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Top 10 Share Market Websites – Find Best Stock Analysis Websites in India

Last Updated Date - Aug 30, 2023

Check out the list of Best Stock Analysis Websites or Top 10 Share Market Websites in India here.

Excitement for trading and investing is primarily triggered by financial news and valuable market updates. However, these knowledgeable insights never reach the traders on their own.

These are some of the best stock market websites that give a quick snapshot of the market that savvy investors choose themselves.

After all, the stock market is no longer pronounced as a gambling zone; it has evolved into a full-time career for many people out there.

Investors actively watch the share market website in India to reach the end conclusion and take a positive investment decision.

But before you jump in and begin trusting a random website, it’s worth becoming clear that all websites aren’t reliable.

Here are certain parameters you need to consider before picking out a website for your research work.

Top 10 Share Market Websites - Find Best Stock Analysis Websites in India

Best Stock Market Websites in India

Check out the list of Top 10 Share Market Websites of 2022 –

Rank Website Rating
1 Moneycontrol 9.75 / 10
2 Economic Times 9.70 / 10
3 Business Standard 9.55 / 10
4 Livemint 9.30 / 10
5 Financial Express 9.25 / 10
6 Bloomberg Quint 9.10 / 10
7 Trading View 9.00 / 10
8 CNBC TV18 8.50 / 10
9 Investing.com 8.25 / 10
10 Screener.in 8.10 / 10

The Stock Market is also known as the equity market. It is a very luring and addictive business, which helps you multiply your money if you know the tricks of the trade.

Stock Market is known for making people turn from “Rags to Riches” within no time; and vice versa as well, because of its volatile and unpredictable nature.

top 10 share market websitesThe Stock Market has turned the table around for many large organizations as well.

Hence, the stock market is a great source for companies to increase their capital and their fund value.

However, dealing in Stock Market is not child’s play. One requires an in-depth understanding of the Stock Market, should be updated with the latest news and trends to be able to make wise investment decisions.

Being an Investor, one should know about the Top Share Market websites to execute stock analysis in India.

Investing in the share market requires a factual set of knowledge and skills. For everyday news and updates associated with the share market, there are various stock market analysis websites available.

Let’s have a look at the top research websites that give detailed insights into the Share market.

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    Moneycontrol.com – Best Stock Analysis Website

    Moneycontrol is one of the best stock research websites among Indian Stock Investors.

    Moneycontrol.com - Best Stock Analysis Website

    All sorts of information such as marketplace news, trends, charts, livestock costs, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, personal funding, IPOs, etc. can be found on this website.

    For tracking share markets in the country, Moneycontrol is a one-stop solution.

    This website makes available all the fundamental and technical data of the company. The website captures all the essential aspects of the share market.

    Moreover, Moneycontrol also has a mobile app on all platforms – Android, IOS, and windows.

    The Website gets more than 50 Million Traffic every month.

    Why use moneycontrol.com?

    Moneycontrol is one of the top-rated websites if you seek a trusted source should back your research work.

    The website has a giant network of employees working in the backend, ensuring the flow of information is sustained.

    Whether it is a live Nifty 50 to the top movers and losers in the stock market, you discover everything on MoneyControl Homepage.

    If you are searching for the best website for stock market, MoneyControl can never disappoint you, so select it.

    Apart from the stock market, you can also access business and financial news, including trending, most read, and Hindi news.

    EconomicTimes.com – Top Stock Market Website

    Economic Times is another well-known website for the Indian share market information. It is the best website for stock analysis with the latest updated market news bulletin.

    EconomicTimes.com - Top Stock Market Website

    Economic Times provides prompt and reliable news. It is one of the oldest share business news portals.

    On this website, the visitors can easily get detailed information and news about the company. Moreover, on this website, all the current business news is also available.

    For monitoring the market and for stock information Economics Times too has its mobile application.

    Like Moneycontrol, the Economic Times website also provides similar information to track the Indian share market.

    The Website gets 33 million traffic every month.

    Why use economictimes.com?

    When it comes to the best website for share market, Economic times can never go down to the likings and preferences of investors.

    The website is an Indian-language and business-focused news website owned by Times-group.

    Since its inception in 1961, the economic times have emerged as the no.1 choice for Indian businessmen and investors.

