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Angel Broking Franchise or Angel One Franchise is the largest broking franchise in India with over 11,000 plus sub brokers ecosystem. In this article, we will go through a detailed Angel broking Franchise Review.

This review consists of an in-depth analysis of Angel Broking Sub Broker Offers, Angel Broking Franchise Revenue Share Models & other important features of the Angel Broking Authorized Person Program.Angel One Angel broking partner

Angel Broking Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Angel Broking Franchise Ratings
Market Share9.5/10
Products & Services8.5/10
Revenue Sharing8.0/10
Holistic Support8.0/10
Overall Ratings8.3/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Angel Broking Franchise

Angel Broking FranchiseAngel broking is a well known stock broker based out of mumbai, India with about 30 years of broking experience. They are one of the most innovative broking house in terms of marketing strategy. Angel broking has their branches spread in more than 150 cities across India & their sub broker business is spread over 500+ India cities & towns.

Angel broking provides all types of broking services to their clients like Demat Account, Trading Account, IPO investment, Research reports, Robo Advisory & more. Along with their wide range of services they also provide variety of products to their clients to trade with like Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds & more.

Apart from their diversified products & services, Angel Broking is known to be the largest broking franchise with more than 11,000 sub brokers. They provide wide variety of Products & Services to their Sub brokers & are quite flexible in commission sharing with their partners. Lets have a detailed review now.

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    Angel Broking Franchise is divided into three types:

    • Authorized Person / Business partner / Sub broker
    • Master franchisee
    • Remisier

    Angel Broking Sub Broker or Angel Broking Authorized Person 

    An Angel Broking Sub Broker Program is a low investment venture of Angel Broking. It harps majorly on the network base of sub-broker. Angel Broking has the highest number of Sub broker or Authorized Person in the country.

    Also, it is said to have a 3 day quick registration process wherein by the third day one can get sub-broker or AP registration number from BSE/NSE.

    From its side, Angel Broking Franchise provides tolls and products for providing customer service, it assists in marketing of the business, the technology support, etc.

    To be a sub-broker, one needs to make a security deposit of minimum INR 50,000 which is a refundable deposit – no franchisee fee involved. As mentioned above it provides marketing support and usually also tags a dedicated relationship manager.

    It also ensures that adequate training in form of seminars, sessions, webinars etc. is imparted to the sub-brokers and the staff time to time. To assist the sub-brokers, it also provides access to software for tracking the performance of various dealers and advising them. It offers a revenue sharing model for sub-broker partnership.

    As per recent norms from SEBI all Sub Broker will now be converted into Authorized Person. The role of an Authorized person & Sub Broker is same but only the registration process differs. Any new registration will now be on the name of Authorized Person instead of Sub Broker.

    Benefits of Angel Broking Sub broker or Authorized Person

    • Flexible Initial Investment Amount
    • Flexible Revenue Sharing Model
    • 3 Day Tag Generation Process
    • Free Demat Account to Sub Broker Clients
    • Sub Broker Clients can open account in 5 minutes

    Angel Broking Master Franchise

    This model of Angel Broking Franchise allows one to have a monopoly of brokership in a defined area/locality/jurisdiction. Usually such a model requires a handsome investment amount and a decent infrastructure. Similar to the sub-brokership model, even this model leverages on network and client base for achieving success.

    Angel Broking Sub Broker Commission can go upto 80% while the Angel Broking Franchise Cost ranges from RS.3 Lakh to Rs.5 Lakh.

    Benefits of Angel Broking Master Franchise

    • Monopoly over an Area, Location or Town
    • Revenue Sharing touches 80% for Sub Broker
    • Large Area to work upon without any Direct Competitor
    • Opportunity of Building a Large Business

    Angel Broking Remisier

    Angel broking’s Remisier Model is a very simple Company Agent model where the Agent i.e. Remisier gets propects for Angel broking to open a Demat Account & Trading Purposes.

    In this model a remisier can negotiate for free security deposit if he/she is able to provide high quality prospects. Generally, a remisier has to pay an initial investment amount of Rs.30,000 to start acting as remisier of Angel Broking. Remisier Revenue Share starts with 30% & can go as high as 50%.

