A C Agarwal Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

A C Agarwal Franchise is coming up fast in the broking franchise sphere. The company have started spending money to built the new business models.

This article shall elucidate, with extreme clarity all about the A C Agarwal Sub Broker program. We shall begin surfacing each topic before we delve deep in to the statistics and records.

A C Agarwal Share Brokers franchise offers

A C Agarwal Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

A C Agarwal Franchise Ratings
Market Share6.2/10
Products & Services6.0/10
Revenue Sharing6.0/10
Holistic Support6.2/10
Overall Ratings6.1/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About A C Agarwal Franchise

A C Agarwal Share Brokers is a full-service private company, established in the year 1990 and owned by A C Agarwal. The headquarters are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company owns a client base of more than 10 thousand investors.

The company has received a satisfactory rating in experience, services, products, trading platforms, support, revenue sharing model, security deposit, offers, market share and star ratings. The sub broker activation time is 28 days and the payout time is 40 days.

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Types of A C Agarwal Share Brokers Business Models

Having provided a rough view on the A C Agarwal Share Brokers, we shall now get to explore the Types of A C Agarwal Sub Broker Franchise. There are basically two types of A C Agarwal Share Brokers, namely:

  • Master Franchise
  • Sub-Broker

A C Agarwal Master Franchise

The Master Franchise Model works for specified regions like an area, locality, jurisdiction in which a certain person is able to gain monopoly and work as the lone wolf.

For the exclusive amount of control the person exercises in the specified area, large amounts of initial investment amount and decent infrastructural facilities are needed.

Since based on the abilities of a single person, this kind of franchise thrives on client base and the networking circle.

Benefits of Master Franchise

  • The person gets to work in an area without any external interference or being bothered by competition.
  • A fixed franchise fee is receive for every single outlet that is set up in the specified area, regardless of any criterion and in accordance to the signed agreement.
  • Master Franchise helps the person to build the foundation for a larger business.
  • When a Sub broker works in this system, the revenue sharing manages to notch levels as high as 80%.

A C Agarwal Sub Broker or A C Agarwal Authorized Person

The second kind of A C Agarwal Share Brokers is the Sub Broker or Authorised Person model. In this model, the stock broking house and the trading members of NSE, through mutual consent, appoint the franchisee.

The authorised person is provided with a trading platform of the stock exchange. SEBI works as an ombudsman in the working model, as it keeps a vigilant watch over the Authorised persons through stockbroker.

Benefits of A C Agarwal Share Authorized Person

  • The revenue sharing model for Sub-Broker is flexible and can be tailored to ones convenience.
  • The initial investment amount need not be overwhelmingly large, like the Master Franchise, but the amount is flexible and can be customized.
  • The sub broker with a good network circle, works on the behalf of the franchiser.
  • Extra benefits can be provided by the Franchisee to his clients, this is not generally possible in other working types.

A C Agarwal Partner Revenue Sharing or A C Agarwal Sub Broker Commission

The revenue sharing models provide the ratio in which the collected revenue is shared. The ratio is essentially affected by many factors like the total revenue garnered the client base appealed to, the selling of products and the respective projections.

Master Franchise: Also known as the Sub Broker Model, the model distributes power and control to small or medium sized businesses. These are provided with sub broker ship or franchisee of the larger business.

The Sub Broker is responsible to cater to all the needs and requirements of the client and the royalty / revenue sharing amount in turn is earned by the Stock broker. The revenue sharing is around 70-85%.

Sub Broker: Brokerages are charged by the stock brokers from their clients. The brokerage charges vary according to personal convenience.

While, some may work with flat brokerage charges, others may prefer some charge as a percentage of the total amount. The revenue sharing is around 50-65%.

Refer to this Table for clear picture:

Revenue SharingClients ShareAC Agarwal’s Share
Master Franchise70% – 85%30% – 15%
Sub Broker50% – 65%50% – 35%


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A C Agarwal Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

The investment amount ranges from Rs. 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs and plays a quintessential role in determining the infrastructure and revenue sharing in the Master Franchise business model.