    It helps them discover exciting news around the market. Not just the stock market alone, but business and economic market news are live shared with users at Economic Times.

    With its clear vision and 100% authentic sources, the website came to be recognized as the world’s second most-read English news website headquartered in Mumbai.

    No wonder it has everything to become your trusted research source.

    BusinessStandard.com – Best Share Market Website

    Another great business website, the Business Standard is the online property of Business Standard Private Limited.

    Business-Standard.com - Best Share Market Website

    The Business Standard focuses on accuracy and reliability, independent and fair judgement based on true journalism.

    The Business Standard has built its name in the world of Finance majorly due to the contributors of the website which includes the likes of Shekhar Gupta, Aakar Patel, Nitin Desai, Parthasarathi Shome, Rathin Roy, TCA Anant, and Debashis Basu.

    With millions of consumers in a single month, this top share market website is a force to reckon with.

    The website gets 8 Million of traffic every month.

    Why use business-standard.com?

    Business Standard English is one of those few successful news publishing companies. The website has been ruling the hearts of businessmen and investors in India since 1975.

    Business Standard currently reserves a notable spot in the list of top websites for stock market.

    After all, the website exposes you to daily news, market news, live stock price, and certain company news.

    Not only the financial market but each news that may impact the Indian or global market is shared on the website. The website also categorizes and sub-categorizes news topic-wise.

    This ensures you access news on a specific topic free of chaos.

    Livemint.com – Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

    Livemint is one of the Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis to read a variety of posts regarding the stock market, finance, economy, politics, science, sports, etc.

    Livemint.com - Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

    It is an Indian daily business site that is owned by Hindustan Times Media. Livemint’s website regularly keeps updated on all the happenings in the country so no important update may affect the stock selection in the future.

    The Livemint sites publish up-to-date business news and developments. The main focus of the Livemint website is on business officials and policymakers.

    The website supports tracking all the updated development of the country which might affect the share price.

    The Website gets 10.5 million monthly traffic.

    Why use livemint.com?

    You must choose Livemint particularly for its reliability and instant reporting. The website has been in circulation since 2007.

    Till today, it has been helping many investors and traders develop a clear-cut insight into the market.

    All latest news, stock market news, opinions, and news around exciting and trending topics are shared at Livemint.

    The website deserves to build a spot among the top websites for share market as KK Birla Family backs it up.

    The website has an extensive broadcasting network. Thousands of employees in the backend ensure viewers keep receiving trusted information with every passing second.

    FinancialExpress.com – Top Stock Analysis Websites India

    Among the top stock analysis websites in India, Financial Express is one of the popular choices for some good reason.

    FinancialExpress.com - Top Stock Analysis Websites India

    As the same is self-describing, Financial Express gives you a detailed insight into ongoing activities in the financial world.

    And the best thing is, the website shares content in different languages with accurate data.

    Since it is the origin, the website specializes in Indian and international business and financial news. Hence, there’s no scope of trust issues at Financial Express.

    The website is India-owned and has been bridging the gap between public communication and the financial world since 1961.

    It’s worthwhile to decide on trading and investment if the source of information is Financial Express. Coming to the range of information available at Financial Express, it is as follows.

    The website covers ePapers, Daily Market News, Top, and Trending News, Talk on Economy, and Overall India News.

    Why use financialexpress.com?

    In the Top 10 Website for Stock Market, Financial Express has maintained an excellent spot for a very long time.

    Indian Express Group is the company behind Financial Express, contributing to the Indian newspaper industry since British Ruling.

    The website specializes in both Indian and international news covering each financial planning topic you wish to read.

    All news can be accessed in region-specific language. The interface is user-friendly and offers live market updates each time you refresh the page.

    BloombergQuint.com – Best Websites for Stock Analysis

    This is a joint venture between Bloomberg and Quintillion Media and judging by the success rate of the website, this venture is an amazing shot.

    BloombergQuint.com - Best Websites for Stock Analysis

    The collaboration provides a perfect market for Indian customers. The complete establishment depends upon a clientele of about 2400 editorials across 120 countries.

    The Bloomberg Quint provides several helping aids for the consumers. Bloomberg Quint has grown significantly in the last few years & is among the best websites for stock analysis.

    The website gets 4.2 million traffic every month.

    Why use bloombergquint.com?