    Benefits of Angel Broking Remisier

    • Very Low Initial Investment
    • Attractive Commission of 30%-50%
    • Very easy on-boarding process

    Angel Broking Partner Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    Angel Broking is known to be one of the high remunerating broking houses in the country. It offers very competitive revenue sharing ratios, more so because it has seen the high potential contributions that sub-brokers add to the broking business.

    It also offers a dynamic model of revenue sharing ratio wherein the ratio of sharing would be a factor of multiple parameters like the revenue generated, the revenue projections, the existing client base, the products being sold (i.e. whether equity or derivatives or mutual fund etc.) and other similar parameters.

    Commission Sharing Models

    Thus, for each individual, the revenue sharing ratio might be different. However, we have provided a general overview of the range of revenue sharing ratio that is available to Angel Broking franchise & Angel Broking sub-brokers.

    • For a sub-broker or an authorized person, since the functions are quite substantial, the ratio of revenue that is allocated to them is also high – typically it ranges from 50% to 70% averaging to 60%. This ratio completely justifies the functions that sub-brokers carry out. Infact, this can be said to be slightly higher side as compared to industry average.
    • For the next category i.e. master franchise, the revenue ratio is similar to that of a sub-broker, however, in this case, the ratio might be slightly higher like 80%.
    • Lastly, for the third category i.e. a remisier, the revenue ratio ranges from 20% to 30%. This dip in the ratio is on account of the lesser functional responsibility that a remisier carries i.e. its role is limited to introduction of potential clients.

    All in all, one can be sure about fair remuneration with Angel Broking as the revenue sharing ratios are quite competitive and beneficial to the sub-brokers.

    Check this table below to understand commission sharing better:

     Angel Broking CommissionSub Broker Commission
    Angel Broking Sub Broker / Authorized Person50% – 30%50% – 70%
    Angel Broking Master Franchisee30% – 20%70% – 80%
    Angel Broking Remisier80% – 70%20% – 30%

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      Angel Broking franchise cost or Security Deposit

      In the sub-broking business, there is well established concept of placing certain deposit by the sub-broker with the principal broker. This is a security deposit which is primary to make right any default that the sub-broker might commit during its tenure.

      The amount of deposit generally varies between INR 10,000 to INR 3 lac depending upon the model of franchise, the revenue, the client base and other similar factors. This practice of making a security deposit is adopted by all the broking houses without any exception. Also, this deposit is entirely refundable in nature i.e. upon completion of the tenure, this deposit amount is returned back to the Sub-Broker or Authorized Person.

      Infrastructure Investment by Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

      The other category of investment that a sub-broker is generally expected to make is the infrastructure investment. This refers to the workplace set up that Angel Broking requires the sub-broker to maintain for attending the clients.

      Angel Broking, being a well-established brand, expects the sub-broker to maintain a decent infrastructure such that the workplace is of a decent size, is located in a decent locality, has sufficient workstations, internet connectivity, telephone lines etc. so as to run a smooth business.

      It would be important to mention that this investment would differ for each kind of sub-broker. For instance, a remisier would not require any office set up as it is not his role to entertain and attend clients. For a master franchiser, the amount may be higher as compared to that of a sub-broker. Other factors that impact the infrastructure investment requirements include the city of residence, the client size, the products being dealt into etc.

      Below table gives a better perspective of Angel broking Security deposit amount:

       Angel Broking Franchise Security Deposit Amount
      Angel Broking Sub Broker / Authorized PersonINR 50,000 – 100,000
      Angel Broking Master FranchiseeINR 100,000 – 300,000
      Angel Broking RemisierINR 10,000 – 25,000

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      Angel Broking franchise offers

      As mentioned earlier, Angel Broking highly recognizes the potential that sub-brokers have and hence it takes quite a lot of efforts to boost the business of its sub-brokers. Some of these efforts are in form of offers like:

      • High revenue ratio;
      • Dynamic brokerage plans;
      • Customized brokerage solutions;
      • Low investment costs;
      • Reduced margin money;
      • Additional products to deal in;
      • Free access to sub-broker clients for the research reports for a limited period
      • Free advisory services to sub-broker clients etc.


