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Wisdom Capital Franchise or Wisdom Capital Referral Program is quite new & growing at a fast pace. In this article, we will discuss various offerings Wisdom Capital provides to its Sub Brokers or Referrers, their Revenue sharing model, the minimum investment required, the eligibility criteria, what is required to get enrolled and more.

Wisdom Capital is India’s one of the best Discount Broker, especially earmarked in the year 2018. This was the first Stock Broker to launch Zero Brokerage plans and many others followed suit. Their Freedom plans have become very popular amongst traders.


Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Wisdom Capital Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.5/10
Market Share 5.3/10
Products & Services 5.9/10
Revenue Sharing 5.8/10
Holistic Support 6.1/10
Overall Ratings 5.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Wisdom Capital Franchise or Referral Program

Wisdom Capital is a fairly new entrant in the Stock Broking industry. They started off in the year 2013, however have become extremely popular amongst traders due to their Zero brokerage plans and innovative trading solutions. Infact, in the year 2018, it has been termed as the Best Discount Broker of India.

wisdom capital franchiseWisdom Capital, as a Stock Broker, deals in all segments namely NSE Equity, Options and Future and also in MCX Commodity trading. Wisdom Capital was awarded the prestigious NSDL Star Performer Award for three years consecutively i.e. 2013, 2014 & 2015. With its customer centric approach, they have been able to acquire and retain more than 15000 satisfied customers till date.

The one vision that the company encompassed is to achieve great heights in the Stock Broking, Investment Services and Wealth Management Industry. Their team of highly professional and trained market experts, all strive towards this goal and leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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    Types of Wisdom Capital Sub Broker Models

    Wisdom Capital doesn’t follow the typical Sub Broker or Franchise Model, rather it gives opportunity to one and all to earn and grow their business. They don’t have a Sub broker or Remisier business model, instead have a Referral business model.

    • Referral Business Model

    Wisdom Capital Referral Program or Sub Broker Model

    A Sub Broker is someone who will deal with the end users directly on behalf of the Stock broker. A stock broker never directly interacts and trades for the customers; hence they have Sub brokers to add more business and also to help the customers in smooth trading transactions.

    Wisdom Capital believes very strongly in the network marketing principle and hence they have capitalized on that as their only sales channel model.

    This is the first time that a company is paying not only from the direct referral’s earnings but also for the indirect referrals. Hence earning could be immense with Wisdom Capital if one wants to en-cash on this phenomenon.

    All you need to do is enroll yourself with Wisdom and start referring. They have a very exciting referral scheme, which will ensure that you have a handsome paycheck coming into your account each month if you just have a focused approach.

    Benefits of Wisdom Capital Referral Model or Sub Broker

    • Flexible brokerage plans
    • Zero Brokerage plans wherein you can pay a fixed subscription on monthly or annual basis and trade for free without any restrictions.
    • Free Demat account and Trading account as there are no account opening charges
    • Lifetime free maintenance also provided
    • Smart and innovative platforms for a great trading experience
    • Excellent support provided by the backend team for any queries or issues pertaining to trading

    Wisdom Capital Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    Wisdom Capital knows that a well-designed and executed referral scheme can yield great results. Hence, they believe in giving good perks to their Sub Brokers so that they could also be motivated to earn more and more.

    They have a very nice and exciting Revenue sharing model, which again emphasizes on what quantum of business is being shared and accordingly percentage is decided.

    They have a revenue share for direct as well as indirect clients. Direct clients are those whom you have enrolled yourself and indirect are the ones whom your references have added, so they also become a part of your chain of clients.

    With Wisdom capital, they pay a minimum of 25% of the brokerage earned from the direct referral for any trade upto Rs. 25,000. For trades between 25000 and 50,000, you would get 50% of the brokerage and for anything above 50,000, you would get 70% of the brokerage. This is in case of the Direct referral only.

    Besides this, you also get 5% of every indirect referral for upto 6 levels in the chain; thus earning upto 25% extra there as well. Hence, Wisdom Capital gives you enough opportunities to earn and grow your business.

    Check the below table for better understanding of Referral Commission Model –

    Earnings from Direct Referrals:

    Monthly Brokerage from Referrals Sub Broker Earning Wisdom Capital Earnings
    Up to 25000 25% 75%
    25001 – 50000 50% 50%
    Above 50000 70% 30%

    Earnings from Indirect Referrals:

    Total Brokerage from referrals Sub Broker Earnings
    Level 2 5%
    Level 3 5%
    Level 4 5%
    Level 5 5%
    Level 6 5%

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    Wisdom Capital Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    Since Wisdom Capital operates on a Referral business model, they don’t have a prerequisite of depositing any Security amount or initial Margin amount.

    A security deposit is charged mostly when the Sub Broker is completely responsible for all trades of a customer; but here, the performance is an individual responsibility and not that of a Sub Broker.

    Infact, their Demat Account and Trading account opening is also free of charge with zero maintenance fee. This is a good opportunity with anyone who can build a network team to enroll with Wisdom Capital with zero investment and make it big.

    Below table gives a better perspective of Wisdom Capital deposit amount:

      Wisdom Capital Franchise Security Deposit
    Wisdom Capital Referral Program Zero

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    Infrastructure Investment by Wisdom Capital Sub Brokers or Authorized Person

    Again, since this is a network marketing strategy of business, the company has not put any obligation of the Sub Brokers or Business partners to have a minimum defined setup.

