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The article will provide a detailed review of the Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker Review. This article shall deal with different types of sub brokers, benefits of the respective type, revenue sharing models of each type, security deposits of each type, infrastructural investment, and other important features of Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker.


AsthaTrade Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Criteria Rating
Experience 6.8
Market Share 7.1
Product & Services 6.5
Revenue Sharing 7.8
Holistic Support 7.4
Overall Rating 7.2

About AsthaTrade Franchise or Sub Broker

AsthaTrade Franchise or Astha Trade Subbroker

Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker is a private franchise sub broker that works on a full time basis. The company has set up the headquarter office in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The company was founded by Satish Chandra Gupta in the year 2003. The SB Code Activation time is of 30 days while the Payout time is 31 days. The company gets a three-star overall rating by the customer.

The ratings are based on customer experience, services, products, trading platforms, support, revenue sharing model, security deposit, offers and market share.

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    Types of AsthaTrade Franchise or Sub Broker

    We now delve in to the different types of Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker that are currently functional in the company. We have two types of Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker, namely:

    1. Sub Broker
    2. Referral Program

    AsthaTrade Sub Brokers or AsthaTrade Authorized Person

    In this model of sub broker, the stock broking house and the trading members of NSE, through mutual consent, appoint the franchisee. SEBI works as an ombudsman in the working model, as it keeps a vigilant watch over the Authorised persons through stockbroker. The authorised person is provided with a trading platform of the stock exchange.

    Benefits of AsthaTrade Authorized Person

    • Extra benefits can be provided by the Franchisee to his clients, this is not generally possible in other working types.
    • The revenue sharing model for Sub-Broker is customisable to ones needs and expectations.
    • The initial investment amount is also tailored according to the size of the business, it need not be a very large sum of money.
    • Networking is also a very important aspect. The sub-broker who has mastered the skill of networking, works very efficiently.

    Astha Trade Referral Program:

    In the Referral Model, the revenue is earned on the basis of referrals made. In this model, anyone and everyone can join and start sending referrals. Once a candidate joins as a trader, he or she can start referring. The referral scheme is very beneficial for candidates who want to earn volumes of money in the large picture.

    Benefits of AsthaTrade Referral Program:

    1. Even if a person has not been an active trader in the previous times, this model helps one to kick start with the career as a sub broker.
    2. This model of Sub Brokerage doesn’t need the candidate to invest in the security deposit.
    3. This model also allows tailored benefits of working with any segment, as desired.
    4. Any kind of maintenance charges or book keeping is not required in this model.

    AsthaTrade Remisier


    Benefits of AsthaTrade Remisier:

    AsthaTrade Partner Revenue Sharing or AsthaTrade Sub Broker Commission

    The revenue sharing model contributes to the exponential growth of the company. The revenue sharing model lays special emphasis on mutual benefits of the consumer and the sub brokers.

    There are a number of factors that decide on the revenue sharing models and methods like the rate of revenue generation of the company, the client base size that the company’s services comply to, the numbers of products sold and the revenue garnered.

    The revenue sharing for Sub Broker model is 50-80 % and for the Referral Program is 10% + Rs. 500 per referral.

    Lets have a look at the overall revenue sharing ratios for each of the business models:



    Refer to this Table for clear picture:


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      AsthaTrade Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      The term, ‘Security Deposit’ is not something that needs an introduction, owing to its immense importance in the stock brokerage industry. Security Deposit refers to the fixed deposit that a person has to make before starting with the work. The security deposit, again in turn is decided by many factors.

      The most important factor is the model of Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker that the person joins. In the Sub Broker model, a person pays a sum of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 and money in the Referral Program as the fixed security deposited, that is collected back after the completion of the term.

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      AsthaTrade Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The investments by a sub broker also include the investment made for a decent setup to work in. Among the other investments that a sub-broker makes, the infrastructural investment also, to a large scale depends on the sub broker business model.

      In the different models of brokership in the Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker, a minimum office area of 100 sq. feet is considered the basic requirement, one employee is expected to be present in the office at all times.

      Owing to the nature of work, research services and a trading terminal is not necessary to have. Communication is something that should flow smoothly and without any barrier, thus, telephone lines should be properly connected from the place of work to all important places. A smooth and buffer free internet connection is also very important because it eases the flow of information.

      Initial Investment amount by AsthaTrade



      Check this table below for better understanding of AsthaTrade Franchise Cost:




      AsthaTrade Sub Broker Offers

      Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker believes in the mutual development of all the people connected with the firm.

      Thus, it provides a large range of offers to both the client and the sub broker. They get the befits of zero deposit policy, a 10k initial deposit, the revenue sharing system is very flexible and very accommodating, the revenue sharing model is also flat with prepaid services.


      AsthaTrade Franchise or AsthaTrade Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to AsthaTrade, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      Every sub broker has to undergo some reviewing before becoming a part of the firm. Nevertheless. The policies of the firm are very welcoming and ensure that people don’t face difficulty in starting their ventures. The following eligibility criterion need to be adhered to:

      1. The candidate must be of a sound mentality.
      2. The candidate must be at least 18 years of age and must have a valid registration with SEBI.
      3. Though, educational qualifications are not stressed upon. A graduation degree is deemed as the basic minimum and further experience in stock trading are considered favorable.
      4. The candidate must not hold any pending criminal procedures against him/her.

      How to become a AsthaTrade Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      A brief description is provided below of the procedure to become a part of the firm as a sub-broker.

      1. A form is provided to the candidate, authentic basic information needs to be filled up in the form, which is later verified by an executive. False information will lead to cancellation of the application.
      2. If the information is verified, the official from the company approaches for an interview.  In the interview both sides clarify their doubts and discuss topics like revenue sharing, revenue ration, security deposit amount, infrastructural investment and so on.
      3. A booker ID is generated if things go happy for both the parties involved. After the activation of the booker ID, the candidate becomes a sub-broker and can start working in the market.

      Documents required to become AsthaTrade Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:


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      Why Partner with AsthaTrade?

      Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker provides certain solid points to convince you to begin working as a sub broker in the firm. Here are some of them listed below:

      1. Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker holds a very great reputation in the stock brokerage market. The great reputation brings along more chances of a successful venture for the client as well as the sub broker.
      2. Technology has always been one step ahead for the working team of Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker. It helps the clients and the sub brokers to perform better with time.
      3. Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker provides consultancy service to keep updated with the trends of the market and the changing needs of the client base.
      4. Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker provides training support for new members of the firm to work at par with the older members.

      Exclusive Offers




      Advanced Tools for Business




      AsthaTrade Sub Broker Testimonials:



      AsthaTrade Franchise or AsthaTrade Business Partner Summary:



      AsthaTrade Franchise Conclusion:

      Astha Trade Franchise Sub Broker is a very trust worthy and reputable firm in the stock brokerage business. The policies formulated are specially welcoming and are designed to suit the needs of new clients and candidates who would want to make great success in this field.

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