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5Paisa Auto Investor is a Robo Advisory platform that is offered by this discount broker in order to facilitate the clients with their investment choices according to their investment aspects and so that they can by their own take the decision for their investments.

The article below about 5Paisa Robo Advisory Platform will discuss all the features of the platform and how you can use it for your benefit.

It is a detailed guide about the Auto Investor platform by this discount broker, you will get to know about the setup process and the benefits of the platform as well.

5Paisa Offers

5Paisa Auto Investor Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

5Paisa Auto Investor Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.5/10
Usability 7.4/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About 5Paisa Auto Investor 

Robo Advisory platform is an investment advisory service offered using the technology. This is the automated version of a traditional advisor which means that when you input your investment budget, risk tolerance and goals for your investment and personal details, then the platform creates a portfolio for you that matches the details you provided.

It also automatically manages the portfolio and make sure that it becomes profitable with time.

5Paisa Auto Investor is also the Robo advisory platform of this discount broker which has been created with the help of algorithms like any other Robo advisory platform.

The platform helps in creating the portfolio that suits your investment agenda and you’re your profile. This platform mainly made for choosing the mutual funds offered by the discount broker.

The web-based Robo advisor helps in choosing the right mutual fund and the right mix of the asset in your portfolio according to the details you input.

It advises the portfolio, creates it and tracks it as well and also makes sure your investment goals are remained aligned with the investments made.

5Paisa Robo Advisory Platform – Instance

Your friend tells you that he has started investing in a mutual fund which will generate returns in the long run and he is investing in monthly SIPs. He asked you to start the same as it seems profitable and will also help saving money.

You start investing in the same SIP with the same amount but after one, the market slowed down and you thought that your investment will be at a loss so you withdrew the amount.

But, your friend didn’t do so and after 2 years, when the mutual fund matured, you saw your friend has reaped profit more than what you both anticipated while investing.

This shows how two different people have different risk appetite and risk tolerance level and how it affects their investments.

So, in the above scenario, when you made no profit out of your investment, your friend earned a lot of profit. But if you would have invested in some other asset class then the scenario might have been different.

This is because two people can never have the same investment goals, risk tolerance or risk appetite. So, everyone needs to invest after analyzing their own investment aspects.

And Robo Advisory like a fund advisor helps the investor in that, by filtering the stocks or mutual fund or any assets that he can add to his portfolio as per his risk tolerance and investment goals and other parameters.

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    5Paisa Auto Investor Features

    The 5Paisa Auto Investor has really some great features like –

    Smart Profiler

    This is the main feature of the 5Paisa Auto Investor where with the help of the algorithms and the concept of ‘Intelligent advisor’, the platform takes all your details both personal and professional and understands your investment purpose and risk appetite and then recommends the funds for your portfolio.

    Creates, Tracks and Aligns

    The 5Paisa Auto Investor not only helps you to create the portfolio by screening and recommending the best portfolio mix as per your demographic and investment details but it also monitors the portfolio and also re-balances it with the changes in market to help you attain your investment goal and keep your investment on track.

    Initial Investment is low

    Robo advisory services may sound expensive but it is a good one with a solid track record, then the initial investment shouldn’t be a constraint. Generally, the initial investment is low for this platform and the same goes for 5Paisa Auto Investor.

    Wide range of Investment products

    There are different investment options and that gives you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio and reduce the risk in your investment.

    5Paisa Auto Investor Fee

    5Paisa Robo advisory platform comes absolutely free of cost to any client of 5paisa.

    Portfolio Management

    There is wide range of features which helps in managing the portfolio of yours. The 5Paisa Auto Investor offers a complete comprehensive platform in the form of 5Paisa Auto Investor.

    How to Set-up 5Paisa Auto Investor?

    To set up the 5Paisa Auto Investor you have to –

    1st Step – Open the Demat and trading account with 5Paisa and then log in using the user id and password

    2nd Step – Then you have to enter the ‘investment purpose’ which has to be one of these 4 –

    • Save taxes which is helpful for the salaried investors looking for investment options to save taxes and consistent growth of their savings
    • Investment goals are any like child’s marriage or higher education or a holiday abroad and others.
    • Start SIP helps you to invest and save regularly and you get inhibited with saving phenomena which helps you in the long term
    • Invest liquid cash is for them who wants to earn a profit on their idle cash lying in the bank account.

    3rd Step – Then you have to enter your personal details like age, monthly income, savings per month and others.

    4th Step – Once you enter these data, then you will have to specify your investment goal if you are investing for a specific goal like holiday/retirement/child marriage or education.

    The tenure of the fund will differ according to the investment goals. For example, for retirement, the investment period can go up to 30 years and above while for holiday-related investment, the tenure is around 5 years or less.

    5th Step – Now you have to choose between three aspects –

    • If you want to maximize returns then you have to take medium to high level of risk
    • If you want to minimize losses then your risk will be low but also the returns will be lower
    • Finally, you can choose the balance option which will earn you average returns and the risk level will be medium

    Once you input all the information required, the 5Paisa Auto Investor will recommend the best possible portfolio mix for you.

    How to Own 5Paisa Auto Investor? 

    To own 5Paisa Auto Investor you have to –

    • Find and click on the open Demat account button on this page
    • Fill the pop-up form and provide all the correct details
    • Upload the documents which are required by the firm to verify your details
    • Then you will receive the call from 5Paisa executives and they will help you open your account.
    • Then you can simply log in and use 5Paisa Auto Investor.

    Advantages of 5Paisa Robo Advisory Platform

    • Low fee and initial investment: The 5Paisa Auto Investor comes for a low initial investment and zero fees for using the service and the platform. It is quite low if you compare it to the fees charged by the other platforms.
    • Vast Investment options: There are a wide variety of investment products which are available with the firm and thus using this platform you can invest in all such investment products and diversify your investment and increase your returns.
    • Helps you achieve your investment goals: The platform monitors your investment all the time and recommends any required change in the portfolio if there is a change in the market to keep your investment stay aligned with the investment goal you have.
    • Great Performance and Track record: The 5Paisa Auto Investor has a great track record over the years and provided great results in the past.

    5Paisa Auto Investor Conclusion 

    The 5Paisa Auto Investor is a revolutionary Robo advisory platform which is not often offered by many brokers in the industry. It is though quite a new concept but getting accepted because of its features and the advantages it has.

    The 5Paisa Auto Investor offers automated advisory services based on your details and thus most of the time help you earn quite a good return.

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