      Angel Broking franchise – Eligibility Criteria

      Angel Broking has a very simple and a quick procedure of appointing sub-brokers, following are the eligibility criteria to start a broking franchise with Angel Broking:

      • One of the major criteria which is also a statutory & mandatory requirement is registration with SEBI.
      • Apart from this, the basic eligibility criteria are the age, academic qualifications, experience etc.
      • Angel Broking requires the candidate to be atleast 18 years of age and should have atleast a graduation degree.
      • Apart from that any experience in the field of stock market or financial market & certifications from the apex & regulatory bodies of these market would also be helpful.
      • Angel Broking also performs a detailed background check of all the candidates before appointing them as sub-brokers hence one needs to maintain a good & clean track record as well.

      How to become Angel Broking Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      As mentioned above, Angel Broking has a very simple procedure of appointing sub-brokers.

      • Please fill up the form herein with the basic details like your name, contact number & email ID;
      • Our executives will connect with you to ensure the correctness of these details and understand your interest
      • We will connect you with Business team of Angel Broking who in turn will take the discussions forward
      • An appointment would be fixed up with the Business executives of Angel Broking wherein the candidate as well as Angel Broking executive would put forward the expectations and interest
      • In this meeting, all the terms like the revenue ratio, investment amount, security deposit amount etc.
      • Post this an agreement would be executed and the candidate would be required to submit various documents as discussed in the next para
      • Once the agreement is executed, a sub-broker ID would be generated and the work can be commenced.

      This entire process takes somewhere around 2-5 business days.

      Documents required to become Angel Broking Authorized Person or Sub-Broker

      List of Documents required to become a sub broker are:

      • Copy of ID proof;
      • Address proof copy;
      • Academic certificates;
      • SEBI registration certificate;
      • Investment proof;
      • Security deposit payment proof;
      • Age proof

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      Why Partner with Angel Broking?

      Check various reasons to partner with Angel broking:

      Strong Brand Recall

      Angel Broking Partner ecosystem is very widespread with more than 8000+ sub brokers. They are the market leaders in this segment & are present in over 900+ cities.

      Robust Technology

      Technology is the backbone of Angel Broking. They have been a pioneer in web enabled back office software & have bee awarded best trading app 2016. They have built all sort of extremely advanced trading tools used for all platforms & devices.

      Business Partner Support

      Angel Broking provides CRMS i.e advisory dashboard to their sub brokers which gives all sorts of information to the sub brokers regarding their clients. Angel also provides marketing support to their sub broker partners, then give margin limits/exposure & flexible leverages on trading to their sub brokers.

      They also conduct seminars, risk management support, trading programs & back up support to the Angel Broking Franchise owners.

      Training Support

      The Broking house imparts high quality training to Sub Brokers & their employees. This training is related to business development, trading platforms, best use of marketing materials & more.

      Advisory Support

      The research & advisory support that Angel Broking gives to its sub-broker is also an added advantage

      Top Notch Trading Platforms

      Angel Broking provides wide variety of trading platforms to its clients. They have trading platforms for across devices & browsers. Angel broking App is one of the best Mobile trading platform in India & has won many awards. These trading platforms gives a lot of analytical insight to traders & investors.

      Angel Broking Authorized Person Testimonials

      It has been a pleasure working with such reputed broking house of the country. It has been a very hassle free journey with Angel Broking. They assist you with right from the beginning of proposal and would continue to provide full time support through-out the tenure. BY – Kavi Hasija, UP

      Angel Broking was my first choice as I heard about them from my relative who has been in the broking business since long. I was aware that they have good offers for their sub-brokers but I was more impressed with the help & support that they provided me to establish my set up. BY – Akshay Lalwani, Ahmedabad

      I have been with Angel broking since almost 4 years now. Since I did not have much experience in this field and I did not even have any relatives or friends in this field, I thought it will be very difficult for me. But they have been very supportive in setting up, client acquisition, client advising. They also have been very rewarding with their dynamic revenue sharing model which is very progressive for me. By – Latha Devi, Mangalore

      Angel Broking Franchise Summary

      To sum up the review, one can say that Angel Broking has 3 different association models which may be suitable and preferable to the different category of people. They also have very basic eligibility criteria and hence easy entrance to the business.

