Sunidhi Securities Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

Sunidhi Securities Franchise is a renowned name in the financial services industry having a history of over 20 years.

They have established themselves as one of the leading brokers in the Stock Broking field and have done that through their Customer Experience behavior in business.

In this article, we would be giving you some insights about Sunidhi Securities Sub Broker Program.

We would be discussing about the various partnership options they provide, what are the benefits they bring to the table, what are the initial charges required to start with them.

Apart from this, we will also look at their infrastructure requirement and also what kind of support they provide along with the revenue sharing mode.

Basically, this article would be able to provide you all details you need to know about their Sub Broker Partnership policies

Sunidhi Securities Franchise offers

Sunidhi Securities Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Sunidhi Securities Franchise Ratings
Market Share6.2/10
Products & Services5.4/10
Revenue Sharing5.1/10
Holistic Support5.3/10
Overall Ratings5.5/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Sunidhi Securities Franchise

Sunidhi Securities Franchise

Sunidhi Securities is a Public limited company and a Full service broker which was established by their founder Mr. Jayesh Parekh in Mumbai, Maharashtra in the year 1998.

It deals in multi faceted products and hence the customers get a whole range of solutions to invest with them.

They offer Equity Trading, Commodities, Currency and Derivatives Trading, Mutual Funds, IPO, Fixed Deposits and Insurances as well.

It offer Portfolio Management services as well as Advisory and research services to traders to build a better portfolio.

They are registered with all the Stock exchanges in the country namely NSE, BSE, MCX, MCDX, NSDL & CDSL as well.

It offer depository services as well. Being associated with them is also very simple task and the entire procedure takes not more than 30-31 days. Even the payment cycle works on a monthly turnaround time.

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Types of Sunidhi Securities Business Models

There are two business models that the company has opted for to be able to let people collaborate with them and increase their business- Sub Broker & the Referral Program. Lets have a look at each of them and what they offer.

  • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
  • Referral Program

Sunidhi Securities Sub Broker or Sunidhi Securities Authorized Person

The Sub Broker model with Sunidhi Securities is more like a Franchise in itself wherein the Sub Broker is given complete authority and access to their trading terminals and they can add people in the network as traders and help them to trade by providing them end-to-end solutions.

The Sub broker pays an initial amount to get the license and is also partnered with the company on a Revenue sharing basis for the volume of business that he generates.

This revenue model has been designed keeping in mind the interests of both the company and the Sub broker.

Benefits of Sunidhi Securities Authorized Person

There are numerous benefits that Sunidhi Securities provides to its Sub Brokers to ensure they run their business effectively:

  • The company has built a stable image and brand fidelity in the years hence working for their products is not a very difficult task for the Sub Brokers
  • The company will ensure that the entire training support is provided to the Sub Broker to run his business effectively
  • Their highly developed trading platforms and portals enable smooth trade for the traders as well as for the business partners
  • They have a strong back office management system which helps in monitoring any real-time issues and providing assistance

Sunidhi Securities Referral Program

The Referral Program that the company has launched is more like a word of mouth publicity.

Herein, any existing or non-existing customer or trader can refer any person to the company to trade with them and in lieu of that referral, he gets paid a certain amount as a Referral bonanza.

There is no initial investment or target for the referral program.

Benefits of Sunidhi Securities Referral Program

  • The Sunidhi Securities Referral model has its own merits. The first one being that anyone can register for it and get started without even having basic knowledge about the financial services industry. If you have a defined client base and if you can refer some percentage to them, you can earn in the bargain.
  • Moreover, no investment or certification is needed to get started.
  • Apart from that, this model also doesn’t require any specific targets or minimum obligation to be in the business.

Sunidhi Securities Partner Revenue Sharing or Sunidhi Securities Sub Broker Commission

Sunidhi Securities, as mentioned earlier, has been in the business of Stock trading since more than 20 years now and hence they know the importance of Sub brokers and the value they add to the business. Hence the revenue sharing also has been done very considerately.

For a Sub Broker, they share around 50 – 75% of the Total business value converted by the Business partner. For a Referral program, they share Rs. 1599 flat per referral provided.

The Sub broker has purchased the license from the company and has the authority to operate more like a full-fledged broker by himself and that is the reason why he gets more of a profit sharing amount than a referral program.

