Zerodha is considered to be the country’s biggest stockbroker as per the active number of clients they have. Zerodha has changed the trading and investment process in the country with its super low brokerage schemes and excellent Zerodha Intraday trading support and trading terminals.

Being a Discount broker, it has been giving tough competition to the traditional brokers because of its ultra-low brokerage schemes and various other services and products it provides.

In this article, we will cover Zerodha Intraday Trading in detail. We will start with the various benefits of Zerodha Intraday feature and then will dig into other details like how you can day-trade using Zerodha’s account and other details. This article will also cover the charges of intraday trading with Zerodha and there will be more detailed and intricate details about the same.


Zerodha Intraday Trading & Benefits

Zerodha Intraday Trading in integration of highly advanced technology-based trading platforms and the various products that are offered by Zerodha.

Being the largest stockbroker in the country, it has a huge network and that helps the clients as well to get support from any part of the country whether online or offline. Here, we will discuss the various benefits and features of Zerodha Intraday trading:

  • First benefit is its huge network. Since there are so many active traders on the trading platform of Zerodha, not only it facilitates the trading process but also it helps the traders to make profitable trade.
  • The largest stockbroker who is a discount broker does not compromise with the research service. There are Zerodha Intraday Tips which are always available on the trading platform or you may even choose to call the executives.
  • There are multiple trading platforms that this firm offers to the clients. It has trading platforms for all the devices with variety of resolutions.
  • This firm provides the intraday trading opportunity at very low brokerage charges. As this is a discount brokerage house, the brokerage charges are way lower than the general traditional brokerage house.
  • Zerodha provides excellent customer support. It has branches all across the country and the customer care team is always at the service of the clients (24/7).
  • As a Discount Brokerage firm, Zerodha does not provide Research and advisory services but it has intraday tips ready every day for the clients and the daily traders.
  • Intraday trading is really intriguing with Zerodha and it could be highly profitable because of the leverage they provide to the clients. They provide huge exposure in the intraday segment which helps the traders to trade shares worth more than what they have in their trading account.
  • The account opening process and then setting up the trading platforms for intraday trading is quite simple with Zerodha.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Zerodha?

    Intraday Trading in Zerodha is super smooth because of its effective and highly advanced trading platforms and the wide range of products and services the firm has.

    With Zerodha, you can do intraday trading with a few simple steps and can learn about it more as the days go by. Let us see how you can start intraday trading with the largest retail stockbroker in the country.

    1. For starting intraday trading using Zerodha’s products and services, you need to open a Demat and a trading account with the brokerage house. To open the accounts, you need to click on this link and you will see a form popping up on the screen of your computer.
    2. Fill the form and submit and then you need to upload the required documents as per instructions given in the site. An executive will follow up with the rest of details. Once your account is open, you will receive the login ID and password from the Zerodha.
    3. The next step is to login with the User Id and password that you have received and download the trading terminal. You can also use the online trading platform or the mobile trading platform. However, for intraday trading and especially for the bulk trading, trading terminal is the best platform.
    4. Now you have to select the stocks that you want to track and trade. You need to prepare the market watchlist, which can also be formed with the help of Zerodha intraday trading tips. Once the market watch-list is prepared, you are ready to go.
    5. For buying and selling, you will have to click on the particular share which you want to trade and there you will see both the option, of which one would be Intraday Trading. Click on it and start trading.

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    Zerodha Intraday Charges

    Zerodha Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorZerodha Brokerage Calculator

    Zerodha is the largest retail stockbroker and the most reputed Discount brokerage house in the country because of Zerodha Intraday Charges. The Zerodha Intraday Brokerage is a flat fee of 0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower for any trade you do.

    Whether you trade equities, commodities, currencies or anything for that matter, the brokerage you will be paying is Rs.20 on maximum.

    This gives an edge to the traders who trade in bulk and this is why intraday trading with Zerodha is one of the most profitable opportunities. Here are certain other charges that are mandatory, alongside brokerage charge.

    • There is a transaction charge that you need to pay for all the transaction you do, it is as per the value of the transaction.
    • Then there are SEBI turnover charges and STT or Securities Transaction Tax. The former charge is decided by the SEBI authority and the later by the government.
    • You need to pay Stamp duty for all your transactions as per the stamp duty charges applicable in the state you are trading from.
    • Finally, there is GST which is applicable @ 18% on brokerage and transaction charges were taken together.

