Sharekhan Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat Account & Trading Platforms

Sharekhan is one of the largest full service broker based out of Mumbai, India with over 1.4 million client base. Lets have a detailed review of Sharekhan, Sharekhan Demat Account, Sharekhan Brokerage Charges, Sharekhan Trading Platforms like Tradetiger & other important features.

Sharekhan Offers & Complaints

Sharekhan Customer Ratings & Review

Sharekhan Customer Ratings & Reviews

About Sharekhan

The brand Sharekhan was originally a part of SSKI Group and was recently acquired by BNP Paribas Group. It has branches & franchises in over 550 cities across India. They provide brokerage services through their online trading website and 1850 offices. It also has international presence in the Oman and UAE countries.

Sharekhan has now more than 14,00,000 customers in India and its client base includes individual investors, institutional and traders, corporates & NRI’s. Their offer investment activities in BSE and NSE. You can invest here in IPOs and mutual funds and take benefits of depository services (demat account). Sharekhan has another wing which provides commodity trading on MCX and NCDEX – Sharekhan comtrade.

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Sharekhan ranks 3rd in India (after ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities). The Broking house has seen incredible growth over last 11+ years as an online trading platform and the chain of franchises located in almost every part of India.

Sharekhan is the finest investment broker for Indian stock market, offering research reports, stock quotes, wide range of options on investment, share market news, information of fundamental equities and statistical equities.

Sharekhan Products & Services

Here are the list of Products & Services offered by Sharekhan:

Sharekhan Products

Sharekhan stocks almost all the financial products

  • Equity
  • Derivative
  • Currency trading
  • Mutual funds
  • Systematic investment plans
  • Bonds

Sharekhan Services

Various Service offered by Sharekhan are

  • Demat Account
  • Depository Services
  • Trading Account
  • Advisory Services
  • Research Reports
  • Customer Support
  • Dealer Support
  • PMS
  • IPOs
  • NRI Services
  • Academic Services

In addition to the above mentioned services and products, Sharekhan also provides research services. They have their own research teams which help traders with stock tips, quarterly company result analysis, investment advices & policies and news alerts to its customer though email, SMS and through other campaigns. It would provide free online and classroom seminars / workshops to their investors. The Sharekhan Accounts come with both online and in-person help from the Sharekhan representatives.

Another interesting offer of Sharekhan is the PatternFinder tool. This analytical tool studies the scrips and the indices and then flashes prospective opportunities to investors. This may help in saving investors time and effort as it does all the analysis and scans all the stocks, conducts technical analysis, prepares charts, patterns and forecasts prices.

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Sharekhan Brokerage Charges & Fees

Sharekhan offers a range of pre-paid and post-paid brokerage plans. These plans are based on the basic brokerage charges and vary based on the margin scheme selected. These basic brokerage charges and the plans have been discussed below.

Sharekhan Basic Brokerage Plan

Brokerage Charges Basic Plan
Intra-day 0.10%
Delivery 0.50%
Equity Futures 0.10%
Equity Options Rs.100 per Lot or 2.5% of Premium (whichever is higher)
Currency Future 0.10%
Currency Options Rs 30/- per lot or 2.5% on premium (whichever is higher)
 Commodity 0.10%

Sharekhan Post-Paid Brokerage Plan

Post-paid Plan 1
Margin Amount 25,000 30,000 40,000
Cash (Leg 1) 0.10% 0.10% 0.09%
Cash (Leg 2) 0.10% 0% 0%
Delivery 0.50% 0.50% 0.45%
Future Leg 1 0.10% 0.10% 0.09%
Future Leg 2 same day 0.02% 0% 0%
Future next day 0.10% 0.10% 0.09%
Option Rs.100 per Lot or 2.5% of Premium (whichever is higher) Rs.100 per Lot or 2.5% of Premium (whichever is higher) Rs.95 per Lot or 2.25% of Premium (whichever is higher)


Post-paid Plan 2
Margin Scheme 50,000 1 Lakh 3 Lakh
Cash (Leg 1) 0.07% 0.05% 0.04%
Cash (Leg 2) 0% 0% 0%
Delivery 0.40% 0.25% 0.20%
Future Leg 1 0.07% 0.05% 0.04%
Future Leg 2 same day 0% 0% 0%
Future next day 0.07% 0.05% 0.04%
Option Rs.80 per Lot or 1.50% of Premium (whichever is higher) Rs.70 per Lot or 1.50% of Premium (whichever is higher) Rs.50 per Lot or 1.50% of Premium (whichever is higher)


