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The Angel Broking Demat Account is the most used Demat account, especially for retail investors and traders. Angel Broking is one of the biggest stock brokerage firms in the country. We all know, that it has carved a niche for itself since its inception in the year 1987.

Angel Broking Trading Account provides one of the best brokerage charges, which is unbelievable for a large-scale full-service broker.

In this article, we will discuss the various services provided by the brokerage firm when you open a Demat account with Angel Broking.

The article will cover various features of the Demat account. We will also discuss the process of opening the Demat account with Angel Broking.

The charges attached to the accounts will include the account opening charges and the maintenance charges of the Angel Broking Trading Account.

Angel One

Angel Broking Demat Account

With Angel Broking Demat Account, you will get a broad range of products to invest in, and there are great services to assist you in your trading.

Being a full-service brokerage house, Angel Broking provides investment services that include everything you can imagine and require.

It has trading and Demat facilities, which are the basic services. Apart from that, there is an investment research and planning services and investment advisory services. You can take loans against the shares you have in your Demat account and many other financial services and products.

The firm has a huge network and presence in all parts of the country. It has more than eleven thousand sub-brokers and 110 branches across the country.

Angel Broking, now rebranded as Angel One has designed some of the Best Demat Accounts features and has transformed the trading experience to a new level.

It gives competition to the discount brokers by providing flat brokerage rates across different investment segments.

Features of the Angel Broking Demat Account

  • One of the most important features that Angel Broking provides is Angel ARQ, which is the flagship product. It is an investment advisory tool that runs on the rule-based model, where you put information based on investment rules. It shows you the most viable options for investment.
  • The brokerage charges of the firm are very low, and flat charges are also there, which is equivalent to the discount brokerage house charges.
  • There is also a minimum brokerage plan of Rs.20 per Order for all segments, but there is an offer going on where Delivery Trading is Free.
  • You can save over 60% of the brokerage with Angel Broking. This is one of the few full-service brokers you can save that much, even after getting all the facilities of a full-service brokerage house.
  • From the best research team and low-cost charges, you can get to know everything about Angel Broking from the Angel Broking Review section.

Open Angel Broking Demat Account – Get Flat Brokerage of Rs.20 per Trade

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    How to Open Angel Broking Demat Account?

    There is a simple procedure to Open an Angel Broking Demat Account, and it starts from this page of the article only. All you need to do is to:

    1. Click on this button where it is mentioned: “Open Demat Account.” A Pop-up form will appear; Fill up that pop-up form.
    2. After this, you will get a call from Angel Broking KYC Team; they will share an EKYC link with you.
    3. You now need to fill in details such as the Aadhaar Card number, PAN number, and date of birth.
    4. You need to provide your bank details for the next set of elements, such as the account number and the IFSC code.
    5. The next step is to upload documents. You need to upload the scan copies of the documents like PAN, AADHAAR & Cancelled cheques.
    6. Now, you have to verify the documents are correct by signing a declaration, which can be done digitally via Aadhaar, and if you do not have it, you will need to do it in person.
    7. You will receive a call from Angel Broking executives once you are done with these two steps.
    8. They will verify your details and guide you about the rest of the procedure.
    9. After verification, you will get Demat and trading account log-in details in your registered mail id.

    Then you can start using the accounts by downloading the trading platforms.

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    Angel Broking Demat Account Charges

    Angel Broking Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 0 (Free)
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0 (Free)
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0 (Free)
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 450
    Margin Money 75% Margin
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The Angel Broking Account Opening Charges are free, a great perk provided for opening a Demat account with Angel Broking, a full-service broker.

    However, there is a yearly AMC, referred to as Angel Broking Demat Account Charges, that you need to pay for holding an account with them. You do not need to pay any other charges for the trading account.

    Angel Broking AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Angel Broking AMC is Rs.450, but you can make it free if you avail of any other offers related to the maintenance fee, which they roll out often. There is no maintenance fee for the trading account as well.

    Also, depending upon the Margin you maintain in your account, you shall be entitled to free AMC service first year.

    To know in detail, also check Angel Broking Brokerage Charges.

    Angel Broking Trading account

    Angel Broking Trading Account gives you the provision to trade with a minimum of zero, which is the minimum Margin you are required to keep in this account for trading with Angel Broking.

    It provides huge leverage, and you can avail loan against the shares you have in your Demat account with which you can trade.

    There are extensive research reports that you will get with Angel Broking Trading Account. An advisory team is always there to assist you in your trading and investment decisions.

    There are daily, weekly and monthly reports. Research and advisory services are not chargeable; they are all within the brokerage you pay, which is also low.

    It provides portfolio management services, which you can avail of when you open a Demat account with Angel Broking.

    Apart from that, there are trading facilities across all the investment segments like equity, derivatives, currencies, commodities, and many others. It offers trading platforms across all devices.

    You get Angel Broking App, a mobile trading application that offers all kinds of trading solutions. You can trade with this application even when travelling and not in front of the computer.

    Then there is Angel Broking Trade, the browser-based trading platform, and finally, Angel SpeedPro, the trading terminal.

    This trading terminal is one of the most sought-after trading terminals because of its wide range of features.

    Angel Broking Demat Account – Conclusion

    Angel Broking Demat Account offers a wide range of services and products for investment. We can conclude it after going through the full features of the Demat and trading accounts.

