SAS Online Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

SAS Online Franchise is a New Delhi based stockbroker who has recognized as a premier broker in the industry and has a great network of clients and business partners at the same time.

The article below is a detailed analysis of SAS Online Sub Broker Program, its business models and the revenue sharing process of the broker and how and which business partners they associate with.

This article will also evaluate the benefits and the offers provided by the broker to the business partners which get them interested in joining the SAS Online brokerage house.

SAS Online offers

SAS Online Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

SAS Online Franchise Ratings
Market Share6.2/10
Products & Services6.3/10
Revenue Sharing5.2/10
Holistic Support5.6/10
Overall Ratings5.7/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About SAS Online Franchise

South Asian Franchise

The incorporation of the firm – SAS Online was done in the year 1995 which is 24 years back and since then, the brokerage house is famous amongst the business partners and the clients for their dedicated services and support.

The firm was started or founded by Shrey Jain with the headquarters in New Delhi. The firm is registered as a public organization with shares listed on the stock exchange.

The services provided is of discount broker. The time taken by the firm in order to generate the code of the sub-brokers when they want to join SAS Online is 30 days which is the average time required by most of the brokers.

The payment for the sub-brokers is done within 31 days of the sales made by them.

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Types of SAS Online Business Model

The brokerage house – SAS Online adapted only one business model and they religiously follow the same model since inception that is – SAS Online sub-brokers model.

  • Sub Broker / Authorised Person

SAS Online Sub Broker or SAS Online Authorized Person

The model is pretty simple and tradition sub-brokers model which is constituted of any number of sub-brokers across the city and state.

The sub-brokers so associated with the firm have to keep a security deposit with them to get the rights of sub-brokership business with the name of SAS Online.

The firm provides the right for the security deposit and the sub-brokers can pitch and sell the products and services of the SAS Online.

The revenue so generated from the SAS Online products and services sell by individual sub-brokers are divided amongst that individual sub-broker and the firm in a ratio that is already written down in the contract.

Benefits of SAS Online Authorized Person

The benefits of being a sub-broker of SAS Online are –

  • The abundance of investment products: The investment products which are offered by the SAS Online can be pitched by sub-brokers to the clients. The SAS Online array of products is huge which gives the sub-brokers ground to pitch to different clients. This helps them generate a good amount of revenue from different
  • Average Security Deposit: The next benefit that sub-brokers of SAS Online can get is the amount of security deposit being average. The firm charges the deposit as per the market. The maximum deposit amount is lower than most of the brokers as well. This gives the new and those sub-brokers a chance to join the business who are not having huge capital in their pockets at the start.
  • Exceptional Commercials: The commercials matters the most and this SAS Online understands through its 24 years of experience. The firm provides a huge amount of revenue share to the sub-brokers and that share can be up to 8/10th of the total revenue generated by the sub-broker.
  • Broad Facilities: The firm gives free hand to the sub-brokers and the latter can work as per their perspective. However, if there is any problem faced by the sub-brokers, the firm is always there in support. Besides that, the firm provides various facilities and support to the sub-brokers for the growth and functionality of the business.
  • Minimal Infrastructure requirement: The sub-brokers do not require to build a huge office or keep 10 employees. The infrastructural requirements are very few. This also helps the young sub-brokers to join the business without worrying about too much capital investment.

SAS Online Partner Revenue Sharing or SAS Online Sub Broker Commission

The revenue sharing model of SAS Online depends on the amount of security deposit that one keeps with the firm.

The amount decides whether the sub-broker will get the minimum revenue share or the maximum.

If the sub-broker keeps the minimal security deposit, they are entitled to receive the minimal revenue share percentage which is 50%.

However, this minimal share is also at par with the market – other peers of the firm. The maximum share of revenue a sub-broker can earn by keeping the highest amount of security deposit – 80%.

This amount is quite high if you compare with the peers and mainly when the highest security deposit is Rs. 150000, the revenue share of 80% is highly lucrative for the sub-brokers.