    Bloomberg Quint is an Indian business and financial news broadcaster and a joint venture of Bloomberg News and Quintillion Media that gave it the Bloomberg Quint name in 2016.

    The website offers daily business news, market news, and every exclusive news you seek for in-depth market research work.

    The website interface is user-friendly, and information is also categorized on the interface.

    Law & Policy, videos, opinions, and every business and Indian economy-related information are available in the Menu of Bloomberg Quint.

    No surprise, it is one of the top 10 Websites for Share Market that you can trust.

    Tradingview.com – Best Site for Share Market

    TradingView.com is a popular name among financial websites & is one of the best sites for share market.

    Tradingview.com - Best Site for Share Market

    It offers accurate data related to the stock market, business sector, and the financial domain.

    One can visit this website and get the latest updates from the financial market. It allows traders to access financial data on the go from any part of the world.

    They can learn about stock prices, Futures, indices, Forex, Bitcoin, Option Chain, and other topics from this site.

    TradingView has strong backup support that offers accurate data collected from reliable sources. Therefore, people relying on this website for making financial decisions will never go wrong.

    TradingView ensures users have the best experience on visiting the website as it is loaded with impressive features.

    Besides national indices, TradingView is also useful for learning about the latest data of global indices.

    Why use tradingview.com?

    Tradingview.com is a popular name among traders, and paper traders, as the website is more than just a new-sharing platform. It won’t be wrong to call it the best share market analysis website.

    It is a well-structured platform where you can practice trading online. Many people and trading experts at TradingView share ideas, intraday techniques, and strategies on the screen.

    It is a noteworthy feature if you are an inexperienced trader. Many tutorials, helpful guides, and market news are also available at Trading View.

    CNBCTV18.com – Best Stock Research Websites

    Going ahead in this share market websites comparison, it’s worth knowing the specialty and helpfulness of CNBC TV18 to the traders.

    CNBCTV18.com - Best Stock Research Websites

    As the discussion is all about, CNBC TV 18 is one of the Best stock research websites.

    But it’s worth noting that the network also broadcasts financial and share market news on TVs. This India-based company has a global reach now.

    Similarly, it builds a reason why you don’t just discover the Indian market but international market news on this channel.

    The website covers Live TV, Stock News, Market News, every Latest News, Business News, and Live information of Indian Stock in its menu.

    In a nutshell, you can believe in CNBC TV 18 for your daily market analysis. You can view content in multiple regional languages featured on this giant network like other websites.

    The news website even helps you spot the desired market price through technical charts and numerical representation.

    Why use cnbctv18.com?

    CNBC TV18 is another best share market research website you can trust for your market research work.

    The company also broadcast its financial and business news on Televisions, giving us a quick overview of the company’s history and working profile.

    With every passing minute, you receive a new update on the website interactively that talks with the viewer’s mind.

    Indian Market, Global Market, Commodities, and Currencies live points reports are shared on the screen.

    Investing.com – Best Stock Analysis Website

    Investing.com is a perfect website meant for doing a fundamental and technical study of stocks. This website makes available all the important information for analysis.

    Investing.com - Best Stock Analysis Website

    The data available on the Investing website contains charts, news, technical, forum, etc. It has various inbuilt tools for technical analysis, stock screening, and investment planning.

    The best feature of this site is to put the stock screener tool.

    The website gets 5.2 million monthly traffic.

    Why use investing.com?

    Investing.com could be the best website for stock market analysis if you invest in the global market.

    The website features international news, and live market updates are shared with viewers on the screen.

    But unlike other news platforms, it offers market quotes, stock information, options, upcoming ipo information more than textual and brief content around a particular topic.

    The website doesn’t provide you with everything on the big picture you seek, yet the numerical values are available to guide you for the upcoming market on the move.

    Screener.in – Top Share Market Websites

    The screener is an excellent site that carries out a fundamental and technical study of the stock. The Screener website offers access to the financials of various Indian companies.

    Screener.in - Top Share Market Websites

    However, on the website, all the features are free of cost and make it user-friendly.

    On the website various financial data like PE ratio, profit and loss reports, balance sheet, quarterly results, etc. are accessible.

    Users can also design their screens based on their standards and scheme. For the customer’s screens, Email alerts are also supported.

