Zerodha Kite App – Review, Top Features, Benefits, Set-up & more

Zerodha Kite App is available in both Android & iOS devices. It is one of the fastest performance trading app in the country with high volume of trades on daily basis.

Lets dig deep in to Zerodha Kite App Review & understand its features better.


Zerodha Kite App Review & Ratings

Kite App Ratings
Overall Ratings8.8/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Zerodha Kite App

Zerodha is known to be one of the best discount brokers that provide trading services. Zerodha Kite Mobile App is equipped with all the features that make sure that you have a smooth trading experience.

Kite App includes all technological features and is easy to use, another options is available in which you can manage you trading experience via a financial intermediary.

Zerodha Kite app is well equipped with new features including customer support that can get you past any obstacle. Not all broking apps made it this far since the trading is brought to the mobile world, yet this app is known to be one of the best. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with the Zerodha App.

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Zerodha Kite Mobile App – Top Features

Find all the top features provided in the Zerodha Kite Trading App below:

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Dashboard

Zerodha Kite Mobile App DashboardZerodha Kite App Funds Overview

The app has a menu kind of icon which is available for navigation. This navigation tab can be used to access the fund related screen which will exhibit the current fund position, the margin position and will also give an option to add and withdraw funds.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Charts & Order

Zerodha Kite App ChartsZerodha Kite App Buy & Sell Feature

Kite mobile is a mobile version app of Kite Web. The app also requires credentials for logging in everytime.

The main screen of the app is the market watchlist – the watchlist herein has same features as on the web platform except that the watchlist here can reflect only utpo 100 scrips that too in 5 parts with 20 scrips on each page.

The scrips can be added, deleted and rearranged. The watchlist on Kite Mobile also provides an option of quick buy, quick sell, charting, market depth etc. as in case of Kite Web.

Zerodha Kite App – Positions & Holdings

Zerodha Kite App Universal Search FeatureZerodha Kite App Other Features

Kite Mobile has certain quick tab options. For certain features, one need not go to the navigation button, rather the relevant button would be readily available.

One such quick tab is that of order book which shows the orders that have been executed and the details of pending orders as well.

The other quick tab is that of portfolio. It will show the details of holdings and the positions. While viewing the holdings, one can also make an order i.e. by long pressing the scrip, an extended screen will pop up which will give an option of buy, sell and chart.

The charts can further be modified to reflect a specific time frame or certain specific scrip or any indicator like average or standard average deviation etc.

Zerodha Kite App – More Extraordinary Features

  • Applications comes with embedded console and widgets for trading, you can customize your trading experience with your choices of widgets and trading areas.
  • For the real time analysis and performance comparison the Zerodha kite broking applications has Trading View charts along with ChartIQ. With this feature you can enter or exit the trading session at any point and time, along with the chart analysis you can easily do the comparison with the trade exchange.
  • Applications screen is optimized for all possible devices to provide same trading experience for all smart phones. Also the speed performance is optimized to give better sense of trading while comparing the trades.
  • They provided multi exits on trade options which is not yet available in many application.
  • For the preference of the users they have included night/dark mode.

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How to setup Zerodha Kite App?

Follow the guidance of the steps mentioned below to know the complete details on how to setup Zerodha Kite trading app :

  1. Fill up the initial form and open demat account in Zerodha broking app.
  2. On successful completion you will receive your login id.
  3. To continue do login at with your ID.
  4. On successful completion of login, find the option which is known as market watch.
  5. Click options and enter share name.
  6. You can also select the share from the drop box on the page itself along with the options of buying or selling with many others.
  7. Next there will be an add button, just click on it and add your share to the market watch.
  8. Once the share has been added to your marketplace, you will find multiple options of trading.
  9. Start your trades with the buy button adjust the quantity of the shares and submit the buy order.
  10. You can customize your profile also.
  11. Check B and S buttons to access the buy or sell window.
  12. Portfolio sections contains all the information regarding you holdings.

Different chart options are available go check every kind of chart and start your analysis accordingly. All the important notifications will be shown in the notifications area.

How to Own Zerodha Kite Mobile App?

Zerodha Kite app is absolutely free to download from the play store. To access the application you will need an account on the Zerodha.

There are no charges included in the use of Zerodha broking mobile app. We have discussed steps to setup your trading account, here are some mandatory documents that you need to have to create your demat account.

  • Pan card
  • Aadhar card
  • Account fee charges Rs. 300.

Zerodha Kite App owning process involves following steps

  1. Click on the Green button that says “Open Demat Account”
  2. Enter all required details such as Name, mobile number and city.
  3. You will get a call from Zerodha KYC Team & they will share an EKYC Link
  4. Use the link to Pay the Processing Fee
  5. Share Documents
  6. Esign identity documents such as aadhar
  7. Receive Zerodha ID & password for trading
  8. Use ID & Password to Trade

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Advantages of Zerodha App

Advantages of the Zerodha Mobile App are mentioned below

  • Ease-to –access: To start the trading all you need to have is ID and Password provided at the time of registration by the Zerodha Kite app. The application works well on all smartphone as well as web services are also available.
  • No Middle man: Unlike the old times when for trading we required middle man with the advancement of the technology we got the opportunity to perform the trade independently. Also the middle man charges are also removed.
  • Fast transaction: Another advantage that technology has provided is that the we now have the option of net banking through which we get instant transaction features.
  • Faster trading: Now with the available advantages of new technological advancement people need not to wait in queues to perform the trading. Now the investors and traders have the advantage of net banking and online trading all the trades are performed instantly.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App Conclusion

Zerodha Kite App is definitely one of the best Trading app in the country. It has very smooth interface with high user friendliness. The Kite App is extremely fast in terms of performance & also works with slow internet connection.

This Zerodha Mobile App possesses all sorts of feature required by an individual for stock trading on the go.

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    I’ve already made payment of Rs. 200 for demat account and filled in required information online to download kite app but couldn’t do it for IVP is not working. Please advice and resolve the issue
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