Refer to this Table for clear picture:

Revenue SharingClients ShareSAS Online’s Share
Sub Broker50% – 80%20% – 50%

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SAS Online Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

The firm – SAS Online charges a very average amount as a security deposit as mentioned in the above section as well.

For being a sub-broker of SAS Online you have to keep at least Rs. 50000 which is the minimum security deposit.

The maximum amount of security deposit can go up to Rs. 150000. The security deposit amount over and above the minimum mandatory requirement can be decided by the sub-brokers itself and according to the financial goals from the business.

Check this table below for a better understanding of SAS Online Franchise Cost:

Security Deposit
Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.150,000

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SAS Online Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

The sub-brokers need to build up certain infrastructure to be eligible for being business partners of SAS Online –

  • A minimum of 120 square feet office is required for the sub-brokers to start their business with SAS Online.
  • The office must be having the trading terminals. This is to assure and give the clients the provision to trade from the sub-brokers office itself.
  • The minimum number of employees in the office must not be less than 1 anytime.
  • There is no requirement for the telephone lines or the internet connection.
  • The research services are also not mandatory for the sub-brokers.

SAS Online Sub Broker Offers

The offers provided by SAS Online are –

  • Flexible revenue sharing which is revenue sharing according to the amount of security deposit.
  • The firm offers Zero Deposit business opportunities as well for the sub-brokers under certain terms and conditions.

The offers can easily be availed by all SAS Online Authorized Person once they register with SAS Online.

SAS Online Franchise or SAS Online Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to SAS Online, it is important to take note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

The eligibility criteria for joining as a business partner of SAS Online are –

  • Education: The educational qualification of SAS Online sub-brokers need to be more than 10+2. The sub-brokers who are applying must have the certificate of clearing 10+2 from recognized broad of education in the country. Basic education is required as there is various official work involved in the sub-brokers business.
  • Certifications: For becoming sub-brokers in the country, you have to have the NISM certification with you. This has been mandated by the government and SEBI. The certification can be cleared by taking the online test organized by NISM from time to time. You have to enroll and self-study, then you can give some mock exams for better preparation – online.
  • Experience: The experience in the market as a trader, investors or analyst or anything related to the investment is required to become a sub-broker of SAS Online.
  • Financial knowledge: For a sub-broker, his or her financial product knowledge is the most crucial element. They are required to understand the financial products they are pitching to the customer in and out. For becoming the sub-broker of SAS Online, you would require the basic understanding of the financial products they deal in. Detailed product knowledge is imparted by the brokerage house itself via product training.

How to become a SAS Online Sub broker or Authorized Person?

The process involves applying through the portal –

  1. You will find a button at the end of this article only. It is mentioned “business opportunities with SAS Online” click on the button.
  2. Once you click on the button, you will be redirected to a page where you have to put the necessary details about your name, address, occupation, age, income, address and others as mentioned over there in the form. Then the form has to be submitted.
  3. After submission of the form – another page will be opened where you have to put all the details about the eligibility of your as a sub-brokers. You have to upload the documents mentioned above. If you are eligible, it will be informed on the page itself.
  4. The firm executive will call you if your profile is eligible for the position. Then they will guide you about the next steps involved in the process. Verification of the documents will be done and then your application will be accepted

Documents required to become SAS Online Authorized Person

One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

  • NISM certificates
  • SEBI Registration Certificates
  • GST Registration Certificates
  • Educational Certificates
  • PAN and AADHAAR Card
  • Income proof
  • Experience in Investments – proof
  • Canceled cheques
  • Others

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Why Partner with SAS Online?

The reasons to join SAS Online can be –

  • Their extreme support and facilities
  • Exponential earning opportunity
  • Transparent business measures
  • Great experience and goodwill to encash
  • Huge Products and services range

SAS Online / SAS Online Franchise Conclusion

SAS Online with all these years of experience has created a niche for themselves, it is highly advantageous working with them as you get a great network of investors and stock market enthusiasts, business people – brokers, franchise and their revenue structure is no doubt one of the best.

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