Post-Paid Plan 3
Margin Scheme 5 lakhs 10 Lakhs 20 Lakhs
Cash (Leg 1) 0.03% 0.02% 0.02%
Cash (Leg 2) 0% 0% 0%
Delivery 0.18% 0.15% 0.10%
Future Leg 1 0.03% 0.02% 0.02%
Future Leg 2 same day 0% 0% 0%
Future next day 0.03% 0.02% 0.02%
Option Rs.40 per Lot or 0.75% of Premium (whichever is higher) Rs.30 per Lot or 0.60% of Premium (whichever is higher) Rs.25 per Lot or 0.55% of Premium (whichever is higher)


Sharekhan Pre-Paid Brokerage Plan

6 Months Pre-Paid Plan
Brokerage Amount Default 750 1,000
Cash Leg 1 0.1 0.1 0.09
Cash Leg 2 0.1 0 0
Delivery 0.5 0.5 0.45
Future Leg 1 0.1 0.1 0.09
Future Leg 2 0.02 0 0
Future Next Day 0.1 0.1 0.09
Option Higher of 2.5% of premium or Rs 100 Higher of 2.5% of premium or Rs 100 Higher of 2.25% of premium or Rs 95
Intraday 0.75 Mn 1.11 Mn
Delivery 0.15 Mn 0.22 Mn


Annual Pre-paid Plan 1
Brokerage Amount 2,000 6,000 18,000
Cash Leg 1 0.07 0.05 0.04
Cash Leg 2 0 0 0
Delivery 0.4 0.25 0.2
Future Leg 1 0.07 0.05 0.04
Future Leg 2 0 0 0
Future Next Day 0.07 0.05 0.04
Option Higher of 1.5% of premium or Rs 80 Higher of 1% of premium or Rs 70 Higher of 1% of premium or Rs 50
Intraday 2.86 Mn 12 Mn 45 Mn
Delivery 0.5 Mn 2.4 Mn 9 Mn


Annual Pre-paid Plan 2
Brokerage Amount 30,000 60,000 1,00,000 2,00,000
Cash Leg 1 0.03 0.02 0.015 0.005
Cash Leg 2 0 0 0 0.005
Delivery 0.18 0.15 0.1 0.08
Future Leg 1 0.03 0.02 0.015 0.005
Future Leg 2 0 0 0 0.005
Future Next Day 0.03 0.02 0.015 0.005
Option Higher of 0.75% of premium or Rs 40 Higher of 0.50% of premium or Rs 30 Higher of 0.55% of premium or Rs 25 Flat Rs 10
Intraday 100 Mn 300 Mn 666 Mn 2,000 Mn
Delivery 16.67 Mn 40 Mn 100 Mn 250 Mn

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Sharekhan Minimum Brokerage Charges

As mentioned above at relevant instances, Sharekhan has prescribed certain minimum brokerage charges i.e. a minimum prescribed charge will have to be paid even for every minimal quantum of a trade and as the quantum increase, the charges would increase based on the prescribed rates as discussed above.

These minimum charges have been summarized below for ease of reference:

  • Intra-day Trades – Minimum brokerage of 5 paise/share.

As mentioned above, the basic brokerage charge for intra day is 0.1%, hence, if an investor trades for INR 50 or lesser, then a charge of 5 paise/share would be levied as minimum brokerage charge.

  • Delivery Based Trades: Minimum brokerage fee of 10 paise/share.

As mentioned above, the basic brokerage for a delivery trade is 0.5%, hence, if any investor trades for INR 20 or lesser, then a charge of 10 paise/share would be levied as minimum brokerage charge.

  • Minimum DP charges: Rs 16/- per scrip when the total traded value is Rs 3200/- (or   less if it is sell transaction).

Sharekhan Demat Account & Trading Account Opening Fees & AMC Charges

Sharekhan charges a one-time fee for trading account i.e. an account opening fee of INR 750 for its classic account and INR 1,000 for its Trade Tiger account. These charges are later adjustable against the first 6 months’ brokerage.

As mentioned above, it charges a one-time fee and hence there are no annual maintenance charges (AMC).

For DEMAT account, though the opening fee is NIL but there is an AMC of INR 400. This fee is waived off generally for first year with the trading account.

Sharekhan Other charges:

There are certain additional charges which are applicable on relevant transactions. These have been discussed below:

Type of transaction Transaction charges Stamp duty charges
Intra-day 0.025% (sell side only) 0.00%
Delivery transaction 0.125% (both sides) 0.01%
Future 0.017% (sell side only) 0.002% on actual price
Options 0.017% on premium (sell side only, if squared off) 0.002% on premium

In addition to above, Sharekhan has also prescribed the following charges:

Turnover Tax 0.00335% for Cash Segment (0.00325% + 0.0001% SEBI Turnover Fees) and 0.002% for Futures on actual rate (0.0019% + 0.0001% SEBI Turnover Fees) and 0.0501 on premium ( 0.05% + 0.0001% SEBI Turnover Fees).