    One of the Top Share Market Websites, Screener gets the very decent quality of traders & investors in their website.

    The website gets 1.3 million traffic per month.

    Why use screener.in?

    Screener.in is less a news website but more a stock market tool. On the website, you discover reports and data about a particular company.

    People call it the best website for stock market research as it has lots of things and features available.

    Each enhances the user experience. In addition to its free service, the website also has premium features available.

    Free features assist traders and investors across diverse research parameters.

    To simply put, you can review Export/import trade data, shareholders data, and credit rating reports of companies on a single tap.

    The tool provides you a screening of each stock or company where you are willing to invest but not sure whether the decision is worth it or not.

    Here are a few websites with special mentions, they are as good as any of the above websites but couldn’t make it to the Top 10 Share Market Sites.

    NSEIndia.com – Best Websites for Stock Market

    National Stock Exchange is an authentic official website for viewing and analyzing the stock market. In terms of trading volume, NSE is the fourth leading exchange of Asia.

    NSEIndia.com - Best Websites for Stock Market

    Therefore, the information available on the website is trustworthy, authentic, and up to date. NSE India site is beneficial for technical and fundamental analysis of the stock.

    The website makes available regular blogs and treats in different other measures through which depositors can increase their knowledge.

    For monitoring the share market, the NSE Mobile Trading app is a quite simple and enormously beneficial platform.

    Being the best website for stock market, NSEIndia.com provides all genuine information.

    The Website gets more than 12 million traffic monthly.

    BseIndia.com – Top Websites for Stock Market

    BSEIndia.com is one more platform to seek out correct information regarding firm trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

    BseIndia.com - Top Websites for Stock Market

    This site is rich in statistics and also provides all the essential details for carrying out a technical and fundamental study of the stock.

    For various analysis, the historical information of the companies is of great help.

    On the BSE site, all the companies satisfy their compliance by frequently updating the essential data about the firm.

    The website contains all the important share market news and updates in the different sectors.

    Therefore, to achieve all the important info about a company one can officially visit the BSE India site as a stock trader and investor.

    The company website gets 3.4 million monthly traffic.

    ValueResearch.com – Best Websites for Share Market

    Valueresearch.com is one of the best websites for share market in India, it provides investment suggestions, study, and knowledge on the stock markets.

    ValueResearch.com - Best Websites for Share Market

    They cover nearly the whole range of investment ways available in India, together with mutual funds, stocks, and fixed-income investment choices.

    This website, in the same way, focuses on several mutual funds and their investment plans.

    Since the website’s major focus is on mutual funds & not directly in shares, it is in 10 positions else, the website deserves the top 5 positions.

    The website gets more than 3.7 million visitors monthly.

    MarketMojo.com – Top Websites for Share Market

    MarketMojo.com makes available a complete analysis of the stocks which is based on its quality, assessment, and trend.

    MarketMojo.com - Top Websites for Share Market

    The Mojo Quality rank reflects the company’s long-lasting performance with its peers. Its Valuation defines how the stock is valued at its current charge.

    And at last, the most recent financial trend indicates if the company is presently on a progressive path and its ability to make profits.

    Marketmojo as well provides the ‘Portfolio Analyzer’. Overall, Marketmojo is an excellent website for beginners who cannot analyze stocks on their own.

    Know to be the Top Websites for Share Market Analysis, Marketmojo.com provides extremely accurate information on the industry.

    This website gets more than 800k traffic per month.

    EquityMaster.com – Best Stock Analysis Websites

    Equity master provides a wide analysis of stocks, where all the important data regarding the corporate such as its financial- balance sheet, ratios, trends, etc. are found.

    EquityMaster.com - Best Stock Analysis Websites

    It as well provides a variety of great features to the investors for a stock study such as stock screener, company assessment, factsheets, sector reports, etc.

    By using the corporate comparison feature, the information of two companies based on different parameters can be compared.

    The website gets 780k monthly users.

    Know more about Equitymaster.com here.

    Since we have reviewed these amazing share market websites, let’s not check into all the parameters based on which this ranking system has been made.

    Best Stock Analysis Websites for Beginners

    Not all stock market websites are necessary to be beginner-friendly. So make sure you select a website that isn’t too complex and gives you a flexible learning environment.

