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FRR Shares Franchise has been acting as a sister concern to the F R Ratnagar & Co Pvt Ltd. The later is a RBI licensed brokerage house incorporated in the year 1949 and currently engaged in the business of inter-bank foreign exchange broking.

Nevertheless, the FRR Shares Sub Broker is lead by a team of highly experienced professionals. Anyway, instead of utilizing our energy for praising them, we will review them.

And the review will be generated depending up on several factors including the reason and story behind their inception and incorporation, the type of business models, the revenue sharing scheme, the offers and other relevant support they provide.

FRR Shares Sub Broker offers

FRR Shares Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

FRR Shares Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.1/10
Market Share 5.2/10
Products & Services 5.0/10
Revenue Sharing 5.1/10
Holistic Support 5.0/10
Overall Ratings 5.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About FRR Shares Franchise

FRR Shares Franchise

As we have mentioned earlier, FRR Shares And Securities Franchise is a business forefront and a sister concern of F R Ratnagar & Co Pvt Ltd. They were incorporated in the year 2010 in the city limits of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The prime credit for their inception and incorporation goes to their founder Parag Mehta. As of today, the franchiser is led by a proficient team of financial maestros.

The team includes, Mr. Parag Mehta and Mr. Janak Mehta. These gentlemen are deemed to have an experience of more than 33 (thirty three) years within the industry. They also claimed to have an overall staff size of 259 (two hundred and fifty nine) employees on December 2018.

They are a registered member of the NSE and the BSE and a depository participant with the CDSL. Apart from these, they are also a registered mutual funds advisor at the AMFI.

As a full service brokerage franchiser, they typically need 35 (thirty five) days to issue a new Sub Broker’s code and also clear out any outstanding payments of their respective business partners.

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    Types of FRR Shares Partnership Association

    FRR Shares And Securities Franchise typically uses two different approach to gain more business partners and thus better business. Yes! We are talking about the Sub Broker and the Remisier business models.

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Remisier

    FRR Shares Sub Broker or FRR Shares Authorized Person

    As you must have already guessed, the FRR Shares And Securities Sub Broker business model works similarly as others. In fact, they have been inspired by other business franchisers in a way.

    This business model strictly targets a particular segment of people and organizations. We are talking about the parties who are interested in acquiring the business rights and commencing the business on behalf of the corresponding franchiser.

    Once engaged as per this model, the respective business partners get entitled to certain benefits. Some of them being a generous revenue share and extended business opportunities.

    Do understand this that the engaging parties however, are not promised any kind of business monopoly by the franchiser.

    In other words, the Sub Brokers do not enjoy the right to have business dominance over any particular area on behalf of the franchiser.

    Benefits of FRR Shares Authorized Person

    Owning the business rights to FRR Shares And Securities Sub Broker model has a lot of perks. As a matter of fact, it has been deemed as commercially valuable in many ways. Here are some of the highlights:-

    • FRR Shares Sub Broker ensures commercial usability of franchiser’s name. in other words, the Sub Brokers enjoy the freedom to leverage the name and reputation of the franchiser. Thus, gaining ever more clients.
    • FRR Shares Franchise comes with complete business distribution rights. Trying to state this in other words, it can be said that the respective business partners are allowed by the corresponding franchiser to distribute the exact same financial products, services and the access to the franchiser’s trading platforms without being interrupted.
    • FRR Shares Authorised Person firm grants good pay off. Trying to put it in simple words we may say that the commission generated on the business executed by the respective business partners is considerably good.
    • The respective business partners are also entitled to receive great back office support. This helps their employees to concentrate on generating more business.

    FRR Shares Remisier

    The Sub Broker business model isn’t the only one FRR Shares And Securities Franchise use. They also rely on their Remisier business model to acquire more customers. The business partners using this particular business model are more like agents to the franchiser.

    They do not require to pay off as much security deposit as the Sub Brokers. They are not even required to meet up the infrastructural needs. Furthermore, they are also not required to be as committed towards business growth as the Sub Brokers either.

    Nevertheless, they are also not entitled to receive as much commission as the Sub Brokers. However, that does not mean that they get paid less.

    As a matter of fact, they receive one of the highest commissions corresponding to their business model within the entire industry. And that makes this business model rather interesting to invest up on.