Sharekhan Offers

Free Trading & Demat Account (Only for limited time) – Sharekhan offers FREE Trading + DEMAT Account (INR 1,150 waived). One can avail of attractive trading plans that suits your need by paying AMC that are fully adjustable against brokerage. Thereby, saving up to 70% on brokerage. You can visit their website to avail this offer.

Sharekhan Trading Platforms Review

Like all full service broker sharekhan also provides trading platforms for all devices & browsers, lets review its trading platforms

Sharekhan TradeTiger Review: Sharekhan Desktop based Trading Terminal

The key features of TradeTiger are:

  • Allows trading in multiple segments (for multiple exchange BSE/NSE/Cash & F&O/ MCX/NCDEX ) from a single platform
  • Real time market updates; Multiple Market Watch available
  • Offers advanced trading and analytical tools like Trade from Excel and HeatMap
  • Allows to customize the charts, screens, languages, themes, layouts, shortcuts etc.
  • Tie-up with 12 other banks for online transfer of funds
  • Graph Studies are available including Average, Band- Bollinger, Know Sure-Thing, MACD, RSI, etc.
  • Hot keys similar to a traditional broker terminal
  • Different tools available to gauge market like Tick Query, Ticker, Action Watch, Option Premium Calculator, Span Calculator and Market summary.

Sharekhan Website Review: Sharekhan Web based Trading Platform

In this Trading platform, investors can buy and sell stocks with provided features like Integrated Banking, multiple watch lists, demat and digital contracts, Instant credit & transfer and Real-time portfolio tracking with price alerts. Below are the following features:

  • Online trading account for Equities and Derivatives
  • Free trading through Phone / Dial-n-Trade (discussed below)
  • Automatic funds transfer with phone banking (for the customers of Citibank and HDFC bank).
  • After-hours order placement facility between 8.00 am and 9.30 am
  • Integration of: Online trading + Bank + Demat account
  • Instant cash-transfer facility against the purchase & sale of any shares
  • Get Instant order and trade confirmations by e-mail or SMS

Sharekhan Mobile App based Trading Platform: Sharekhan App Review

A user friendly app with following features:

  • Offers extensive features for both traders and investors
  • Lets the user trade, view charts & detailed quote, add to marketwatch & virtual portfolio directly from scrip search page
  • Enhanced live charts
  • Lets the user Trade in advanced orders (Bracket Order) and track the orders in enhanced report section

Sharekhan Mini Review: Low Bandwidth Web based Trading Platform

A low bandwidth website which can be accessed on a basic 2G phone as well as smartphone. This website allows users to:

  • Track the market trend by allowing access to chart for various BSE and NSE scrips;
  • Trade in various segments with multiexchange streaming watchlist
  • Invest in and track Mutual funds;
  • Transfer funds from Bank to Trading account or MF or IPO & vice versa

Sharekhan Dial-n-Trade

This platform lets the investor undertake trading activity through phone calls. This platform has a 3 step security process. The investor would have to call at the dedicated contact numbers and provide a PIN, post which investor would be connected with the telebroker and can place an order therewith. The features for this platform are:

  • Toll free numbers;
  • The calls are recorded;
  • No capping on the number of calls;
  • The telebroker also provides guidance, assistance and tips, if asked for
  • Facility to discuss and understand trends and factors affecting the markets
  • For equity and derivatives, the timings are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and for trading in commodity, the timings are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Sharekhan Advantages & Disadvantages


  • For suite customer requirement they offer different trading platform that includes Installable terminal, mobile, call & trade and in-person trade through branch offices and online browser based trading.
  • It offers different brokerage slabs to suit individual customers. Higher your trade your brokerage gets reduced. They have multiple brokerage schemas are available with them.
  • They offer to investors both online and classroom training, seminars, tips and workshops.
  • Sharekhan doesn’t charge for Online Funds Transfer from bank account and Funds Pay-out to bank account.
  • It doesn’t charge for any DP transactions. The transfer of share from and to the DP account is free.
  • Sharekhan has nation-wide network of branches. You can easily find a Sharekhan branch in your neighborhood.
  • Call & Trade facilities are free with Sharekhan.
  • It also allows fixed-deposit as a collateral for future and option trading.


  • Does not offer a 3-in-1 account as they do not provide any banking services.
  • The brokerage charges are Percentage-based which is higher in comparison to flat fee brokers.
  • They charge a minimum brokerage of 10 paisa/stock. It would not let you stocks trade below 20 rupees (you may lose the majority of money in brokerage).
  • Facility to place order after the trading hours is not available.
  • The Classic account holders can’t trade on commodities.

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