    However, that’s something that you may want to focus on in case you are planning to expand your business as a Sub Broker. Although, you would not need to have a customer interaction center as a mandate, but sometimes people prefer meeting face-to-face before getting convinced for a particular program.

    Having a decent workplace in a nice and clean neighborhood, with basic office amenities will only add value to your market presence and get you more clients. Hence, it is suggested to have an office setup along with some basic infrastructure installed.


    Wisdom Capital Franchise offers:

    Wisdom Capital offers some great offers and benefits for its Sub Brokers and Partners to enhance their business portfolio:

    • Attractive brokerage plans
    • Exhaustive range of products to offer
    • Best back office support from the Wisdom Capital team
    • Free Demat and Trading Account opening
    • Innovative Trading platforms
    • Direct and Indirect referral earnings


    Wisdom Capital Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    If you have the niche to focus and expand your business by adding more clients to your network, then this business is apt for you. With Wisdom Capital, they have not demarked any specific prerequisites for the Sub Broker’s eligibility criteria.  But as a Sub Broker, the industry follows certain prerequisites and that’s what you need to keep in mind:

    • The minimum age of a Sub Broker should be atleast 18 years, although a few companies also expect 21 years as the minimum age.
    • Education qualification has to be minimum 10+2 pass. Again, some companies insist that the incumbent should be minimum graduate.
    • Generally, companies also insist that the person enrolling for a Sub Broker should have minimum 3 years’ experience in the financial industry and sound knowledge of the Stock market and the stock broking industry, but with Wisdom Capital, that is also not a prerequisite.
    • The only thing that Wisdom capital checks is the person’s ability to add more referrals and grow his network. If he is able to share a proper business proposition for the same, he is considered as a prospective Sub Broker.

    How to become a Wisdom Capital Sub Broker or Partner?

    Enrolling with Wisdom Capital is also a very easy process:

    • Just fill their online form entering all your details accurately. All your details like your full name, email id, official and residential address, phone numbers etc have to be filled in with great care and have to be accurate. You need to also fill in details of your partner, incase you have a partnership firm.
    • Once you send in your application, someone from their team would contact you to fix up an appointment with the Sales team.
    • An executive or officer from their Business Development team would come and visit you to understand the reason why you want to become a Sub Broker and what value add you could bring to the company. If you are able to convince him on your business plan or strategy, they would send in confirmation to enroll you.
    • The Executive will also brief you on the company policies, norms, enrollment procedures, Revenue Sharing model, payout details and also take your bank account details.
    • Once the interaction is done successfully, the Wisdom Capital backend team will send in your confirmation of the Sub brokership program and you will be registered with them.
    • This entire procedure generally takes about 6-7 days provided both you are the BDE are available for an interaction on the given date.

    Documents required to become a Wisdom Capital Sub Broker or Business Partner

    All Stock Brokers have some basic documents requirements for their Sub Broker registrations:

    • KYC documents like Adhaar Card and Pan Card
    • Address proof: if Adhaar card has some other address than the one your are residing, you need to give some other address proof like – Passport, Driving License, Voter’s ID or any utility bill
    • Age Proof: you can provide your Passport or School Certificate, which has your Date of birth on it.
    • Cancelled cheque for bank account details
    • 2 passport size photographs
    • SEBI registration certificate

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    Why Partner with Wisdom Capital?

    There are undoubtedly many stock brokers in the industry, then why would you choose Wisdom Capital as your preferred broker for starting your business? Here are the reasons why:

    • Wisdom Capital has been a very aggressive and flourishing company since its inception.
    • Awarded as the NDSL Star performer for three consecutive years shows that they are here to stay.
    • They have a very flexible approach and offer tailor made solutions for all, be it flexible brokerage plans or revenue sharing portions
    • This is the first company to offer such in interesting Referral scheme; offering referral bonuses for direct as well as indirect customers.
    • They offer 5 times margin in NSE trades and offer 10-40 times margin in Intraday trades
    • The broking house have great Zero brokerage plans wherein a customer can pay a monthly fixed amount and do unlimited trade throughout the month without any capping on number of trades or value of trade.
    • They have a very strong analytics team whose aim is to constantly monitor the market behavior and trends and give useful information to their customers so that they can make calculated decisions.
    • Wisdom Capital has a robust and user friendly Trading platform wherein the customer can perform all his trading related tasks easily and all backend tracking is also taken care of
    • They also have a customer support team which is available on duty for their customers’ assistance throughout the day from 9am – 12am in the midnight

    Wisdom Capital Sub Broker or Referral Program FAQs

    Q 1: How many types of Sub Broker business models does Wisdom Capital operate with?

    Ans. Wisdom Capital Operates with only one business model i.e. the Referral Business Model.

    Q2. How much share of brokerage does a Sub Broker gets from a Direct Referral?

    Ans. The Sub broker gets 25% share of the brokerage generated for a Direct referral if the value if below 25000. if the value of the trade is above 25000 but below 50K, he gets 50% of the brokerage share and if the value is above 50K, then the Sub Broker gets 70% of the brokerage share.

    Q3. What is the Security Deposit amount that the Sub broker needs to pay while enrolling?

    Ans. There is no Security deposit or initial deposit requirement with Wisdom Capital Franchise.

    Q4. What are the charges for the Trading Account and the Demat Account opening?

    Ans. With Wisdom Capital, there are no charges whatsoever for the Trading Account and the Demat account opening. The Lifetime maintenance is also free of charge.

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