Broker should have a sound knowledge of the Stock Market industry and its functionality. In terms of Initial deposit, they ask for anything between 25,000 and 1,00,000.

Find table below for clarity on LKP Securities Partner Security Deposit Requirement:

LKP Securities Franchise Cost
LKP Securities Partner ProgramRs.25,000 to Rs.1 Lakh

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Infrastructure Investment by LKP Securities Authorized Person

LKP Securities has made a strong reputation for itself since its inception and it would not want anyone or anything to jeopardize the same for whatever reason.

Hence, they expect the Sub Broker or Franchise certain quality standards with respect to office space, employee engagement and dealing and also basic amenities and services.

LKP expects the Sub Broker to have an office setup in a decent neighborhood, which should be centrally connected with commutation facilities as well so that even walk-in customers can be entertained there.

A good office, well maintained with basic hygiene standards and equipped with basic amenities like workstations or desks for employees, PCs or Laptops for staff, Internet connectivity for the PCs so that they can access the tools and also landline connections are some of the important elements that is required in a Sub Broker’s office.

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LKP Securities Franchise Offers

LKP Securities invests a lot in developing their Sub Brokers time and again and also helps them stabilize their business:

  • Complete training is provided to the Sub Broker on all the products, services & trading platforms.
  • LKP Securities Sub Brokers are also trained extensively on the trading platforms and their usage.
  • They also get support on the marketing and branding information from the LKP team. All banners, posters, hoardings and signboards etc are made by the LKP team and sent to the Business Partners
  • They also have an extremely supportive Customer Support team and a back office team to ensure the customers as well as the Sub Brokers get immediate assistance.

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LKP Securities Franchise Eligibility Criteria

LKP Securities has a certain set of guidelines for their Sub Brokers or Business Partners:

  • The person applying for a Sub Broker or Business partner should have completed min 18 years of age
  • With respect to Educational Qualification too, one needs to be minimum 10+2 pass to apply for a Sub Broker
  • For a Sub Broker partnership, you need to have minimum 2-3 years of experience and exposure to the financial and stock broking industry; and if someone has worked with a Sub Broker or Broker that would also be preferable
  • Also a minimum agreeable infrastructure requirement is a must in case of a Sub Broker or Business Partner
  • Over and above all this, LKP Securities also sees if the person is capable of building his local relationship skills and build network and more clients.

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How to become LKP Securities Sub Broker or Business Partner?

There are very simple steps you need to follow to become an LKP Securities Sub Broker:

  • Fill up the online interest form for becoming a Business Partner, which includes your name, contact details, address, email Id and location.
  • Once you do that, an executive will contact you shortly to verify all your details and also to explain the plans in detail and the business proposal. If you are interested to go ahead with the business proposal, then a visit is arranged
  • As per the appointment, the Business Development executive will visit you in person and explain to you the proposal- model of working, support provided from their end, company’s expectations, Revenue sharing percentage, Brokerage charges, security deposit requirement etc
  • Post the discussion and once you both come to a consensus, then the executive will get you to sign an agreement and submit some documents.
  • Once this agreement is deposited, a Sub broker code will be generated and you can officially start as a Sub Broker of LKP Securities

This entire procedure would need atleast 4-5 working days.

Documents required to become an LKP Securities Sub Broker or Business Partner

There are some basic documents required to register as a Sub Broker or Authorized Person with LKP Securities:

  • Identity Proof: you can provide either of the following- Pan Card, Passport, Driving License, Adhaar Card
  • Proof of Age: you can submit either of them – Pan Card, passport, School Certificate
  • Address Proof: you can submit either of the following- Adhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License or any utility bill
  • A proof of Qualification
  • Registration certificate with SEBI is also a mandate
  • Proof of Office
  • Security Deposit Cheque

Why Partner with LKP Securities?

LKP Securities is a seasoned market player in the Stock Broking Industry. They have been able to manage a very successful association with its Sub brokers since so many years. Let’s have a look at why LKP securities is a most preferred Broker to work with:

  • The first and foremost reason is the tenure of this company in the industry. With this tenancy, they have become more versatile and agile to adapt better and newer practices and come up with modernized solutions for their customers
  • They are one of the most sought after Discount brokers of the country and ensure that the customer gets value of money for whatever he pays. Hence attracting customers for this portfolio is also not a challenge.
  • Their avid range of product line is the biggest advantage for a Sub Broker. You can practically sell everything from Stocks and shares to Mutual Funds to Repository services and Insurances as well. Customer Penetration is no longer a challenge with LKP association
  • LKP Securities Franchise Business offers highest Revenue sharing margins as well as compared to other players.
  • Their world class Research and analytics team does the best analysis on current market trends. Hence, the broking house brings to you the best possible solutions to invest
  • The state-of-the-art trading platforms provide the flexibility to trade on the go from anywhere seamlessly and effortlessly. All transactions and monitoring can be done effortlessly through one portal
  • 24X7 back office support is a great help for Sub Brokers as well as customers.

LKP Securities Business Partner Program FAQs

Q1. What is the types of Sub Brokers with LKP Securities?

Ans: LKP Securities has just one type of Sub Broker Program:

  • Sub Broker or Business Partner

Q2. What is the age criteria for a LKP Securities Franchise?

Ans: For a Sub Broker, the age criteria is that he should be minimum 18 years of age

Q3. What kind of marketing support does LKP securities provide?

Ans: LKP helps in all stationary requirements like posters, banners and pamphlets etc . They also conduct a lot of seminars and workshops for awareness

Q4: What is the Revenue sharing percentage that LKP offers its Sub Brokers?

Ans: LKP offers 50-50 or sometimes 60-40 Revenue sharing percentage as well to the Sub Brokers

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