    Benefits of FRR Shares Remisier

    Much like the FRR Shares And Securities Sub Broker business model, the Remisier model also has many benefits. We have enlisted the most rewarding one underneath:-

    • Business model does not require the business partners to have any infrastructure at all.
    • This also means that the initial investment required for the FRR Shares And Securities is less.
    • The business model requires limited business commitment from the business partners. In other words, the business partners are entitled to freedom of work. That means, they can choose to work as per their will and convenience.
    • Remisier model pays off one of the highest commissions in the entire industry. As a matter of fact, no other competitor pays off a commission rate as high as FRR Shares And Securities Franchise to their respective Remisiers.
    • The security deposit required for acquiring the rights to this business model is comparatively less as well.

    FRR Shares Partner Revenue Sharing or FRR Shares Sub Broker Commission

    Please acknowledge this fact that FRR Shares And Securities Franchise follows a very discrete revenue sharing model. As a matter of fact, they have different slabs of commissions that they give out to their respective business partners.

    And, the slab difference depends up on the different business models chosen and the security deposits paid. They give away 60% – 75% of the revenue generated by the Sub Brokers back to them as commission.

    On the other hand, the Remisiers get 20 % of the commission from the business they generate. As for the Remisiers, they already are entitled to one of the highest commissions in the industry.

    However, you may also acknowledge that the commission slab for the Sub Brokers varies for another reason as well. We are talking about the different profit margins associated with selling different financial products.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Frr’s Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 75% 40% – 25%
    Remisier 20% 80%

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      FRR Shares Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      You must understand this very clearly that FRR Shares And Securities Franchise maintains two distinct slabs of required Security Deposit with regards to the various schemes pertaining to the two distinct business models they have to offer to their respective business partners.

      For the Sub Brokers, they charge a sum varying from Rs. 50, 000 (fifty thousand) to Rs. 1,00,000 (one lakh). Whereas the slab for Remisiers varies from Rs. 10,000 (ten thousand) to Rs. 25,000 (twenty five thousand).

      There are two main reasons for you to be able to observe the variation in the required deposits. One, that the overall profit margin varies for selling different financial products. And, two, that paying different Security Deposits entitle different benefits for the business partners.

      Check this table below for better understanding of FRR Shares Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
      Remisier Rs.10,000 – Rs.25,000

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      FRR Shares Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      A Sub Broker of FRR Shares And Securities Franchise must definitely have certain infrastructural establishment.

      We are talking about an office space with 100 sq ft area, at least one employee and trading terminals. You must also have an active telephone connection for communicational purposes.

      FRR Shares Sub Broker Offers

      10k Initial Deposit and Flexible Revenue Sharing facilities are the only offers FRR Shares And Securities Franchise grants.

      FRR Shares Franchise or FRR Shares Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to FRR Shares, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      FRR Shares And Securities Franchise is very strict about who they grant their business rights to. In order to filter the clutter, they have a very strict eligibility criteria that’s needed to be followed. Here is the entire list of criteria:-

      • It’s a must for the applicant to have two or more years of experience in stock trading and broking.
      • The applicants must have an educational qualification of ten plus two or more at the time of the registration.
      • Applicants must have a certificate issued to them by the NSIM at the time of the registration.
      • The applicants must have the basic understanding of a few computer programs like MS Excel. This knowledge is meant to be used for operational and analytical purposes.
      • Applicants must have complete knowledge of all the financial products and services dealt in by the franchiser.

      How to become a FRR Shares Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      Just read and follow these simple steps:-

      1. Locate the button with the statement “Become a business partner / associate” and click on it.
      2. Fill up all the required details on the form that pops up on your computer screen.
      3. Submit the form with all the required documents as mentioned above.
      4. Wait for a franchiser’s representatives to reach out to you and grant you the requested for business rights.

      Documents required to become FRR Shares Authorized Person

      The applicants must have one or more verifiable copies of the following documents during the registration:-

      • GST Registration
      • Passport sized photos
      • Birth Certificate
      • SEBI Registration Certificate
      • Academic Certificates
      • PAN Card
      • Cancelled Cheque
      • Investment Proof
      • Payment Proof for complete security deposit

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      Why Partner with FRR Shares?

      Well, there isn’t a reason not to. But still if you’re not convinced then here is list of the most lucrative reasons:-

      • The broker have a ‘zero margin money required’ policy which can be used to attract a lot of clients.
      • Stock Broker have a ‘free account opening policy’ which can also be used to acquire new clients.
      • They provide exquisite Back Office and Advisory Support.

      FRR Shares Franchise Conclusion

      IN simple words, FRR Shares And Securities Franchise is perfect to begin your business with in the Indian stock trading and broking industry.

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