Sharekhan App – Review, Top Features, Set-up rocess, Benefits & more

Here is a detailed review of Sharekhan App. In this article we will discuss in detail about various features of Sharekhan App.

Sharekhan is a renowned stock broker hailing from India. They started their journey in the 2000’s and have established a successful customer base in India. They have all types of investments and trading options that are available and listed on their website.

Physical offices are also present throughout India to help out traders in their journey. Keeping up with the boom in smartphone usage, they have introduced their app called the Sharekhan app.

Sharekhan Offers & Complaints

About Sharekhan App

Sharekhan is the fourth largest brokerage firm in India which has been in operation since the year 2000. It is just behind Zerodha, ICICI and HDFC in terms of the customer base.

It provides a wide array of products to trade ranging from stock market shares, loan against shares, ESOP financing, etc. The Sharekhan App is the official app from Sharekhan using which you can track your portfolio, trade shares and mutual funds. It also has trading tutorials and helpful articles for budding traders.

The app works seamlessly on all platforms and also various screen sizes and orientations. It is available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.

It comes with features like advanced search, technical indicators, mutual funds tracking, tools and studies, commodities, as well as Sharekhan classroom for learning about stock trading.

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Sharekhan Mobile App Top Features

An application has to be interactive and more concise than the online website. Sharekhan has done a really good job on their application. They have made it available for both iOS and Android platforms. The interface is user-friendly, and the market news can be accessed very easily.

News, Markets & Marketwatch

Their home page has a precise news section, and detailed news is provided in other sections. Trading is also easy with the app and MarketWatch is present all the time. A live chat is an addition to the app that every trader would enjoy. Analysis and in-depth charts are also available in the app.

For investors, the app allows tracking of investments and news of markets around the world. 52 weeks worth of investment information can be tracked by the investors.

Sharekhan App Review   Sharekhan App - Markets

Downloading and Logging into Sharekhan App

The application can either be downloaded from the dedicated app stores or the link provided by the Sharekhan website. The app size is quite low which makes it a perfect app and it is easy to download as well. As the app is user-friendly, operating wouldn’t be a problem for anyone. It is also updated quite often to include new features.

Logging into the account is very easy. With password remembrance, one wouldn’t need to log into the account every time they access the app. They can move through the menu of the app to find out the needful. The app has been made fairly easy for anyone to use it.


The Virtual Portfolio Section of the Sharekhan App

Sharekhan is known for their Portfolio supply, and they have made a virtual portfolio available on their mobile app. It can be easily accessed from the script search page for direct access to the thing. Also, the portfolio feature is perfect for investors as it helps them to check on their recent investments.

This helps them in keeping up-to-date with their updates. This makes it easier for everyone as they do not need to open the website every time to check on their portfolio. The trading section is easy as well.

Sharekhan Mobile App - Portfolio   Sharekhan App - IPO

Charting and Analysis on the Sharekhan App

For any trader, charting and analysis becomes crucial and plays an important role for their study and analysis of the market.

The latest Sharekhan app has made several in-depth charts available for their customers. Some of them are the Candle Stick, Retracement Line, Bollinger Band, RSI, Moving Average and many others. But often they can be limited to an advanced trader.

The app developers are trying to include more charts. In the new version, they added the Heikin Ashi chart. The analysis of the market that is provided in the app is quite good as well. It is quite useful for a handheld device. In other times one can always use the website for enhanced performance.

Sharekhan App - Charts & Anallysis

Advanced Search

The Sharekhan mobile trading app comes with an advanced search feature which helps us to search for stocks with various kinds of features that are used by professional stock traders to search for stocks.

You can trade, invest or set alerts for your investments using the advanced search feature provided with the Sharekhan Mobile Trading App.

Option Chain

The option chain feature on the Sharekhan mobile app is meant for the traders who have invested or are looking to invest in options and are interested in options trading.

It helps users to track all of their options contracts in a single page and they can see when their contracts expire and other necessary details regarding their options contracts.

Track, Trade and Invest

Using the Sharekhan mobile trading app, you can easily invest in NSECURR, MCXCURR as well as MCX and also in Mutual funds. There are features that help you to track your portfolios while you are on the go.

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How to Set-up Sharekhan Mobile App?

The set up procedure for the Sharekhan mobile trading app is different depending on the type of device you own.

If you have an android device, you have to download the Sharekhan mobile trading app from the Google Play Store. If you have an Apple device running iOS, you can download the Sharekhan mobile trading app from the Apple App Store. The app is free of cost to download from either of the app stores.

After you have downloaded the Sharekhan Mobile Trading App from the respective app store, you have to go through the following steps to set up your Sharekhan app.

  1. Open the Sharekhan App by selecting the app icon in the app drawer.
  2. Here, you have to login as a trading user in order to use the app and its features.
  3. Now, you will be asked for your Sharekhan login details, enter your Sharekhan Login ID, Membership Password and the trading Password to log in to your Sharekhan online account.
  4. After you have entered your details, you will be asked to set up your profile by providing your name, email, profile picture, etc.

Once you have set up your profile, the app set up process is complete. You can now use the features included in the Sharekhan app.

How to own Sharekhan Mobile Trading App?

As you would’ve seen in the previous section, in order to use the Sharekhan app, you will need a Sharekhan online account.

If you don’t have a Sharekhan account, you shouldn’t worry as we will cover the process of creating a Sharekhan online account in this section.

To create a Sharekhan online account, follow the following steps:-

  1. Click on the below below that says “Open Demat Account”
  2. A Pop-up form will appear.
  3. Now enter your name, mobile number & location.
  4. You will receive a call from Sharekhan Representative
  5. He/She will share details to Open Sharekhan Account
  6. You need to keep you documents ready like aadhaar, pan, cancelled cheque

Now, you can use these login details to log in to the Sharekhan trading app.

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Advantages of Sharekhan App or Sharekhan Mobile Trading App

There are many online stock broking trading apps. Sharekhan is one of the thousands of apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The advantages of using the Sharekhan mobile trading app are as follows: –

  • The app gets updated with new security features regularly.
  • Even after a lot of security features are added, the app doesn’t log you off if it detects that you have switched to another app for a short amount of time which saves you time from logging in again and again in the app.
  • The latest updates in the Sharekhan apps provides a good user interface to navigate and keep tabs on our trading portfolio on the go. It requires very little amount of clicks to do basic tasks and you don’t have to go in too deep to do necessary tasks.

You can make various kinds of orders through the Sharekhan Mobile App like bracket order, normal order, after market order or sell against margin orders.

Sharekhan App – Conclusion

So, in conclusion, it can be said that Sharekhan is doing a great job with their app. From time to time complains arrive for the slow performance of the app, But the developers try to make updates available quite frequently.

In the future, the regular users hope that they will be more charts and advanced options on the app. Till date, thousands of people have downloaded the app.

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