    Mainly when you are a beginner, consider selecting stock analysis websites in India that provide a good flow of information on the screen, and real-time data is also easy to grasp.

    But it is equally vital for a website to provide meaningful data in a good flow and with less jargon. Such as Moneycontrol and Economic times, both websites have built a great reputation in the industry.

    Not just beginners but even advanced traders prefer using Moneycontrol and Economic times for daily trade analysis.

    However, Livemint and Bloomberg are also working well with beginner-friendly features.

    Business standard is also the best website to catch a quick glimpse of the ongoing market activities and price fluctuations.

    News and recent updates on the market are available on almost every stock website.

    Top Share Market Websites for Intraday Traders

    Intraday trading is one of the riskiest areas of the stock market. A slight ignorance can lead to a big disaster in a Live Market, especially when playing with hefty investment.

    However, another critical feature worth finding in top share market websites is that updates must be quick.

    Most day traders prefer selecting 1 minute, 5 minute, and 15-minute trading charges.

    Meanwhile, their eyes are also glued to the latest news and ongoing activities in the market. They seek each minute reporting.

    With that in mind, most people trust Moneycontrol and Business standard as the websites provide every minute reporting.

    Economic Times is also a great alternative, but the website works slower on devices with lower configurations.

    But from the perspective of technical analysis, TradingView and Investing.com are doing a great job.

    Mainly Trading.com is quite popular among day traders due to the free paper-trading feature for a lifetime.

    Best Share Market Websites for Investors

    Long-term investors enter the market with long-term insight by simply watching the company’s current profile, balance sheet, and profit/loss ratio.

    Unlike day traders, knowing the industry, active trends, and upcoming opportunities is more important.

    However, it’s hard to trace which way a company’s position will go by solely relying on the data the broker makes available.

    Savvy investors prefer tapping into trusted sources, and some of the best share market websites help them out.

    Moneycontrol, Economic times, and Livemint are free websites providing free information to investors online.

    These websites not just provide stock reporting, but the history of each relevant stock is easy to find there.

    Millions of users in India actively use these websites, making them a trusted source to traders.

    Alternatively, investors also trust Business standards and Bloomberg Quint to derive real-market insights on the move.

    Best Stock Market Websites providing Great Research Reports

    Best website for Stock Market makes clear and in-depth market reports available to investors and traders.

    And it’s no surprise that Business standard, Livemint, Moneycontrol, and Economic times top the list as all these websites are news websites.

    They have a giant network and an active team of professionals who actively identify the market trend and help traders know the loss/profit a company makes at a particular time.

    There are lots of things that these websites clear to the investors and traders. For example, by what points, a stock price has fallen/grown from a particular zone?

    Is this the biggest consolidation phase? How did the particular company outrank the list? Everything is disclosed to the traders and investors in these research reports.

    Best Websites for Share Market providing Top Notch Tips & Advisory

    Share market tips – the word tends to light up your eyes if you also look for these strategies and shortcuts to win the share market.

    But it’s worth noting that no shortcut exists in this world that makes your dream come true within a day.

    Nevertheless, a few of the top websites for the share market help you to make it happen. Such as Moneycontrol and Economic times websites are some good names here.

    Both websites share expected outcomes of a particular price move in the market.

    The websites also share the best possible target that could be expected on a specific stock. Livemint, Business standard, and Financial express are a few other goods names in this list.

    All these websites help you trace the positive market cues to target the right price and book desired profit at the right time.

    Best Site for Share Market & Live Market Updates

    From the list of Best sites for share market in 2022, we have sorted some good names that provide more than standard live market updates.

    To simply put, normally, these websites put real-market data or charts on display.

    The numerical value of these data is also given on the screen to ensure people detect the potential support and resistance price.

    Other live market updates, such as by what point NIFTY has dropped/rose, why the price has suddenly dropped or jumped, etc. are also given.

    And since Economic times, Moneycontrol, Business standard, and TradingView provide these updates to the viewers; they top the list of best share market websites.

    However, these metrics may or may not be that helpful for long-term investors. But for a day trader, these live updates are extremely meaningful.

    Similarly, if you are a day trader, you should consider signing up on their website to catch an instant live update as soon as it arrives.

    Best Stock Research Websites providing genuine Market News

    Even single market news can bring an unexpected u-turn in the market.

