Karvy Franchise is one of best known stock broking franchise in the country. They are based out of Hyderabad. Lets have a detailed Karvy Franchise Review & deep understanding of Karvy Sub Broker Offerings, Karvy Franchise Revenue sharing models & other features of Karvy Partner Program.Karvy Franchise Offers

Karvy Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Karvy Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

About Karvy Franchise

Karvy Online Franchise is now completely handled by Karvy Fortune. This group provides you partnership with Karvy and all other related supports. Currently, Karvy has around 60 million investors across India and providing their investors services across India among 400 plus corporate houses. Karvy has presence in 330 cities, and a total of 787 associates in India, and over nine thousand highly qualified Team of Karvy.

Karvy Fortune is always on feet for helping hard working, ambitious partners for mutual profitable business. The process to become partner start an enterprise with Karvy is hassle-free. The risk of loss with Karvy after becoming a franchisee is also very low. And a strong brand name in the financial markets in India that has great value is important for client acquisition.

Types of Karvy Sub Brokership

  1. Self-Setup Broker or Karvy e-Franchise
  2. Remisier – You need to deposit Rs. 25,000 to become a Remisier and revenue sharing is 40% to you and 60% to Karvy.
  3. Master Franchise – In this, if you introduce any person franchisee you get 5-10% of that Franchisees brokerage amount. You will have to deposit Rs. 50,000 (deposit refundable during exit). You need to get signed an Agendum with Karvy and Introducer.

Their franchise is known as Karvy Fortune. Karvy Fortune, helps individuals and small organizations forge a partnership with Karvy.

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    Karvy Sub Broker Revenue Sharing, Initial Investment & Fees

    Lets have a detaled discussion of Karvy Franchise Revenue Sharing, Karvy Sub Broker Initial Deposit & other fees.


    Karvy Partner Revenue Sharing & Fees:

    When it comes to brokerage revenue sharing then you need to be honing your bargaining skills with the house.

    For Commodity, deposit required is Rs 25000 – Rs 50000; revenue sharing is 70:30; registration charge is RS 2390 (non-refundable), CTCL is 250 per month.

    For Currency, NSE registration fees is Rs 2500 and CTCL is 250 per month; revenue sharing is 70:30.

    For Equity, there are types of revenue sharing:

    • Equity e-Franchise Model: Deposit required is Rs 25000 and they charge Rs 7500 for registration (BSE, NSE and F&O). Here, CTCL is not applicable. The revenus sharing is 40% to you and 60% to Karvy. And no Offline trading facility.
    • Brick and Motor Model: In this, deposit required is Rs 50000; revenue sharing is 70:30 and they charge Rs 7500 for registration (BSE, NSE and F&O), also back-office charges extra.

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      Karvy Sub Brokers Initial Investment Amount

      For Self-Setup type, Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 50,000 is needed to be deposited as security amount. This amount is refundable when you exit Karvy Franchise. Based on your client base you will get access to all the segment to trade into with Karvy.

      You will have to bear the expenses of running the office and internet as well. Apart from refundable amount mentioned above you also need to pay Rs.2360/- (non-refundable) for each segment that you want to trade into and CTCL of Rs. 250 per month.

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      Karvy Sub Broker Offers

      Karvy Fortune offers wide range of financial product to satisfy your client in any segment they want to trade into. The broking house is registered under SEBI. They offer Loan on collaterals, commodities, currency trading, PMS, DP, merchant banker, corporate agency, MF and its distribution, IPO and its distribution, corporate advisory services, etc.

      Karvy Support and Training:

      In addition, as a franchisee owner one can focus on your core skills in running a business, without the need to assemble a team of specialists from scratch, as the company provides them with the technical and fundamental support and training.

      The provide robust training about the business pitches and software like Omensys NEST and also all back-office support. Helps you with well-trained dealers for fast execution of order and Online cash management. Once you are registered with Karvy, they will offer you training on their trading platform which will be free of cost.

      How to become Sub Broker of Karvy?

      Provide few documents & one can easily become sub broker of Karvy Online. The documents required are:

      1. Pan Card
      2. Aadhaar card
      3. Educational certificate (minimum one should be 12th pass), and 21 years of age.
      4. Cancelled Cheque
      5. 2 photographs

      Also, you should have a minimum two years of experience of stock market and trading. Once you are ready with these papers then you are asked to sign agreement approved by a registered chartered accountant and then you get a Franchise code. This is the final step after which you get the business going with Karvy Online.

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      Why Partner with Karvy?

      • A brand known to everyone
      • Strong presence in financial world across many segments of financial instruments. This feature raises your chances of making money when you partner with Karvy
      • Counted among top 5 in its field
      • Serves over 70 million customers
      • Customer base has around 600 corporate houses

      Karvy FAQ

      Ques – Does Karvy have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Karvy offers a large subset of sub broker models for interested candidates to choose form or be a part of. Karvy being a Hyderabad-based stock house has been one of the most loved and reliable broker houses by both their business partners and clients all over the nation.

      Ques – Is Karvy having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – Karvy has been running their company on three business models which have been repeatedly proven to be an epitome of success. Karvy’s self –setup and Karvy e- franchise has been repeatedly choosing for new generation sub-brokers, along with which remisier and master franchise are other options for Karvy’s prospective business partners to choose from.

      Ques – What is Karvy Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – Karvy group of companies follow a defined commission model for all of their sub broker models.  For the remiser model, the commission shared can be anywhere between 40%-60%. It should also be taken the note that the commission share strictly depends on the sub-broker model the individual has chosen.

      Ques – How much Karvy Franchise Cost?

      Answer – Like Karvy’s commission models they also have different franchise costs for different business models. For Karvy’s self setup model, partners are required to pay an amount between RS 25,000 – RS 50,000 as the security deposit.

      Ques – Does Karvy have a Partner Program?

      Answer – Yes, Karvy has different partner programs for different individuals, starting from their remisier where the partners need to deposit RS 25,000 and enjoy a lucrative commission of 40%-60%. While Karvy’s master franchise program requires business partners to deposit assume of RS 50,000 which is refundable during breakage of the contract.

      Ques – What is Karvy Partners Sharing?

      Answer – Karvy has a different partner sharing model for different business models they propose – starting from their master franchise model, Karvy offers a reasonable commission of 5-10% to their business partners. Considering Karvy’s 70 million customer base, these commission statistics returns higher and profitable payback.

      Ques – Is the Karvy Partner Program Free?

      Answer – Clients at Karvy are obligated to pay an initial investment to the company upon gaining an official authorization. The investment amount or security varies and depends on the business model through which partners wish to pursue their journey with Karvy.

      Ques – Does Karvy provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – The training assistance at Karvy goes beyond the usual training that is provided to sub-brokers. Karvy not only takes of training the partners to enhance their trading platform skills but also provide technical support as well.

      Ques – How to Become Karvy Sub Broker?

      Answer – One only needs to cover specific eligibility to be a part of Karvy, a minimum of 2 years of experience in the stock market is one of them.  Candidates are required to collect all the documents and get the agreement signed by a registered chartered accountant. Once the individual gets the franchise code, the individual is ready to start a business with Karvy online.

      Ques – Does Karvy Franchise provide Support?

      Answer – Karvy not just provides online support but also undertakes a degree of technical support for their respective business executives.  Karvy provides their sub-brokers with business pitches and software to make it easier for the partners to function in the workspace.

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