    It offers the services of a full-service broker at the price of a discount brokerage house.

    Angel Broking Demat Account FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Angel Broking Demat Account:

    How can I open Angel Broking Demat Account?

    The process to open an Angel broking Demat account is pretty simple. You need to click on the “open Demat Account” button and follow the form-filling process. When redirected to EKYC, you must fulfil all the formalities and provide copies of the necessary documents to open an account.

    Is Angel Broking Demat Free?

    You need the assistance of a Demat and trading account to actively trade in the stock market. Both the accounts have specific charges, i.e., account opening and AMC. You are provided Demat and trading account free of opening charge, but you need to pay a Demat AMC of Rs.450 per annum. Under certain circumstances, the stockbroker even waives it off.

    What are Angel Broking Demat Charges?

    The Demat account opening charges are free, but the AMC is Rs.450 per annum, which can also be waived under certain circumstances. If you choose this stockbroker to commence stock market investment, you have to avail of a Demat account and pay all the charges, as it lets you place trade orders and store shares.

    Is AMC levied on Angel Broking Demat?

    Yes, an AMC or Account Maintenance Charge is levied on the Demat account and account opening charges. However, this stockbroker does not keep the charges fixed. This means the AMC you need to pay is Rs.450, or the company may as well decide to charge a nil amount in certain cases.

    Is Angel Broking’s Demat Account the best?

    Yes, this company is one of the top market players in present times and provides full-service broker services at the rate of a discount broker. They offer a bundle of features via all their online platforms. They have a great hold of technology, and the structure they follow is tailor-made to suit the majority audience.

    Does Angel Broking provide Demat a/c?

    Yes, the Demat account is part of this stock broker’s list of products and services. They are known to provide one of the best Demat account services to their clients and have one of the largest customer bases. They offer unique Demat account services, which appropriately suit all their clients’ needs.

    What Documents are required for Angel’s Demat?

    Documents that prove the individual’s identity are required. The stockbroker asks for basic documents such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport-size photograph, and bank details. You need to submit soft copies of all the documents, including a cancelled cheque.

    Is Aadhaar Compulsory to Open Angel Broking Demat?

    Yes, you need an Aadhaar card to open an Angel Broking Demat account as it serves as proof of your identity. Also, the stockbroker might ask you to digitally sign the EKYC form at the end, which can only be done via an Aadhaar card, making it an essential document.

    Is PAN required for Opening Angel Broking Account?

    Yes, you also need a PAN card to open an Angel broking Demat account alongside an Aadhaar card which goes alongside the verification process. KYC is a mandatory process where PAN is included among the documents that must be submitted along with the process.

    Do they Charge the Demat Account opening Fee?

    There is no attached fee for opening a Demat account with Angel Broking. The stockbroker has waived the account opening charge for the comfort and ease of the new investors. This is also a source of encouraging people to take up stock market investment.

    What is the holding amount in Angel Broking?

    It is the duration for which an investor holds an asset. Or, in other words, the time between the purchase and sale of the investment.

    Is the Demat account and trading account the same in Angel Broking?

    A Demat account helps the investor hold securities in dematerialized form, whereas a trading account facilitates the buying and selling of these securities. Therefore, the Demat and Trading account is not the same. But for fair trading, both accounts must be linked to hold and trade successfully.

    What is Margin in Angel Broking?

    Margin Trading is an arrangement offered by some stockbrokers where the investors are allowed to trade for more than they can afford. It can also be referred to as an advancement against the underlying shares in the investor’s Demat account.

    What are the mandatory documents required to process the Demat account opening with Angel One?

    Fill out the Account Opening Form provided on the website Angel one, and alongside the documents required will be identity proof (ex- Driving License), address proof (ex-passport) accompanied by updated passport-sized photographs. Original documents will also be necessary with the attested copies for verification. The acceptable type of documents for the purpose is listed on the website.

    Can we delete the Angel Broking account?

    One can submit an Account Closure Request to close Demat and trading accounts with the entity. Also, the account closing cannot be done online, on-call, or through email as the procedure involves requests in paper format.

    In how much time has the Demat account been opened in Angel One?

    To open an account with Angel One is a very easy and convenient process. After processing the request attested with all necessary documents, it is only 48 to 72 hours to open a Demat account.

    How many days can we hold margin shares in Angel Broking?

    When you deal in Margin Trade funding, you must pledge the stocks purchased before 9 pm the same day; otherwise, the same is automatically squared off on T+7 days.

    What is the pledging of shares in Angel Broking?

    Pledging is the process where the customer can take a loan against the shares held by them. Share is a transferrable asset, and SEBI introduced that the holders of shares can pledge them against loans.

    What is a haircut in Angel Broking?

    The difference between the asset’s market value and the limit investor will receive against the collateral is a Haircut in Angel broking.

    Is an Email address a mandatory requirement for opening an account at Angel One?

    An email address will be required to open a Demat account with Angel One. Another benefit is that investors are more accessible to information regarding all trades and transactions. Also, you will receive all other necessary details.

    What is the margin shortfall in Angel Broking?

    The upfront sum necessary to carry out your trades efficiently by borrowing money from the broker to trade is called Margin. And when this sum shortfalls with any difference, it will become a Margin Shortfall.

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