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Alice Algo or Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform is one of their most advanced trading platform which is created for the clients so that the emotions involved in trading cannot affect the trading.

In trading, emotions play a great role and at certain times, due to this traders take such positions in the market that can lead to huge losses.

Algo trading is completely based on algorithms and human emotions are not involved and this leads to profitable trading. The article below is a comprehensive review of the Alice Algo Trading Platform.

In this article you will not only read about this platform but also how it is beneficial for trading and you will also learn about the process of setting the platform for your use along with much other information.

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Alice Algo Review & Ratings

Alice Algo Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.1/10
Usability 7.2/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.2/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform

Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform is a web-based trading platform that can be called an auto-robot platform for trading as well and it can be used for equity and commodities trading. The stock brokerage house has built a platform which has high-security levels so that all the transactions are secured.

The platform is having an interface that is quite easy to use and it is intelligent enough to take the trading process forward. It is completely a new way of trading and it helps the companies to raise capital by offering shares and commodities.

It is referred to as the future of automatic robot trading and people nowadays are more inclined to this as well. While the platforms of the same kind which are there in the market are made to solve problems one at a time, this platform can take care of multiple things simultaneously and that makes your trading experience better.

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    Alice Algo – Top Features

    Here are the Top Features of Alice Blue Algo Trading –

    Available on iOS and Android and Browser-based platform

    This Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform is available on iOS and Android. You can use this as an application on your smartphone and trade from there. The lightweight platform offers easy trading options.

    You can download the application from the Apple Store or the Play Store and start using the same. For the browser-based traders, the platform can also be accessed from different browsers, you can log in and use the platform on your desktop or laptop browser and even on a mobile browser.

    Pre-defined Strategies

    There are different pre-defined strategies which are there on this platform. Eagle Algorithm strategy and Money Machine strategy are two of the most important strategies that are already loaded on the platform for your use.

    The pre-defined strategies help you to trade without creating your own strategies, you can just use of the strategies and implement the same and the rest of the trading will be taken care of by the platform itself using the strategy you have applied.

    Nominal Fees

    If you are not having time for trading on your own because of other works and you are wondering how you can continue trading, Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform is the answer which has minimal fees of Rs.15 per order for the trades executed on the Alice Blue Blue Online Algo trading platform.

    So, you do not have to hire any terminal operator for the same and you can do your own trading by setting up the Algo trading platform and using the strategies both pre-defined and the ones that you can create.

    Customization of Strategies

    Algorithmic trading is mainly based on the strategies and the robotic platform use those strategies and trade on the information you have inputted in the system. So, strategies play a crucial role here and thus this platform offers the facility of creating your own strategies too.

    Though there are the pre-defined strategies, you can conceptualize your own strategies on this platform and the technical team of the firm will help you code the strategies and feed on the Algo Trading system and then you can use those strategies as well for your trading purpose.

    Easy to Use

    The platform though sounds like a difficult thing to handle but it is quite easy to use. The interface of the platform is user-friendly and there are various facilities that you can avail.


    On an automatic trading platform, what matters the most is the security of your trades and transactions. The transactions are completely secure on this platform and so are the trades.

    How to Set-up Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform?

    Setting up Alice Blue Algo Trading is not rocket science and you can set it up on your own. However, you need to have a valid login id and password of Alice Blue Demat and trading account.

    • Login to the Alice Blue Blue site or the trading terminal.
    • Download the Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform on your mobile device. You can download the application from the Apple Store for the iOS users and for the Android users, you can get it from the Google Play Store. You can also use the web-version of the platform.
    • Now you can create a link on the trading terminal of Alice Blue Blue and paste the same link on the MT4 platform. This will initiate the automatic trading in your account.
    • There is another way you can start the automatic trading and that is by selecting the strategy that you want to apply on your trades. Once you select the strategy, the trades will automatically happen when there are new signals as per the strategy.

    How to Own Alice Algo Trading App or Platform?

    For owning the Alice Algo Trading you have to open Demat and trading account with Alice Blue Blue. For the same, you have to –

    • Find and click on the button which says open Demat account with Alice Blue blue on this page. Yes, you can directly open your Demat account with the firm from this page.
    • Next, there will be a pop-up form that you need to fill. Fill it with the necessary details. The details need to be correct.
    • Then you have to submit the form and upload the documents that are required for the verification purpose.
    • Once your documents are received by the firm, then will call and discuss with you’re the remaining process of application.
    • Your documents and the application will be verified and then your account will be activated
    • Once you get the login details on your email, then you can start using the Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform.

    Advantages of Alice Blue Algo Trading App or Platform

    There are numerous benefits of the Alice Blue Algo Trading and the most important ones are –

    • Execution of the trades are always at the best possible prices as it is an automated trading platform, the prices are captured very correctly.
    • Another reason for the order execution at best prices is the high responsiveness of the Algo platform. The order placement and the execution is superfast leading to capturing of the best price possible.
    • The trades are scheduled and they are executed as soon as the signals are received, this helps in avoiding massive price differences.
    • The transaction cost of the trades is reduced by using the Algo trading platform
    • Since it is an automated platform, the system checks multiple market scenario at the same time.
    • There is a great risk of placing wrong order when manually placing orders, with the Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform, that risk is nullified. The orders are accurate and so the execution is also accurate.
    • You can back-test your customized strategies using the historical data available on the platform and also on the basis of the real-time data available.
    • Finally, the most important benefit of using this Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform is avoiding human emotion in trading. Trading often turns into losses due to human psychological factors and emotions which can be completely avoided by Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform.

    Alice Algo – Conclusion

    Alice Algo is the need of the present generation in trading who have less time but want to trade with full accuracy.

    This technology-based trading platform keeps the human psychological factors away from trading and thus providing a fair opportunity in the market.

    The Alice Blue Algo Trading is available both for the Android and the iOS users and also for the browser-based traders and all these uses you can use for very nominal price.

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