Refer to this Table for clear picture:

Revenue SharingClients ShareSunidhi Securities’s Share
Sub Broker50% – 75%25% – 50%
Referral programRs. 1599NA

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Sunidhi Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

Before getting into a decision making stage, there are certain factors that you need to know about getting associated with any company as a Sub Broker and the primary factor is the initial Security deposit amount.

If you want to register yourself as a Sub Broker with Sunidhi Securities, you need to have a minimum Security deposit ranging between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

The higher deposit amount guarantees higher facilities and perks by the company. It also means that you can bargain for a higher Revenue share.

Hence the seasoned Sub Brokers would go for a higher deposit to enjoy those benefits.

Check this table below for better understanding of Sunidhi Securities Franchise Cost:

Security Deposit
Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
Referral ProgramZero

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Sunidhi Securities Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

Being a Public Limited company, Sunidhi Securities has a reputation to maintain and is a little cautious about whom they give their franchise to and they want the Sub Broker to maintain a basic level of hygiene and sophistication in the franchise that they operate on behalf of the company.

They require an office to be maintained which has to be minimum of 100 Spft in area. The Sub broker should have atleast one employee under him who could follow-up with customers and assist them in trade.

Basic things like internet connection, landline connections, Trading terminals and research services should also be provided by the Sub Broker. These are the only basic demands of the company when it comes to infrastructure

Sunidhi Securities Sub Broker Offers

The company has many offers for the Sub Brokers and some of them keep changing at regular intervals as well.

They offer a Zero Deposit offer as well to someone who has a large portfolio already, they can do away with the initial deposit.

It offers a 10K minimum deposit for someone who has a considerable amount of clientele and can prove that they can add value to the business.

They also have Flexible Revenue sharing model for all their Sub Brokers. But they don’t have a Flat Revenue Sharing model and a Zero Revenue Sharing with prepaid option.

The offers can easily be availed by all Sunidhi Securities Authorized Person once they register with Sunidhi Securities.

Sunidhi Securities Franchise or Sunidhi Securities Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Sunidhi Securities, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

Eligibility criteria is nothing but a check point for the Sub Brokers to see if they are eligible to apply for the partnership with the Stock Broker.

It is defined by companies to authenticate and select the right candidates for this role as it is a very critical role. Lets have a look at Sunidhi Securities’ eligibility criterion:

  • One has to be minimum a graduate or atleast a 10+2 to apply for a Sub broker
  • Needs to have some knowledge about the Stock Broking industry and its functioning
  • Additional knowledge about certain products would be an added advantage.
  • SEBI registration is also a mandate for all Sub Brokers

How to become a Sunidhi Securities Sub broker or Authorized Person?

The Sub Broker application is also not a tough task to deal, you can get everything done online on their website itself:

  1. The company’s website will surely have a tab or link for someone who wants to associate with them as a partner, click on that tab or link
  2. Fill in your basic details like name, age, residence address, contact number, email id, reason for applying, current nature of work, income etc.
  3. Once you do that, if the website allows you to upload your documents, do that right away, else they can get it picked up from you.
  4. Once you have shown interest in the company to join as a Sub broker, their sales team will contact you, ask certain questions to validate your interest level and check your credibility as well to run the business. If they find you suitable to become a Sub broker, they will proceed with the further process.

Documents required to become Sunidhi Securities Authorized Person

One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

  • Copy of your PAN Card
  • Copy of your Adhaar Card
  • Residence proof
  • Age proof
  • Income proof
  • Cancelled cheque for bank details
  • Photographs
  • SEBI registration certificate

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Why Partner with Sunidhi Securities?

Out of the many reasons to consider Sunidhi Securities Franchise to be your primary franchiser with regards to stock trading and broking business, here is the list of a few:-

  • Their reliable presence within the Indian stock trading and broking industry for successively twenty years has leaded them to gain a great repute amongst their respective clients. This also may prove helpful in acquiring new clients.
  • They are very respectful in terms of the list of requirements they seek from their respective business partner. This means as a Standard Chartered Securities Sub Broker you will be required to put in less initial capital for getting a larger office space or more employees.
  • They provide active marketing campaigns time and again to their respective business partners, thus helping them acquire even more clients over time.

Sunidhi Securities Conclusion

Sunidhi Securities has been there over two decades now hence stability is not a concern at all with this company.

Their norms and policies are also crystal clear and transparent; hence as a Sub broker, you would never have issues working with them. You can surely rely on them and collaborate for better outcome.

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