      Their revenue sharing models is quite favorable to the sub-brokers as compared to other broking houses. The investments & deposit requirements are similar to that one would find in case of other broking houses.

      A Sub broker gets a lot of value while associating with Angel Broking Partner Program.

      Angel Broking Authorized Person Program FAQs

      Ques – Functions of sub-broker or authorized person?

      Ans – A sub-broker acts as an agent of principal broker and hence performs all functions that a principal broker performs like adding clients, advising clients, trading for the clients, etc.

      Ques – Types of sub-broker models?

      Angel broking offers 3 different business models – sub-broker, master franchiser & reimisier, or referrer.

      Ques – Eligibility criteria to become Sub-broker?

      • Age – minimum 18 years
      • Must be a graduate
      • Must hold a SEBI registration certificate
      • Experience in the stock market

      Ques – Assistance by Angel Broking to a sub-broker?

      • Marketing support;
      • Assistance in operating trading terminals;
      • Advisory support
      • Research reports
      • Assistance in initial set up

      Ques – Does Angel Broking have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Yes, if you are in search of business opportunities related to the Stock market, you can opt for the sub-broker model provided by Angel Broking. Their sub-broker model is one of the popular stockbroker franchise models present in the market, with a wide sub-broker network spread across the country.

      Ques – Is Angel Broking having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – Yes, Angel Broking does not only provide the sub-broker model but provides two more franchise models. It also provides a master franchise business model and the Remisier business model. Though, the most popular model is the sub-broker model.

      Ques – What is Angel Broking Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – Being the sub-broker of the stockbroker, you will be entitled to a revenue sharing of 50% to 70%. Yes, the percentage range, which indicates that the final entitlement is negotiable. When you meet up with the brand to discuss all the necessary aspects of the contract, the final sharing will as well be attained.

      Ques – How much Angel Broking Franchise Cost?

      Answer – Since there are three franchise models provided by Angel Broking, the investment required varies accordingly. The franchise cost for Sub broker model is – Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000. Master franchise investment cost is Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.3,00,000. Finally, the investment cost for remisier model is Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000.

      Ques – Does Angel Broking have Partner Program?

      Answer – Yes, Angel Broking also provides the partner program alongside the most popular sub broker model and also master franchise model. This partner program applies to all the existing or future clients of Angel Broking, who can earn commission based on the network marketing they perform.

      Ques – What is Angel Broking Partners Sharing?

      Answer – If you wish to be the partner of Angel Broking, you will be entitled a revenue-sharing which ranges between 20% to 30%. The final rate is fixed upon multiple factors including the amount of deposit providing from the prescribed range of Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000.

      Ques – Is Angel Broking Partner Program Free?

      Answer – No, this company does provide the partner program, but does not provide it free of cost. In order to avail for the business partner program, you need to provide the payment of Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000. This fee is pretty low in comparison to the other business models.

      Ques – Does Angel Broking provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – Yes, providing training to the franchisee is a part of the sub-broker and master franchise business model. Angel Broking provides training assistance in the form of seminars, sessions, webinars, and other relatable affairs. Also, the broker provides assistance for business development, trading platforms, best use of marketing materials & more.

      Ques – How to Become Angel Broking Sub Broker?

      Answer – Choosing the sub-broker model of Angel Broking, you can avail of it right from this page. Click on “Become Sub Broker” button, from the bottom of the page and fill in the form which is displayed. You will be connected with the company, which will provide you with an appointment, following which you can discuss everything and get into a contract.

      Ques – Does Angel Broking Franchise provide Support?

      Answer – Firstly, the stockbroker provides support in the domain of research and advisory, to all its sub-brokers. the further support extended to the franchisee is of CRMS i.e advisory dashboard, marketing support, margin limits/exposure & flexible leverages, business development, trading platforms, and more.

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