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Find out Best Cryptocurrency App for trading, check out the list of Top 10 Crypto Trading Apps available for buying & selling cryptocurrency.

Best Cryptocurrency AppThough RBI and the government considering a ban on cryptocurrency trading in the country again even after the Supreme court’s verdict, there is no less enthusiasm in the crypto traders regarding crypto investment and trading.

The cryptocurrency investors and traders and the exchanges and other firms are protesting against this cryptocurrency bill which has been presented in the parliament.

This craze is due to the excessive hype in the price of cryptocurrencies. The prices of crypto assets have been skyrocketed in recent years especially in the last year after Supreme Court lifted the ban on cryptocurrency in 2020.

At present, though the prices are highly volatile, going up and down, the traders and the investors lost no hope, and thus here is an article where we will discuss the top ten cryptocurrency apps.

How to Finalize the Best Cryptocurrency App?

However, let us first see the things you need to check while choosing the best cryptocurrency apps –

  • Firstly you need to decide whether you want to trade cryptocurrency or hold them for the long-term (investment). If you trade then the cryptocurrency app requirement will be different from the apps required by the investors. If you are holding the coins in an app, then the security of the app is a big concern. You need to select such an app that has the highest level of security.
  • Then the thing you need to check is the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading and investment.
  • Finally, you need to keep in mind the fee involved in using the app. Whether the app charges any fee for deposit, withdrawal, trading or not, and if yes, then the amount.

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    Best Cryptocurrency App – List of Top 10 Crypto Trading Apps

    Check out the list of Top Cryptocurrency App for trading –

    Rank Cryptocurreny Apps
    1 Coinbase App
    2 eToro App
    3 Binance App
    4 Blockchain App
    5 Coin Stats
    6 NSBroker App
    7 zTrader
    8 Bitcoin Wallet
    9 CryptoWake
    10 Blockfolio

    Lets have a detailed understanding of the apps & know which app is best for you to invest in cryptocurrency.

    Coinbase App – Best Cryptocurrency App

    Let us start with an app that is for beginners. Coinbase is the perfect app for the newbies in the crypto-arena.

    It allows you to trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies and the user interface is great to use. The account opening process is quite simple and you can do it with your AADHAAR card only.

    You just need to download the app from the Google Playstore or App Store and then create your account.

    This app allows you to deposit fiat currency which is a great feature. However, if you want to trade directly with your debit card then it may cost you 3.99% of the trading amount which is quite high.

    The trading fee is 1.5% and the safety measures of this app are top-notch.

    eToro – Top Cryptocurrency App

    This cryptocurrency app is best for all kinds of traders and investors in the cryptocurrency space. It charges no commission for buying or trading cryptocurrencies.

    There is no charge for depositing money with a debit or credit card as well. There is small fee of 0.5% for conversion of the non-USD currencies.

    The platform has great security measures with a proper KYC registration process. It provides leverage to the CFD traders at a ratio of 1:2.

    This means that if you are having a deposit of $100 then you can trade CFDs of $200.

    This app also has a copy trading feature where you can copy the trades of the reputed and famous traders and apply the same formulae for your trade.

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    Binance App – Top 10 Cryptocurrency App

    This app is one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps in the world. It has the highest trading volumes amongst all the cryptocurrency apps.

    The app is super safe to use and has ample crypto assets to trade and invest your money. The charges include a 0.1% trading commission.

    The fees for trading perpetual contracts on this app then the charge is 0.02%.

    However, if you are depositing money with a debit or credit card, then you need to pay a whopping 3.5% for each transaction or $10 (highest of both).

    Blockchain – Best Crypto Trading App

    If you are trading cryptocurrency from your smartphone, then the Blockchain wallet app is one of the greatest platforms to use.

    It is loaded with features and has more than twenty pairs of cryptocurrencies that you can trade. The app supports more than eighteen languages.

    It is having two-factor authentication and also PIN protection for security measures. The app allows payments in Bitcoin as well and you can both receive and send the cryptocurrency.

    There are TOR blocking features that make the app attractive. Then there is a simple UI and great support features.

    The best part is there are no charges of using this application for trading or investing in cryptocurrencies.

    Coin Stats – Top Crypto Trading App

    This app is for the ones who want to track the price of cryptocurrencies. Mainly this is for those who are investors as they can create their portfolio in this app and monitor the price changes.

    The app allows you to create your portfolio without any hassle. There are more than three thousand cryptocurrencies that you can track on this platform.

    Then there is more than hundreds of exchange that you can link with your wallet and create the portfolio and track the market.

    There is a free version and also a paid version where the charges are $4.99 per month or $39.99 for a year.

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    NSBroker App – Top 10 Crypto Trading App

    This is regarded as the highly advanced crypto trading app where you can trade the crypto CFDs.

    There are multiple cryptocurrencies that you can trade starting from Bitcoin, Ethereum to the less known cryptos as well. The commission is 0.5% and it also offers leverage of a 1:2 ratio.

    zTrader – Best Cryptocurrency Apps

    If you are someone who just wants to keep an eye on the crypto market without doing any trade or investment, then zTrader is the app for you.

    It has more than the top ten crypto exchange access. The app is highly secure and safe to use and also free.

    Bitcoin Wallet – Top Cryptocurrency Apps

    This app is known for its great user-interface. It is having one of the easiest to use, clean interface.

    The app is loaded with features like a Balance sheet of your investments, real-time rates and prices, and many other features. Another factor that makes this app great is the security feature.

    CryptoWake – Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps

    This app offers a lot of information about the crypto world. It works like a lock screen app where the notifications regarding the cryptocurrencies keep on pouring.

    This is free to use but there is a paid version of $5.99 as well. This is a cryptocurrency price tracking app.

    Blockfolio – Best Crypto Trading App

    This financial application is for the crypto enthusiasts who want to keep an eye on the crypto prices all the time amidst their other work.

    It is completely free to use and there are no hidden charges. You can track more than eight hundred of cryptocurrencies on this application.

    Best Cryptocurrency Apps – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say that there are hundreds of applications that are coming into this booming crypto space.

    However, choosing the right application for your requirement is a tough task and a crucial one too.

    As many things are dependent on the choice of the app like the fees you pay, security and other things.

    So, go through each of the apps here and compare the features, fees and then choose the one which suits your requirement the best.

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