Abhipra Capital Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

Abhipra Capital Franchise is one of the leading stock broking firms in the country. They have a large circle of the sub-brokers ecosystem.

Thus, in this article, let’s have a comprehensive review of the Abhipra Capital Sub Broer. This review will cover a comprehensive analysis of the Sub Broker offers, revenue sharing model, and other important features.

Abhipra Capital Franchise offer

Abhipra Capital Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Abhipra Capital Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.4/10
Products & Services5.6/10
Revenue Sharing5.7/10
Holistic Support5.6/10
Overall Ratings5.5/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Abhipra Capital Franchise

Abhipra Capital Franchise

Abhipra Capital is a full-service stockbroking firm operating from New Delhi. The stockbroking firm was established in the year 1994 by V. D. Aggarwal.

Abhipra Capital is a reputed stock broking firm which is providing its service for more than 25 years now.

Abhipra Capital is a firm which offers a comprehensive stick broking solution for its customers. Demat account, trading account, IP investment, research reports, and so many other things that the company provides to leverage customers who are looking to invest in the share market.

Abhipra Capital also has a huge circle of stockbrokers who gets a lot of products from the company. Moreover, the company is very much flexible with their revenue sharing model with the sub-brokers, which ranges from 50% to 70%.

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Types of Abhipra Capital Business Models

Abhipra Capital Franchise runs its business through the sub-brokers model, and they currently don’t have any other business programs running.

  • Sub Broker / Authorised Person

Abhipra Capital Sub Broker or Abhipra Capital Authorized Person

Abhipra Capital Sub Broker model is a very low investment program which is run by the franchise. The number of sub-brokers working for the company is huge, and the sub-brokers also get paid very lucratively by the company.

The process of registration for an individual as the sub-broker of Abhipra Capital is very swift, and therefore, one may not have to wait for a very long time to get the registration number from BSE/NSE as the sub-broker of Abhipra Capital Authorised Person.

Besides, Abhipra Capital Partner also offers its customers various marketing tools and comprehensive support along with business support, which ensures a comfortable run for their business. If someone wants to become a sub-broker for Abhipra Capital Sub Broker, then the person has to deposit INR 50,000 to INR 100,000 as means of a security deposit.

Benefits of Abhipra Capital Authorized Person

  • Highly flexible initial investment amount
  • Lucrative revenue sharing model of the franchise
  • The tag generation process of the company is very swift
  • Free of cost account opening for the sub-brokers’ clients
  • Sub broker’s clients can open Demat account in a faster way.

Abhipra Capital Partner Revenue Sharing or Abhipra Capital Sub Broker Commission

Abhipra Capital Franchise has a very lucrative revenue sharing model for their sub-brokers if you look at the remuneration.

The company takes care of the sub-brokers very much because even though the percentage of the revenue sharing varies a lot, but it generally stays at the higher side for the sub-brokers. It is one of the reasons why the company is growing at a very fast pace.

The business model of Abhipra Capital Franchise revolves around the sub-broker program. Therefore, looking at the revenue sharing model for the sub-brokers will be enough.

The fundamental role of the sub-brokers cannot be denied, and that is why companies are always giving them a high percentage on the revenue sharing model.

Abhipra Capital Franchise is also paying its sub-broker a very high percentage of remuneration, which ranges from 50% to 70%. That is why being a sub-broker for Abhipra Capital Franchise will be highly lucrative.

Refer to this Table for clear picture:

Revenue SharingClients ShareAbhipra’s Share
Sub Broker50% – 70%50% – 30%

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Abhipra Capital Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

Most of the stockbroking firms will ask for a security deposit before joining them as a sub-broker, and Abhipra Capital Franchise is also no different from that.

The security deposit an individual has to pay to start working as a sub-broker for Abhipra Capital Franchise will be around INR 50,000 to INR 100,000.

The amount you have to pay for the security deposit will depend on various factors such as the client base, revenue, and many other factors. After the tenure of the sub-broker gets over, the company will return the security deposit to the sub-broker.

Check this table below for better understanding of Abhipra Capital Franchise Cost:

Security Deposit
Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.100,000

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Abhipra Capital Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

The sub-broker will have to invest in the workplace as well and make it a suitable place to attend clients as Abhipra Capital Franchise desires every one of their sub-brokers to do this.

As the company has a reputation to maintain, it would want a sub-broker to have an office of minimum 125 Sq Ft and should also have one employee in the office. This is how the setup of the infrastructure has to be, and the sub-broker will have to make that investment as well.

Abhipra Capital Sub Broker Offers

Being a highly reputed stock brokerage firm, Abhipra Capital provide their sub-brokers with some lucrative offers, which helps them to boost their business.  These offers include:

  • Excellent ratio of revenue sharing
  • Top brokerage plans
  • Low investment cost
  • Custom brokerage solutions

Abhipra Capital Franchise or Abhipra Capital Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Abhipra Capital, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

To become a sub-broker of Abhipra Capital Franchise, one needs to fulfill some eligibility criteria, which include:

  • Candidate’s age must be 18 at least
  • Should be registered with SEBI
  • Having stock market experience will be deemed as a plus point
  • Abhipra Capital Franchise will have a thorough background check of the candidate so, make sure you have a clean record.

How to become a Abhipra Capital Sub broker or Authorized Person?

Here is a how you will become a stockbroker for Abhipra Capital Franchise:

  1. You need to fill a form with some basic information like your name, email ID, address, contact number, and other things.
  2. The executive of Abhipra Capital Franchise will call you afterward for the verification of the data.
  3. Then the business team of Abhipra Capital Franchise will get in touch to proceed further.
  4. Next, you will be attending a meeting with an executive in which you will inform the company about the revenue ratio, investment amount, security deposit amount, and many other things.
  5. Finally, once the documentation gets over successfully, you will get a generated sub-broker ID, and you will be ready to begin your work.

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Why Partner with Abhipra Capital?

Here are some prominent reasons to become a partner for Abhipra Capital:

Cutting-Edge Technology

Abhipra Capital helps its sub-brokers to use cutting edge technology to grow the business.

Great Trading Platform

The trading platform of Abhipra Capital is truly commendable, and it makes the trading experience of clients and sub-brokers highly enjoyable.

Comprehensive Support

Abhipra Capital is one such stockbroking firm which helps their sub-brokers to on top of their game through best in quality training support.

Highly Reputed Brand

The reputation of Abhipra Capital will attract you to join them. They are surely regarded as one of the best in the industry.

Abhipra Capital Franchise Conclusion

Abhipra Capital is surely one of the most reputed stockbroking firms in the country. So, starting your career as Abhipra Capital Sub Broker will be a huge boost as you will earn a high amount.

Hence, joining the franchise program of Abhipra Capital will be very much profitable.

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