Reliance Tick Algo Trading – Review, Features, Setup Process, Charges and more

About Reliance Tick Algo Trading

Reliance Smart Money is a ‘neutral financial services marketplace empowering people to do what’s right for their money. The multi-product digital platform provides access to Mutual Funds,  Stocks,  Loans and Insurance,  PMS,  Corporate Fixed Deposits and Bonds among others – helping its users make informed decisions and transact across asset classes seamlessly.

Reliance has been dominating over different premises of India for long. From technology to the fields of investment, they are constantly expanding their arms over every possible area. Reliance Smart possesses a wider vision which is somewhat distinct in the prevalent market place.Sophisticated trading platform, diversified margin, and payment option and other convenient aspects are the hallmarks of this broker house.

Tick is an automatic robotic and data analytics based buying and selling platform that is available at the mobile, net, algo as well as a computer buying and selling platform within the shape of EXE. Tick is designed as such to decrease the order wastage and is crafted to offer features like a couple of model screeners, actual- time based indicators and alerts, proper placed-name ratio information, rollover prices and heatmaps.

Top Features

Pre Canned  Execution Algorithms

Benefits of Execution Algorithms areTrades performed at the best feasible expenses.Immediate and correct alternate order placement . Trades timed successfully and right away, to keep away from large rate adjustments. Reduced transaction expenses . Simultaneous computerized assessments on more than one marketplace situations. The reduced hazard of guide mistakes in putting the trades.

Chart Based Trading

Many day traders contain day by day charts of their buying and selling setups that span more than one time frames. For example, day traders might also have monitors showing trades by way of the hour and trades over the last several days. This could help a trader to get an extra entire photo of a safety’s buying and selling action. Traders can customize their fee charts to include channels in addition to a selection of signal alerts to assist them to pick out profitable trading possibilities.


An API can be for a web-based totally gadget, working system,  database system, pc hardware, or software program library. An API specification can take many bureaucracies, but often includes specifications for exercises, facts structures, item lessons, variables, or far off calls. POSIX, windows API and ASPI are examples of various styles of APIs. Documentation for the API commonly is furnished to facilitate utilization and implementation.

Third party application

Third party packages may be standalone applications or they may be small plugins that add functionality to a present discern application. The previous category is infinite. On a standard gadget,  standalone third-party packages include tens of dozens of applications.

Third party packages are packages written to work within operating systems but are written with the aid of people or businesses apart from the company of the running gadget. In a few cases,  computer users of home windows working systems recall it more comfy to use standalone third-party applications for obligations consisting of email, newsgroups, net surfing and net Relay Chat (IRC).

How to Setup Webportal?

We can setup our own Webportal by simply setting up an account.The following are the steps :

1) Get your account created instantly.Youcan either get assistance or can do on your own.

2)  Enter basic details only like

Name, Email, Mobile number, Pan number and Date of birth.

3) Agree to the terms and conditions ,so that you will receive an OTP for verification.

How to own Webportal?

1)  Assess your goals and know your areas of interest.

2)  Know the standard features of a Web portal.

Some of the most common features of a business web portal include things like:



Photo Galleries

Personal profiles

and much more

3)   Identify and cater to the requirements of your customers.

4) Decide on your web portal software

Some of the major web-portal scripts that can come in handy in your situation are:



5)  Upload the portal software to your site.

6) The design of your portal should be based on the idea of earning maximum revenue in the long run.

7)   Don’t go for the looks – go for the feel.

8)  Determining which product or service you are offering.

9) Financial aspects to be taken care when developing web portal.

10)  Last but never the least, market your web portal.


Time Management

Execute orders as quickly as possibilities come into the market with Algo trading’s pre-enter parameter. Time control is the procedure of organizing and making plans a way to divide it slow between unique sports. Top time control enables you to work smarter – no longer harder – so that you get extra executed in much less time, even when the time is tight and pressures are high. Failing to manage your time damages your effectiveness and reasons stress.

No emotional impact during trades

The idea of disposing of greed, worry and other human emotions from economic or funding choices. The aim of emotional neutrality is to eliminate emotion from the manner of making goal economic choices, in order that the pleasant feasible choice may be made, no matter something emotions the one’s decisions may additionally trigger. Prioritize essential good judgment over feelings and boom your probabilities of making profits.

Multi Leg Trades

Options buying and selling can be a lot greater than shopping for and selling calls and places, and it’s miles our steadfast notion that the best options investments take benefit of multi-leg trade techniques. We use multi-leg trades to hedge our positions,  and as a way to lessen the up-front investment essential to make trades.

These trades involve buying or selling a couple of alternatives on the identical stock, in a particular mixture depending at the strategy. A few strategies also integrate stock trades with alternative trades.

Automated Trading Execution

Automated execution is a technique for executing trades without imputing them manually. Automatic structures permit forex buyers to take advantage of buying and selling indicators to shop for or promote an asset anytime day or night time. Orders may be completed routinely primarily based on a wide form of technical signs and buying and selling systems.

Those automated structures may be designed primarily based on a huge range of alerts for triggering a purchase or promote orders without the need for manually tracking and executing trades. Each opportunity will be traded automatically with none greater efforts.


No trading in commodity segment allowed.Exposure or leverage presented is low.

Relative pricey account starting, preservation and brokerage charges.Clients want to be aware of a few hidden prices.


Reliance Securities is one of these brokers that offers first-rate offerings and research alongside wide offline presence and buying and selling products however fall short in terms of imparting cost for money services. All the components the dealer is right in are to be had to different stock brokers at a miles cheaper rate and as a consequence, Reliance Securities has now not able to create a rapport within the market till date.

It’s far,  in reality,  one of the precise ones but again doesn’t offer the kind of cost you can expect upon paying such hefty fees.

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