The investment amount ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 150,000 in the Sub-Brokership under the A C Agarwal Share Brokers Company.

This fixed amount acts as a collateral against any losses and is kept submitted while the user executes the share broking business.

Check this table below for better understanding of A C Agarwal Share Franchise Cost:

Security Deposit
Master FranchiseRs.200,000 – Rs.500,000
Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.150,000

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A C Agarwal Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

A sub-broker is expected to make certain investments in the infrastructure and that is what constitutes the Infrastructure investment.

The infrastructural investment put in by a sub-broker appeals to the clients in a multitude of ways.

The first impression of the working of the sub-broker is put forward by the organised workplace and the infrastructural setup that the sub-broker puts to place to attend to the clients.

A decent size, decent locality, sufficient workstations so that they facilitate business and do not end up becoming a barrier.

A Master Franchise puts in a large sum of money in the infrastructural investment. A Sub-Broker puts in intermediate values of money for the infrastructural investment.

The infrastructural investments are dependent not just on the business model but also the abiotic factors. The size of the client base, the types of products in the deal and the environmental and social factors go into the determining of the amount of infrastructural investment.

The office area is a minimum of 200sq ft, while a minimum of 2 employees are required at every time. Research services and Trading Terminals are a quintessential part anyway.

A C Agarwal Share Sub Broker Offers

The company provides a range of offers to help the sub-brokers boost their economical efficiency and further be benefitted in a positive manner. They are:

  • The clients, sub-brokers and the related people are provided with free advisory services.
  • The investment costs in the company are comparatively low and the revenue ratio high.
  • The brokerage plans are kept dynamic and customisable.
  • A large range of products are supplied as an option to deal with.
  • The revenue sharing is kept flexible and largely customisable.

The offers can easily be availed by all A C Agarwal Share Authorized Person once they register with A C Agarwal Share.


A C Agarwal Franchise or A C Agarwal Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to A C Agarwal Share, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

The company has a motive to encourage more and people to develop in the business and work efficiently while making large profits. Thus, the eligibility criterion to start working with the A C Agarwal Share Brokers is very neat and concise. They are:

  • Registration with SEBI is also a mandatory requirement as stated by the government.
  • The person shall be an adult, that is should be at least 18 years or older, and must possess a minimum graduate degree.
  • Though not mandatory, any experience in the financial market or the regulatory bodies of the stock market would be thoroughly appreciated.
  • The person should be of a sound mentality and shouldn’t have been proved guilty for any criminal offence.

How to become a A C Agarwal Sub broker or Authorized Person?

The company provides with a simple procedure to a person who wishes to work as a sub-broker.

  1. Fill up the lead form by clicking on the green “Become Sub Broker” button.
  2. A representative will call you & take an appointment.
  3. An executive service is provided who helps to fill the complete details in the form and proceed with the specific interest area.
  4. A face to face meeting is organised after the prior things are finalised in which the company as well as the to-be sub-broker discuss their expectations and capabilities.
  5. Documents for the verification of age, address, academic qualification, citizenship, SEBI registration certificate, investment proof and a security deposit payment proof are then submitted by the person and a written document is signed.
  6. After the documents are verified, the broker is provided with a Broker ID and he can then start working.

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Why Partner with A C Agarwal Share?

Here are the various reason to partner with A C Agarwal Share:

  • A strong brand name in the market. A C Agarwal Share Brokers have managed to garner a major hold in the industry with a respectable and reputable name.
  • Advisory support is provided to the clients and sub-brokers working with the company. This helps the brokers to work with emotional security.
  • Technologically advanced training platforms are something the company boasts of. The company has had a very developed team of technicians that work very efficiently.

A C Agarwal Franchise Conclusion

All in all, the A C Agarwal Share Brokers are a very reputable name in the industry and the working procedures are very welcoming and invite more and more people for the association.

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