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Shree Kanha Stock Franchise lies in the new breed of financial advisors. They have been established not more than a decade ago. And yet, that’s not stopped them from becoming one of the finest.

However, our article will be less about Shree Kanha Stock Sub Broker Program and more about their services. And, we are referring to the services as a franchiser. In short, we’ll review them on certain business aspects.

And, the list of aspects will constitute of:-

  • The reason behind their formation. This will be the introduction to their business approach. It’ll include the information on the place and year of their constitution. And, a bit about their founder will be included too.
  • Insight into the business models they deal in. This’ll inform you about the ins and outs of all their business distribution schemes. It’ll also tell you about the pros and cons of these schemes.
  • Details of the security deposit required to access their business models. This will describe about the categorization based on the amount of security deposited.
  • The list of requirements as per infrastructure. This part will brief everything required from the office space to the hardware.
  • Insight into the eligibility criteria as set forward by the franchiser. This part will lay down the mandatory qualifications and experiences needed to become their partner.
  • A basic description of the ways in which the franchiser distributes the incoming revenue.
  • And more

Shree Kanha Stock offers


Shree Kanha Stock Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Shree Kanha Stock Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.1/10
Products & Services5.4/10
Revenue Sharing5.2/10
Holistic Support5.3/10
Overall Ratings5.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Shree Kanha Stock Franchise

Shree Kanha Stock was founded by Dushyantkumar Kukeshkumar Shah. They were brought to existence in the year 2004 within the city of Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

Their founder has made sure that the franchiser functions as a full-service brokerage house. In fact, they strive to provide their customers with value for money services.

And they provide diversified as well as customized services too. As a franchiser, it requires them a time of 30 days for new Sub Broker’s Code activation. Even the clearance of due takes 30 days to be processed.

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    Types of Shree Kanha Stock Partnership Association

    Shree Kanha Stock Franchise seems smart about their unidirectional business approach. They do provide their clients with diversified solutions.

    But their partners are only granted the right to Sub Broker business model.

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    Shree Kanha Stock Sub Brokers or Shree Kanha Stock Authorized Person

    The Sub Broker model being used by Shree Kanha Stock Franchise is pretty simple. It’s been developed to target a specific kind of people.

    People who are interested in taking business responsibilities on franchiser’s behalf. In fact, it does not discriminate in between a person or an organization.

    All it ever needs is interested entities. Once the entities associate with the franchiser, they are granted many benefits. And, these benefits stretch out far more than merely being financial.

    The associates are allowed to act on franchiser’s behalf. They can sell off the products and services on franchiser’s behalf. And, they are paid good for doing this.

    They can even extend added services to their customers. This helps in retaining the clients for a longer term. And the franchiser does not intervene in this process. I fact, the franchiser does not intervene at all.

    They only require the associates to follow a few business protocols. And, by protocol we mean certain standards like infrastructure and certifications. The associates can even commercialize the franchiser’s brand identity.

    This means that the associates can claim to be a part of the franchiser and acquire clients. However, the associates are not allowed to execute monopoly.

    Benefits of the Shree Kanha Stock Sub Broker Model:

    Shree Kanha Stock Sub Broker Model offers many benefits. And, the list is full of the ones that are non-financial. In fact, financial benefits are a byproduct of the rest.

    So here’s the entire list as it unfolds:-

    • The business model comes with freedom of operation. This means that the franchiser does not intervene in the regular activities. And, this can be used to isolate the client data from the franchiser. In simple words, the associates can acquire, maintain, manage and grow their clientele all by themselves.
    • The Partners are allowed to capitalize the brand image of the franchiser. This specifically comes in handy while acquiring clients. In fact, this helps in getting more clients with ease.
    • The business model grants good payouts to the business partners. In fact, the commission rates are rather competitive as per the market standards.
    • The rights to this business model can be gained at a low price. And, there is no fixed upper price. So, it is all but a matter of negotiation skills while getting the rights. This means that certain associates can acquire the rights and highest benefits at lowest price.
    • This business model offers automatic and free access to certain tactical business programs. These programs are made by the franchiser as per market requirements. And, they help out the associates to get established with ease.
    • The business generation quantity in not limited in this model. this means that the associates can choose their own capacity. This enables them to put more efforts and earn more. And, it also enables them to lessen their work load on certain days.