    Hence, it’s worth considering the market news with every passing moment as they are untimely yet have high power to bang on the market.

    However, it’s difficult to keep tracing the ongoing activities in the market.

    That’s why some of the best stock research websites in this helpful stock market websites list give you an important update through a heading alone.

    Whether you are investing in a particular company or trading options in NIFTY or Bank Nifty, these updates will help you take prompt action in the live market.

    If you often try to discover the best investment opportunity from market news or live market updates, you will find Moneycontrol, Business Standard, Livemint, Economic Times, and Financial Express a good way to grab more news on the move.

    Sometimes if you want to know more about a headline, these websites also make brief info available on it.

    Best Stock Research Website providing amazing Technical Charts

    If you are a day trader or a swing trader, there should be no surprise that technical charts are important to you.

    Whether it is a numerical value, price line, or the changing figure of the candles, all these things are important to a technical trader.

    However, a broker also offers technical insight within a trading platform.

    But sometimes traders seek more trusted info and more accurate metrics, for which many people tap into some of the best websites.

    Such as TradingView, Investing.com, Screener, Moneycontrol, and Economic times; all these websites give the market accurate technical information through live charts.

    However, it’s hard to find the best stock research websites at this point because almost every website offers this facility today. Yet, Tradingview.com outperforms because of its paper-trading feature.

    The lifetime access of paper trading allows you to perform any technical analysis of the market at zero risk. Yet you can also take help from other sources.

    Best Website for Technical Analysis

    From the perspective of technical analysis, India’s few best stock analysis websites are performing great in this area. Such as, if we begin from TradingView, it’s easy to conduct technical analysis.

    TradingView is one of the popular platforms among traders as it gives them a brief insight into the charts.

    The broad range of features available at TradingView is the key contributor behind this recognition.

    And the best thing is, it is free to cast technical analysis on the site. However, premium features are also available, but a free alternative covers everything.

    Moneycontrol and Economic times also assist traders a lot across technical parameters. Still, most features are available in premium plans.

    Investing.com and Screener are also great options for a decent technical analysis in the live market.

    Best Website for Fundamental Analysis

    News and company profiles are the best sources to conduct fundamental analysis before investing.

    Thanks to the top stock research websites of 2021 – e.g., Business Standard, Economic Times, Livemint, Moneycontrol, and Financial express.

    Since each of these websites serves content in the finance niche, it’s easy to spot the metrics for fundamental analysis.

    To simply put, all these websites share a daily or every minute update of the market with viewers. You can also sign-up on these websites and receive daily market updates.

    These may cover topics in the broad range, such as the top losers of which Stock has performed pretty well.

    Going ahead, you can also discover plans and recent ups and downs of a particular stock and a relative industry.

    Fundamental analysis is typically essential for long-term investors. Yet, short and swing traders can also discover some great opportunities through these websites.

    Best Stock Analysis Website providing easy to use Screeners

    The screener is one of the most important features we discover in the top 10 online share market websites in this list.

    The feature enables a trader to sift through thousands of stocks in a market which they believe carries the vast potential to outrank others.

    And the best thing, you can apply several filers to shortlist the best list of assets that meet your criteria and trading rules.

    Economic times, Screener, TradingView, Moneycontrol,- all these stock websites provide this facility.

    You can get rid of the daily hassles of identifying and shortlisting the best stocks.

    Simply use the feature, apply the tool and make your one-time effort minimizing your stress level through the next few weeks.

    Best Website for Share Market Education

    Share market is more of a psychology market. Mainly when you are a day trader, your logic and principles work more than your expectations.

    This logic gets real power from a thorough education that some of the best websites in our discovery make readily available.

    As, Moneycontrol, Economic times, and TradingView are the best sites to learn more about the share market.

    These sites share knowledgeable information with traders, as each site features an in-built column of learning, tips, and advice on trading.

    You can use these top share market websites for free that make you good at trading in no time.

    However, a few websites may ask you for an email address to access the helpful share market courses.

    Best Website for Stock Market & is Easy to Use

    Coming to the easiness and friendliness of the features, Business standards, Livemint, and Moneycontrol are comparatively easy to use. But many traders aren’t too satisfied with other options.

    Such as, Economic Times and Financial express both are famous for their 100% accurate information.