    Zerodha Intraday Margin

    Zerodha Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin CalculatorZerodha Margin Calculator

    For intraday trading margin is one of the crucial factors. Zerodha Intraday Margin can go up to 6 times which is really higher than many other brokerage firms in the country and especially if you compare it with the discount brokerage house.

    This makes Zerodha Intraday Limits 6 times more than what you have in the trading account. For example, you have Rs.5000 in your trading account. You can do intraday trading worth Rs.5000*6 = Rs.30000. Isn’t that great?

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    Zerodha Trading – Types

    Zerodha Trading is available in all the formats. You can do Zerodha Online Trading using the Kite Web-based browser offered by Zerodha. It is an HTML 5 based web-browser which makes trading smooth and easy for the traders. It is a lightweight platform with all the features required for intraday trading.

    Then you can do intraday trading from the Zerodha Kite Mobile Application as well which has a wide range of features as well that supports intraday trading.

    Zerodha Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    With Zerodha Intraday Trading offers and options, you can actually make the most out of your intraday trading activity. The wide range of products and services along with the highly integrated trading platforms offers a great platform for the day-traders.

    The exceptional leverage and margin trading facility is an added advantage for the Zerodha Daily-traders.

    Zerodha Intraday Trading FAQs

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading safe in Zerodha?

    Answer – Intraday is pretty safe to trade on in Zerodha. It is the country’s biggest stockbroker as per the number of customers it has garnered over the years. They have changed the process of trading and investment in the nation with their immensely low brokerage fee, cutting out all the barriers to becoming one of the finest trading platform ever.

    Ques – What is Intraday Exposure at Zerodha?

    Answer – Zerodha’s trading margin can exceed upto a limit of 6 times. This is a huge deal as compared to the other discounted brokerage houses. For example, if you have Rs.5000 in your trading account then 6 times the money, that makes it Rs 30,000.

    Ques – What are Intraday Charges in Zerodha?

    Answer – The charge for the brokerage sequence is a feeble 0.03% or Rs.20 whichever is lower for every trade that you do. This hypes the traders, for it is a conventionally less fee to be charged. Then comes the STT, SEBI turnover charges, the GST levied by the central government and Stamp duty based on the state’s regulation.

    Ques – How to do Day Trading in Zerodha?

    Answer – Day trading in ZERODHA is done in a matter of minutes. First you create a demat account, then need to login to your account, then create a market watchlist of all your scrips that you feel like trading. Click on the “buy and sell” option, after which you have to straight up go to the “day trading” sequence. Once you do this, you are good to go!

    Ques – Does Zerodha provides Day Trading?

    Answer – Zerodha does provide day trading, a sequence which is pretty favourable for its own good. It attracts a hoard of customer base, making it all the more efficient and work-ethnic.

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading Free in Zerodha?

    Answer – Intraday trading is not really free in this firm. With a multitude of facilities available over here you could take over trade equities, commodities, currencies or whatever it is that you wish to fondle over. The brokerage fee is a meager 0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower.

    Ques – Does Zerodha has App for Intraday?

    Answer – Zerodha is available on every platform. You name it. You can use Zerodha Online Trading using the Kite Web-based browse. It is a pretty easygoing platform with tremendous features that are required for intraday trading, per se. You can now also opt for the Zerodha Kite Mobile Application which is just as efficient.

    Ques – Is Intraday Profitable at Zerodha?

    Answer – Zerodha is utterly profitable because of the lease they provide to its clients. With a massive possibility of profit-earning score and an extremely low brokerage fee, this company is already piling up to become one of the most chosen one in the stock market arena.

    Ques – Do Zerodha provide Intraday Tips?

    Answer – Intraday is extremely profitable in this firm, per se. Zerodha doesn’t provide a hoard of research and advisory service but it does have a list of tips that it serves to the clients and traders all over.

    Ques – What is Zerodha Intraday mean?

    Answer – Intraday here means “trading within the day” which subsequently intends to trading at a particular time of the day, buying and selling your shares and earning a good amount of profit in order to build your fortune.

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