    Shree Kanha Stock Partner Revenue Sharing or Shree Kanha Stock Sub Broker Commission

    Unlike the security deposit requirement, there are slabs for pay out of commission. The initial pay out starts at 60 % of the generated business. And, the maximum acquirable share is 75 % of the generated business.

    The slabs are not determined as per the security deposit amount. They are only differentiated as per the profits gained on different articles.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue SharingClients ShareShree Kanha Stock Share
    Sub Broker60% – 75%40% -25%

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      Shree Kanha Stock Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Shree Kanha Stock Franchise has a distinct rule for security deposit. They charge the associates a security deposit starting from Rs.50,000.

      However, as mentioned above, there is no upper limit to this. This means that the categorization of associates is not done as per the security amount deposited.

      This even means that the associates can get best benefits at the lowest price. It is all but a matter of negotiation.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Shree Kanha Stock Brokers Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub BrokerRs.50,000

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      Shree Kanha Stock Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      It is a must to have the required infrastructure established by Shree Kanha Stock Franchise. They are strict enough, not to allow partnership rights to people not having these.

      So, make sure you understand the list clearly. And, most definitely have them all. Here’s the entire list:-

      • An office space with minimum 200 sq. ft. of area. The area can be extended to any limit.
      • The office must have at least three people to look after the daily activities. More people can be employed as well.
      • Some industry grade trading terminals. These must be built and established as per the industry trends.
      • An active telephone line for daily communications.
      • And, lastly an active internet connection for online trading activities.

      Shree Kanha Stock Sub Broker Offers

      Though, unique in most of attributes, the franchiser is similar to their competitors when granting offers. In fact, they only provide their associates with two business offers:-

      • 10K Initial Deposit Provision.
      • Flexible Revenue Sharing Provision.

      Shree Kanha Stock Franchise or Shree Kanha Stock Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Merely having the infrastructure will not make you eligible for Shree Kanha Stock Franchise’s partnership program. In fact, you must abide by some other criteria established by them.

      So pay attention to the list below:-

      • Their business partners must at least have an education qualification of plus two. The more the merrier.
      • The business partners must know bits about their financial offerings.
      • Their business partners must be able to operate certain computer programs. The list consists of programs like MS Excel and Tally.
      • Their business partners have been certified by NSIM. And, the proof to the certification must be provided during the registration procedure.
      • Their business partners must have two or more years of consecutive experience in trading and broking.

      How to become a Shree Kanha Stock Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      The process is easy once you make sure you have all the requirements and abide by all the criteria. Here is all you need to do:-

      1. Search for a specific button with the statement “Become a partner / associate” on it and press it.
      2. Fill up the application form that pops up on your screen.
      3. Upload the filled up form with a set of other documents on to the website.
      4. Wait to receive a call from the franchiser. One of their representatives may call you and grant you the business rights.

      Their business partners must have one or more copies of the following documents:-

      • SEBI Registration Certificate
      • GST Registration certificate
      • A Cancelled Cheque
      • Academic/Education Certificates
      • Birth Certificate
      • Investment Proofs
      • PAN Card
      • Proof of security deposit made
      • Passport sized photo

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      Why Partner with Shree Kanha Stock?

      You must have read enough to decide if Shree Kanha Stock Franchise is a good franchiser. But just to remind you of their enormous beneficial business scheme, here’s a list.

      This list includes all the reason why you must partner with them:-

      • They grant freedom of operations to their business partners.
      • The stock broker provide free access to the business uplifting programs to their partners.
      • They grant multiple diversified and personalized financial solutions to their clients.
      • Share  Kanha Stock has low brokerage charges to ask from their clients. This helps in acquiring many new clients.

      Shree Kanha Stock Franchise Conclusion

      Shree Kanha Stock Franchise, as per us is great financial franchiser to start with. They have all the necessary elements required for a fruitful business. And, they are good with their clients.

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