    And it can be a key reason why millions of users trust these websites. Still, they get low ranking as the websites sometimes lag, especially if you use a poor configuration computer, issues are likely to arrive.

    If you are searching for the best stock tips website that is easy to use, the list of mentioned websites is to go for.

    But whether you will access a flawless experience or not will depend more on your device and internet connectivity that must be brilliant.

    Top Stock Analysis Websites in India providing Premium Services

    Surprisingly few of the best stock analysis websites are outranking all other websites with their pro-level services.

    Such as Economic Times and Business Standard recommend viewers with a list of the best intraday stocks.

    Both websites share advanced and unique insights with users that are unlike standard news and reports gathered from different sources across the internet.

    Similarly, Business Standard, Livemint, and TradingView are also the highest rank earners in the list for their pro-level aid to the viewers.

    However, many services have been kept under premium plans by many of these websites. But luckily, maximum facilities and data sources are available for free.

    No surprise, most of the needed data will be available on your screen without spending even extra from your pocket on buying these premium features on websites.

    Top 10 Share Market Website with High Brand Trust

    Brand trust is one of the critical factors of the financial market. Since you are dealing with real money, sometimes in lower quantity and high in many other times, trust means a loss in the financial market.

    Such as, you can’t rely on unofficial sources for the technical or fundamental analysis; the top stock market sites in our list have the highest brand trust in the market.

    Mainly, Economic Times, Moneycontrol, Livemint, Business Standard and Bloomberg, are the popular ones.

    Each of these websites shares 100% accurate and reliable information, and millions of active users back it up.

    Whether it is about nifty prediction or stock prediction, current market pattern, or a particular company’s position in the industry, everything detailed on these websites’ pages is reliable.

    Best Stock Market Website in India – Conclusion

    After this brief discussion over the best stock market websites, it’s no longer that difficult to find credible information sources.

    All these websites are a great source to derive tips and suggestions over the predictable market patterns.

    Bookmark these sites right in your browser if you also want your investment decision to never go wrong in the share market ever.

    Top 10 Share Market Websites – FAQs

    Here are the various FAQs on Top 10 Share Market Websites in India –

    Is Moneycontrol a reliable website for market news?

    Moneycontrol is a reliable website for market news. Not to forget, the stock market is an immense source for every company out there to increase their capital.

    Which website is best for analyzing mutual funds?

    Value research is an extremely viable site for analyzing mutual funds. This app site provides the customers with investment suggestions and financial leading as well.

    It has cases on several mutual funds and their plans of investment. The website gets more than 3.7 million visitors monthly.

    Which is the best website for Fundamental and technical analysis?

    TradingView & MoneyControl are such websites for fundamental and technical analysis.

    It is rich in statistics and provides more or less every detail that would assist you in carrying out a technical and fundamental study of the stock.

    The website’s current systems have every important share market update in different sectors.

    Which stock market website has the maximum traffic?

    Moneycontrol has the maximum number of traffic. The website gets more than 50 million traffic each month. That’s a massive amount!

    Why Moneycontrol is so popular among investors?

    It is the most popular website because all sorts of updates and information regarding marketplace news, commodities, mutual funds, and IPOs can be found out over here on their website.

    Even for tracking share markets in the entire nation, this app is a magnificent solution.

    What makes Livemint the Best Indian Stock research website?

    It is one of the best Indian stock research websites because it provides every information regarding the stock market, economy, science, sports et cetera.

    It is owned by the Hindustan Times media. The website publishes updated news about business and its developments.

    Can I check live and historical market data on Economic Times?

    You definitely can. It provides reliable news and is the best website for stock analysis.

    To monitor the market for more stock related information, it has a quick mobile application to dodge through.

    What is the usage of screeners in the stock market?

    A screener is an instrument used by traders to filter stocks based on their preferences. Stock screeners can either be free or have a subscription price tag on them on certain websites.

    Can we do portfolio analysis on markets mojo?

    You can do portfolio analysis on this website. All in all, it is an excellent website for beginners who are unable to evaluate stocks on their own.

    The website makes a complete analysis of stocks based on trends and quality.

    What kind of analysis can be done on the Equity master website?

    It provides detailed analysis regarding stocks wherein all important information regarding balance sheets and trends are stored.

    By using this website, information of two companies based on different segments can be compared.

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